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  1. Damn Intolerant Librlz!

    But I thought people were much more progressive now so that we could hate with our hoods off!
  2. So, I played a little bit of SWL when I was given access to the beta, and then I tried it after it was released, and it leaves a really sour taste for me. Keep in mind, I was a big fan of the original The Secret World, so I've played quite a bit of that. Here are some of my thoughts: 1. It's supposed to be a reimagining of The Secret World, yet the game is practically identical. The missions are the same, yet they're releasing them into the game slowly, so it seems like you're getting something every now and then, but it's basically the same content you played in the previous game. So far, haven't really seen all that much that's different. 2. Okay, there are some differences on content, which is mainly the Agartha area that has a more "city" feel to it than just a waystation which you use to go from one place to another. Haven't been all that impressed with it, other than "oh, how interesting that they're doing it that way now." 3. Combat. Hate their new version with a freaking passion. I know a big part of the "revamp" was to make combat more twitchy, but right now with the key remapping, I find myself struggling with killing easy shit because I just don't know what buttons to press. Even after I started getting used to it, it's still massively confusing, to the point where it just doesn't seem worth learning. 4. Administration. This is probably my biggest concern because if you're one of those players who bought a lifetime membership to The Secret World, this "revamp" basically says "Fuck you. Pay us again!" 5. Overall, I just can't see a reason behind why it was revamped, as nothing really changed.
  3. The last year was pretty bad

    To be honest, there haven't been a whole lot of games this last year that really did anything for me. Even today, I'm sitting through a weekend trying to figure out a game to play because nothing really seems to be doing anything for me. Oh woe is me with my first world problems!
  4. I know they're not going to, but man, I really wish they'd do the Old Republic. It's so completely not the Skywalker story and there's SO MUCH there that is completely awesome. Just the idea of an ageless emperor who has been around for thousands of years could create so many ties to practically everything they do going forward.
  5. Definitely Star Trek, especially the original ones. I honestly only watched it back then for the science fiction aspects, not realizing they were both universe-building and doing some serious social commentating. All in the Family. Originally saw it as a show about a right-wing bigot. For years, thought it was glorifying his bigotry until I grew up and started to realize it was critiquing it. MASH. Very solid social commentary that I knew was in it, but didn't understand the nuances of it until watching it years later. Some of the episodes attempted some ground-breaking stuff, including no comedy whatsoever in an episode, invoking a countdown during a surgical procedure, actually dealing with PTSD before anyone even knew what it was. Scooby Doo. So much insider humor that kids would realize something was going on, but not really understand it, yet it still managed to entertain kids.
  6. So, what's with the features in an rpg graph? There are two co-op choices. Is one pvp, and they just didn't have enough room to list the whole title?
  7. Trump Supporters Still Holding Strong

    Wow, and if you ever needed a reason to believe that this guy is NEVER going away, there you have it.
  8. The problem that isn't addressed isn't about whether or not a losing side should be allowed to celebrate their own side, but in the ramifications of the memorials of this particular conflict. I'd have zero problem if the desire was to celebrate Southern pride if that activity of celebrating Southern pride wasn't also coated in a huge layer of racism, hate and slavery that resonates to people living today who don't deserve to have to keep going through those reminders today. Saying that it's all over and we're living in a new era is great and all, but if the people who suffered then are still treated like shit by the descendants of the ones who treated their ancestors like shit, then perhaps they DON'T deserve the opportunity to "celebrate" their shitty behavior of the past. Keep in mind, this doesn't actually address Spork's post, so it's not for or against. Spork's post just seemed like a great spot to add my comment because it was somewhat related.
  9. No kidding. Everyone knows it was aliens.
  10. Reclaiming my time! Reclaiming my time! Reclaiming my time!
  11. Yep, this. I suspect that we're going to see endless "restructuring" moves with this administration because the real problem is you have a petulant child in the White House and everyone is convinced if you keep moving around people under him, that somehow it will result in success. His press conference last night was just completely off the rails, and yet, he's still in office and needs to be completely impeached and put out to pasture forever. The only problem with that scenario is that you end up with a horrible new president instead of a completely incompetent narcissist. It's going to be a very interesting eight years (and yes, I said eight years).
  12. Why would he need to reassure them? It's not like he's EVER done anything to convince them otherwise.
  13. "@" Function Baiting Is Now Prohibited

    I made this suggestion months ago as a solution to the trolling problem we were having. Was kind of ignored when I said it. We of the lego persuasion can sometimes predict the future. Other times, we just trip over legos left all over the house.