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  1. ~*Official Hillary Clinton Obsession Thread*~

    Thus, the problem is that they gave her way too much power (and then let her accumulate even more power) in an organizations that is supposed to be about the collective and not one person. When you have a party that's based on the concepts of people and democracy, a kingmaker is a horrible part of that dynamic. This works great when you have a leader who has a Cincinnatus approach to government but when you have a person who sees it as his or her purpose to decide what's best for the party and is oblivious to outside commentary, you put the wrong person in charge. People in the party have been calling for her to step down for the good of the party, and her response is that she'll step down AFTER the convention, which means that she has all intentions of making her decisions stand throughout the convention, at which point any other voice is completely irrelevant. Think about that. She did some horrible shit that just got revealed, and the rhetoric right now is complaints that the information got revealed, not what that information revealed.
  2. ~*Official Hillary Clinton Obsession Thread*~

    Because they're clueless and banking on the premise that Trump is so bad a choice that they really don't have to answer to anyone.
  3. ~*Official Hillary Clinton Obsession Thread*~

      While this at first bothered me, one of the comments on that site actually summed up how I feel about it now. Reworded for clarity: "If you don't want to give your personal information out, don't."
  4. While I agree with you that both are bad for America, it is probably important to point out that one is disastrous for America, while the other will keep America safe for the elite, and thus, probably not any worse than it currently is. A Trump presidency is comparable to the presidency of Idiocracy, while a Clinton presidency is going to continue to enrich the rich, ignore the needy (unless it can't be avoided) and probably cater to all sorts of presidential conflicts that any other civilization would call "wars". Neither is good. The only way a Trump presidency would be "good" is if in an attempt to enact all sorts of stupidity, Trump accidentally does something that actually benefits people because his intentions were stupid and reactive but just so happened to lead to something that eventually became better. Basically, progress through random chances. Considering that such random actions rarely lead to great things, chances are equally likely that his actions will lead to disaster instead (or enough disasters that any good will be constantly drowned out).   Your approach is a response to how bad Hillary was as a candidate and/or option, which means throwing the country to the wolves because we're pissed off at how stupid the Democrats were for running the worst candidate they had available but choosing the one that has a good chance of winning. The logical approach is to start rallying behind a third party candidate and just forget the two very bad choices we have. But people won't do that because they won't vote in their own best interests as long as two choices were given to them by the historical parties that they've always voted for. We're like Pavlov's dogs when it comes to voting in this country. Having said that, most of the interest in a third party candidate has been for a libertarian that I don't think the majority of people moving towards him even know a tenth of what he believes or plans to do, but think "well, at least it's not Trump or Clinton."   It's going to be a very interesting election and then a very sad four years after that next January.
  5. So Star Trek is out this week...

    I never saw the trailer, but I saw the movie today. I liked it. My only problem with it was a bit of trouble figuring out what the hell was going on about a third of the way into the movie. It kind of explained itself out, but not really well. And even with that said, I enjoyed it. The bantering between the characters was done well.   My one real complaint about the movie is sometimes the sets were just freaking too dark to see ANYTHING. There was a fight taking place at one point that I seriously had no idea what was happening because they filmed it like a bad Batman movie (in the dark, while it's raining, as black clouds attack from all directions, in the dark of space, etc.).
  6. Great ad. I kept waiting to see when they were finally going to hit him as hard as they needed to. It has a Dixie Chick's "I Hope" sound to it (and message), which really fits it nicely, although the actual music is a bit more generic.
  7. VCRs are officially done this month

