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  1. XCOM 2 Preload is Live

    I have to wait until next month to afford it, but I am most definitely buying this.
  2. Hulu might lose its only reason to exist

      I'm really looking forward to this. The director changed a few things (like started the time period where he travels to the election of JFK rather than a whole five years), which tells me the director is really thinking through how to transition a Stephen King book to an actual television event/show, which you often have to do with some of his stuff.
  3. Hulu might lose its only reason to exist

      I totally disagree.
  4. The third episode was briliant. I really, really enjoyed it. Even the monster of the week being what it turned out to be was a touch of greatness in X-Files writing. I laughed out loud a number of times during the episode and right about the time I heard the ring tone I figured this whole episode was a tribute to the fans more than anything else. Greatly appreciated.
  5.   Yeah, Season 9 has its ups and downs, but for me what probably made it worth it was finally embracing the two wannabe Mulder and Scully, and when they finally came around to sealing up some of the story line.
  6. Hulu might lose its only reason to exist

      Thanks for the info. Good to know.
  7. Hulu might lose its only reason to exist

      Same here as well. I ONLY watch Hulu for next day showings of TV shows I really like, and it has introduced me to a few shows I might not have watched. I also have CBS All Access (or whatever it's called) mainly for Supergirl, Elementary and Limitless. I'm not even sure if Person of Interest is having another season (the news has been really silent about it). Unfortunately, they don't have much more than that that interests me.   If they took the first run shows off Hulu, I'd drop it without a second thought. I also pay for Netflix, which I rarely watch unless it's an original show, like the Marvel stuff, although I did recently watch the first half of the last season of Mad Men and am waiting for the last half.
  8. For a lot of reasons they should care, but on issues like these, people don't give a lot of thought to long term ramifications, or even to anything that might concern the next generation.
  9. The sad part of this involves actually thinking the whole concept through because conservatives actually don't care that low income women are having more children. On the surface, you would think this would bother them because that means more money has to go to subsistence, but in reality that's not what's happening because conservative states are pulling funding for the poor more often than not so that the actual mindset of a conservative in power in one of these states (not every state that is run by conservatives, but some really fucked up ones that we all know which ones they are) is to not care and figure the market will correct for everything. The reality of that belief is that the market WILL correct by allowing poor families to starve to death, become homeless and basically die much earlier than they would have if someone was actually looking out for them. To the market lover that's a win-win because they didn't have to support policies they didn't like and the problems that resulted died out quickly so they didn't have to stumble over them on their way to the port that holds their yacht.
  10. Official Guild Wars 2 Thread

    I bought the expansion, signed into a few characters, created a new revenant (Or whatever it's called) and then wandered around a bit before realizing that I just didn't know what to do that might be fun, so I left and went back to SWTOR.
  11. Bernie Sanders is a scrub

    If you have to do cheesy tactics to increase your chances of winning, I have no compassion for you when the other side calls you on it. Hillary's campaign has attempted to call Bernie's campaign on some of the stuff that his backers have done, yet tries to pretend that such criticism shouldn't be used against her side. If you want to convince the majority of American people you are the right candidate, do it in the light. If you can't do it in the light, you shouldn't be the one people choose. That goes for both sides, but unfortunately this kind of stuff leads to people distrusting the American electoral system more and more.
  12. The Iowa caucuses are today

      That's like saying "Okay, the Penguin and the Riddler are okay cause they're not as crazy as the Joker. Man, that Joker is nuts!"   Yeah, we're moving off into parody area now, so a response argument isn't really necessary. Personally, there's not a single Republican right now who isn't a ridiculous choice for president. I'm almost at the point of believing we're reaching the area of "well, at least they're not Satan." This is the kind of year where a Powell or a Rice would have made a great candidate, but instead we got the mess we have for reasons that just seem really bizarre.
  13. The Iowa caucuses are today

      Your post makes the error of assuming that by "lunatic" I meant only Trump. There are numerous lunatics running for the presidential throne right now in their primary election so that my wording of "a large segment of the Republican Party" means exactly that. The actual rational voices the party has are in the single digits for support, which should tell you something bigger is happening than a cult of personality or a one time shot situation is occurring.
  14. The Iowa caucuses are today

      The problem with the Republicans is that they don't want to own up to the fact that a large segment of their party is backing a lunatic, mainly because every other candidate is an ineffective wannabe who has no voice, no ideas and nothing to drive other people. So because of that, they have to keep inventing reasons why so many people in their party might be flocking to a joke of a candidate. A real honest portrayal would point out that the party is not just looking for leadership, but it's looking for a reason to exist in the first place. Conservatism is a great ideal, but now that the curtain has been pulled aside, the majority of America is waking up to the fact that the middle class is quickly evaporating, leaving three classes: the rich, elite; the hospitality class (that provides for the rich, elites but will forever remain destitute and mostly poor); and a superstar class that is made up of people who made their riches by some unique talent that got recognized and then further funded by the rich, elite class.   We saw this coming a long time ago with engineers realizing it was more beneficial to be businessmen than engineers so that fewer and fewer Americans actually work at making anything other than money.   We have an entire political party with an ideal of looking back at the glory days of the past as a fixed point in time without once realizing that that time was basically a transition from a period of Manifest Destiny to consolidation and now to oligarchy. So imagine their struggle when they realize that they have to continue to convince its base of mostly downtrodden individuals that the ideals they stand for are somehow theirs as well. There's only so many times "they're coming after your guns" before people start to stop caring because someone else "came after your jobs." But what do I know?
  15. Part of me says we need to commit any individual like this immediately and get that person help NOW. The other part of me says that this person needs to be aborted as it is too far gone to ever be worth the resources necessary to try to make him normal again (if he ever was). I'm a little more curious to find out if there could have possibly been any trigger moment that would cause someone like this to pursue something so fucked up and against societal norms.