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  1. The Grand Tour Season 2 is up.

    Definitely a good start. Don't miss Celebrity Brain Crash or the American. And Hasselhoff lookin' old.
  2. Yep, this is going to get worse for Dems before it gets better. Republicans have shown time and time again they have no qualms about playing dirty politics, and Dems have shown they'll fall for it every single time.
  3. To think people mock nerds for hover hands in photos for years and now we realize they were right all along.
  4. I’m going to Japan for my honeymoon

    I've been to Japan four times now (most recently September) and I've never had a problem with using my debit card at an ATM, and my debit card is just a regional bank, not a big national one. I tend to stick with the 7-11 ATMs. Some other advice: 1. Like someone else said, if you're staying in Tokyo a JR Pass isn't really worth it, just get a Suica/Passmo card and put some money on it. 2. Google Maps is your best friend. I don't know if Apple Maps have caught up, but Google was always better in terms of trains/prices. 3. Robot Restaurant is cool, kind of a tourist trap. Don't bother with the meal plan. 4. If you like/are interested in VR, there have been a ton of places opening in the last year that do VR stuff. One in Shinjuku (near the Robot Restaurant), and Sega has one in Akihabara and another at the Joypolis in Odaiba.
  5. This is so mind-bogglingly stupid. Naturally, Fox News and their audience of rubes will eat it up.
  6. I dunno, at the moment I think it's better to apply the axiom of "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" for these kind of situations.
  7. When you have to make up these little nonsense lies like claiming he coined the term "prime the pump" then it should be clear that his lying isn't like this calculated, logical process, he clearly has problems.
  8. I like what I'm seeing. Then again, I one of the minority that actually enjoyed MWO a decent amount, so I'm totally cool with that system in a singleplayer format.
  9. To be fair, the trigger is if the economy doesn't grow at a specified rate, not if the economy shrinks/recedes. I assume this is just playing politics by Corker. If Ryan, McConnell and their Republican lackeys were so confident and sure that this tax plan would ignite a fire under the economy then an automatic trigger wouldn't mean anything.
  10. I bought about $200 worth of BTC earlier this year so I could gamble online on the Super Bowl. After gambling losses and currency fluctuation I ended up buying a motherboard from Newegg for about $130. Funny to think I could have bought a whole computer with that had I just held onto it until now.
  11. I mean, I put about 60 hours into it, so I liked it enough that I don't feel ripped off by my purchase. But they definitely had grander plans for that game that they could not reach. But you run into the problem where Space Marines are cool, people want to play Space Marines, so the populations of the other factions don't measure up. And for a larger scale multiplayer game with asymmetrical balance having uneven populations causes issues.
  12. I'm interested in this only because I'm a sucker. Dawn of War III was a bummer, Eternal Crusade overpromised and vastly under-delivered (though is still going, I should give it another shot), Space Hulk: Deathwing looked cool but just didn't grab me. I think Battlefleet: Gothic was generally well received but I never tried it out. Slitherine has done a bunch of hex-based TBS games, including a couple Warhammer 40k games that I've owned but never tried. Either way, I'm automatically interested just because 40k is a cool IP, but lets be honest the games have never made as big a splash as they should have. Speaking of which, things have been silent regarding that Necromunda game pretty much since it was announced. Hope things I going OK with that.

    I would almost always chose a compensator over a flash hider. On SMGs 100% compensator. Even on assault rifles you're not going to be shooting from so far away where the muzzle flash is going to be the thing that gets you spotted. You can definitely make more of a case on snipers, particularly the single shot ones like Kar98 and such.