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  1. "There's no one I trust more to be the top law enforcement officer in the country than Lyin Ted Cruz."
  2. So not straight repeal? This sounds kind of like Mitch is hoping to garner votes by being totally vague and stoking dreams of tastey concessions. Meaning, "How can you oppose this bill, it could turn out to be anything!". And once you get that vote, you have the elusive momentum on your side. That all said, I am pretty sure this exact motion to proceed is what Moran and Lee came out against when they Hadoken'd the bill to begin with.
  3. If he can't even get Guiliani to take the gig, then he might have to replace Sessions with one of his aides.
  4. I'm just waiting for Trump to invite the press, set up a table at Arlington, and give an infomercial for Trump Steaks.
  5. I think it's very unfair to make fun of officer Yosemite Sam like that.
  6. The problem here is that the Berniecrats are going hard at establishment Democrats about "not standing for anything". There are pluses and minuses to either way the Dems go. If they say nothing they get dinged for just being the anti-Trump party. When they release a plan like this, then they risk diluting the argument against Trump because rightwing media is begging for ANY boogyman to distract from Trump. That's why they are still harping on citizen Hillary 9 fucking months after the election.
  7. That is as close as you can get to flat out telling a camera that you don't want the job as you can get without just saying it. To me this is pretty telling as a barometer of who is looking to jump on this sinking ship. Guiliani was one of his earliest supporters, but also it's very unlikely Rudy is going to be running any more races in his life. If someone who isn't really worried about future optics doesn't even want a slice of this disaster, I think anyone in the GOP who wants a future should be having second thoughts about taking a job in this administration.
  8. I like the title edit. Anyone remember the episode of the Simpsons where Mr. Burns breaths on some green lettuce and it immediately withers up and dies? If there was ever an actual human that could cause that reaction it would be Ghouliani.
  9. Yup. Just gotta play through the pain. Eventually it'll stop bleeding.....one way or another.....
  10. Then maybe conservatives should stop excusing every despicable thing Trump does by whining about her.
  11. I see what you're saying, and for some guys I think you'd be right(like Bush and Cheney's tough guy White House). But being the anything goes, grifter that he is....I think Trump would be proud of an underling that beat up their mother and took her last 5 bucks as long as they showed up with the money.
  12. This strikes me as more of a political point than a legal one. Just because Starr says it's so doesn't make it so. This is one of those issues where I think it is important to distinguish ourselves from the reactionaries on the Right. Just because it might benefit us in this moment, we should not pursue it without considering the big picture. There are good reasons that presidents should be immune to most legal battles during their term. I am not so eager to set a new precedent to get Trump out of office because it could have disastrous effects on presidents going forward being used as a partisan cudgel to kneecap every presidency.
  13. Asserting his dominance and taking stuff from those lower down than him is exactly the kind of thing Trump would respect, though. All the money he was making, and he couldn't just go and buy the damn mini-fridge.....
  14. I wouldn't expect much dirt slinging from Spicer here. While Sean reportedly did have some valid complaints about not being qualified for the job, this whole situation is much more office room spat than John Dean whistle blowing. Spicer may go after the new hire, but he won't go after Trump. He probably won't even go so far as to talk about a dysfunctional White House. In whatever job he has lined up at CNN or Fox I expect him to be another Lewandowski.
  15. Comments section on a story I read about it. I know, I know, but it seemed like a credible correction. Like I said, I may be wrong.