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  1. I think @apoc81 brings up a lot of points that are often ignored or easily glossed over when someone first reads this headline. I appreciate that. However, I still think if you're a rich American spending tens of thousands of dollars to go hunt these types of animals in Africa you probably have an issue with your dick size.
  2. Deported Veterans, what an odd phrase
  3. Own goal keeps USMNT out of the World Cup

    Soccer has been incredibly reluctant with using any sort of review system. FIFA has spent the last year or so doing trial studies of in-game video reviews of calls. They're slowly implementing technology (goal line sensors for example) and I think it's just a matter of time before goals are all forced to undergo a quick video review. Soccer is a sport that doesn't really stop. The clock is literally always ticking, so adding a video review is either going to force the clock to have to stop or force referees to really pad stoppage time by an extra 4-5 minutes. Either one would be a change that would probably be met with resistance (in my opinion for no good reason).
  4. Own goal keeps USMNT out of the World Cup

    I'm all for overturning a call shortly after it is made. Go to video review, review all goals. I don't care if it adds a few more minutes to the game. Big deal. I have a major problem with over turning a call after the game is finished. You can't just retroactively change a scenario and expect that everything would have played out exactly the same. Had that goal been over turned in that moment coaches and players alike could have made certain adjustments that could have yielded vastly different results from what we got. Once a game is finished, it's final, flawed officiating included. You need to fix the calls as soon as they happen.
  5. Its true, Mario’s cap doesn’t break after three tosses!
  6. So jumping a little late on to this debate, but to me Odyssey > BotW. To me, the faults that I find in BotW are just a little too glaring to ignore. Mario has faults too but it's things like having waggle controls which are only needed in like 5 moons throughout the whole game. I'm not going to rip a game for that, the motion controls are in no way necessary. BotW, however, has the most bland and uninspiring dungeon and boss designs I have seen from this series... ever. I get that it was the way more ambitious game, and it mostly succeeds, but part of that grandeur only helps in highlighting the really blandness in key parts of the game. Because of that, I go with Mario. Both were a joy to play with, both deserve to be GOTY, both deserve everyone's attention, and neither deserves having to go against the other but it is what it is this year.
  7. Obamacare is finished!

    Actually trying to imagine what this would look like might be the funniest thought I've had in a while.
  8. I would add that EA closed Visceral to get ready to move their projects to Respawn following the purchase.
  9. So the final unlockable world. I can't believe how fun and challenging that is. It's by far the trickiest thing I've played in a 3D Mario ever (perhaps any Mario game). Talk about growing chest hair! Anyway, I stumbled upon this cover and it made me happy: