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  1. My wife is Chinese. When we have our first kid I will be made to suffer through his just because.... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Postpartum_confinement
  2. They're some nice European floor planks but sadly I live in a condo and I like my downstairs neighbor.
  3. You've been far to pessimistic about the state of our blue balls. (even in cases it turned out to be true)
  4. Retro Games Pickup

    Oooh. I could totally use a few of those (man so many marios). I'll PM you.
  5. I'm going to be happy when trump and his people land up in jail by the end of all this. So fucking sick of their shit.
  6. Retro Games Pickup

    Ooo I could use them for my new Super NT if you don't want them. =D PM me what you got when you find them.
  7. Retro Games Pickup

    So i've been slow to get these together for a photo but I end up picking up 2 GG games this week so I think now is a time to post it. =P Other then Mario at $30 most items I got for a cheap price. Most of this I got over the past month or so with the exception for Bomberman 3 which I never got around to posting. Man, Streets of Rage 2 for Game Gear I think is a hidden gem people missed. It looks amazing, plays even better then SoR 1 did for GG (I already have that in my collection). If anybody is wondering what the sfc games are: Crayon Shin Chan 2, Super Ninja Boy and Fatal Fury (FF was only $5 so why not even though I have FF Special for Neo CD). Crayon is an old love of mine and was probably the first sfc import I ever played as a child thanks to a Japanese friend.
  8. Retro Games Pickup

    Glad it has a new home where it will be loved.
  9. Maybe, In the world of Lego even as little as 30% off is great. =P (it's not too crazy or hard to get 20% off from time to time).
  10. I loved that place as a child even though the game setup was so odd (pictures and tickets). I always felt it must have been amazing working in the secure room where you pick up your game after buying. Just seeing copies of old Nes & Genesis games stacked to the roof in there was amazing. On the flip side, I wonder if I'll be able to get some sweet sweet sales on Legos. -edit- Crazy, the Canadian side might last out a bit longer. https://www.ctvnews.ca/business/toys-r-us-says-canadian-stores-will-stay-open-even-as-u-k-operations-shutter-1.3842949
  11. Those are older polls. I can't find the Ipsos but found mainstreet. It also doesn't list undecideds. https://www.mainstreetresearch.ca/pcs-well-leader-including-patrick-brown/
  12. Which poll? Only polls out there I know are mostly just how much people want the liberals out. New articles out seem to agree that Doug winning might be a saving grace for the liberals.
  13. It Is My Birthday Today and I Now Have a Switch

    Thanks for the HB everybody.
  14. It Is My Birthday Today and I Now Have a Switch

    So wait, is your birthday the 9th or 10th? If 9th, shit we share the same birthday (yet I got a Super NT as I got a switch for my birthday last year).