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  1. It's amazing how much the GOP atm does not seem to give a shit atm. I wonder if they just expect a blood bath at midterms.
  2. Welp, added 1 more to the collection (ordered but should get it in a few days). Bestbuy canada was clearing stock and dropped DQ7 to $25 (+tax), So I jumped on a copy. I'm actually looking forward to this one as I've never played 7 before. So I probably will jump on it as soon as I get it instead of throwing it into the backlog. Also means I should probably keep an eye out because dq8 might also go on clearance soon (since both came out so close to each other). =)
  3. Man the more I think about pikmin, the more I realize how great Kirby Mass Attack was. If anybody was considering pikmin, I say hold off because I see another Chibi Robo bomb (I can find that game with amiibo for $15 everywhere, I kind of regret buying it at launch and I actually enjoyed that demo). Looks hot. I'll have to check it in the future.
  4. Time to start freezing my self to get over the wait. =|
  5. Yeah I wouldn't rush out to buy one as they will most likely be the unit on sale for black friday.
  6. Sadly I can't say. I never own one or used one. I would like to one day but not atm. =(
  7. Welp, Hey! Pikmin is boring. =|
  8. FYI, there is a demo for Hey! Pikmin now up. Giving it a shot soon.
  9. No, It's not weird at all. Trust me I have nearly 9x your 4. -edit- Also i'm having trouble finding the video again but I saw a video that showed that the unit might be a tad faster then n3DS untis with it loading Mh4 faster then a n3DS XL.
  10. nice but I kind of still want a physical release. I hope a region gets one.
  11. Welp, added another game to the backlog. I picked up Yo-kai Watch 2 today. Bestbuy canada has them on sale for $25 and I had a $5 reward coupon, so $23 after tax is a good price. Interesting point Fleshy Souls (gold one), sold out pretty quick when it went on sale but Bony Spirits is still pretty available. So kind of interesting the bias/preference for that one over the other (I got Bony Spirits btw). =/ In japan, It doesn't come with one still. =/
  12. Consider me excited. Missy has generally been pretty good on the show and was even better last season. I think my big question mark still is the new show runner and how long will it take for him to make the show his own. As well will that change be good or not. You and many others probably here. Are you looking for a pat on the back or a cookie? I've seen all eps since reboot multiple times, whoopie do.
  13. I know the size of 3DS/2DS boxes have been shrinking but hot damn the jpn 2ds box is super small.
  14. Huh, thanks for that. I guess mods really do make a difference.
  15. Based on what you are saying, you're going to have a shitty time and hate yourself for it. Even more that mentality will make it worse. I guess to start out with, what city are you going to? If you're going to Shenzhen, Beijing or Shanghai you might be alright as there is a good amount of foreigners there and you'll find more places willing to help you with out speaking the language. I personally love my time in china but I also go there with my wife which makes a world of difference since she was born there. So far I've gone 4 times and will be going back again in a few years (we usually go every 2-3 years). It also might be worth checking out some youtubers who live in china, Laowhy86 is a reasonable channel https://www.youtube.com/user/laowhy86 -edit- Seeing your post above makes much more sense.