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  1. After colluding with the Russians for months (bare minimum) during the election and possibly after Donald Trump gets to make a lifetime SCOTUS appointment while under investigation and we pretend like everything is normal? exsqueeze me? baking powder?
  2. Clinton didn't ignore the rust belt. That line is flatly false.
  3. And let's not forget that we can't exactly take a Gary Johnson voter to be a good authority of what Bernie voters feel. A shitty libertarian pretending to be an expert on the liberal coalition is a joke of dvd proportions.
  4. It's really something to watch Jason twist himself into knots to justify a position that faults Clinton (and no-one else) for both not doing enough for Bernie voters and also recognizes that she did do things for them but that Bernie voters are uniquely justified in disbelieving her. She both didn't adopt his policies and did but didn't do it in the right way. It's almost like there is more than one standard she has to fulfill that compete with each other in a way that makes it impossible to satisfy either.
  5. Bernie voters were subject to a disinformation propaganda campaign waged on Facebook by Russia. Pay the fuck attention.
  6. lol Jason really hates when I point out he is really the one who argues most like dvd
  7. Just like the fiction that Bernie would have won this is a story you're telling yourself. I've never even talked about her loss here in great enough detail for you to form this opinion so maybe you should take a step back before you say something REALLY dumb.
  8. Jason lecturing liberals on how to get votes for the Democratic party reminds me of dvd lecturing Americans on literally any subject. Stay in your lane.
  9. Gary Johnson voters are who we should all turn to for electability advice.
  10. This is nothing more than justifying privileged emotional blackmail. If Bernie earned the nomination we would have turned out but that means we expect no less and that's not what we got. Saying that Bernie would have won, despite everything that happened in the election indicating he would have performed worse, does give moral cover to the people whom felt and likely still feel that it's a morally clean choice to enter the voting booth and not pull the lever for Hillary. The thing is though as much as Bernie was a sore loser and encouraged his followers to be sore losers, as much as his sore loser followers wrote in Bernie in enough numbers to flip the election, suppression via voter I.D. and roll purging alone dwarfs the number of petulant "my way or the highway" non-allies so they still won't have their needs put to the front ahead of everyone else's.
  11. The implication that "establishment*" voters would have turned out for Bernie but it's noble and moral for Bernie voters to sit out if they don't get their exact way can go fuck itself. *- especially when the "establishment" that nominated Hillary was millions of minority voters.
  12. How the White House made me Real News https://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/compost/wp/2017/03/17/how-the-white-house-made-me-real-news/?utm_term=.f5fc007e7d4c (More at the link, good article)