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  1. https://i.giphy.com/media/fKH1ZJ4UZ1EFG/giphy.mp4
  2. Well I know the 8000 (and the 8500 curved screen) options have amazing refresh rates so I would guess that the 9000/9500 options would be comparable if not slightly better. These lines of Sammy sets are leaders in the market for price & options provided for 4K tech.
  3. If they really want to go after Destiny, allow for first-person perspective in the game. Honestly, the only thing holding me back personally from being all in is that in the demo during the traversal & such, it's all 3rd person which I'm not all that keen on.
  4. Trim the fat indeed, but nonetheless he's truly phenomenal and I'm eagerly anticipating this film!
  5. I'm a HUGE Kumail & Emily fan stemming from their Nerdist Indoor Kids with his wife, Emily V Gordon. Well, these two wacky crazy married lovebirds who love games & comedy wrote a script about their relationship & turned it into a movie! Right now as I post this, it's operating at 98% with 39/40 reviews calling it fresh! Please go & check it out!
  6. Greatest bit of news in a while it is LONG overdue!!!
  7. I have to chime in and perhaps add that going further into Brightest Day wouldn't be a bad idea either. It was Blackest Night that is what really got me back into comic reading when the event hit and I'm grateful for that!
  8. Actually for SONY, the titles that hit before March 31st were 4th quarter titles for the company, so they definitely ended their fiscal year strong with Horizon & Nioh. Sony is incentivized to release in what is Q1 for us but their Q4, everyone wins on that front.
  9. I have watched & re-watched The Evil Within trailer SO many times this last week because of that damn song and how perfectly it fits with what's going on. In fact, it's got me SO hyped that I am going to have Evil Within be my next Gamefly rental as I never got around to playing it when it first came out.
  10. Considering that the XBX has a 1TB internal & my 4TB external isn't even half full (get around to a bit of house cleaning before the console swap & that'll get fixed even more) I'll have space but going forward, such large files may become an issue. Just as a friendly heads up, Seagate announced an 8 TB external during E3
  11. The Remedy deal was done when Phil wasn't head however, I'd like to think different circumstances
  12. I know & I hear exactly what you are saying on the surface of the matter but hear me out: MS has a lot more money than Sony first & foremost so making an initial offer for exclusivity rights going forward isn't necessarily a bad thing. That said, we have seen MS open to having properties that they own outright, be available on other platforms. IE: Minecraft Take into account that such a deal is made where within perhaps the following say 2 seasons of content for the current iteration of Hitman is available on the platforms it is already however IO is to 1. All future Hitman iterations will be exclusive to the Xbox/Windows 10 platform(s) and 2. They are incentivized to create a new IP. This way, IO gets $$ from multi-plat sales over the course of say the next 18 months of content all while having a sub-team start to formulate & work on the exclusive IP. Again, MS has a lot of money in their coffers to allow such a venture to take place. Now I may seem crazy but it doesn't necessarily seem out of the realm of a potential deal to begin to cultivate a broader amount of 1st party devs to come to MS. Think about it, Phil & company have a very "long game" mentality going on and all of this takes time, meanwhile their direct competitor all of a sudden is just oozing & gushing with bravado and cockiness that was well apparent at this years' E3 and that sentiment WILL absolutely backfire on them in my estimation.
  13. I mean he shot the guy 5 times out of a total of 7 rounds fired at POINT BLANK RANGE! That alone should be constituted as slight overkill yes? I mean what in the holy hell does it take seriously? Hell, that cop could have said while being filmed by the girlfriend "I hate niggers & I'm glad he's dead, I should have emptied my whole clip!" and I feel as though he still would have gotten off somehow. Yes ok that was a bit over dramatic yet still, it's worth saying. Far too many instances of these things happening and yet no convictions towards the officers involved. I am NOT saying that ALL police are bad, but these few bad apples should absolutely be made into an example of what NOT to do when conducting oneself as an officer of the law.