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  1. While the consolidation of the Marvel IPs for the movie side is nice. Anytime you take out one your large competitor's in an area that is already shrinking is worrisome. Some things I was hoping for out of this, just mainly for the giggles mind you, is that Fox would keep the right to the term mutant and that Dayman will make his triumphant arrival in the MCU.
  2. Humble Software Bundle - Worth it for Vegas Pro 14?

    Seems like the only thing you aren't really getting in the Edit version is dvd/blu-ray authoring software and 3rd party filters and titling.
  3. Net neutrality repeal just passed.

    There is another way people. Twitter can refuse to pay for a high speed lane resulting in Trump getting angry that it is taking so long to tweet.
  4. Yep they actually had 2 at one point in the 80-90s and then the one switched parties.
  5. The girl currently on stage at the Moore event is almost young enough for him to hit on.
  6. Moore's event is now singing hymns...
  7. Moore event just said they aren't conceding yet.
  8. Executive order to remove Alabama from the Union incoming (which most likely would make many in Alabama happy).
  9. Can't wait until they start doing abortions on stage instead of a victory speech.
  10. It amazes me that Moore got any of the black vote. I mean those voters must love those fields.