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  1. She said her only regret was releasing it without talking to the chairman first and blamed that in having a cold.
  2. The only thing more pathetic than being a racist is being one and trying to pretend that you're not.
  3. The markup on pizza stones is worse than fucking printer cables.
  4. The only acceptable coffee is home made french press french roast coffee. The "AVATAR" of drinks.
  5. Gotta open with a joke first and see if they laugh about it.
  6. They can but "Surprise! 63 stores worth of employees are all FIRED!" is still objectively shitty.
  7. A side-effect of global warming is that Canadian taste buds are unfreezing.
  8. A big wall. Huge. She also wants to get deep stated. (The State is my penis)
  9. Well, I appreciated the post and learned something at least.
  10. He lost his last election by thirteen points in a county that has 60% of Arizona's population.
  11. Think about the hypocrisy of the so-called "Bernie wing."