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  1. The only time I have a problem with this is when they use the same size box and reduce the amount of product inside the box yet reveal how much is inside the box in the writing. Basically, you've been buying a box of stuff all along, expecting a certain amount of product and then they just cut the amount by 20 percent and write the change on the box (without telling you that there's less product). People generally don't read the information on the box, so they don't know that they're now getting less than they got before. This used to happen back in the 1970s and was a constant change in products you would buy. They'd do it with cookies, tv dinners, bags of chips, candy, and practically anything they could get away with. I used to remember this with bags of chips, especially larger ones, where you'd open the bag and then about 20 percent of the bag would be filled. Back then, they blamed it on "settling" but numerous whistleblowers appeared later and indicated it was a definite plan by the manufacturers in order to lower costs but keep prices high.
  2. Finally, our national nightmare is coming to an end. Never again will they fool us with a box of air!
  3. I don't even go to Best Buy anymore, although I do buy off their site and have stuff delivered to me. Matter of fact, I'm currently waiting on a new TV that's going to be delivered in minutes. I bought a washer and dryer from them last year that I had delivered and installed.
  4. Well, tapes have worked really well for presidents in the past.
  5. As someone who transitioned into the IT side of the workforce, my one thought on the whole issue is that the real problem is management and corporate structure. The one thing that remains intact is the set of people in charge, and they're not the ones going back to school. So, when that new knowledgeable person comes out of school, he or she is still treated as the old employees were, including low pay and crappy work conditions. An example (and yes, it's anecdotal) was that I worked in a job for health care where they wanted to change the education system to technical education. Yet, every technical employee was still being treated like a non-tech employee and quite often treated negatively because the tech atmosphere didn't seem to resemble the non-tech environment the big wigs were used to. Almost all of the tech people, including me, finally just quit and went to find jobs that were more compatible. The Atlantic would blame the tech employees for somehow not making it work.
  6. At least we now know who would be our surgeon general and new head of the CDC.
  7. I'm pretty sure the only reason people wanted to see a Black Widow movie was because she was being played by ScarJo. She was probably one of the biggest stars working for the franchise at the time, and therefore people figured her character also deserved her own movie.
  8. I do it all the time. Chico Escuela stays there quite often.
  9. Exactly. I was very close to buying Destiny 2 but their PR campaign (and lock box crap) caused me to just play something else instead. Strangely enough, I'm willing to forgive quite a few things during development and launch. Greed without substance to back it up is definitely not one of them.
  10. So, I bought Dvinity: Original Sin 2 and started playing it. My one problem with the game is how often I can't see anything because the interface constantly throws the background in my eyesight. I'm wandering along and then I can't see anything because trees are now in the way. So the only solution is to zoom in really close where I basically can't see anything around me. Could definitely use a turn camera feature, or something like that.
  11. Train derails onto I5 in Washington

    We couldn't even get a "hearts and prayers" from Trump on this one. All we got was the old system sucks and is bad, but "I'll fix it".
  12. I hear good things about it, but after I bought it some time ago, I remember being very much in the beginning of the game and being stuck in a room that seemed like a loading dock and completely unable to figure out how to get out of it and just launch the stupid ship. Finally gave up because the interface made absolutely no sense to me whatsoever. People tell me I didn't give it enough time, but sorry, two hours in a room with an inability to do anything other than just cycle through the same controls without actually accomplishing anything was more than enough time for me. Couldn't even get any help from anyone, but ended up being told I was stupid over and over again. Yeah, that was fun.
  13. Anyone ever had or heard of an SSD drive failing?

    My first SSD drive (also a Samsung) failed horribly and it was practically impossible to get another one to work after. Ended up just using the hard drive instead and giving up on using an SSD drive. Was definitely not happy as it only took a couple of months for it to fail completely.
  14. Yeah, I played Guild Wars 2 before and after the first expansion. Now it just seems like the same thing over and over.
  15. So, the semester is out, and I don't go back to work until the 8th, which gives me a bit over 3 weeks, and I can't find anything to play. I don't want to be constructive during the break. I want to have fun. I've been playing Elder Scrolls Online nonstop, but I really feel like there should be something new out there to really push the brand new computer system I have. I really like MMOs, but starting to think I've played all the main ones out there. I know people keep suggesting the Witcher 3, but as many times as I've tried playing the game, I just can't get into it. I find it extremely boring. Found all the Wtichers that way. So that one is pretty much out. Played Fallout 4 (and everyone before it), all Elder Scrolls, Civ VI and all the way to the beginning, Mankind Divided (didn't like it), and so many others. So, looking for general ideas (or specific ones). Fill pages of it if you have ideas. Don't make me waste 3 weeks doing the same dungeons over and over again in ESO.