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  1. Have John Wick in 4K playing currently and its never looked or sounded better! During the Red Circle shootout I noticed things I hadn't ever heard or seen before!
  2. A few of us diehards love this series and love IO!
  3. So had to tweak my TV's settings but OH MY GAWD!!! Forza 7...FORZA FREAKING 7!! ITS BEAUTIFUL MAN!
  4. What movies are you watching for Halloween

    Trick R Treat, Halloween's 1 (78), 2 (81), & H20, The Crow.
  5. The Last of Us Part II: Paris Games Week 2017 trailer

    Some are wondering if the woman in question in the trailer may be Ellie's mother?
  6. WWE TLC 2017 - Sunday, Oct. 22

    Viral meningitis seems to be "the story" but not the actual reason for whatever is going on!? Something big is happening right now WTF!?
  7. WWE TLC 2017 - Sunday, Oct. 22

    Apparently this news just broke, so thought I'd start this early! Apparently Kurt "freaking broken neck" Angle will team with Dean & Seth to replace Roman and also, to replace Bray, AJ v. "The Demon" Finn Balor!! WHAT IS HAPPENING!?
  8. Hearing Trump was president may have been enough to convert me to Islam at that point!
  9. I feel there is a coming storm and A LOT of people will be taken down in the ensuing months!
  10. Punisher Series Postponed In The Wake of The Vegas Shooting

    Absolutely asinine in my opinion.
  11. Help Me Out - Never Owned a Cell Phone

    So I pulled the trigger and got one. AT&T $45/month plan with a Sammy galaxy prime...its not so bad