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  1. Nothing wrong with starting high then negotiating. No reason to pre-negotiate.
  2. Exuberance as a result of something surprising/crowd pleasing; allowing myself to get caught up in the fiction of what's going on. It's a wrestling term.
  3. I marked. I legit marked. This show is amazing. The first season is great too it just has the most worst stuff in it.
  4. Finished The Next Generation. Onto Deep Space 9

    It's got one of them epilogues.
  5. Wait, her name is going to be Julia Goolia?
  6. You don't have to watch more than half a dozen episodes of Law & Order to see the old "oh no you're not a target," gag to lure a very real target into the interview room. Christ, I literally watched one last night.
  7. Republicans aren't opposed to gerrymandering, many/most democrats are even if some are not. That's a significant difference.
  8. I'm not so much for boycotting per se but it could affect my choices, yeah.
  9. Non-citizens can be here legally, dumbass.
  10. True; but the thing is that it's also "advertisement 101" and "propaganda 101." The fact that Facebook couldn't see how the tools would be used like this is a failure of ethics of the highest order. I saw somebody comment recently about how other branches of science had their ethical crisis moments, like chemistry with dynamite or physics with the atomic bomb; moments that force the entire industry to reevaluate and now ethical implications of all their actions are a standard part of those paths. This is social media's. For too long have the major platforms gone without considering ethical ramifications of their business practices and it's thanks to their hubris that we now live in a changed world. We see what their silence bought them -- continued use of their platform. Facebook kept everyone in the dark and pretended everything was fine because they knew that if people knew what they were doing they would have abandoned the platform a long time ago. Now we're past the point of no return.