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  1. The super official 2018 mlb season thread

    Such a baseball thing for one of the best teams in the game to end a win streak with a flippin’ no hitter
  2. The super official 2018 mlb season thread

    Astros starting pitchers have been very impressive thus far. 3 in top 7 ERA, 3 in top 15 WHIP, 4 in top 7 SO. And the offense seems to be finding their form again after a really ugly week at the plate.
  3. World War Z 2 To Start With A Somewhat "Clean Slate"

    Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, well, uh, you won’t fool me again.
  4. 2017-18 NBA Regular Season Discussion

    So the Rockets have had a stinker from CP3 and Harden I’m back to back games. Hope they got those out of their system.
  5. Gregg Popovich's wife has passed away

    She was still in her 60s. Poor Pop.
  6. 1. Somebody needs to smoke a bowl and chiiillllllllll oooouuuutttt. 2. I expected the video to be funny, maybe a bit over the top in its silliness. The video is pretty much a standard path but with the lady having a hand puppet reciting along with her.
  7. Former first lady Barbara Bush passes away at 92

    A great anecdote about Barb from a former Houston Astros beat reporter.
  8. He directed some Office episodes and I know he did some family drama flick a couple of years ago. Iguess we could IMDB it, but I kind of like taking the pre-internet approach and making guesses
  9. He has been the one most pointed in his attacks on the NRA. People don’t like to be called evil and equated with murderers
  10. I would take the “we have problems of our own to take care of first” folks more seriously if they were proposing actual plans to take care of those Americans who need it.
  11. I loved when the manager was trying to have the cops force them to stop recording and he basically told him to get over it
  12. https://www.rawstory.com/2018/04/watch-black-man-blocked-entering-nj-gym-hes-paid-member-even-cops-confused/ LA Fitness kicks out two guys, one with a valid guest pass and one a paying member for 8 straight years.
  13. I think they are different people based on a few eye witness accounts. They are cheap because it’s their business model, but they don’t skim on aircraft maintenance from what I’ve seen. Their total maintenance budget is lower per aircraft because they use almost entirely the same craft for their whole fleet. This allows them to keep less parts inventory, get greater volume discounts, and requires their mechanics to hold fewer certifications, which in total saves a lot of money. They also we’re one of the first airlines to do computerized route optimization that leads to mostly full flights. Obviously they also forgo many of the amenities you find on other carriers.
  14. That is some terrifying stuff! Glad all are OK, and it will be interesting to find out why the failure occurred.