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  1. Doctor Strange trailer 2

    That ending on the trailer.
  2. This is one of those which I was really excited for. Now as we get closer and find out more, my want has turned into more of a maybe not getting it on release but at some point. Also I think I seen somewhere that Mark Hamill didn't really care for the direction they took the story, in one of his interesting ways of saying it without flat out saying it interviews.
  3. Amazon getting back into the phone business

    We bought the Moto G ad supported when it came out and got it for $125. First thing we did was get rid of the ads (just have to remove one file) and my wife is happy. She basically needed a new phone for work and we didn't want to spend a ton to get her one. 
  4. Holy fuck at the "Ultimate Ringmaster" line.   I just can't do this anymore. My liver just can't take it.
  5. In tonight's remedial reading class, Pam Bondi.
  6. What would it take for you to switch to AMD GPU

    Nextgen getting banned. Seriously my biggest deterrent is his propaganda posts.
  7.   Oh he will, and you are a liberal fool for believing that it isn't.
  8. I put in for an early bird, but depending on what some of the other add-ons are I might up mine.
  9. Anyone else get their RAM price fixing money?

    Too late. They are in the fulfillment stage with any unclaimed money going to charity (most likely the lawyer's pockets).
  10. Pretty much what I said would happen really early in the thread. Which is ironic because we just had a huge outcry in this country over the militarization of police forces.
  11. Anyone else get their RAM price fixing money?

    I basically put everything that I purchased during that timeframe in. Keep in mind it was also game consoles, printers and other things with it. The timeframe was pretty much when I was constantly buying crap for my office at the time. This was the site to file a claim.
  12. Anyone else get their RAM price fixing money?

    Put it on my tab.
  13. Just got a check for a hair over $100 for the lawsuit. Wondering if anyone else got one yet.