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  1. @Dodger come have an honest debate without being all angry. If you happen to not understand something or you are unsure about something, it's ok to say "I don't know".
  2. Now that's some fucked up shit!!
  3. Because whatever we are currently doing isn't working with him. The goal isn't to prove him wrong or make him feel bad about the beliefs he holds. The goal is to help change his beliefs for better beliefs. The current course is one that isn't working with him. So, I'm not saying you should* do anything, rather I am just telling you why I give him a little bit of slack and maybe with discussions (like the one we are having) can produce a spark that will head him down the path to better beliefs, and possibly a little more empathy to those who are in need of it the most. It's a lot easier to change your beliefs when you understand why you hold them in the first place.
  4. Oh, don't get me wrong, I absolutely believe he needs to be held accountable. I merely explained why I cut him a little bit of slack and try the "slow" approach with him. I also don't think his views are justified by his lack of knowledge either. I'm just saying that I understand why he does and says the shit he does. If you found out today that he has an IQ of 85 would you be understanding in why he is the way he is, and change how you approached any given subject that he clearly doesn't understand? (btw, i'm not saying he does, I am just using that as an example)
  5. I agree, however, when your politics and the people you are surrounded by tells you that these "refugees" are really suicide bombers pretending to be actual refugees, then mix it with a dash of ignorance here and a dash of fear there, and you have what we continue to witness with his postings. It is also very hard for most people to admit when they are wrong. I struggle with it from time to time because it's a hard thing to come to grips with. The idea that something I hold to be true is actually false, is a very hard thing to concede. Lastly, empathy is not something you get to choose to have or not. It is based on your current understanding of any given situation and the level of that understanding.
  6. Yes, we are all responsible legally for our ignorant choices but we are not at liberty to dictate our IQ or many other forms of our intelligence. I mean he is literally displaying the symptoms of the Dunning-Kruger effect... People don't (usually) willfully display these traits because they know better. Lower levels of intelligence often don't lend themselves to being open to new information/education etc. they believe they already know what there is to know about what they think they know.
  7. I mostly agree with this, but I also try to give people who hold these views a little bit of slack mixed with hopefully* a little bit of education, for we are not largely responsible for our ignorance. (I also hope people do the same for me, for my own ignorance.) You can only hold opinions and beliefs based on what you know, not on what you don't know. This is definitely an area that Dodger is extremely ignorant of, and so I think for a guy like him, actually educating him on why this is a problem, is far more beneficial for him than just calling him a helpless idiot.
  8. Not doing something does not mean that you lack responsibility in what happens, it mearly means that something else will happen that you will not be able to help change for the better.
  9. Do you consider nudity to be porn?

    You shut your dirty whore mouth!!