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  1. Final Fantasy XV reviews are coming in

    Also some of the abilities that your chocobo gets pretty much make it a 5th party member.
  2. Updated The Mummy trailer

    I have to agree.
  3. Updated The Mummy trailer

    I have to agree.
  4. Final Fantasy XV reviews are coming in

    You can get Libra for Ingis. Which you still need wait mode on to see the weakness chart I believe. But some of the abilities you get for Wait mode are really helpful.  Wait mode was really helpful when I stumbled on Midgardsormr as there were a few time I just needed a light breather to rethink my strategy.
  5. The Last of Us: Part II Announced!!!

    2016 is almost done. They don't need to do much about making people feel that way.
  6. Two PS4s One House

    Yeah anything under you account not on the Primary system is completely unusable to the other account holder. Only the primary system shares everything that is on it between accounts. Son was complaining about this so I told him to get a job as back when I was his age my lungs were so full of coal that I needed cigarettes to help clear them up. He laugh and said he was going to ask his mother. So she bought him $200 in PSN cards and PS+.
  7. Yeah anything by the Super Giant at this point peaks my interests.
  8. So I guess Carrier sent a letter to employees saying only 800 jobs will be staying as opposed to the 1300 they will be sending to Mexico.
  9. To take a direct quote (which of course and be said as misquote or that the person didn't say it) from a Trump surrogate Scottie Nell Hughes,    
  10. Why has 60fps become a "Thing" for consoles

    I am going with Youtube. It wasn't as much as a big of a deal until Youtube rolled out 60fps videos.