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  1. Man the number of people that drive around here with "Fuck Hillary" stickers would overflow our jail. A few still have them on their cars and one guy still has his lawn covered with "Hillary for Prison" signs
  2. Well, it is about time somebody was boastful about it in today political climate. I was worried all the alpha-males were gone.
  3. Rampage Trailer

    Not enough toilets being eaten.
  4. Jokes on them. Our country is the cancer at the cancer summit.
  5. The Recent Pickup Thread

    In case anyone is wondering what far too much money sunk into X-Wing looks like.
  6. Trump Jr. corresponded with Wikileaks

    He only does interviews in his safe space.
  7. Youth must prevail

    It is about time d1p has gotten in on the Russian troll action.
  8. The Recent Pickup Thread

    Tonight I drove 6 hours to finally finish getting everything that has been released ship-wise for X-Wing. Now to wait for the next 2 waves...
  9. That might be the thing I was thinking off. Seemed so long ago.
  10. I am pretty sure Bannon announced the GOP civil war while getting a hand job by Hannity the other night.
  11. Wasn't there something a few years back that IW did as an FU to EA over the Jeep license? I recall there being an easter egg in one of the Call of Duties because of it.