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  1. Reuters: Trump support surges

    I don't normally agree with a lot of things, including things I generally agree with, but I definitely agree with this.
  2. I'm sorry. I just couldn't resist. This thread is making me laugh nonstop.   I'M NOT ONE OF THOSE FANCY COLLEGE EDUCATED DOCTORS   I'm a doctor, and I'm damn good at it. Why? Because I learned to be a doctor the old-fashioned way: gumption, elbow grease, and trial and error. I'm not one of these blowhards in a white coat who'll wear your ears out with 10 hours of mumbo-jumbo technical jargon about "diagnosis" this and "prognosis" that, just because he loves the sound of his own voice. No sir. I just get the job done. Those fancy-pants college-boy doctors are always making a big deal about their "credentials." But I'm no show-off phony with a lot of framed pieces of paper on the wall—I'm the real deal. I got my M.D. on the street. These people think they're suddenly a "doctor" because they memorized a lot of big words and took a bunch of formal tests. But there's plenty of things about being a doctor they'll never learn in their ivory-tower medical school. For example, did you know that human intestines, if they spill out of the abdomen during surgery, can spool out all over the floor if you're not careful? You won't find that in a book, my friend.   When it comes to practicing medicine, I focus on the basics. In a life-threatening situation, you've got to think on your feet. I don't waste time going on and on about which virus is which or whose blood type is whose. I get out the tools, roll up the shirt sleeves, slick back my hair, and get in there all the way up to the elbows. The patient's not going to magically heal just because you know a lot of complicated terms like "bovine spongiform encephalitis," or "antibiotics."   You want to know where I got my doctor's degree? At the Medical School of Hard Knocks, that's where. No matter what they say, advanced graduate studies won't teach you when somebody needs a shot of whiskey. Yale and Harvard don't tell you when to throw a bucket of water on a patient. And they can never teach you how to tell when someone just needs a good solid punch in the nose to bring them around. While they were cooped up in some dorm room reading about being a doctor, I was out there in the real world, being a doctor. And there's no substitute for hands-on experience.   Not to mention, my rates are a hell of a lot more reasonable than what one of those college- and med-school-educated doctors will charge you, because I take out all the bells and whistles. You won't catch me pressuring my customers into paying for expensive MRIs and IV drips and electronic X-Ray Vision machines and who the hell knows what else.   Jesus, you ever look at one of those scans? They're just a lot of crazy shapes. The only sure-fire method for figuring out what's inside a man's body is to go in there and take a look for yourself. And if you want to put a shunt or a valve into a person, you don't rely on gimmicks like tubes and syringes. You get your hands a little dirty, you open them up, and shove it right in there where it belongs.   I hate these elitist doctors almost as much as I hate their Ivy League glee-club buddies, the lawyers. Between their constant "writs" and "summons" and all their hot air about "malpractice" and "licenses," they're enough to drive a man to the point where he can't even practice medicine under his own name anymore, and is forced to pull all his ads from bus-stop benches.   If you need a good doctor, you just keep your ears to the ground, and my name will eventually come up—people know how to get ahold of me. When all is said and done, the customer can tell the difference between a real doctor and some dime-store college-educated phony decked out in stethoscopes and ear-flashing things who's never put in an honest day's work in his life. But me, I'm the real deal, salt of the earth, and I don't need a diploma to tell me that
  3. I'll bet the Russians are starting to regret going against the Underwoods.
  4. I don't know if anyone else is having this same problem, but for some reason the sound in this episode was seriously hard to hear. I literally turned up my television to about as loud as it could go, and I still could barely hear what was going on. After the show was over, I switched to another show and nearly blew the speakers out of my TV because it was so loud. I watched John Oliver's show, and with the sound back to normal, it was fine. But Game of Thrones was like a whispering contest that I kept losing. There are entire scenes that I haven't a clue what happened because I couldn't hear anything.
  5. Anyone watch Silicon Valley?

    I watched the first few episodes and meant to watch more, but just never got around to doing it. It's FAR superior to anything as crappy as BBT.
  6. BvS would have been far better if....

    Like I said in a previous thread, if hey want to go this direction with the franchise, they REALLY need to make an effort to explain why Snyder is taking these characters and doing what he's doing with them. Then, I wouldn't have a problem with it. They've made both Superman and Batman not care a thing about killing people. I'm fine with that IF THEY EXPLAIN WHY this is happening. Instead, every movie we get is cloaked in a feeling of "why is Superman okay with not protecting people?". They could have sold the audience on this but this is one of those times where keeping the plot quiet is totally screwing them over. 
  7. Excuse me sir...have you heard about the bird?

