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  1. AMD Crimson ReLive Driver slides leak

    I like that the new driver installer gives a "Clean Install" option. Not exactly sure if that really makes a difference, but if it only adds an extra couple of minutes to the install seems like a good deal.
  2. AMD Crimson ReLive Driver slides leak

    Be nice for AMD to finally have built-in recording. Raptr is a shit-show. Xbox App on Win10 records at a blurry mess even at high quality. I don't do a lot of capturing, but having a simple, built-in solution is appreciated.
  3. "Locked in a room" is probably a bit hyperbolic. Probably just meant security didn't give him access to other areas of the building where the rest of his team was at.   That said, if you've heard stories about other shenanigans that Konami has done, like not giving employees permanent email addresses, blocking internet access from work PCs, or reassigning employees to pachinko parlors or health clubs as "punishment," this doesn't sound totally out of line.
  4. I'm pretty excited about this. I put quite a bit of time into MWO, but I think it was one of those games that had really fantastic core gameplay, but just didn't have the progression hooks to keep people interested. I would love a single player MechWarrior game based on the foundation that MWO did.
  5. To be fair, at least they seem to be putting effort into their performance. Not like that extended wet fart that Deadmaus let loose last year.
  6. Now massage the balls.
  7. Michael Phelps presenting the e-sports award? The cringe is real.
  8. Lucha Underground

    Everything I've heard about it is pretty positive, but there's just too much wrestling as is to keep up on. Hell, I got a NJPWorld sub that I haven't touched in months.
  9. Played the tutorial and did a run of the level.   Biggest issue, things need to be "punchier." All the sounds need to have some depth and reverb added to them. Walking needs to be stompier. Shooting needs to be thumpier. Voices need to sound more like they're being spoken into a mic inside a helmet.   Otherwise, gameplay seems decent enough, I guess progression will probably dictate how the legs are on this game.
  10. I got the game a few years ago in an Amazon bundle with a cheap (like $100-ish) Epiphone Les Paul and I've played it damn near every day since. Usually that means only fiddling with a few songs a day, but its been totally, 1000% worth it for me. I used that cheap Les Paul for about a year, then upgraded to a slightly less cheap Epiphone SG and come January I'll probably upgrade to a full Gibson SG with my tax refund. Well, that or upgrade my PC... or both, not sure yet.
  11. 7.3 earthquake hits near Fukushima

    Based on the "moment magnitude scale" the 9+ that was the 2011 earthquake was 1000x stronger than this one. Not that people shouldn't be concerned, but the 2011 earthquake was a whole different beast. It was the fourth strongest earthquake recorded.   That said, I experienced my first earthquake when I was in Tokyo back in March. I think it was like a 4.something and the epicenter was somewhere between Tokyo and Fukushima. Weird thing. I was sitting in my hotel room packing things up because I was flying back home the next morning and everything just started to wobble for like 15 seconds.
  12. Obama's New House

    Alright, so over the next four years, who spends more time in DC; Obama or Trump?
  13. I can't possibly imagine that they could do this. He's going to get inaugurated and day fucking 2 he'll resign and Pence will take over.
  14. Frankly, it'll need to be some charming, affable, salt-of-the-earth white guy. Like Trudeau, but less of a wimp.
  15. You don't shame the obese into losing weight. You don't shame alcoholics to go sober. You don't shame drug addicts into going clean. You don't shame the poorly educated to study.  Shaming only causes people to become defensive and double down. Liberals tried to shame the country into not voting Trump, and this is where its led them.