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  1. Schumer just said he offered a deal with the border wall and Trump said no. WTF does he want?
  2. “We need a good government shutdown” - Fucking Moron-in-Chief
  3. Loser case thanks to scotus but Trump needs something going into election season.
  4. Plus you know he’s too lazy to pull out.
  5. Declaration of New California!

    Jerry Brown seems to be governing the ungovernable state very well. And for a state with such poor business climate why are their so many Fortunes 500 companies based there?
  6. So Trump would have you believe he weighs 239lbs, one pound short of obese.
  7. Where is the misquote? This just confirms what the WSJ said...
  8. My sister was woken up to this thinking she and her family were about to die.
  9. Like this racist and his ilk really want immigrants that are smarter and wealthier than the average white american...