    I'm actually not surprised. I saw a preview for Angry Birds while watching Civil War a few weeks ago, and the feeling I got from it was actual surprise in that it appeared to be somewhat entertaining. It had a Pixar feel to it and its production value was pretty impressive. The only stigma I got from it was that it was an Angry Birds movie, which just seemed like it should have made it extremely stupid and worthless. But the preview actually did a good job of selling the movie. The people in the audience were actually laughing at the jokes on screen.
  8. Minnesota drunk sucker punches man to death

    I personally didn't have a problem with the topic thread. I was actually liking the direction the beginning of the conversation was going (being more about the dangers of these kinds of incidents than the later conversation that came). I personally think that the media (the movies and tv side of that house) have kind of given a false sense of security when they show people constantly being knocked out and then waking up okay soon after, when in a number of cases a person being knocked unconscious may not wake up again. It would be pretty easy for me to see a connection to people who have never hit anyone before doing something horrific that may have never been intended, mainly because to too many people a fist fight is seen as something benign with little in the way of ramifications.
  9. When are we going to do something about stopping these 4 year old vixens from corrupting our GOP politicians?
  10. The reviews are kind of mixed on the game, but for those thinking of buying it, you can get the whole game plus expansions for about $26 on Steam. It's a pretty decent deal. I wasn't going to buy it, but decided to bite on the deal, and if you liked the earlier versions of this game, it's worth playing. It wasn't worth it before all the expansions, and definitely not at full price for the expansions, but at the amount I mentioned, it definitely felt worth it.
  11. So, let's talk about Black Desert Online.

    I played it until I hit the pvp level and started to get attacked more often than not. Got killed while fishing. Got killed while wandering the woods. Got killed when fighting mobs (supposedly was encroaching on someone's territory, a certain someone who I never saw but decided to murder me with his character that was at least 10 levels higher than me in a complete joke of a battle (funny to him, annoying to me). So I decided to stop playing. It wasn't fun any more.   Sure, I could reroll and play a character at a low level instead, but that just seems pretty crappy. There are a lot of great things in this game, but there are also artifacts from some of the pvp games of the past that still needed to be fixed instead of just incorporating them into the next game. All of the pve elements of the game are excellent, and I hope one day to find a game that does exactly what this game was doing without the griefer aspects of pvp involved as well.
  12. Tripe / Counter-Tripe

    I think that's his point. We're arguing for background checks but NOT for a national firearm registry.   In my opinion, the problem is that we've developed political theater for the issue of guns, much like the TSA does political theater for tackling terrorism. They don't have a solution, or at least a viable, politically expedient one, so they respond with political theater instead, because it always looks good to pretend to be doing something rather than to do nothing at all. Granted, nothing actually gets done that makes a difference, but politically, you score lots of points to your constituents by acting like you did everything you could. And you did. You just didn't do anything that makes a difference (this is the proverbial "you", not anyone in this conversation here).   The solutions to this problem are inherent in our civilization right now, so deep that we're never going to make an attempt to fix it. I'm talking about things like actually working to fix the educational system so that people don't feel a need to have to resort to crime as an alternative. I'm talking about ending drug laws so that treatment is a response to drug addiction, not more penalties. I'm talking about removing the stigma of sex so that we can actually tackle sex trafficking and decriminalize sex work so that women forced into this life actually can go to the police for help rather than fear being arrested by them. THESE are ways of dealing with the problems that guns are causing. But we're not even thinking about these things. Nor are we going to.   Okay, I'll go back to yelling at the kids on my lawn again....
  13. Wait! They gave out ponies and I didn't get one???
  14. I totally misread that one, seeing IEDs instead of IUDs. Thought, what the crap kind of point are you trying to make??? And then read it right and decided I'd just go take my medication and then go yell at the kids to get off my lawn.
  15. Tripe / Counter-Tripe

    Yeah, it's just a horrible diagram. Should have just used text. Would have made the point so much better and easier.   Normally, I'd say something snarky about Hillary, but this just sounds like she's only guilty of hiring a moron to create her graphics. I expect to see a lot more of that during this election cycle from EVERYONE.