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  1. McMaster out, Bolton in

    He's preaching to his choir. He doesn't care one iota about the rest of the 62%.
  2. McMaster out, Bolton in

    Or it might even be quicker, as Bolton is known for believing that a president at war is a president that gets a serious bump by people who are afraid of changing anything in government during a military conflict.
  3. McMaster out, Bolton in

    Within 5 months, we will end up in a situation where we're being told that some rogue nation is doing some evil thing that we have to curtail immediately. We will make some outrageous demands that no nation is capable of actually complying with, and then by the six month, we will be at war with that country, under the guise that we really had no other choice. That's Ramsey Bolton's MO (yeah, I know that's not exactly his name).
  4. I suspect there wasn't really a problem as long as the people who cared about the issues were the only ones who voted. But now, each party is beholden to the really stupid people that they need to rally during each election in order to get the most votes. On one side, we have Rihanna bots voting for whatever their chosen celebrity tweets, and on the other side, we have gun nuts at Nascar rallies being told that the Democrats are going to steal their guns. We've reached a point where rational voters are irrelevant, so expect a lot of celebrities and nutcases to be the norm going forward.
  5. I've been playing a lot of it lately. I am enjoying it, but part of me keeps thinking there's a bit more under the surface that I just haven't seen yet. Either that, or I'm playing with a LOT of wishful thinking. It's kind of like when I was playing Ultima Online. I played for years before I started to realize there were all sorts of hidden places in the game that nobody knew anything about. And then it practically opened up a brand new game for me as I went around trying to find those secret areas. When I started working for UO and actually had direct access to the game, that's when I started to realize how little I still didn't know about the game. I love games that seem unassuming on the surface but have so much more buried within (kind of like The Secret World did at some point).
  6. I know a lot of people already have set opinions against this game, but it is designed by Richard Garriott (Ultima, Ultima Online), and I started playing it, realizing that it might just be the game I might be playing for the next couple of years. The feedback is really opinionated, but I thought I would just share my thoughts on this, and see what you might all think. Part of the problem is that people are judging this game from a year or so ago, and very few have recently actually started playing the game now that it's starting to add the real stuff into the game. So, here goes: I've put in about 60 hours so far in the game, very recently, and I'm liking a lot of what I'm seeing. I was a huge UO fan back in the day, and I've probably played every other MMO that's released since then. Here are some of my thoughts, if interested.Positive:1. It's the universe of the avatar, and we all play an avatar. I've missed that world so much for so long now.2. The player base is pretty awesome so far. I've made a number of good friends, and I'm finding myself able to contribute and join in on what's going on.3. There are quests, which is one of the things that was bothersome about UO, mainly because it existed before quests became a part of the gaming dynamic.4. Graphics aren't bad. In some cases, they are pretty nice.5. The devs are being very responsive to any problems that seem to be cropping up.6. Once you get the hang of it, combat is actually pretty decent, and I'd add: A lot of fun.7. Crafting is pretty involved, which is one of those things I really enjoy.8. There are tons of skills, so you're always going to be able to find something, or some combination that makes you enjoy the game even more.Negatives (or concerns):1. Housing. While I love that there's housing, the cost to participate is absurdly expensive. I am currently in a guild that I believe will offer space to put down a house, but even on that front, I'm not sure how that's going to work.2. The game tends to reward the long-term backers, but kind of ignores the new player base, which is a horrible thing if the game wants to attract more players. It's like UO back in the day, in that housing was already taken, so you ended up having to buy a house from someone on ebay in order to have a tiny 4x4 shack. Most of the towns and player cities are already completely inhabited and controlled by those who joined a long time ago. This wouldn't be so much of a problem if it wasn't for that fact that the game hasn't even released yet, which means that the only way you're really going to get housing is if you blind trusted the devs before the game even became serious. What could have made this a little more palatable was for them to plan to open up adequate housing for the new players coming along after the game goes live. To not do so means they're probably going to suffer from a lot of bad publicity that will keep people from wanting to ever play the game. The Internet is toxic with that kind of attitude, and it can sink a game long before anyone gives it a chance.3. Even though I mentioned combat was a lot of fun, it can be seriously improved as well. I still have no idea what's about to attack me until I'm practically hugging it because there's no long distance ability to see what something might be. It could be a friendly npc, or it might be an enemy bandit; you won't know until the guy is practically running at you to kill you. This is one place where they could have just gone with a simple bar over the head that shows a red enemy, meaning that it's someone that's going to attack you.4. The moongates (or whatever they're calling them) are really slow to change any new location, meaning that you sit there for a very, very long time waiting for another location to show up so you can port to it quickly.5. Bandits on the map are WAY too aggressive and too numerous. There's also very little way to figure out what level they are. I was fighting low greens and doing fine, and then was attacked by a low green that turned out to be a Tier 5 enemy spawn (with absolutely no warning). Makes the game a lot less fun if you're the kind of person who likes to engage the wandering mobs.6. The map is really, really difficult to traverse. Tonight, I was trying to travel across the map to reach a location where I wanted to play, and no matter what I did, I could not reach it. There are huge Tier 5 (the highest zone, meaning you need to be really strong and powerful) areas you have to pass through in order to reach the other side of the map. Trying to go around quite often leads to a dead end.7. You gain 100 gold for each town crier you speak to (for each city), but there's no running tab (that I know of) that tells you which ones you've already one, which means with so many towns, you're going to keep going back to towns and realize that a long time ago, you were already there, but just don't remember it. I haven't been playing that long, and I have a hard time keeping track.8. The map inside cities and towns seriously needs work. There are a lot of times where the centering for the map will be completely off, and you have no idea where you are inside that map. Which means you might have a difficult time figuring out how to get out of the location because nothing matches up with what you're seeing. Other times, there's no map at all. It just comes in black. I was doing an adventure zone today, and the map was off by about 50 yards or so, which meant I had no idea how to get through the area, other than follow a road that wasn't represented on the map. I finally just stopped paying attention to the map.9. Healing skills are a little confusing and way underpowered. When a group of enemies attacks, and it happens a lot, it's pretty much a wipe cause healing does so little to help. In other games, healing tends to coincide with one's skill, but not in this game, which makes it really difficult to heal oneself. I have yet to figure out how to heal someone else , although I'm sure the skill shows up somewhere in the skill choices.10. Up to now, you're only allowed one character per account. I'm hoping that's going to be changed before they actually release the game cause a lot of people like to play different ways and don't always want to have to keep using the same character.
  7. Yeah, but this is the guy with the memory of a postage stamp. He won't remember any information to share with Kushner once he's two feet away from the briefing room.
  8. Personally, I think our types of media in this country glorify violence way too much, and that rubs off on the society. I was watching a British police procedural a short time ago and then realized that the whole season was about one senseless murder. A US program would have had a murder in every episode (if not more), and it would have ended in a very violent gunfight. Each new series of murders on television seems to have to get more and more gruesome and outrageous in order to interest people because they keep having to escalate in order to remain relevant. This is a HUGE reason behind why most Americans perceive that crime and violence is much worse year to year even in areas where crime has actually gone down. Another facet of the problem is the whole religious moralistic thing that has been hanging around in American culture so that our TV/movie/computer game ratings are much more about whether or not sex or a random nipple shows up on screen than any amount of violence. As a matter of fact, computer games are probably the only media of the three where violence is actually used to flag a "mature" rating. TV and movies, violence is irrelevant to ratings. People today are so seriously exposed to violence in their media so that I don't think they even think anything about it. Even our mass shootings have this numbing effect where you get a sense the media looks at a mass shooting and if a certain amount of casualties isn't achieved, it's not that much of a story. There were several shootings on the same day as the recent one, and I wouldn't be surprised if most of America doesn't even know they happened because they didn't reach some violence threshold that is required to get our attention.
  9. I hate when people are being realistic. It gets in the way of being fantastic. No, I didn't really have a point.
  10. Happy 25th Birthday, Star Wars: X-Wing

