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  1. I disagree. What is missing here is adequate oversight.
  2. The Military isn't sacred.

    The reason I mainly am thankful for others having served is because I know what bullshit they put up for for however long they were in. And for every "brave" thing someone did, there were so many, MANY months of boring shit that you had to do that no one ever talks about. I've always been proud of the good things I did in the service, but I won't lie: I'm kind of proud of the bad shit I did in the service, too.  
  3. BO Report: Suicide Squad slays with $135 million opening

    Deadpool is kind of hard to place in the same categories because it had a brilliant marketing campaign. By the time it released, EVERYONE knew  about it and the people wanted to see it. They even targeted it at women and romantic movie watchers as part of their ridiculous campaign.
  4. Well hi thar

    No, we rarely ever live together. That's probably why she's still my girlfriend....
  5. Well hi thar

    So, all, I am currently moving across the state of Texas from Marshall to Corpus Christi, as I decided to take a new job at Del Mar College (leaving my job at Wiley College). The last few days were the first part of the trek (moving some of my basic stuff and taking possession of my new apartment). Tomorrow, I pack up everything I can and then my girlfriend (who I hope isn't imaginary, or this could be really a bigger problem than I thought) is driving her SUV over from Houston and then getting some of my larger things (like my bed and computer desk chair). Just thought I'd mention it because I've been kind of absent recently with all of this drama going on. I'm hoping this new job (that pays a lot better) will push me further from my continuous poverty outlook of life. Anyway, haven't seen much use of this thread in a while, so hopefully this gets it going again. Unless there's some other place we post this sort of stuff these days.
  6. Star Wars: ABC in talks for TV series

    I think it would be great, but I also don't think it's ever going to happen because a large majority of the "Star Wars" population doesn't even know there's such a thing as an Old Republic. I can imagine them being completely confused by it (and then getting pissed, causing a backlash that is totally not justified).
  7. We should be pretty safe though. My understanding (from this documentary I was watching...think it has a couple of sequels) is that sharks only really attack when they are housed in tornadoes.
  8. This is the first election in my lifetime where I've felt that no matter what candidate we choose, it's going to be very bad for America. And that includes the big names on the third party tickets as well. What scares me more than anything is that there are a LOT of people who are for one of the candidates and talk about the great things that will happen if they elect him/her. Each time that happens, a little bit of me dies each time.   More representation would be great, but the reason it's not going to happen is because it has to be approved by the people who would be losing their power. It doesn't take much analysis to figure out why it won't happen, showing that NONE of our representatives are representing us but are representing only themselves.
  9. I am really interested in the governor's response, and I really hope that this maneuver doesn't manage to put actual indigent defendants into a situation where they have absolutely no representation as the two sides get into a bitching contest with each other.
  10. Well, on that note, where I live isn't all that bad financially. But when you make so little, it's little things that can really fuck you up. Example: I am starting a brand new teaching job that I went through hell to get. I start in three weeks. Downside is that I have to move completely across the state to work there (about 7 and a half hours away). I don't get paid until October 1st because of the way first paychecks work in this world. That means that in September, I'm not exactly sure where I'm coming up with the money for rent. Had I been in a better position with better pay, I could have probably had money saved, but when you live paycheck to paycheck, it's not so easy. That's kind of where that whole pay gap thing really comes into being the villain it is. No one's really to blame, but man, it can seriously suck.
  11. Wow, a 100k.   My life sucks in so many ways.....
  12. What I'm finding hilarious is that there's no coffee at all available. Coca Cola is the product of choice, so it has control over what can and cannot be consumed. Not only that, but the main food establishment there is McDonalds. Yep, for the most fit people in the world, the main food available to them is Big Macs at McDonalds.   The horrors! The horrors!
  13. Hopefully, this leads to great things. I got screwed by this in a previous job because I had come back to the country after a bad job in South Korea and took the first job I could get. The job was one that should have been paying about 70k, but they literally made the offer based on my previous job which was at 40k in a completely different field. I stayed at that job for four years, and each time the yearly review happened, I was given a pittance of a raise (and a thanks for a great job) that barely moved the dial closer to what I should have been making. In other words, it was never going to move to the amount I should be making. At one point (that four years point), I went into my supervisor and indicated that I needed my salary to be a lot closer to what it should be, not what it was, and she basically just laughed. So I quit. There was no attempt to renegotiate or anything. So, after I left, I heard through the grapevine that they hired two people to do the job I was doing before (because I was doing multiple jobs at the same time before), so in the end they ended up paying more than they would have paid to keep me. And to make things even rosier, it turns out that they're extremely dissatisfied with the two people they hired, as they don't seem to have the "creativity" of the guy who had the job before.
  14. Supergirl: Season 2 "Now on CW!"

    Part of the problem isn't the live Supermen they've had but the more recent cartoons that make Superman out to be The Rock with ridiculous muscles. I think that might influence a lot of young people who are reading Superman these days and then are introduced to someone playing him on screen. Even the recent video game versions of Superman have been a bit way over buffed, which might be causing some of those thoughts as well.