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  1. I think this one may be lost. After pulling up a guide to remove the cooler, it looks like it involves baking it in the oven to weaken the solder but also has a good chance of damaging the copper heat spreader. edit - Ugh, Intel graphics can't even keep a smooth framerate on Rocksmith at lowest quality.
  2. That didn't seem to be an issue. Right now its been idling just fine on Intel HD graphics, so it definitely seems to be video card related. After leaving it disconnected all night I plugged it in to different power on the PSU and got about 20 minutes of gaming before it started failing. It did peak up to the low 90c while gaming, but again looking at early reviews and benchmarks they mention these cards can run hot, and 95c isn't out of the picture. I've never needed to pull a video card apart to mess with the cooling, but that might be the next step. It'd be a double bummer for this thing to die right now since its still a few months out until Vega, and also if it dies I can't eBay it when I replace it. In the meantime, I'm sure Rocksmith and Gwent will run just fine in Intel graphics and maybe I'll spend the next few months playing old games or I've been meaning to mess around with RPG Maker.
  3. Done all that, completely wiped them with DDU in Safe Mode. I've pulled it out of the case. My PSU can handle multiple cards, so I'll try plugging it into one of the other video card power slots, and it that doesn't work we'll see if the computer runs fine on sad, depressing, Intel HD graphics.
  4. Maybe I'm safe. I went into the UEFI and it was also having a bunch of weird issues, garbled text, missing menu options, crashing there as well. I had to clear the CMOS a couple of times before it came back up looking right, so maybe that's all I needed. edit - Nope. Still getting some artifacting just at Windows desktop.
  5. Had a very rare hard crash this morning and after restarting when I got back to the desktop it kept flickering with artifacts on the screen before hard crashing again. I left the computer unplugged for a while as I was doing chores, then took a can of compressed air to clean up a significant amount of dust. Upgraded the drivers and still getting occasional flickering and artifacts while just browsing the internet. Idle temperatures are in the upper 40c, which seems a little high when referenced against benchmarks and tests for this card, but only by 5 or so degrees. It'd be a real bummer if this thing were to fail on me now. I've been meaning to upgrade it, but I've been holding off to see if Vega is going to make any waves. But if that's still a couple months away, that's a long wait with no video card.
  6. Been a while since I set things up, but yeah if you put RetroPie on a Rasberry Pi you can install Kodi on top of that. Kodi used to be Xbox Media Center/XBMC which is a pretty robust media player. You basically download the RetroPie and then you'll have to use an image writer to actually put it on the SD card. There's a very clear and well written install instructions on the RetroPie website here https://retropie.org.uk/docs/First-Installation/. When you first boot it up if you have a controller plugged in it'll go through a simple calibration procedure and you can navigate the UI almost completely with just a controller, I believe there may even be an on-screen keyboard if you need to set up wifi and all that. Can't remember 100%, but its pretty robust.
  7. Maybe this will distract people from what a shit company Comcast is?
  8. Vote for the comedian, not the joke. Al Franken, 2020.
  9. Disgraceful of Obama to host them.
  10. I really liked the way they handled the familiar characters. Tarkin was well done, Vader's scene at the end was amazing, cutting in those shots of Red Leader and Gold Leader was a nice touch. I just couldn't bring myself to care for any of the new people. One of my chief complaints about TFA was how comic-booky it felt. The First Order was just way over-the-top, almost parody of the Empire, and a lot of the acting performances in TFA were overly emotive. And that felt the similar to a lot of "Band of Merry Pranksters" in Rogue One. Felt like everyone was overacting a bit and none of them were particularly good. Krennic was the same way. Krennic was never as bad as General Hux in TFA, but it felt like he leaned more that way compared to Tarkin who is just a cold, calculating motherfucker.
  11. I like that the new driver installer gives a "Clean Install" option. Not exactly sure if that really makes a difference, but if it only adds an extra couple of minutes to the install seems like a good deal.
  12. Be nice for AMD to finally have built-in recording. Raptr is a shit-show. Xbox App on Win10 records at a blurry mess even at high quality. I don't do a lot of capturing, but having a simple, built-in solution is appreciated.
  13. "Locked in a room" is probably a bit hyperbolic. Probably just meant security didn't give him access to other areas of the building where the rest of his team was at. That said, if you've heard stories about other shenanigans that Konami has done, like not giving employees permanent email addresses, blocking internet access from work PCs, or reassigning employees to pachinko parlors or health clubs as "punishment," this doesn't sound totally out of line.
  14. I'm pretty excited about this. I put quite a bit of time into MWO, but I think it was one of those games that had really fantastic core gameplay, but just didn't have the progression hooks to keep people interested. I would love a single player MechWarrior game based on the foundation that MWO did.
  15. To be fair, at least they seem to be putting effort into their performance. Not like that extended wet fart that Deadmaus let loose last year.