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  1. From what I have been reading about the trial happening is the one defense attorney pretty much rambled the entire time attempting to confuse the jury. Seems like it worked.
  2. Shouldn't that be a disqualifier of Trumpian proportions?
  3. Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio Hit With Federal Contempt Charge

    The Feds should take only his tent prison and put him in it.
  4. I look forward to the self-driving truck lined up at our lake here from to closure of the route at the last moment. People driving at already to stupid to realize that the winds go from nothing to "flip the truck down the hill 100 yards" at a moments notice. And it can't really be linked to weather updates as the nearest station is 75 miles north west of there and reports completely different condition from being on the other side of the mountain.
  5. While Question 2 (pot legalization) is leading in the polls there are some that are trying hard.  
  6. The Recent Pickup Thread

    We got to play a little bit of it before we had a few extra people show up.   It plays how you would expect a card version of Civilization would. Oddly enough, playing it then going to Civ VI you see some things that were added in VI that was already in Through the Ages.
  7. Man it is really hard to look at vanilla-ish Skyrim after modding the hell out of the hell out of the PC version. 
  8. Deadpool Director Tim Miller Leaves Deadpool 2

    Good, now Fox can see if Zack Snyder is available for a side project.
  9. So here sits a big question. If Trump pulls all of these states that his campaign are claiming they will win, can we talk about shady stuff going on? I say that because there is no evidence of leading in these states yet if he pulls out wins (especially big wins if his group is to be believed).
  10. 86 would have more of a clue at what would be damning to a presidential run than Wikileaks does.  
  11. The Recent Pickup Thread

    That is the one I am looking forward to playing. But I am not 100% I will be able to this weekend due to one of the regulars for our group has a daughter they are bringing.
  12. This better be some Shakespearean worded leak. Because so far their history has been nothing but quantity not quality.
  13. The Recent Pickup Thread

    Figured this would be a nice way for people to show off their recent pickups. Instead of a making a thread for each individual game. My wife grabbed these yesterday while I was at the doctor's office. Keep in mind  Through the Ages is not a Sid Meier game... Can't wait to hopefully try these this weekend.