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  1. What you drinking this weekend?

  2. Do you tip your barista?

    Only when I go to the local joints.
  3. What you drinking this weekend?

    I will be drinking wine this evening. Malbec
  4. Blank thread

    gonna give it to ya
  5. Boys & Girls, its all over!

    but can it "pew pew"?
  6. Blank thread

  7. New Site Theme: Retro 2600

    You goddamn right
  8. New Site Theme: Retro 2600

    I want a fucking Turkey on the top of the page! I don't care if a Native or a Pilgrim, is the one shooting it. Make it happen!
  9. New Site Theme: Retro 2600

    and why are we not having a thanksgiving theme?
  10. I never assumed otherwise. I was only informing you of the machines diversity.
  11. Cause when you're a nurse, they just let you do it!!