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  1. I worry that the mainstream media, somewhat similarly to Syria, will be so enamored with Trump actually doing presidential looking stuff that they will not be as skeptical of this news as they would be under a different president.
  2. 2017-18 NBA Regular Season Discussion

    After that first half I was so sure the Pacers were not only done for game 3, but also the series, that I turned it off. That must have been an epic collapse.
  3. The uppest of upvotes. I used this same reference at the beginning of Trump's presidency when everything from an infrastructure plan to a plan to beat ISIS was coming "in 2 weeks".
  4. 2017-18 NBA Regular Season Discussion

    Portland down 20-36 after the first fucking quarter. Also, looking like Phlly is going to take game 3. There are times when a team gets an ugly win and people say it was more from the losing team losing than the winning team winning, so neither come off well. In this case, I think it's kind of the opposite. While Miami has made some mistakes, they are playing about as well as they can. Philly just looks like the young, athletic, versatile, and more talented team. Especially with Embiid coming back and playing very well.
  5. When it was reported that Trump called Cohen last week after this all went down, and people pointed out how incredibly stupid that would be, if for no other reason that Cohen quite possibly might be tapped right now, I had a vision of a call between Cohen and Donald speaking in the most cliche, ridiculous Mafioso way imaginable.... *Read in the voice of an over the top, breathy Trump impersonator* "Ommagod Michael! Michael, the jig is up. The fuzz is on our tail! *Banging on the door* "Nah, see. You'll never take me alive, copper! NAAAAH."
  6. That is still my families go to reference when someone is going too slow at anything. "I have a card." "That explains." "My condition."
  7. It's not fair that the real timeline gets President Hillary Clinton and Shazaam....
  8. Exactly like that. I think the first glut of obscenely unqualified people Trump put forward kind of skewed peoples expectations for how these confirmations go. By and large, presidents get the cabinet members they want. The more Dems use this card, the more the chance a GOP Senate just Garlands every nominee Elizibeth Warren puts forth at the start of her second term in 2024 and claim Dems started it..
  9. You mean Republican? If so, then I believe the answer is yes, but only if McCain is not present. 49-51. One defection plus no McCain means 50-49. Pence's vote would only get them to 50-50. Rand Paul has said he is a nay for Haspel and Pompeo. We might find out if he really means it. But there's also a chance Dems don't stay united in opposition. Most of Trump's earlier picks were even less qualified than Pompeo, and only a few got unified Dem opposition.
  10. Alzheimer's patients have their good and bad days....
  11. It's funny that you use that word because it's the exact same one I was going to use. Ungrateful snowflakes are going to turn on Pop....the guy who was bringing them rings when Trump was still a pro-abortion Democrat. The personal loyalty some people feel to this huckster is unreal. I feel like Obama could have called me up, asked for my top five priorities, worked 8 years to accomplish them for me specifically...and I still wouldn't hold half the blind adoration for him as these people do for Trump that has done nothing for them.
  12. Gorsuch sides with liberal judges.

    Clarence Thomas did something similar with racial gerrymandering last year. Joined the four liberals to make a majority. Sometimes ideological quirks make for strange decisions on the court.