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  1. brucoe added a post in a topic Anti-gay Kentucky clerk loses in appeals court   

    Basically, to me, it looks like the federal government is now in a Brown v Board of Education of Topeka, KS situation where either they need to do something to reinstitute the law of the land, or this sort of thing is going to keep happening all over the place. The whole "I'm waiting for the Supreme Court to decide" is irrelevant because our system doesn't work that way. Our system works where the US Court of Appeals is the FINAL decision maker UNLESS the Supreme Court decides to hear the case. They can sit on it for a decade and never address it once because it's their prerogative to do just that. This doesn't mean you get to appeal it until some imaginary amount of time that you suspect the Supreme Court might just think about hearing your case.
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  2. brucoe added a post in a topic Anyone wating for a copy of Str Trek: Renegades?   

    But my money is on pouty girl getting an emmy for Best Pouty Girl in a Low Budget Production
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  3. brucoe added a post in a topic The Leftovers - Worth reheating or throw it out?   

    Yeah, I kind of agree with that. Part of me was thinking, while watching, what if the chief of police dude is just nuts and imagining all of this as his own PTSD process? And that means even everything he imagined his father to have said and done.
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  4. brucoe added a post in a topic Anyone wating for a copy of Str Trek: Renegades?   

    Yeah, I kind of agree with apoc. While the acting was kind of wooden and the choreography of the actors was pretty bad, there was still something there that I really feel has promise, especially if they can get the budget to actually bring it to studio life. A stronger director is needed (this was directed by Tim Russ...Tuvok)). And I'm not so sure on the main star, as there were "action" scenes that consisted of "have someone act really tough and then have pouty girl pout a lot and then somehow manage to kill him". A better performance of a pouty girl could not have been done unless they had hired Susanna Hoffs herself instead. For further reference, pouty girl is the one that does the slow walk in the video that was posted above.
    The acting of the "known" actors was as you would expect if the writing was sub par, as it mostly was. The big names were mostly delegated to jobs that caused them to stand around in a room and talk while the younger, inexperienced actors actually did the scene stuff.
    Having said all of that, I still enjoyed it and would watch it if they managed to get it going further. Unfortunately, with a low budget, special effects are very difficult, and there's honestly one scene that takes place during the "raid" where their special effects, or their modeling, or whatever it was, made no sense whatsoever, so I just kind of waited until another scene started so I could figure out what the resolution of the confusing scene led to.
    One thing I'd like to add, and that's that there was a bit of a mystery introduced into the story that doesn't get addressed, and if this ends up being a series, I imagine the whole thing will be specifically about trying to figure out the solution to the mystery itself. It was significant enough that I'm quite curious to figure out where they were planning to go with that.
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  5. brucoe added a post in a topic The Leftovers - Worth reheating or throw it out?   

    At the very end, they should reveal it was The Great Pumpkin that was responsible and just piss off everyone for the sake of pissing them off.
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  6. brucoe added a post in a topic Mr. Robot finale pushed back a week due to VA shooting   

    Their decision makes sense to me. As much as I am waiting to see the last episode, I'm fine with waiting another week if it avoids any problems that airing it might cause.
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  7. brucoe added a post in a topic ESPN Suspends Curt Schilling for Comparing Muslim Extremists to Nazis   

    This is probably why I avoid posting on my own twitter a lot. Twitter was originally designed to be a place where someone can make random thoughts and just share them with people who follow that person. With celebrities, it became a marketing ploy. With businesses, it became another avenue of communicating directly with customers. As time went on (and continues to move on through this evolution), people who adopted Twitter with the idea of sharing thoughts have become celebrities and have companies behind them that rely on those followers, so a random thought now becomes part of the brand, which can destroy one's standing in the business. As a writer, I fortunately understood this and pretty much abandoned Twitter as the place to make random thoughts because there are readers on my Twitter feed who actually care if I say something politically incorrect, or even worse, dangerous. And this is someone who loves making quips and double entendres. With Twitter you have to be massively careful because you can even get derailed for saying something you thought was innocent but then gets taken out of context by someone who doesn't actually follow what you normally write.
    This is why I have very little compassion for people who get swept up by this sort of stuff. They really should have known better.
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  8. brucoe added a post in a topic Reporter and photographer are shot and killed during live shot (video)   

    This isn't a joke, by the way, but I'm putting my money on Trump coming forward and condemning illegal aliens, specifically on the guy's name alone (if this is the guy who did it).
    What has shocked me the most about this whole story is how the media wants to make the actual event available in video to people. I suspected for a long time that eventually we'd have to start seeing murders as they happen in order to satiate the media's desire to shock for profit.
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  9. brucoe added a post in a topic Anyone wating for a copy of Str Trek: Renegades?   

    I went to their site to buy it, but really? $50 for the DVD? $60 for a blu ray? I understand the supporting the project thing, and I was going to buy it to do just that, but that seemed a little astronomical in price to me.
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  10. brucoe added a post in a topic Humvee Replacement Announced, OSHKOSH L-ATV   

    So it's going to replace this?

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  11. brucoe added a post in a topic Regal Cinemas/Theaters to start bag checks nationwide   

    What we basically need is to run the same check of how many guns were found before the TSA started working. If normal procedures were catching a certain amount before, and with the TSA they're catching the same number, then that offers a bit of enlightenment. It's not like they started using metal detectors after the TSA was formed. We've been using them for a very long time now.
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  12. brucoe added a post in a topic Regal Cinemas/Theaters to start bag checks nationwide   

    Absolutely nothing wrong with that.
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  13. brucoe added a post in a topic Ouster of ‘Disruptive’ Book Club From Napa Train Prompts Racial Bias Charge   

    I'm not denying they were probably louder than normal, but it was a wine train where people tend to get inebriated and talk among themselves. They weren't a group of wild kids on a train; they were educated women who were all members of a reading club. To me, it seems a lot more likely that some customer didn't like a bunch of black women making noise near their table and then went to complain. The staff of the train came to their rescue and kicked these women off the train. The response from the Napa company has been completely crappy, basically falling into the "we're sorry you didn't like being taken off the train by police and escorted away from the civilized people" and then being surprised that the women are still a bit pissed at the response.
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  14. brucoe added a post in a topic Why do people support Donald Trump?   

    I'm guessing his analysts are noticing his approval ratings go up with his nutcase demographic whenever he goes anti women and especially when he attacks Megyn Kelly, so it doesn't surprise me that the day she returns he goes all Archie Bunker on her again. He's like an ugly kitten following around a red dot of light and then too embarrassed to admit he's following it and pretending that somehow he created the light himself.
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  15. brucoe added a post in a topic Clinton voluntarily gave her server to the FBI/FBI seized her server (depending on your POV)   

    That Leftovers was a good television show.
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