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  1. ThreePi added a post in a topic Do any of you have a Pi 2 and using it for something?   

    I have three Pis (not intended to be a joke). An original which I don't use. The next revision of the original which I was using as a streaming box for my music then I had to use the SD card for something else, then a 2 which in theory I will use in conjunction with my Retrode for some SNES games, but I just never got around to setting it up.
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  2. ThreePi added a post in a topic Turok 1 and 2 re-mastered/re-released on PC by Night Dive Studios   

    Goddammit. Fine I'll buy these.
    I'm not gonna lie, I also actually liked the Turok game that came out on Gamecube/Xbox (think it was a PC game too). Think it was just called "Turok." I for some reason remember liking the way the guns feel and some of the level design. I'd buy that too if it got remade.
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  3. ThreePi added a post in a topic AMD Video Card + Display Port - windows resize after turning off / on monitor   

    It is annoying and why I went back to DVI.
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  4. ThreePi added a post in a topic The Summer Slam Show w/ Jon Stewart thread!   

    The more I think about it, the less I'm upset about the ending to Summer Slam. Someone had a theory that since The Undertaker is really the only "mythological" character left the only way to retire the character is to kill off the myth. Which is why Undertaker is kicking Brock in the balls and winning by cheating. You would have to assume that given his loyalty and tenure with the company that he's been given quite a bit of creative control over his exit, and that he's picked Brock as the person to "retire" him.
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