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  1. Horizon Zero Dawn Cuphead And maybe BOTW.
  2. They approve of it as that means they can toss them into the foster system (or worse) and bitch about how the kids are freeloading and there is no extra money to take care of them. Come on U.S. Christian Conservative 101.
  3. Somebody needs to edit a terrorist outfit on her and put Arabic subtitles on the video.
  4. His New Yorker is showing.
  5. I am sure their side will figure out a way to get the side that was being shot at arrested too.
  6. 5 shot in MD. shooter has not been captured.

    You are damn right. I mean freedom isn't free, and if you won't pay your buck o five in blood, who will?
  7. 5 shot in MD. shooter has not been captured.

    Price of freedom.
  8. 2017 MLB Season Thread

    ESPN and Fox are already jerking to the thought.
  9. So he likes to write and make calls so he can rub it into the families twice.
  10. Shit, articles of impeachment would have already been drawn up and passed in the same day.