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      Now that E3 2017 has concluded, the D1Pcast crew will be recording its impressions of the show on Friday June 23 at around 6:30pm Eastern time.  Like we did for the preview show, we'll run through each conference and give our thoughts on the good, bad, and the wonderfully inexplicable (Devolver Digital - I'm looking at you!).   We're very much interested in hearing your thoughts and impressions about this past E3, so feel free to share them in this thread.  Or -- even better! -- if you'd like to join us for this episode, we'd love to have you on the show!  The more, the merrier as we put a capstone on our E3 2017 coverage!  

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  1. For certain things yeah. But Dale (our UPS driver) goes out of the way to deliver the Surepost packages (the ones that USPS is suppose to deliver) to people's houses because of the BS the post office is here. I asked him why one day and he said that it is because he considers the entire town to be in the neighborhood that he is delivering packages to.
  2. A rural town in Nevada. It kills me because the 2 towns next to us (both smaller and their mail runs through our Post Office) get both home delivery and Saturday mail. FedEx and UPS both make Saturday deliveries here but the USPS doesn't.
  3. At least you aren't stuck with P.O. Box delivery with no Saturday delivery. I hate my town's post office.
  4. We use to. But she moved to Germany because her family was treated better there than here.
  5. This might be one of the best promo videos I have seen in awhile.
  6. This weekend should be fun. We are waiting to here about if my son's swim meet is cancel due to flooding because of the high heat melting the snowpacks faster than expected. The irony. This is the flood management that Fallon put in back in March. It is still there and increasing in size due to the melt. Also ironic as the Navy were the ones that pushed for the construction to avoid water on their base
  7. Screw today. 90 out when I washed my car at 9 in the damn morning. I am pretty sure I had more sweat than water on me when I was done.
  8. They will make sure to put a "high speed pedo" lane for these people to access minors' profiles more quickly.
  9. Man she was partying it like it was the 70s-80s all over again.
  10. Wonder if he will join that lawsuit over being blocked on twitter by Trump.
  11. Nice to see them revert back to Wii cockiness after just a few months of a so far successful console launch.
  12. The jewish bar for ass kissing must being insanely high. But I guess it would have to be when the existence of the race was on the line.
  13. That was a bunch of actors and is heavily doctored. Stupid leftists.
  14. Top it off who would have thought the Giants would not be one of those teams, let alone sitting 16 1/2 out of the division.
  15. So a prettier DayZ.