    Yeah, the last part of your comment is exactly what I was thinking.
  8. Yeah, I realized you were joking, but the start of your comment felt like a good jumping off point to bring up something I wanted to bring up, realizing it wasn't really relevant to the point you were making, but close enough that it would work.
  9. I think a lot of it has to do with your social circles in life, to be honest. As an educator, yes, black lives matter to me because it benefits me, my society around me, and even my profession to make sure that black lives are not neglected and extinguished. And the last few years has made that even more significant because I've been working as an educator at an HBCU. That doesn't make me some kind of expert on black lives, but it certainly makes me much more cognizant about them when I deal with young African-Americans each and every day. And it has to make a huge significant difference to be dealing with young people who are trying to make their lives better than when you're living in some neighborhood where interactions with African-Americans can be quite negative (ghettos, crime, gangs, etc.). Strangely enough, a huge part of my job as an educator at an HBCU is to point out (just by being there) that whites aren't all out to bring others down but to propel them upwards. I recently had a conversation that went along the lines of:   Him: You're giving me a failing grade because I'm black. Me: No, I gave you a failing grade because you sat in the back of the class cracking jokes and not doing a single one of the assignments.   Instead of ending with that, I gave him the opportunity to make up a lot of the work in the last few days of school, to which he surprised me and actually availed himself of the opportunity. He didn't get a great grade, but he didn't fail either. What it means is that I met him halfway and he did the work necessary to provide his own ladder up.   Now, yes, this is an anecdotal story, but strangely enough we're going to get to better places through lots of anecdotal stories rather than statistics, because historically we've treated black lives as statistics rather than as individual people. That's why most of white America doesn't care. When they see a specific story on Facebook, they allow themselves to care. When they see statistics saying one thing or another, they don't care. And that's where our struggle really is. As long as we see black lives as a statistical anomaly, we're never going to make things better. But see each one of these cases as individuals, and we might make some headway because people care about people, not demographics.   Having said that, I'll now go back to killing zombies in The Secret World, the one place I DO make a difference.
  10. I kind of agree, but in this case (and it's hard to get the full story from just the clip), it looks like both sides were trying to be as confrontational as possible. Is it possible for him to walk around them? If so, then who cares? At the same time, he has a point that they shouldn't be blocking a sidewalk if people are walking alongside it, but it's so unimportant and so insignificant that it seems like the issue to me is a group of people who don't even know what they're protesting or if they do, how to do it. As a bystander, I'm not going to feel any sympathy towards black lives because they blocked my walking path, so if that's what they're going for, they're wasting their effort. It's like the anti-war movement that thought it was protesting the war by blocking traffic on the Bay Bridge. That didn't cause people to care about their cause. It jut caused people to hate the protesters because they made their commute that much more difficult. It probably put people on the opposite side they were trying to get them to.
  11. I sometimes think cops get their training from watching old movies, like Lonestar where the corrupt sheriff played by Kris Kristopherson tells a Mexican immigrant something along the lines of: "This is a dangerous road with banditos on it. You are carrying some protection, aren't you?"   "Yes, sir, a shotgun."   "Oh, a shotgun," he says nodding at his deputy. "You'd better let me take a look at it."   Guy reaches for the shotgun and gets blown away by the sheriff.   It sounds VERY much like this is how a lot of these cops operate these days.
  12. Ryan posted a photo of Republican interns.

    I could be wrong, but I think I counted two black people in the GOP pic. They're both towards the back and kind of on opposite sides of the picture. But it's really hard to tell with the picture because the faces are so small as you move further back with people.
  13. That's just truly sad, and it drives me nuts that this, like so many other incidents, led to an actual shooting.
  14. Trump adviser calls for Clinton to be shot and killed.

      You know, regardless of the issue (and whether or not I come out on whatever side of it), I will say without a doubt that every time I see this graphic, I laugh.
  15. What it really means is that the whole Trump candidacy is showing how few teeth US policy has towards stopping electoral corruption. And even worse, it shows that the US will do nothing to fix that sort of thing, as after this election is over, absolutely NOTHING of substance will be done to fix it. There might be some talk and some fake legislation, but in the end they've shown how far the doors have opened towards allowing complete corruption for those willing to take advantage of it. Catering your own campaigns, hiring out banquet halls for speeches (to your own buildings), loaning yourself money and then paying it back through campaign funding, etc. There's so much corruption being displayed right now and absolutely no attempts to stop any of it.