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  1. Monster and Skellige are on top right now, Scoi'atel has some decent decks, Nilfgaard and Northern Realms are kind of in the shitter. Northern Realms lacks any sort of big-power combos outside of Henselt + Margarita (which is not reliable), and every other faction has better tools to keep power on the board over multiple turns. There's been a lot of talk about the next patch and some of the changes have been revealed, but while they intend to have a lot strength buffs to many units, it doesn't seem like they're really addressing the low combo potential very much.
  2. I've been pretty deep into it since the beta started. But since Northern Realms is garbage this patch I've scaled back a lot over the past couple of weeks.
  3. 30 seconds of Googling beings up about a million reasons why this is fake.
  4. To me, what a lot of this says is, for gaming, maybe hold off and get the 1600x (which is likely what I'll do). Its half the price of the 1800x, same clock speeds, minus two cores. So gaming performance should be right up there, with the possibility of more overclocking headroom.
  5. Man, looking at motherboards and I really wish they didn't all look ugly as sin. Granted, I've long since past the age where PC cases with windows were cool, but like I still wish they would just make motherboards with solid colors and smooth, straight lines. Something clean and sophisticated, rather than the trying-to-hard-to be-edgy monstrosities that most of these motherboards look like. That said, I wonder what the gaming performance difference will be between the 1600x and 1700x. The clock speeds are very close, and the extra cores/threads in the 1700x probably won't make much difference gaming-wise, but the 1600x is a solid $100 cheaper.
  6. Man, I don't think I've ever spent over $200 on RAM. I have 32GB right now and I think I got it for like $125.
  7. I actually tried that, but the first video I saw basically had you unscrew everything then put the card in a hot oven to weaken the adhesive so the heat sink falls off. Later I saw another video that pulled it off just using more force than I was giving it when I tried. Maybe I'll do that in the future, but like I said, after swapping PCIe ports the thing has been running fine for two days now. And based on this old Toms Hardware article, shooting up to 95c is pretty common, so I'm not too concerned about temps at the moment. http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/radeon-r9-290x-thermal-paste-efficiency,3678.html Either way, just need this to last until Vega, and then sweet new video card time.
  8. Yeah, preordering is probably a little over the top at this stage, but still its fun getting excited about hardware in a way that people haven't in a long time. As someone whose first self-built PC was an AMD Athlon chip and stuck with them for the AMD64 and AMD X2 generation, there's something nostalgic about them being competitive again, especially in the kind of price-to-performance level they were at. Intel will probably always dominate the extreme-end, but I think a lot of people want to see that competition back. Even though my video card seems to have raised itself from the dead, I'll probably still hold off on a full upgrade until Vega releases.
  9. I bought it maybe a few months after launch, feels crazy since I can't remember the last time I ran the same video card for three years. I've usually upgraded every two years. It *might* be OK. I swapped PCIe ports and did about a half hour of gaming and it hasn't died on me. So I'll play with it for the week and then on Sunday or something swap it back to the top PCIe slot and see if it craps out again. I also set the temperature threshold to 85c instead of the default 95c, so the fan kicks in a bit more but at least I feel more comfortable about it.
  10. I've been using an AIO CPU cooler and despite it being one of the more frustrating coolers to install it's been amazing in terms of noise and cooling.
  11. Thought about picking one of these up right away but with my dead video card I'll probably end up waiting and seeing if how Vega looks and just buying it all together. Be real nice to see AMD competitive in the CPU game again. Though, I am kind of concerned that all the leaked benchmarks have been synthetic only, it'd suck if gaming performance doesn't follow the trend.
  12. I think this one may be lost. After pulling up a guide to remove the cooler, it looks like it involves baking it in the oven to weaken the solder but also has a good chance of damaging the copper heat spreader. edit - Ugh, Intel graphics can't even keep a smooth framerate on Rocksmith at lowest quality.