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  1. 3DS - Community Thread!!

    It seems so because nobody has it and in most cases list it on their site anymore (excluding over priced 3rd party amazon sellers). Atm I can easily get it off amazon.com for shipping up here. I might end up doing that soon but just going to wait and see if the exchange rate doesn't continue to get better first. =) Kind of sad it was limited up here since I really liked the demo and all stores initially had stock but in my wait for a better price copies end up drying up after 2 months. Kind of funny since the other titles at that time are still easy to come by (Miitopia & Pikmin).
  2. 3DS - Community Thread!!

    Actually for me in canada it's been pretty good since 3DS games here are $50 and waiting it out has allowed me to grab quite a few at $30 or $35 which works fine for me since with my backlog buying them sooner wouldn't have made me play them sooner anyways. My only regret is there are a few games I dragged my feet on too long and now they're not common anymore (Ever Oasis is hard to find up here, nobody stocks it anymore so if you do find it somewhere the price has gone up. Also I dragged my feat on Xeno 3DS which also is now above retail used up here yet at one time I could have gotten it new for $20).
  3. 3DS - Community Thread!!

    I normally don't either. Which explains why I have games I've barely even touch for more then 5 mins in my collection. Yet since my wife has been getting me to wind down on buying so many games this past year it gives me a good excuse to buckle down and actually work on my backlog. =)
  4. He said "I" I like the poor quality that the WH put out to muddy things. Regardless of I or I'd, the context of what he is talking about makes no sense as to why he would even bring up NK in the first place with out further explaining his meaning.
  5. 3DS - Community Thread!!

    So I have a new idea that I am going to try sticking to this year. To help get through my backlog I will limit my self to only 2 main 3ds games a month (trying out a demo does not count). I will keep my focus on just those two games and then swap out for two different games next month. I normally don't get very far in many of my games but I did amazingly well when I got hooked on DQ7 and was able to keep at it for about a month only playing it. I racked up a good 45h in the game. So since I already have been mostly focusing on Mario Sports Superstar this month. I am going to tack on Mario & Luigi Dream Team since I forgot I had it and would fee bad trying to open up another mario rpg game I got recently when I still have one I haven't played. Not sure what my two games for February will be. I might post up a list here and let people help me pick one of the two (looking to maybe pair a rpg heavy game with a more simple game to balance them out).
  6. Yup this. Swat teams provide a valuable service but when a prank call can easily get them to show up somewhere with no though process put in and leads to a death. The whole system needs a through investigation.
  7. Sega Master System Recommendations?

    Yeah it's an interesting game. Picked it up complete for pretty cheap. It's also odd since I don't find any info about it officially being released in USA. Yet I found a euro copy with a USA barcode (which happened for some late MS games) up here in canada. So I wonder if it's release in NA was very limited. Yup. I even have it in my collection with the map. =)
  8. 3DS - Community Thread!!

    I will. It's in my backlog =) I tried the jp demo to TAA and though it was ok. I might have to give it another shot when the USA version hits. I was a bit let down with their previous game. =(
  9. 3DS - Community Thread!!

    OMG, I think I found my next 3DS purchase. Sad we don't get the yellow box color like japan and europe. =( We're also getting the Pikachu 2DS XL that japan and europe had gotten (I want....)
  10. 3DS - Community Thread!!

    That game is still sadly sitting in my backlog. I got it when EB was clearing them out for cheaper ($20 cad). I think I should organize my backlog in a few weeks so I can possibly make some progress. Right now just playing Mario sports when I have some free time (baseball sucks but golf is pretty decent and horse riding is good fun).
  11. I'd say #2 has bothered me the most. "I totally haven't played this game. We should throw it off the list now."
  12. http://business.financialpost.com/news/economy/if-nafta-dies-old-canada-u-s-fta-would-live-on-right-not-so-fast-canada If nafta goes, I don't see the old trade deal just slipping in no questions ask.
  13. This kills many things including the markets. The USA relies way too much on Canada for natural resources.
  14. I pretty much consider this a given. He wants a bunch of things he just isn't going to get and sent some awful people to argue for it. Trump is too dumb to quietly cancel/drop this so he is just going kill NAFTA as an alternative and destroy things in the process.