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  1. One, maybe two or three did and no more. They were copies of the actual returns and were suspected to have been released by Marla Maples herself because no IRS leaker was found. Those weren't domestic accounts, dude.
  2. It has to do with the legality regarding tax information. The only people legally allowed to have it or even see it are the people who handle them so either you get found out because you're one of the few or you're found out because you're the guy who illegally accessed them right before they leaked.
  3. Considering where they were at, yeah. That room is like Arlington Cemetery in the intelligence community. No actual CIA employee would lack the class to applaud a stump speech in that room. You're right, easy to call bullshit on.
  4. Short of literal wartime treason you can't get much more cut and dry unconstitutional presidency than this.
  5. Congress can impeach for any damn reason it pleases. Fortunately he's constantly and immediately in violation of the constitution, even without any Russian nonsense.
  6. I'm not being obtuse, you're not connecting the dots. If someone believes they're harmed by a policy that helps them then... What? How did that happen? More importantly why does this strange phenomena only happen to white people?
  7. So which is it? Do they vote because of free trade policies or don't they?
  8. It wasn't even working class white voters; Trump's voter base had a higher average income.
  9. any room trump is in becomes a weight room wakka wakka wakka
  10. Then you would have to explain why the policies put forth by the Obama administration and the Clinton campaign, the ones that were designed to and did help those who were economically struggling, didn't earn those votes. You'd have to answer the question of why there is a difference in campaigning on the economy vs. simply promising to do something about it (backed up by a track record of success in doing that) and campaigning on something else.
  11. How do you define "working class," exactly?
  12. Bernie would have been trying to compete for the massive swell of votes that went for Trump. If you look at the county results this wasn't a typical election. Clinton got a lot more Democratic votes and Trump got a lot more Republican votes (again, at the county level) and Sanders' campaign would have lost the minority voters chasing the white voters that he wouldn't have won over. And that's before we get to his scandals or the fact that socialist is still the only category under water for support as President. And, let's get really fucking real here; the Jew wasn't ever going to win against a Nazi campaign.
  13. White people are literally flaunting their impunity with open carry protests while the police are murdering black people for fear of a gun that doesn't exist. There is a racial element to the cult of gun worship in America and that's why it's so hard to dislodge. I'm not really persuaded away from this with the idea that rural whites won't react well. I'm not putting it on a billboard or crafting a campaign slogan here and were never going to fix a problem we refuse to correctly identify.