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  1. The very nature of a "free lunch" gives these politicians conniption fits.
  2. The Flash Season 2. OT

      I thought Supperman stood for dinner.   Yes, I'm here all night....
  3. It's feeding into the mindset of people who believe that people can only use the restrooms of what those people (the ones with the mindset) think that person's gender is. In other words, the person using the restroom has no rights or ability to decide for himself/herself. It's the other person (or the authorities) that want the rights to belong to themselves only.
  4. I'm a fan of them giving it to everyone, as I grew up in a household where my mom was dirt poor and qualified for every bit of assistance that existed at the time, but wouldn't ask for any of it because she was too embarrassed and ashamed to do so. So, instead, we often went without. What they don't often talk about in these types of assistance programs is the aspect of shame that is often linked into them, where the parent or the kid is seen as "different" than all of the other students because he or she is needy. Kids treat that other kid poorly, and even the adults treat the kid (and the parent) as a second class citizen. We're a shitty country when it comes to caring about those of us who have less than others. If I got anything out of my childhood, it was to be forever reminded of that.
  5. Yeah, three sides. In my mind, I was thinking it was more a slice of pizza state, totally forgetting that whole Tennessee border of it.
  6. Is Bugs able to chop off a state that has two states on both sides of it?
  7. Which is the main reason I've been adamant about not voting for her no matter what. When she becomes president (and I have little doubt she won't be), I have zero doubt that we'll be "forced" into a military conflict soon after she takes office (probably about a year after) and then we'll continuously be "forced" into conflicts unless we're lucky enough to be in a continuous confrontation due to the first or second one. Eight years after she takes office, I look forward to reading all of the stories about how she has been one of our greatest war time presidents.
  8. Ted Cruz might announce a running mate today.

    The people in this thread haven't actually done that. We're not comparing Fiorina to Palin. We're comparing the reason for choosing Palin with the reason for choosing Fiorina. BIG difference.
  9. Ted Cruz might announce a running mate today.

    I believe it's the same misguided thinking McCain had with Palin: Bring a woman onto the ticket to convince women out there that they have a viable chance of winning. Basically ANY woman, not the BEST woman. Trump is not popular with women, so why not try to make Cruz sound better with women by tagging a woman onto his campaign, even though Cruz himself is a dumpster fire in the minds of all women.
  10. It sucks that this happened. But not every instance is one where someone needs to be blamed. The cops responded to a kid with what looked like an actual gun. It is sometimes necessary for them to open fire on a fleeing suspect who has a gun (sorry, but it is just one of those things). Whoever gave that BB gun to a kid is the irresponsible one, and from how the thread is moving with information, I'm not even sure I can ascertain who to blame at this time.
  11. The Secret Shame of Middle-Class Americans

    All of this time, economists kept pointing out that money was moving from the middle class to the upper class with very little trickling back, until there basically is a fraction of the middle class that used to exist, and they're wondering what happened? As the money continued to dry up for the middle class, the former middle class (now the working class and middle in name only) turned to credit to make up the difference. As more and more people entered the workplace, those younger people, never having been a part of that old dynamic, now accepted it as a given that credit was actually a part of cost of living, so that more and more people are completely in debt. And then government responded to the rich classes by making it so that student loans are the only loans that cannot be discharged through bankruptcy, and people are still wondering why this is happening?   Seriously, you can post all sorts of anecdotal stories but the overall reality of what's happening is still happening, no matter how many claims of "people brought it all on themselves" people post. It doesn't change what's happening, or that it can't lead anywhere but to collapse if no one is ever going to do anything to change the cycle. The people in power are part of the rich elite, so they have no reason to change anything, thinking that they can wait the game out to the end (believing it won't collapse until after they die), so there's no incentive to ever change the way things have been going for decades.
  12. I made it through 3 episodes of Quantico before I threw my TV through the wall. Starts out as an unfunny variation on the beginning of Police Academy and then turns into the most ridiculous premise for a show ever. NONE of the characters were believable, and none of the circumstances those characters were in was any more believable.
  13. And he's playing it off like that was not a single thought on his mind as well. Gotta love the ridiculousness that comes out of his camp. Basically, he tweeted a fantasy in hopes of making it a reality.
  14. Strangely enough, I've actually enjoyed the season. I didn't think I'd like it, but it just sort of grows on you. It has the "Chuck" feeling to it. And Stavros is a great character!