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  1. That's how the article referred to her, and that's how she was constantly referred to during the whole crisis.
  2. There was a time at the beginning of the ACA where they were trying to separate the name from Obamacare, and I think at some point they just gave up on trying because the Republicans were doing too good a job at linking the two and then basically eliminating the ACA name from the conversation.
  3. My fear is that we have a president who believes that if you have an asset, you use it. So, adding more weapons and armaments means at some point he's intending to use it because economically having it and not using it is a complete waste. Sad!
  4. Time Warner better read the contract before they sign it because any time you buy AT&T, you can get hit for some massive penalties every time you try to get out of the contract. Come to think of it, Time Warner isn't all that cool about it themselves, so maybe this is a match made in contract heaven.
  5. The article I know there are all sorts of nasty things that can be said, but I find it kind of interesting that it has come down to this. To me, it's interesting because she's revealing that because of her lies, she's probably not trustworthy enough that anyone wants to hire her again. Personally, I'm more curious to see what sorts of insults and racism will be waged against her by people who generally now see an easy target. Either way, being unemployable because of previous stupidity is always a sad thing to me, no matter how much the person deserves it. She's actually starting to call herself "trans-white", which I can't imagine is going to help her in any way she's hoping for.
  6. A lot of severance plans are designed to be horribly cruel this way.
  7. This sounds a lot like Seldon's psychohistory, except on an individual basis moving out to the macro rather than the other way around. Interesting if it's more than hyperbole.
  8. She's already claiming she's not sidelined. Honestly, when the press discusses her in ANY way, they give her way more attention than she should ever be having. Even saying she's not important any more causes her to be part of the political conversation that is so not needed.
  9. So, basically, the cop was the old man yelling for the kids to get off his lawn?
  10. I always kind of wondered what would happen if Mexico forced citizenship rules before allowing anyone to be deported to its country. If they can't prove they're citizens of the US, what makes the US think they're going to be able (or willing to) prove they're from Mexico?
  11. My guess is that she didn't protest at all, but is using it as some publicity stunt to somehow appear compassionate to the left so that they'll stop protesting her and actually allow her some room to destroy education. I would not be surprised if the whole "protest" was manufactured by the administration itself because it makes it look like the cabinet is more representative.
  12. Then when is Aquaman gonna get time to watch Flash on the CW?
  13. This is Spinal Tap The Princess Bride The Bridge Over the River Kwai Star Wars Contact
  14. I'm going to laugh my ass off if it turns out that due to lack of investigation, they find out this guy has all sorts of skeletons in his closet. The funny thing is: When a lot of these people got their initial security clearances, the rules for authorizing them were a lot different, and as they increased in rank, the top secret designations were often continued, or just glossed over without any further special background investigations. But once they are put into a position that is outside of regular military channels, the special background investigation has to start from scratch, which is why so many of the Trump White House staffers were tossed out as they didn't pass through the qualifications. One thing no one talks about is how credit has become a factor in security clearances, and you can basically lose your clearance if you've ever had credit problems (which could mean all sorts of things these days, including bad reporting by credit agencies, EVEN IF FIXED).
  15. The worst part, in my opinion, is that 11 passengers walked through whereas TSA did a search for them and couldn't find a single one.