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  1. Do you think if his colleagues found out he posted with us that we could be Lopez's disqualifying past behavior?
  2. First here, then at Vox. It must be tough being better than all your peers.
  3. "Investigation launched into message board poster failing to disclose proper link." You're goin to jail, Jason Hopefully this link works or I am setting myself up to be mocked pretty good
  4. Finished The Next Generation. Onto Deep Space 9

    The ratings I gave would specifically be for the seasons, but generally true for either. Just a consistently average series throughout. Though for individual episodes I would say Voyager has some 8's and a handful of 9's. I am also a fan of Year of Hell, though it seems to be a love it or hate it type of episode.
  5. Wouldn't it be absolutely horrible if it became culturally prohibitive for men to sexually assault women because they're scared that woman could come back at an inconvenient time and expose him? Truly a disturbing future to contemplate.
  6. If only someone with a gun would have also been talking about stopping someone with a gun! Am....am I doing that right?
  7. Finished The Next Generation. Onto Deep Space 9

    My Trek ratings go.... 1. TNG 2. DS9 3. Enterprise 4. Voyager 5. TOS 1 and 2 are essentially tied. Whichever of the two I am currently watching is the one I would pick at a given time because they're both just so good. Similarly, TOS and Voyager are very close for me. TOS gets credit for being first, but if I had my choice of watching either series I would probably go with Voyager. Enterprise is a solid third. Not as good as the two best, but safely ahead of the other two. If Enterprise had been given 2 or 3 more seasons as good as s4, it would be up there with DS9 and TNG. The somewhat unique thing about Voyager, imho, is that unlike DS9, TNG, and ENT, Voyager starts out almost as good as it will ever be. Like, if TNG s1 is about a 3 or 4 out of 10, and DS9 is a 4 or 5, Voy is a solid 7. The problem is that TNG and DS9 go on to have a few seasons each that I would rate 9 and/or 10. But Voyager just cruises through with a 7 after 7 after 7. I would be hard pressed to single out a season that even warrants an 8. I am not saying it's bad. It's still 7 seasons of Trek with 2 or 3 times the number of episodes any Trek series now or in the future is ever likely to get again. Which gives them time to explore the relationships between the characters(and a handful of very enjoyable characters like Seven, the Doctor, and Tom). I would still recommend a full watch for any Trek fan. Just don't expect TNG season 4 or 5 in there.
  8. I hope one awkward kiss was worth it, dumbass. I suggest before anyone starts defending him to wait a couple days to see if this starts a string of accusations. Personally I don't know if what is described warrants resigning from the Senate, but I wouldn't be surprised if further accusations brings up circumstances that do.
  9. It's funny because lawyers have this reputation as being devoid of morals, willing to do anything for money....and yet Moore and Trump have both seemingly had a hell of a time obtaining quality lawyers who will touch them with a ten foot pole.
  10. Absolutely. I think it was this thread where someone posted a good takedown of how this Moore fiasco shows that one of Trump's lasting legacies is going to be Fake News. How everything we don't like now no longer needs to be debated or considered, just ignore it's reality. Which is all true. But it should never be forgotten that the GOP set this table for themselves. Much like the racism, Trump's crime isn't that he created these things in the GOP, it's that he made explicit what they had used as implicit for a looooong time.
  11. She has to wear a glove....she doesn't want to actually touch singles. She's like Summer Glau hover handing our currency.
  12. Right, their best political play if Moore refuses to drop out is to let Moore win, kick him out, and then appoint Sessions(or someone else, I think Wade said in the other thread that he's heard Sessions has no interest in giving up DoJ to go back to Alabama). After that, even if temporary, Sessions or whoever is the huge favorite to win because this is still AL. The bad political plays are either some write in campaign(which splits the vote and gives Jones a legitimate chance to win) or delaying the election to get someone on the ballet to replace Moore(which could result in Moore running a write-in campaign for himself and doing just well enough to split the vote and giving it to Jones).
  13. He got the best magic beans. The best.