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  1. I've seen Dallas as a front runner a few times, I really don't want them here. It's gonna fuck up a lot of shit for us: Traffic will be a cluster fuck The real estate market here has been on constant fire for years now and will get worse (ditto for Austin/Denver). While my property only continues to rise in value it also makes it impossible to responsibly upgrade or move around in the area. The IT market here is great, but this would add unnecessary strain and resource competition for most software companies here As someone who's been a part of hiring developers, that shit takes a long time already. It'll only get worse. Fuck off
  2. Solo: A Star Wars Story

    All these spinoff prequel movies are nothing but missed attempts to expand on the universe.
  3. Nintendo Direct Mini is Out

    Tons to play on the Switch. I'll be buying Dark Souls, Tropical Freeze, and potentially Mario Tennis
  4. I feel like little Marco Rubio has got to be a Horcrux for Voldemort.
  5. I'm so glad I don't bother with these types of games anymore
  6. A Switch and some pecan beer would be the perfect way for me to spend time through a blizzard
  7. Is Rivals of Aether really that much better? I need more platform fighting in my life.
  8. Without having a release date let alone a specific quarter release window announced... who cares? Do people seriously preorder games 9+ months ahead of time? I'm still looking forward to this one since it seems like a much more polished and narratively mature take on the series. It's got some of the talent behind the better God of War games (and even Ghost of Sparta).
  9. Lost is still a fun watch for me. I go through the series every once and a while. The first three seasons are great even if the final pay off is really bad. Sometimes it's about the journey rather than the end, especially with JJ
  10. Super late to the party but I finally watched this with my brother. We are both usually really harsh to movies relative to general audiences. We all heard the bad things and most of our circles hated this movie. While we watched I kept turning to him and asking him “how can anyone hate this movie?!” It feels like Star Wars has finally grown up from a writing perspective. I can’t and won’t try to go into any detail because we have 44 pages of people doing this already. My friends hate what they’ve done to Luke and Leia. To me, the direction they took Luke was the only one that would make me interested in him. The constant theme of failure in this film was so refreshing. I still don’t quite understand that Leia scene though, I feel they could have done that in a much cleaner and less jarring way. Other than that this is easily an A movie for me and I much prefer it over the last two. But um... J.J. is gonna fuck up Episode 9 isn’t he?
  11. I have no problem being a part of both ResetERA and my beloved D1P.
  12. That explains why my brother just told me he flew on the same flight with Doug Jones from NYC to Atlanta this morning. I was wondering why he was in New York
  13. Agreed. While Seasons 4 and 5 had a lot of good stuff, to me it would have been a damn near perfect show had it ended after season 3. That's how you wrap up a love story. Instead, as everyone else here as already voiced, the Jim and Pam relationship just brings the show and characters down for me.