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  1. Gamestop equates games as goats in new ad.

    Should have shown the guy only getting part of a tail in return.  
  2. Dee Gordon gets 80 games for PEDs.

    Barry strike again.
  3. Ted Cruz might announce a running mate today.

    So Carly has already called for Kasich to dropped out. This is going to be amazing to watch.
  4. Ted Cruz might announce a running mate today.

      Yeah in 1976 St. Reagan named a running mate in a hail mary to try and beat Ford in the primary season.
  5.   Gary Grigsby's World at War is a hell of a solid attempt at it.
  6. TIL Sam Harris is a misogynist.

    Wasn't National Geographic a recent purchase of Murdoch?
  7. Prince found dead at 57

    This turned into one of my favorites that I have seen out there:
  8. Avatar 2-5 Shooting Simultaneously

    I have yet to make it through Avatar without falling asleep. About 45 minutes or so into it and I'm out like a light. Don't know what it is about it, but every damn time. I ended up reading wikipedia to see how it ended.
  9. What the fuck was that fat hog eating while feeding her kids this shit. I would say her punishment should be a bull goring her, but she would most likely eat that fucker. So smoothies made with crude oil, Flint water straight from the tap and maybe some flesh eating bacteria for flavor.
  10. It was just one of those fake twenties with the bible verses on them that douchebags leave waitresses instead of a tip.
  11. Just the opposite for me. We get have all the seasons in a 24 hour period.
  12. Nah, he already lost the appeal. Braun by that point tossed everyone but Bernie Brewer under the bus, and I think he was trying to get MLB to test him by saying "But look at his hat size." Part of Raffy's was that somebody must have spike his spaghetti and meatballs while he was eating out.
  13. How long before he goes full Raffy defense.
  14. All that substance gone to waste.
  15. Ted Cruz finds his long-lost sister

    His daughters talked about it in one of the town halls.