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  1. I just got around to messing with it the other day. Creepy as fuck walking around the weird distorted areas of my childhood like Rev said. No messed up memories yet. One thing I hope they add eventually is a way to find areas by a address. Would be nice for areas I am not that familiar with and would like to see.
  2. Extra vive game bundle for anyone who bought used

    Uh... haven't really been around in a bit. Busy with life but @JacobVR if your still around its all yours. Just let me know. Still, available to anyone who wants. Actually forgot I had the extra code still :\ Edit: I should mention this is a code for the first vive game bundle.
  3. Bought a vive from microcenter but ended having dead pixels right in the center of left eye. Went back and exchanged for a new one, which ended up coming with a new receipt/new code for the bundle. If anyone bought a vive used and wants the code I would be more than happy to give here.
  4. I might be interested in buying that off of you sometime this coming week if no one else bites. I plan on getting a vive within the next week or two and not sure if I want to stick with my 970..
  5. There is an app that can do it with any video card, but its not very good yet from what I hear. Can't think of the name at the moment but if i remember I will post it for you. Also, to clarify my experiences with the gear vr so far. I am using the consumer model with a s6 edge plus. Phone has only gotten warm to the touch in all my usage of it so far. I have played games, watched videos, etc for some sessions that lasted 2 hours+. Never got a overheating message before like some of the older phones/gear models have done. Resolution isn't perfect as stated but still not terrible that I do not want to use it. Just spoiled now with 4k and whatnot on our pc's that the step back can seem really bad. Still its a phone strapped to my head doing this so in the end I still think this is impressive for my first step into vr. Makes me excited for whats to come if they keep pushing this technology.
  6. You can stream pc games to it and play on a "big screen" using an Nvidia card. App is called stream theater or something like that. Can't play pc vr games though. Fun device to mess with this the vive or rift comes out. Not bad for a 100 bucks if you have Samsung phone.
  7. When a match starts hold the button with the 2 boxes("select button") to bring up the match ranking screen. Bottom of the screen will show the buttons to either mute all or select players. I am a fan of the mute all option.
  8. XBone Game Night(s)

    If you guys are playing halo tomorrow night you can add me to the list to play. I am off work Wednesday so no need to go to bed early Tuesday. GT is stanicle if anyone wants to add me.
  9. Nvidia Shield Tablet Recall

    Just got an email with the tracking number of my replacement tablet. Shows 3-7 days. If yours was one affected check your emails and see if your new one is on the way already. Even though Nvidia sold an exploding tablet. They did handle the recall pretty well I believe. Good on them for this.
  10. Nvidia Shield Tablet Recall

    Yea the process was nice and easy at least. Wonder when the new ones will be shipped. Most likely now won't use mine again till I get the new one.
  11. Nvidia Shield Tablet Recall

    Heads up to anyone with the shield tablet. There is a recall on it due to the battery. It can overheat and cause a fire. Here is the link to Nvidia's recall page to see if you have one the batteries that go boom: http://tabletrecall.expertproductinquiry.com/registration/registration
  12. Amiibos... You buyin'?

    Marth is available as of right now on Amazon. Probably for not much longer.
  13. Alright I caved and bought the PC version. Joined the group to play with you guys since partying with cross play isn't in yet. Feel free to friend request me too if I am not already.
  14. Amiibos... You buyin'?

    lol I live in Broomall area right outside of Philly. I do like beer. I work alot though so meeting up could be awhile from now. Either way since you seem to be close by. Shipping will be next to nothing so lets just call it an even $13 and it is yours. I will PM you my paypal email and just get back to me with your shipping stuff and I will have it on your way on Monday. edit: Conveniently USPS just dropped my Jigglypuff off as I was walking in the door from work. Now I have a box to send it out in .
  15. Amiibos... You buyin'?

    Well how about you pay me normal price plus shipping and it's yours. I would rather help out a board member than make a couple extra bucks. Let me know.