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  1. There's some true legal academic firepower behind this suit. You won't ever get a group of people to argue as well against Trump, it's a shame this Congress is what it is.
  2. All I can think of is a major gag order bribe by Trump
  3. Because commercial success of something we like is not a guarantee.
  4. Yeah it sounds like a game that built a good foundation for hopefully stronger and more focused entries going forward for Tokyo RPG Factory.
  5. They've always been incredibly short and simple names though
  6. Shovel Knight back to 1991. Just to fuck with everyone
  7. They Barbara Streisand'd the fuck out of that
  8. So? Fucking get them Wikileaks.
  9. Yeah that was bizarre. The dude did sound like Apu though.
  10. This was after 2 notes from aides.
  11. "Media is demoralizing Trump" Welcome to the big leagues you guys.
  12. You could not pay me enough to take over Spicer's job
  13. Holy fuck the note about the CIA agents has me laughing my ass off
  14. Yeah I can't believe what I'm hearing. "I don't know why this is important" - followed by him talking for a while trying to do mental gymnastics on the issue.