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  1. Unless you're on the no fly list, which we can't actually divulge the  names, and to be honest, we don't even acknowledge the list exists, but if you're on the list, you can't have a musket. So, as you don't know whether or not you're on the list, and the people selling guns aren't allowed to look at this list that may or may not exist, you're probably best just not selling or buying any muskets. You know, maybe it's better that you don't even think about muskets, because that might interest you in actually wanting to own one, and you might be on that imaginary list that might or might not exist, and that would just lead to all sorts of bad things, like malignant tumors and global warming. So, it's probably constitutional to just enforce the law that's not really a law that keeps people thinking about owning a gun. It's a good thing we stopped that before it got out of control!
  2. What amazes me is how long the federal government has taken (in YEARS) to finally successfully charge him with anything (which may or may not get thrown out the window yet again).
  3. So, really curious as to your thoughts on the game because I get paid on the 31st, and I'm thinking I might just buy it. Turns out, yesterday's patch of Star Trek Online practically broke the game for me so that I see nothing but blank buttons all over my screen, and so far, they haven't addressed any intentions to fix it, which means I might have to resign my Starfleet commission and start a new adventure.
  4. Civilization VI Giveaway

  5. Civilization VI Giveaway

    Nothing wrong with people being hopeful at winning.
  6. Civilization VI Giveaway

    I'm kind of torn on this game because I've bought every Civ when it was released and then the last few ones I was extremely disappointed until they finally got around to fixing the games.
  7. It's a good thing only we at Dayonepatch know about this because if this were to get out, there'd be a world of trouble!
  8. The biggest problem is the problem I perceive to be the problem (if I could have found a fourth way to include that word, I would have): Are the services meeting their numbers? In the end, you can have standards that everyone has to be as in shape as Arnold Schwarzeneger, but if those people with those standards aren't volunteering, you go with the army you have, not the one you wish you had. And I suspect that might be the bigger problem that command is not owning up to. Our whole society has gotten fat and lazy; it shouldn't be that much of a surprise that the majority of recruits might actually be looking a lot like the population.
  9. I'm looking forward to this as the trailer is definitely hitting the right notes. The only problem is that we generally know how this should end, so what would really put this over the top is to lead to some kind of mysterious ending that either explains something we never realized we didn't know or sets up some kind of background complexity that shows another sliver of complexity of the Star Wars universe. Basically, the one thing LOST did really well was to keep going back over the same material and then pulling back the curtain on something we never realized was right in front of us the whole time (like the airport scenes that would be seen at yet another angle where something deeper was going on while the events we already knew were happening). If that makes any sense....
  10. Supergirl Season 2 OT #FromCbsToTheCW

    I finally got a chance to see the premiere, and I enjoyed it. A couple of things I really liked:  
  11. Personally, the Justice Department should ignore any retirements and start going after these guys for fraud or whatever will stick. Until we hold them seriously responsible for the type of shit they do, they're going to always do it and know there are ramifications for cheating, stealing or massive dishonesty. But I've come to expect absolutely nothing from our government when it comes to stopping corruption. The only people they hold responsible are those who have no ability to defend themselves (like when the IRS goes after lower middle class citizens and ignores the very wealthy because they realize to do the opposite would be too hard).
  12.   The funny thing is that Stephen King came out completely against the governor during his election and still managed to do nothing to convince people of Maine that they could do better. King is basically the greatest thing that has ever happened to Maine, and even he couldn't convince their population to not vote for that awful governor.
  13. No need to worry about that. I'm convinced the generation after this election won't be alive (or, if they are, they'll be living in caves and drawing pictures of televisions on the walls, telling their kids what used to exist in this world).
  14. Arrow Season 5 OT #WhatWasntOnTheIsland

    I don't have a ps4 any more. Sold it last month.