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  1. The fear over nuclear power isn't justified, its based off of accidents at outdated and improperly maintained nuclear plants. Wind and solar have its place, but aren't going to scale up in the way that safe, modern nuclear power can.
  2. Man, I loved SWCCG and even played it a bunch online in the past year, haven't touched it recently. But I've been playing a lot of Gwent, both Open and Closed beta. Some balance issues, naturally, but its still a conceptually fun game.
  3. If the "Deep State" really existed, why would they be helping out liberals?
  4. I wouldn't put much stock into this. If there was an FBI investigation they surely would have found out the girl's real age.
  5. No, you die because you're old, overweight, eat like shit, and are constantly bombarded by the stresses of a job that you're wildly unqualified for.
  6. I'm convinced that the stress of this job will kill Trump, or at least force him to step down, before he actually gets impeached.
  7. I think if Trump goes he takes Pence down with him. I can't imagine Pence's hands are clean in all of this either. Which would make it Ryan instead, which is arguably even worse than Pence, but at that point the GOP would have become politically toxic and I highly doubt they would get anything in motion.
  8. They've landed like the last 3 in a row or something like that, so I think they got this down by now.
  9. I honestly don't know how the GOP handles all these wins.
  10. Well, looks like I'm getting a copy of this. Caved on waiting for Vega and just ordered a 1080 to replace the temporary 1070 I just returned to Amazon. The 1080 comes with a code for DoWIII, so that makes my buying decision a lot easier. A pox on AMD for delaying Vega cards so long.
  11. It largely felt like they were trying to serve not one, not two, but three different masters. You had the original DoW crowd who wants traditional RTS basebuilding, the DoW II crowd who liked the heroes and tactical positioning, and then the MOBA crowd who like MOBA things. The base building is generally minor, there's only a small handful of buildings, so that's not really going to satiate the original DoW people. The cover systems of the first two games are gone and instead just replaced by these preplaced cover "nodes" that you can capture and offer a defense bonus to the units inside. And ultimately, the game plays out kind of weird. Early on there's some tactical considerations on pushing certain points and retreating. But by the midgame and into the lategame you're mostly just massing units and slamming blobs against each other. The "strategy" mostly comes from trying to manager your hero's knockback/stuns/etc. That said, I still kind of had fun with it. There's at least a fun spectacle of just shit popping off. I might still buy it if I figure out what I want to do about my future video card situation.
  12. I just returned my 1070 today as I was coming up on Amazon's 30-day return policy. I'm quite upset about the lack of Vega information so far. Pretty much the only news has been "out by the end of Q2" which goes to the end of June.
  13. Unused resources are wasted resources. If you can find a way to use up those other CPU threads then do it. If you can find a reason to use 20+ GB of RAM then do it, I got plenty to work with.
  14. This was announced probably a year or so ago. And lets be completely honest here, it is an important part of gaming history. Not a good part of gaming history, but important. And it'll likely be worth it for the Giant Bomb Quick Look alone.