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  1. Realistically the only thing that would be actually effective is regulating food manufacturers. Good luck getting anything like that done in America though. I'm all for letting people eat themselves to death, it's their problem, BUT all the overweight/obese people are tipping the scales (hehe) on health insurance costs.
  2. Imagine if this happened during Obama's era? The religious nuts would have had a field day.
  3. Battle Chasers: Nightwar releases May 15th

    It's sad isn't it? I've been lining up JRPG after JRPG and most of the new efforts in this genre are so shallow to me.
  4. I love Resident Evil 7 and just can't get excited about this. The price is decent but if you're paying 1/3 of the price for the game (upon release msrp I know its cheaper now), then I wouldn't be surprised if we get 1/3 of the technical fidelity of the other consoles all because this is "streaming from the Cloud".
  5. 8-10 Dead in Santa Fe High School (outside of Houston, Texas) http://abc13.com/reports-of-shots-fired-at-santa-fe-high-school-/3490869/
  6. They'll still vote for him because he's attacking their boogeyman - the illegal and undocumented worker. To many, they see these other Trump policies as economic shit that's happening and not on Trump. Then they turn it on Fox and Friends and see Trump talking tough about removing illegals from the workforce and they will hold on to that glimmer of hope that their situation will soon get better.