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  1. As long as EA doesn't push the game out before its finished, ala bf4, i think it'll be great!
  2. Based on the previous two generations, playstation will have far more exclusives over the life of the console. Anybody comparing the exclusives NOW is being incredibly shortsighted. Microsoft showed me over the last few years where their priorities are in regards to first/second party studio's.
  3. Awesome news, but not altogether unexpected.
  4. Launch: Day 1 Digital

    Preordered killzone on psn, rest of my retail launch games will be disc versions.
  5. Killer Instinct Stage Demo at Evo 2013

    Huge fan of the series and have been waiting for this for a LOOOONG time.
  6. Day One Patch Steam Group

    Send invite to RalliArtEvoMR please.
  7. Great game, bought it yesterday after playing a few races.
  8. Favorite Nintendo 64 Launch Game (hardest choice yet)

    mario 64 easily.
  9. The Dudes LoTRO adventures

    the epic quests are the "main" quests and will put you in areas close to your level. I'd check that tab first and then (as dude said) finish side-quests at your level.
  10. The Dudes LoTRO adventures

    are you certain you logged onto the same server you created them on? your character is ONLY saved on the server you started out on and based on my research (ie checking the help forums at turbine) they should always be there.
  11. The Dudes LoTRO adventures

    You probably had him/her on a different server I'm guessing. I know that if you contact customer support they can locate the missing character.
  12. The Dudes LoTRO adventures

    you should be fine, they didn't delete characters as far as I know.
  13. The Dudes LoTRO adventures

    Glad you're enjoying it dude, your impressions are spot on.
  14. Crysis 3 is out Tuesday the 19th, who's in?

    waiting till it's $20 or less.
  15. it's not the entire soundtrack, just an EP with 5 tracks fyi. I did buy it earlier today though, fun game with a really good soundtrack.