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  1. Luke seems to see Kylo in the hut thing with Rey. The two things are at least similar, obviously not identical since nobody died until Luke did it.
  2. My boys look like my wife and her mom, really pretty light brown complexion like they spent the week at the beach. My daughter looks like my mom, very pale skin with some light freckling. My brothers and I span from totally black guy to totally white guy in skin tone.
  3. I gave my boys proper white sounding names like John and William and they had the audacity to come out very Hispanic looking. Dang ol rebellious kids.
  4. I have two DACA kids that work for me and neither speaks a lick of Spanish, both enrolled in college. They are suuuuuuper Americanized. I can’t imagine sending them to Mexico and El Salvador to live with family they have never met and speak a different language.
  5. That’s a lazy argument. If the assertion is that poor immigrants and refugees are a drain on the system, it’s irrelevant that poor native born people are a larger drain. We don’t choose who is native born, we choose the immigrants we want. And if your argument wasn’t just to rile up Dodger, your policy proposal would be to deport black Americans
  6. Can we talk about ripping discs to private servers here?

    Storage is so cheap, I wouldn’t even bother trying to reduce sizes of the files if they are for local playback only.
  7. I’m not at all convinced this is an actual movie.
  8. Can we talk about ripping discs to private servers here?

    MakeMKV is free while in beta...and it’s been in beta for like 7 years There is a thread on the forum with the most recent beta key, and each key is good for about a month.
  9. He’s being sweet about it, but Rian is dunking on Peter. I just forced myself to listen to Peter try and defend his position in the slashfilm podcast and dude several times said “I’ve read lots of books about screenwriting, and this is bad storytelling.” Dude, RJ went to the USC film school and literally wrote four screenplays. He’s been nominated and won awards for his screenplays. Saying you’ve read books about screenwriting as though you are an authority on the topic is sooooooo lame, even worse in relation to somebody with formal education and professional experience doing it. For clarity, I’m not bagging on Peter for taking issue with it, just the weak appeal to authority he threw out.
  10. So some folks like Peter at Slashfilm have been complaining that Johnson invented a new Jedi ability with the whole astral projection bit. He addresses it in amusing fashion on the twitters.
  11. Solo: A Star Wars Story

    After spending a decent amount of time on this, it’s my firm position there is no rule. There is simply no correlation between box office or reviews related to when marketing begins for a film. If anything, it appears that movies that had a lot of “set visits” by movie bloggers and such have the greatest correlation with negative quality of anything I can find, and even that is an iffy one. I just don’t think there is anything to glean about the outcome based on this analysis. Disney is handling Solo different than the previous three Star Wars flicks for some reason, and there are about a dozen plausible explanations
  12. Solo: A Star Wars Story

    It definitely FEELS weird!
  13. It is highly interesting that the “if you don’t have anything to hide” brigade will defend police who turn off cameras on the reg.
  14. So usually I expect whatever the quote ANYBODY got into hot water over to be overblown. NNNNOOOOOOOPE, not this one. That’s next level.
  15. It gets exceptionally worse with each film. He sounds good in BB, then bad in TDK, and nearly parody in TDKR. It’s soooooo weird.