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  1. Lttp: The Strain

    BTW now that we've had THE LEFTOVERS and THE STRAIN, the conflict and problems at the heart of LOST are clear as fucking day. (Please don't turn this into a "LOST sucks" thread)
  2. Lttp: The Strain

    It's fucking terrible and yes somehow gets worse.
  3. It's unclear; similar to whether it's unclear whether your local pool is filled in during the middle of summer until you actually get there and see it.
  4. And that's before/without getting to the crimes involved if the Russians attempted to affect the vote totals (even if they weren't successful). Tampering, identity theft, plain old theft, aiding and abetting, and several different counts of fraud.
  5. The Russians likely committed cyber crimes (e.g. hacking the DNC), provided criminal foreign aid to a U.S. campaign, engaged in criminal business relationships in pursuance of the election malfeasance, and criminal collusion. They did more than just buy a few targeted ads on Facebook, jesus christ.
  6. Bojack Horseman Season 4

    This mass shooting episode is fucking savage
  7. Let's start some DRAMA

    Bojack Horseman is pretty dramatic.
  8. It certainly seems like they got to apoc.
  9. My point is that markot literally pushed Russian propaganda, the same as the first post I made that set you off lol
  10. Also markot's posts and threads during the election perfectly lined up with the propaganda being pushed by Russia with the same timing as well. Too often to be a coincidence. That doesn't make anyone else, even actual trump voters on this board, Russian stooges. Just markot.