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  1. Boooo, no more hand-holding. Give me an rpg like Morrowind that forces you to interact with tons of NPCs and digest journal entries to figure out just where the cave I have to get to is.
  2. "His only regret was that he only had one life to give."
  3. Only watch this if you don't care about potential spoilers. This looks like fucking Bloodborne, ooooo boy
  4. I'm close to it I haven't seen Wii U specific previews yet. Will link if I come across any
  5. GameExplain: ""The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is one of those rare games. It is an Ocarina of Time level game. It is a Super Mario Galaxy level game. This is a game we're going to be talking about for decades to come. It's going to be a reference point for these discussions 10, 20, 30 years from now. So you're going to want to remember where you were, what you were doing in your life, when you played Breath of the Wild for the first time. It is that good." More:
  6. Holy fuck these previews: Gamecentral's: http://metro.co.uk/2017/02/24/the-le...pener-6470487/ Some exceprts: Nintendo has talked about how they went back to the very first NES game for inspiration, which sounds like hyperbole given the technology gulf between 1986 and now. But actually, the comparisons are entirely valid. Having just completed it, we couldn’t help but think of Horizon Zero Dawn while playing Breath Of The Wild, and how simplistic it now seems compared to Zelda. You also have a bow in Breath Of The Wild, but you have to account for how arrows arc through the air, rather than it just acting like a low-tech sniper rifle. Boomerangs have to be caught manually on their return and the best way to defeat the skeletons that appear at night is to chop of their head and punt it into a river, like a goalkeeper trying to make a clearance. You always expect a Zelda game to be good, but the attention to detail and willingness to innovate in Breath Of The Wild is well beyond our expectations. We wouldn’t suggest that any of this necessarily has anything to do with the Switch though, as the game was originally designed for the Wii U. As such the graphics are certainly not a match for the likes of Horizon, with often very simple geometry and textures. The frame rate sometimes becomes a little syrupy too, and there’s obvious object pop-in if you look for it. We’re doing our best to find faults here but the truth is we’re hugely impressed. We already know some things we can’t talk about here, and other secrets that have been hinted to us by Nintendo. At this stage we’d shocked if this didn’t turn out to be the best Zelda since Ocarina Of Time. It may even surpass it, and since many still regard that as the best video game ever made it becomes almost impossible to overstate just how good Breath Of The Wild is.
  7. It's basically a movie based on the game based on the movie
  8. I believe it's solely when you unhook as a stand alone controller (could be wrong).
  9. Well Nathan is a serial killer, so it makes sense.
  10. If it's not a software thing Nintendo is gonna be in big trouble.
  11. I can't imagine it would be worse than what they've had.
  12. Biggest takeaways I've seen from all the previews I've read: Battery life is as advertised. Anywhere between 2.5h-3.5h depending on settings. Right there with the N3DSXL Zelda seems to run better than most previews journalists played in the last few months There seems to be a few issues with the left joypad un-syncing. Multiple sources stated this so watch out! The UI is spiffy and great to see from Nintendo finally catching on to this The packaging is surprisingly small!
  13. Honestly I'll be playing Zelda for a few weeks so I don't care much about the lack of day one games. I was never one of those that could buy 5 titles with a new console and jump from one to the next. When I got the GC when it launched I remember having to plan what order to play games at (Luigi's Mansion -> Rogue Squadron -> Pikmin -> then Melee came out)