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  1. Fucking hell, just let me know when this election cycle is over and we start the next one on Nov. 9th.
  2. Pandemic Legacy Season 1

    Yeah we have one in the group that just can't do it. She gives the item to somebody else to destroy.
  3. Hockey was better.
  4. Of course if it happened that he did he would blame it on Hillary cheating.
  5. You answered your own question. Even in a loss Trump will have made a profit on his run. He realized how much money is in presidential elections and wanted a piece.
  6. This is sort of one of those gray areas.
  7. The dreaded moderate here. Like by neither side, but wanted the vote of by both.
  8. BBC Top 100 Films of the 21st Century

    Pretty solid list. Requiem for a Dream I might have bumped up a little bit. While Wolf of Wall Street I might have dropped off the list completely. Nice to see Children of Men so high, it just seems not many talk about when making lists like this. The Grand Budapest Hotel is in a nice spot. Also, I'm not sold that is where The Social Network should be, that movie feels like a better soundtrack than a movie to me.
  9. Well damn DVD that must be the reason that they reissued Haiti's travel warning after almost a year. Just admit it, you jerked off seeing this because it fits your narrative and nothing more. The simple fact that you can scrolls down the list of travel advisories and warning and you will see just issues over and over. You want to completely ignore those because they don't fit your ideology. The simple fact is this same warning has been around since the Reagan administration, just this time it sounds good with a story.
  10. ***Official 2016 Polls/Predictions Discussion Thread***

    I love watching Idaho on on 538's forecast map. At one point Clinton had a 1.1% chance of winning the state. Now it is at 5.1%. Not bad for a state that pledges allegiance "to the Republicans for which it stands..."
  11. This is the same travel warning that has been around d for decades, they have to be renewed every so often. Just this site has decided this one must be because of the $400 million that changed hands.