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  1. Sony might not be done with Portable Gaming

    They might not be done with portable gaming devices, but they sure as hell don't know what to do with them after release.
  2. Disenchantment: Matt Groening's new show coming to Netflix

    So a prolonged version of Bender's Game?
  3. Retro Games Pickup

    Both of those were given to me. The Thome one was when I help out as an Indians event in 2000. The Griffey was gotten for me by somebody that was working in the game back when they got it. There is also a signed copy of High Heat Baseball just to the (edit) left of the ball case by the same person.
  4. Retro Games Pickup

    Nice. Our baseball stuff goes completely around the room. This is just a tiny bit of what we have. We have boxes of stuff that isnt displayed from when my grandpa worked for the Dodgers.
  5. Retro Games Pickup

    Picked up Xenophobe for the NES. My son is currently playing it or I would have taken a pic of the cart and manual.
  6. The right's new campaign in 2018: Impeach Obama

    The problem is he speaks evangelical. And that alone is enough to scare me of what he could get away with on the "the bible says this make a law" front.
  7. The right's new campaign in 2018: Impeach Obama

    I wouldn't take it. There is no way in hell I would want to see Pence running the show.
  8. Paranoid Pruitt firing watch thread.

    CNN and AP blocked from cover Pruitt speech.
  9. Happy 6th Birthday PS VITA

    My collection. The Vita is one of those systems that every time I go out of town I seem to come back with another game.
  10. 9 dead in Texas high school shooting, suspect in custody

    Generally that is the stance of those who have no actual ground to stand on in the argument.
  11. The autocorrect already changes "prostitute" to Melanie. What more can you ask.
  12. New Starbucks Policy: No Purchase Needed to Sit in Cafes

    Did they make sure to put in a section that makes it clear that is applies even if you are black.
  13. 9 dead in Texas high school shooting, suspect in custody

    Good on him to say this even though it has already been made clear that nothing will change.
  14. 9 dead in Texas high school shooting, suspect in custody

    This is a glimmer of light that should have never had to sparkle into existence.