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  1.   I watched it for two minutes, thinking, it's going to hit ANY TIME!
  2. Yeah, part of the problem I perceive is that cops are like any other person in that they stereotype people in order to make their jobs easier. As a result, they tend to compartmentalize people by race, understanding that many crimes they've discovered were committed by people of color, and thus, they target people of color. After years of this behavior, it starts to hone in as a natural reaction. Which makes things worse when they're called on it because they could easily not see themselves as racist, even though their actions can be construed that way by someone on the outside looking in. When they're called on "racism", their initial reaction is to shut down the conversation and NEVER address the issues that caused the accusation in the first place, meaning that the behavior is never adjusted or fixed. Part of re-education is to be understanding towards someone's dispositions so that they can learn to work out such behaviors, but the environment has turned so toxic that the mere suggestion of racism is immediately responded to with loss of job, physical violence or absolute condemnation. That type of response never fixes the situation, yet that's where we are today.
  3. This type of behavior is most definitely criminal, and the Justice Department needs to hold people accountable for it. If they only went after the workers, fine. But if those workers turn against their employers, then even better. This is yet another time I see a bunch of corporate criminals basically allowing the company to pay a fine rather than the government stepping in and holding them criminally liable. And that's why this sort of thing will never be curtailed. We NEVER hold them accountable for their actions. So why should they care?
  4. I am really looking forward to seeing this series play out.
  5. NYC/NJ Bombings - suspect in cusody

    Sorry, closing this thread. It has gotten so off track that I looked to see how I could put it back on and then decided to eat jello instead.
  6. It's the preponderance of situations like these that are being reported that are causing  more and more people to not trust police under any circumstance. Right now, I'm convinced that if I'm EVER pulled over by a cop, I'm going to seriously suspect that they're going to do something illegal and probably try to railroad me for no reason other than not to is a waste of their time for pulling me over in the first place. If I was black, I'd be 900% even more convinced that there are police out there just looking to find any black driver so they can ruin his life. Didn't feel this way 10 years ago.
  7. I've been finding this story really fascinating. Part of me feels really bad for all of the people who are discovering they work for a company run by children.
  8. Stephen King Netflix movie

      The Man in the High Castle (think that's the name) was really good on Prime.
  9. Stephen King Netflix movie

    I subscribe to all of them, so it's kind of all the same to me.
  10. Stephen King Netflix movie

    Amazon's adaptation of King's JFK story was done really well. For some reason, we're starting to get much better adaptations of King's work these days, pretty much since (and including) Shawshank Redemption moving forward.
  11. Supergirl: Season 2 "Now on CW!"

    It's such a fun little scene, too, and I love how excited she looks when he shows up with ice cream. It's one of those "you have to watch it" to get the feel of how fun that episode was.
  12. What was your first PC?

    My first computer I bought was a TRS80 Model IV. The first computer I designed a game for was the very first TRS80. The game was called Prisoner of Z'anth, and I sold it in little sandwich bags. Those certainly were the days. My second game was designed on the same system, called Air Force's Strategic Air Command, it was a major bestseller, forcing me to have to buy two new boxes of sandwich bags!
  13. You know, maybe someone should build a wall to keep those cars out.
  14. Did you buy Stardew Valley yet?

    This is such a great game. I had so much fun with it. Now that they've added new stuff to it, I'll probably start it back up again and play through. I've only ever managed to make it through two years, but the game just keeps opening up more and more, which makes it so awesome to play.
  15. Thank goodness we stopped him from getting into this country before his horrible drug ways spread to any drug-free Americans!