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  1. I wonder what penalties Melania would face if she broke her NDA.
  2. Retro Games Pickup

    All that is left is the 4 Super Mario Worlds.
  3. Retro Games Pickup

    I got it I'll get back to you in a bit.
  4. Retro Games Pickup

    So what is left is KI, Castlevania IV and lots of Mario Worlds.
  5. Retro Games Pickup

    Sorry been out, just replying to messages now.
  6. NCAA bracket preview revealed

    If anyone has an intact bracket left, please proceed to the "You're a fucking liar" line.
  7. Retro Games Pickup

    Those are the extras. I cleaned them and checked that they worked. We got these all in a box we bought so time ago.
  8. Retro Games Pickup

    @chakoo I think I know where they are at. I just am not 100%. We moved the extras after we redid the game room.
  9. Retro Games Pickup

    I might have a few SNES dupes available if people want them. I need to look to see where the wife put the copies.
  10. Sorry, I forgot, this would only be an issue if Obama did it.
  11. Global water crisis

    Nestle sees this as good for the bottom line.
  12. The fastest Grand Mac Meal

    So much sodium.
  13. Trump just wants to give the Russians time to tweak the results is all.