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  1. This is Nintendo. Unless something is in my hands I never trust their release time frames.
  2. I think there is actually laws against that in the state.
  3. Just make like Slim Pickens and enjoy the ride to destruction.
  4. Ah the Pakleds, such a dumb and potentially dangerous species.
  5. I still can't believe this state will be paying so much for the stadium.
  6. I am pretty sure the Switch would be the one foe that even the Bats couldn't prepare for.
  7. If his insurance is anything like my wife's I am surprised it would cover him for even thinking about calling for a doctor's appointment.
  8. Most 8 year old kids have smart phones and tablets already. Not going to stop them.
  9. It is just Nintendo being different just to say they are different.
  10. Next year Thome, Jones and Vizquel get in, Hoffman will just miss again.
  11. Konami is most likely trying to figure out if they can charge $70 for it.
  12. I found it comical the people that moved from the Northeast to Vegas the year they got snow completely forgot how to drive in those conditions.
  13. Only because they have something to show.
  14. But if he does that and people drop internet, who will read his tweets?