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  1. Jason, don't listen to any of them. I laughed at 9:30 in the morning.
  2. The Kelly era has certainly demonstrated what a little bitch Preibus was.
  3. Charlottesville and Its Ongoing Aftermath: The Thread

    Bannon's chances of staying definitely went up. Trump will think he's sticking it to everyone by keeping him around.
  4. Charlottesville and Its Ongoing Aftermath: The Thread

    Happy to see the statues go; not sure I approve of angry protests tearing them down though.
  5. CEB Reading List

    Yes, thank you! If you search "~*SFLUFAN's Big Ass List of History Books~*" you can pretty much find them all.
  6. The case for gondolas as an alternate mode of transportation

    Omg there's been talk of a gondola between Rosslyn and Georgetown in DC/Nova. I will savage any politician that spends a cent on it, even just a stupid study.
  7. CEB Reading List

    @SFLUFAN Are your big history reading lists still lingering around somewhere? I just picked up The Berlin Wall: A World Divided by Frederick Taylor, which I think I had on my Amazon wishlist based on one of your lists.
  8. Trump calls White House "a real dump"

    I do love the idea that Obama rolled up to the White House like: "Yes, the blacks and the whites get along too well in this country. I hope to make them dislike each other more over the next 8 years. It's very important to my worldview."
  9. First paragraph: Democrats are hysterical fools. Final paragraph: Electing Democrats will end in fascism.
  10. Reince knew what he was supporting and what he was getting into. Glad to see him treated this way.
  11. Not all cops.

    The video makes it seem like a fair amount of applause, but I saw some people on Twitter, who were at the event, suggest it was mostly just uncomfortable for the crowd.
  12. I'm from the town next to where Flynn is from. My dad used to play softball against him back in the day, and said he wouldn't shake hands with opponents after losing. Like, he would get in line to shake hands, but would look the other way and wouldn't put his hand out.
  13. DirecTV Now

    I just ordered. Figured it was worth a shot for that amount of channels, and an Apple TV. Really bummed there's no regional sports networks where I live in DC though.