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  1. Final Fantasy IX on PS4 NOW ($16.79 until Sep. 26)

    Exaclibur 2, jump rope 1,000 times without an error, win 100 matches of that card game, get all the world map treasures, and lots of missable trophies too I would kill at a chance to get some trophies on FFT
  2. Final Fantasy IX on PS4 NOW ($16.79 until Sep. 26)

    The trophy list for this game is ridiculous lol
  3. That is one EXPENSIVE counter-measure to leaks. Holy fuck.
  4. I don't really know anyone that still plays or even talks about GTA V anymore, especially not in the last 2 years. This is pretty hilarious to me. I hope RDR2 performs the same way (very doubtful)
  5. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 [12.1.17]

    Forget "first year", when has a company supplied so much great software in one year???
  6. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 [12.1.17]

    That's an absolutely ridiculous first year line up for the Switch. Incredible.
  7. PS4 Pro for 4k and that's where my friends are.
  8. Xbox One's second bid for the core gamer

    I want to criticize the idea that Microsoft really stands a chance getting the core gamer back with something as ludicrously as expensive as the X. But the thing is... they did it to me. I'm getting an X to go with my 4K tv. I want to play AC:Origins and games like that on the X if they run better than the Pro. But then again, the core gamer will be dropping at least $1000 to get an X and a bare minimum 4K. So when you think about it like that of course they're not gonna make a dent into the market with the X. But in tandem to the X is MS pushing the S at a pretty nice low price and bundling it with 2-3 games nowadays. That's steal for any gamer. They've made a decent case, but I still think their total abandonment in new first party development will always put them behind Sony and Nintendo in my eyes.
  9. Either way, Trump is gonna look like an idiot. This was a Petyr Baelish move, well done Mexico.
  10. Gorka says secret options being used in New Korea

    My brain is hurting, stop it