    My favorite stories from testing X-Wing: 1. Bill was a combat pilot from the Vietnam era (a real one). He was hired as a tester for t his new "space game" called X-Wing. He was informed by the producers that it was impossible to destroy the Star Destroyer that basically fed most of the missions. So, Pilot Bill (call sign Anjun-san) spent weeks trying every freaking combat maneuver could imagine in hopes of destroying the Star Destroyer. And he finally did. A week before the game was to go gold. Bigwigs held a huge emergency meeting to figure out what to do, and they decided to add a message in the Readme file that stated: "If you destroy the Star Destroyer, you may not be able to finish the game." 2. Pilot Bill was called for jury duty during the pre-testing for Tie Fighter. During the questioning phase, the lawyer asked: "Pilot Bill, it says here that you listed under occupation: X-Wing Test Fighter Pilot. Could you elaborate?" Pilot Bill: "Yes, I fly X-Wings. You know those space ships that destroyed the Death Star in Star Wars. Well, George Lucas needed someone to test them, and that was me." Pilot Bill was excused from jury duty because they thought he was nuts.
  11. It's amazing what you can do with a Miller by your side. Or a Michelob.
  12. Didn't even realize we had a pinned thread for these. Oh, how low we have sunk as a society when D1P has to pin a thread on school shootings.
  13. USA Article So, this is Florida, where I understand that they actually actively go out of their way to make sure that any anti-gun attempt is heavily legislated against. Can't wait for the hopes and prayers that will follow.
  14. And she probably would have gotten away with it if it hadn't been for those damn kids.