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  1. Yakuza Kiwami 2 - August 28, 2018

    I bought a PS4 a month ago just to play the Yakuza games. Finished 0 a little over a week ago and now a few chapters into Kiwami. Good to know I can finish Kiwami, take a little Yakuza break to clear up some of the backlog, and then jump right back into it in a couple months.
  2. What are the requirements of getting on the primary ballot in the first place? I'd be worried of "fake democrats" flooding primaries to dilute the vote.
  3. Man, I backed this back around the time it was initially announced and played like the very first alpha build. I imagine the game is next to nothing like that at this point, but have never tried it since.
  4. Trump is even more a colossal idiot than everyone knows him as.
  5. Lexip 3D Gaming Mouse

    I've never heard of this company and Google searches only lead back to their Kickstarter. And that video is pretty bad. Not sure why they'd have a guy promote a PC gaming mouse while wearing a Nintendo shirt, outside of some weird way of establishing "gamer cred." Not to mention the guy touting a "competitive advantage" in Minecraft.
  6. The key issue that I have with arming any school staff is that police are not psychic. When police enter the building in the midst of a school shooting, and they see someone with a gun, they are not going to be able to differentiate whether that is a "good guy" or "bad guy," they're gonna get shot.
  7. I'm not going to pretend like I know literally anything about trade relations and the pros and cons of tariffs, but wasn't the far left generally opposed to FTA 20 years ago? Wasn't that what the '99 WTO riots were about in Seattle?
  8. While it's good to see these wins, she held that seat before and lost it to the Johnson guy. So it's nice that Dems took a seat that Trump won, but it's not like they took a long held Republican stronghold.
  9. I wonder how similar these "not regular soldiers" are to the "not regular soldiers" that rolled into Crimea a few years back.
  10. This is my thoughts. I like Papa Joe, but Trump is 70 now and the oldest person to take office. Biden would be 78 if he were to become president.
  11. Clearly Twitter bumping up the character limit was a mistake.
  12. I feel like this ought to be way bigger news than it seems to be garnering. Unless Putin is content with just taking a big, fat L on this one.
  13. Steph is fighting Ronda Rousey at WrestleMania, she's clearly too busy.
  14. Yeah, Dawn of War III was kind of bad. Felt like they were trying to please two masters in Dawn of War I fans and Dawn of War II fans but they ended up with something neither side wanted.