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  1. Post your pic!

    Lol, I'm honestly like the nicest person if you know me, and a total pacifist, I don't even mean to look so angry in these pictures...But, it is good camouflage considering the neighborhood I live in.
  2. Hey, this place still exists..

    Come at me, brah.
  3. Hey, this place still exists..

    work in progress
  4. Post your pic!

    Chillin' wit them elllvess, son. They're really boring after a few days, to be honest.
  5. Hey, this place still exists..

    On fire today. Drew possibly the best self portrait I've ever done. -
  6. Post your pic!

    Please don't think I was tryin' to be "cool" with this one. Don't smoke, kids, it's bad for you.
  7. Post your pic!

    For the first time in a very, very, very long time, I feel not-embarrassed enough about my appearance to be able to take a picture of myself.
  8. I didn't see a thread on this yet, so...

    Sooo, I heard they aired one of the episodes on Toonami already as an "April fools" joke...And of course I missed it, cause, didn't know it was gonna be on...And now it's not even available anywhere, and not airing again till June. What kinda bullshit is that? "Heyy, let's air it at random for anyone who might be watching on a random night, and the real fans who have been waiting for it can just wait several more months." Like...If they aired it, that means the episodes are finished...Soo, the fuck are they waiting for? Just air that shit.
  9. Hey, this place still exists..

    Take it with a grain, but, this is what my brain shits out at 4 am if I don't sleep -
  10. What Anime Are You Watching?

    I've been watching a ton lately, been in that mood, but not really much new stuff. I rewatched Bebop, Trigun, Space Dandy, Paranoia Agent, a few episodes of Champloo, Last Exile, I'm currently watching a Gundam Wing ep, nostalgia factory, as far as things I haven't seen, I did start FMA Brotherhood, Attack on Titan and Durarara!...Only the first episodes though.
  11. Hey, this place still exists..

    And just so no one's thinkin' I'm bullshittin' about keepin' up with workin' it (that was a lot of apostrophes), I just finished this sketch now before allowing myself a few minutes of game time before a friend visits.
  12. Hey, this place still exists..

    Danke, all. Also, I've got like 13 incredible games already to work with, and didn't pay anything...They were either free with ps+, which my mom was kind enough to hook me up with cause she wanted me to be online, or credit at gamestop from old stuff. It's so awesome. I just got Persona 5, FFXV is the most beautiful thing in the world. Deus Ex is so crazy I have to inch through it a few minutes at a time and then catch my breath. I'm trying not to play too much, so I haven't even scratched the surface of any of them yet. I've got a few MMOs to try out even. Madness. I promise I won't let it consume me, but it's so cool.
  13. Hey, this place still exists..

    Just an update for you folks...I'm doing incredibly well. I've been seeing friends every day, and getting lots of exercise and eating better, I haven't had to take any meds at all in over 2 weeks, and I've been drawing like a beast. And am having so, so much fun with all these new games and shit. You guys fuckin' rock. Some new artworks for you - Edit - @SFLUFAN @best3444 @legend @Nokra @GuyWhoPredictsThings @Mr.Vic20
  14. As someone who was most definitely the "weirdo" or loser in school and got bullied constantly growing up, I never would've dreamed of walking into school and slaughtering people like a fucking coward, and I find it disgusting that anyone would use that as an excuse for such a thing. Bullying is a serious issue and can be very fucked up, but it is not in any way an excuse for mass murder...Can't believe that even needs to be stated..
  15. I haven't seen it yet, but my brother's wife just gave my niece a tiny pink guitar because she's obsessed with the movie and was jamming out with a cardboard cutout guitar while watching it.