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  1. Newegg Now Owned by Chinese Company

    Despite being an Amazon Prime member who buys a ton of shit from Amazon, I still generally bought computer parts from Newegg. I'll probably reevaluate that next time I upgrade. Unfortunate news for sure.
  2.   I said it before. I think he's doing it on purpose. He's trying to self-sabotage.
  3. "...and the US will do it!"   I think that was how he meant to end that quote.
  4.   Yeah, the odds of 3500 employees nationwide just all independently decided to create fraudulent accounts just doesn't seem likely.   That said, I'd wager Wells Fargo ain't the only bank doing this kind of stuff.
  5. Interesting Kotaku Article...

    PRetty much all the post-Morrowind Bethesda games. Maybe not so much that I "hate" them, but I hate what they've become comared to Morrowind. I probably put about 100 hours into Oblivion, lightly less than that into Fallout 3, and down to a whopping 30 or so hours into Skyrim. Its mostly denial on my part, believing that I'll eventually like them as much as I did Morrowind. Fortunately I stopped making that mistake and just completely ignored Fallout 4.
  6. I disagree with your opinion on Anime but somewhat understand it. However, I am legitimately confused about your disdain for sushi.   That said, if we look at the atomic bombs as the catalyst for Japan's future love of peace and all things "kawaii", whose to say that more atomic bombs would not just reinforce their direction down that path?
  7. I just ordered one, not sure if it'll actually ship or not. Normally go for around $800. I was just able to log into with my normal account and it accepted my payment.   Try this link, you might have to switch the seller to Amazon if it comes up as a different seller.  
  8. Honestly, if your goal was to "get off on animated adolescents" then that shit is out there and it exists. If that was really people's desires there are outlets far more explicit than Gal Gun.
  9. I said it before, I don't think Trump wants to be president. And while he is legitimately a buffoon, he intentionally says asinine things in an attempt to self-sabotage his chances. He's ego won't let him quit, and calling the election rigged months beforehand is just another way for him to try and save face when he loses in a landslide.
  10. Munich: bullied teenager kills 9 and himself

      That very much happened with the Boston Marathon Bombings.
  11.   I mean he does or says something to completely sabotage his entire campaign, probably intentionally.
  12. I've said it in the past (not here, I don't think), I'm still not convinced that Trump makes it to the general election. This whole "Trump never really wanted to be president" thing isn't new, there have been a handful of articles on it in the past. I don't think those emails soliciting donations from UK politicians was a mistake. He's just trying to whatever he can to get removed so he doesn't look like a quitter.
  13. The problem with stuff like this is that it doesn't really change anything. These well-off whites will associate with well-off African Americans and maybe it'll bridge the gap between already well-off groups. The progress with race relations will come between impoverished African Americans and impoverished whites. But you'll never get anywhere when educated liberals look down at poor whites and blame them for their own struggles while also claiming they have all these benefits from being white.