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  1. You have hours and hours of enjoyment ahead of you. A lot of it is repetitive, but even that becomes funny in its own way.
  2. Toby Keith is the one that surprises me on that list because my understanding is that he's considered himself a Democrat for years and had to keep saying that over and over after he came on the wrong side ("the conservative side") of the whole Dixie Chicks conflict. I wonder if his career is so off track these days that this might just be his one chance to attempt to be relevant again. He hasn't had a solid hit in many years now.
  3. While I don't disagree, there was a point during the whole conversation about draining the swamp where I started to wonder "where are we going to find those other people who haven't been working in the swamps?" We have a pretty big swamp, and those not in the swamp have generally been kept away from the swamp by people with a lot more power, prestige and connections. Not saying that's a good thing, but it certainly leaves one to wonder where those outsiders are supposed to come from. It's not like Trump (or Hillary) are part of some outside socialism network that has outsiders readily available to create a new swamp.
  4. There are so many things wrong with this situation that one could go for days. What types of siblings let this happen to their brother and NEVER say a thing to anyone? What psychological problems does this mother have that would cause her to think this was a proper thing to do? There seems to be a lot about the father the story isn't telling (regardless of whether or not they'd been separated, we're talking about YEARS, not a few days or weeks). It kind of reminds me of the Dave Pelzer story (although how much of that is truth and how much was sensationalized for selling books, I don't know). There feels like there's so much the story isn't telling us because this sort of thing just shouldn't happen unless they're living in some commune that has no contact with the outside world.
  5. Isn't that the way it's always been? You can get away with so much more if you've got money than if you're poor or just barely scraping by.
  6. It's looking more and more like he's not going to release his taxes ever, arguing that Americans really don't want to see them. Yep, that's his response. He says the public doesn't care. Just reporters.
  7. The problem I perceive is that the people who want to blow up health care in America are the same people who have the best health care in America and are never going to lose it. That, alone, should be a huge consideration for anyone who thinks about the problems we have. Our "solution" most of the time is to ignore it and just wait for the people who are suffering to just die (because then they won't be a problem any longer). We really don't care about our fellow Americans in this country. We care about ourselves only and basically just secretly wish for everyone else to either make do with what's left over, or just die. I don't perceive the situation getting any better either. There is no incentive to cause people to start caring. At least not now, and there's nothing on the horizon that's going to really change that.
  8. For me, the biggest problem of Yahoo (whatever they want to call themselves) is how it has fought irrelevancy by trying to do what everyone else is doing and somehow try to pretend that it's being innovative. It really hasn't done anything innovative since it was a search engine (and even then it wasn't all that innovative). Buying other companies, or linking with other companies, isn't innovation, and when you're an Internet powerhouse, you really need to be on the top of trends, not a victim of them. The only reason it is still relevant today (aside from investing in other companies that are still surviving) is because it has products that people (like me) are too lazy to get rid of. An example: Yahoo email. It's crappy. People keep hacking it. It has done NOTHING innovative in the years that it has been around. But any attempts to replace it with someone better have completely failed (self-servicing emails are really harder to maintain over time and stuff like Google mail suffers from the fact that you have yet another oppressing company that is known for destroying your email if you find yourself in conflict with any other part of their empire (such as sex-positive people losing complete access to all Google entities, including email, because some Google executive decided he didn't agree with someone's lifestyle...something people don't realize happens quite often unless you do business with the extreme entities within our society, like a web designer who loses complete access to all things Google because he created a site for a bdsm bookstore and an unknown executive with Google felt that any connection to this business was "wrong" (true story...watched as it unfolded with a friend of mine who worked on web pages)). For me, Yahoo has continued to exist because no easier way to just distance yourself from it has really come along. Almost always, when something alternative comes along, it gets bought out and shut down or it just can't compete and gets shut down as well. Meanwhile, the behemoth continues on because the majority of people don't know of alternatives for whatever process they tied up with Yahoo in the first place.
  9. I'm just disappointed the pope didn't have the courtesy to consult with Republicans in North Carolina to find out how God would feel about this.
  10. To give an example, after I learned the very basics in the game, I ended up in some hangar bay where you're allowed to look at your ship, the local intel and all that, and I couldn't figure out how to maneuver through it AT ALL. I was so lost. I couldn't even fire out how to just launch my ship again. To this day, my ship is docked there and totally dysfunctional. The game ended for me right there after about half an hour of me trying to figure out how to do ANYTHING in that area.
  11. I bought this game some time ago and tried to get into it, but the learning curve was just beyond me. I finally gave up and went to play something else.
  12. I just finished watching Westworld. Wow, that was well done.
  13. it really feels like there's a lot of wishful thinking involved here. First, the people who are to start achieving a doubtful persona are the same people who don't watch the news, don't participate in politics and tend to think that liberals are responsible for all sorts of horrific things. These are the types of people who when they lose their medical coverage, food stamps and any government assistance will somehow equate it to something that liberals have done badly (or through some twisted, evil conspiracy process). The point is that rational thought rarely works with irrational thinkers. These are the types of people who don't care that Trump never paid taxes because they're not listening to anyone who is making that claim. If Trump can't build the wall, it's because liberals got in the way, not because he changed his mind (a rational person would watch the news and determine otherwise; someone who doesn't watch the news uses mindthink to be convinced that the causes come from irrational reasons, like evil liberals. Calling Clinton crooked and being crooked himself is an even bigger joke because their mindthink uses the following schema: "When she did it, it was evil. When he does it, it's because it's good business." Trump won't replace Obamacare. The Republicans will, if they do. If it's good, they'll give Trump credit. If it's bad, it's because Obamacare was a bad policy and that somehow caused the bad result. The real problem is that Trump's base doesn't pay attention to politics, other than to fan flames that they're interested in fanning. And Trump is doing exactly what he needs to keep his "constituents" happy by claiming to be responsible for all good things and none of the bad (like claiming that somehow his election victory brought on spending during the holiday season when spending increases because it's the freaking holiday season. I expect him to take credit for so many ridiculous, unrelated things, and I expect his followers to believe that somehow he's responsible. You don't get rational thinking from people who sign up for that. It's like he said before. He could shoot someone in Times Square, and he still isn't gong to lose them as fans/constituents. I don't think people thought through the ramifications of that statement when he made it. It wasn't a boast; it was a threat.
  14. I think you're miscalculating the cognitive dissonance that will emerge if such a thing happens. Our society is hitting a point where we only pay attention if the outcomes match our expectations and desires; otherwise, it's just noise.