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  1. Weird that Suffolk is polling Florida when Romney already has it wrapped up
  2. Well he was referring to the territory it controls, and he was correct. 
  3. Yeah talking on Facebook. They're saying there's nothing going on near Les Halles. No gunfire or anything so luckily those reports might be inaccurate.
  4. My roommate and friend are vacationing in Paris and last I heard from them they were near Les Halles. Very worried now.
  5. Trying to get Apple Music to sync and save the proper songs I want to my IPhone is so pathetic. It's confusing what songs are actually saved online, Apple Music for some reason can't handle saving large playlists, the downloading and synching of songs is super buggy. This is just a really bad product that wasn't even remotely ready to be released.
  6. They threw the Jews down the well!

    Walk, do not run, to the ovens people
  7. It's shocking how embarrassingly garbage and buggy this service is. In a library of about 6000 songs I currently have 600 songs "missing" because turning on the iCloud Library service in order to use Apple Music messed up the tags. I have no idea how that hell that happened. I also just figured out that instead of synching your own fucking music to your iPhone when using Apple Music, it matches your music to Apple Music tracks, and those Apple Music tracks are saved to your iPhone. it will only upload your own versions if it doesn't recognize them. Unfortunately, the Apple Music matching feature is absolute garbage and it gets confused between different versions of songs. On my iPhone Apple Music can't distinguish between Nirvana "On a Plain" MTV Unplugged Version and Live at Reading Version for example. To add insult to injury while fixing the hundreds of tagging errors that resulted from turning on the iCloud Library feature, iTunes is constantly crashing as I try to locate songs manually.
  8. I really like having my personal music and streaming library side by side seamlessly integrated. I don't like that iTunes has seemingly messed up the tags for hundreds of my songs that I'm trying to fix. I also don't like that the app gets confused when songs have the same name and displays the wrong album info.
  9. I just started setting up Apple Music, and Apple should be absolutely embarrassed about how shit their service is right now. I'm getting duplicate albums on iTunes/my iPhone, the synching between iTunes and my iPhone is garbage, it's laughably clunky and badly designed. I was hoping for something that would allow me to easily integrate my current iTunes library with Apple Music songs, but right now its not working like that at all.
  10. WWDC 2015 - Apple's biggest event of the year

    I'm definitely excited to see how Apple Music works. If there's good integration between the music I own and upload, and music through the streaming service, I'll dump Spotify in a heartbeat.
  11. lol Being you must be exhausting. Never change.
  12. It's not a talking point and it's not a platitude. Although you're the undisputed expert in both of those areas so I'm beginning to doubt myself. You're not American so I assume you just don't understand our system of government. It's a presidential constitutional republic. The President is the head of state/government and, through the State Department and Department of Defense, he/she conducts foreign policy. It's inappropriate for the Speaker of the House to invite a foreign leader, a month before his election, without the approval of the State Department. Notice I didn't say illegal or unconstitutional, but entirely inappropriate. You're talking point/platitude that the President isn't a dictator is garbage. Of course he's not a dictator. Congress has a critical role in the oversight of foreign policy and the President cannot do as he pleases with his power unchecked. However, inviting Netanyahu was clearly inappropriate.
  13. We have a Presidential Republic; certain decorum is observed. The President conducts foreign policy. Netanyahu should not have been speaking--especially just weeks before an election.
  14. The Speaker of the House does not conduct foreign policy. Netanyahu should not have been speaking in front of Congress. This really isn't hard.
  15. Are you guys watching this Netanyahu bullshit?

    "I have never called for war. Just an Iranian policy where military action and war is the only natural conclusion."