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  1. ~~DayOnePatch's Most Anticipated 2018 games results~~

    If only we had an official announcement that Borderlands 3 would be out this year.
  2. ~~DayOnePatch's Most Anticipated 2018 games results~~

    Is the System Shock remake confirmed for 2018!?
  3. I freaking LOVED Rogue! One of the last titles I played on my 360 and in fact the main reason why I kept it hooked up until this title had released and I beat it. The best parts of III & Black Flag all while you're playing for the Templars AND it ties in directly to Unity if you're a fan of that title as well. To this day, my 3rd favorite AC!
  4. Ouch, this past year there were quite a few!
  5. Are you Ready for RUMOR!!

    I just completed EVERYTHING in Forza Motorsport 7 last night and I'm fiending for a racing experience to fill the void.
  6. Are you Ready for RUMOR!!

    Have they come out with a GOTY edition of FH3 @XxEvil AshxX??
  7. Are you Ready for RUMOR!!

    There's been multiple rumors of Forza Horizon's next title to be in Japan...if true, I may finally jump into that franchise!
  8. DayOnePatch's Most Anticipated 2018 games (voting closed)

    Saw a few others have love for Ace Combat...but where's the love for Dynasty Warriors guys!? Guys...GUYS!!!
  9. 4K TV Recommendations? Or talk me out of it?

    As a proud owner of an LG 65" B6 OLED with an Xbox One X and a Denon Dolby Atmos receiver with 5.1 Klipsch surround, I am absolutely biased towards that setup and specifically the screen as it is genuinely sexy as fuck! Everything in 4K I have experienced so far on the LG both with gaming and film has been pure sex!
  10. NFL Wildcard Weekend (2018)

    TITANS FREAKING WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It sucks that I want the Jags to now win tomorrow against Buffalo all so we don't have to play N.E. next week but instead the Steelers...I'm just so happy Tennessee won today WHOO HOO!!
  11. Yup, he was operating on too many edibles that must be the cause! Oh also, he was probably a hardcore gamer lmao
  12. It's been over a year since Carrie Fisher and her mom died

    Aside from "Mary Poppins Ya'll" in TLJ, she did a great job. Sucks she isn't around anymore Seriously though, her humor and love were tenants to who Carrie was as a person and shown through in all that she did!
  13. Movies That Are So Bad They're Good...

    Also, the Phantasm series!
  14. Movies That Are So Bad They're Good...

    God bless you @SimpleG for sharing this amazing creation!!!! I love this movie and now I feel I've found company on this long lonely highway! You are wrong! You are also wrong, it's just awful! Halloween III is actually REALLY good and COBRA...that shit is phenomenal! I was going to come into this thread to post American Ninja (1, 2 & 4 - anything with Michael Dudikoff) Thank you! Also, The Last Dragon is just awesomely good! No, Commando is fucking stellar!
  15. Unfortunately @Mithanyou are not wrong