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  1. Hey, you go out and get an anti-trust exemption on the basis of barring speech (broadcast exclusive rights) than you should be be told what is going to be part of that speech.
  2. IMO the NFL and its teams gave up on any rights (including free speech) when it received a government approved anti-trust exemption. 
  3. I would say you are right @Fizzzzle, but our state makeup is a bit weird here in Nevada with most if not all of our members of both house living in one of the three population centers but the voters being older transplant (Florida syndrome) turning what demographically a Democrat leaning idea into one of Republican majority. Even the members that are suppose to represent our district, call another district their residence.
  4. Sorry, Nora got my vote. Otherwise Doogie would have got mine.
  5. Yep, because as stating in my previous post, the difference is, that he has an R beside his name.
  6. My thing is is that the GOP threw a huge hissy fit over Obama normalizing relations with Cuba that they should also be tossing a yuge fit over this if it is true (or even if not if they would treat it like an Obama issue).
  7. While that should be a huge disqualifier from Republicans that support him, it will be ignored because he has an "R" on the ballot behind his name. 
  8. Because obviously she made the bed after fucking him. 
  9. To be fair he did go back after Hil was well clear and shake Holt's hand.
  10. Nah, because even in a nuthouse people look for leaders.
  11. I wonder if our sheriff's deputies did this during the summer. I mean it got to almost 120F during July this year and I am sure the cars needed extra cooling...
  12. The Marlins will be retiring Jose's number 16 and today all Marlins players will be wearing his number.