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  1. It can't be "breaking," that would imply he threw a pitch.
  2. Just another case of leftist trying to punish these brave American heroes. These people should be awarded with the President Medal of Freedom and be honored at the Kennedy Center for their work. Fuck even as sarcasm that made me puke a little when I finished typing it.
  3. Also noticed that the in game cell phone's battery life is your controller's battery life.
  4. It is really weird. Some things will be said as if he is a rookie, while others are said as if a seasoned vet. Not 2 series later the coach called me into the office to talk about my fuck up of a stolen base and was saying it is unlike you to mess up on the basepathes like that. After a a couple of answers he said that he still felt comfortable giving the standing green light.
  5. Carried over my RTTS player from the previous 2 games. Kind of funny how the decision portion still treat a guy with 500+ HR and 1800+ RBI and just over 3000 hits like he is a rookie. Which also makes me sad that his career is in the final few seasons and I will be making a new player.
  6. DVD argument - "If I identify as an American that makes it so I can tell you what is wrong with you country and the plague that is 'leftism' without actually being American."
  7. Wouldn't wear it anyway. I am pretty much my fitted D-Backs spring training logo exclusive.
  8. Just got back with my Griffeyized swingman hat. Only 2 hours of driving to get it
  9. Personally I am in the "whichever day I have to start getting work done camp." This week is was a Wednesday. My wife and I have had this argument (along with son) as their week starts on Monday. They also argue that Thursday night starts the weekend as they have a 4-day school week. My weekend on the other hand starts on the day I finish my work. This week was last night.
  10. 2 time college drop out Lumpy doesn't understand something. Shock I am, just shocked.
  11. Plat'd it the other day on my first playthrough. I am really glad that there is no one weapon that is overpowered to the point you do use anything else. That said the relic armor and there is a stealth armor on sale in Meridian are both pretty overpowered. The relic armor because well you spent the entire game questing for it. But the stealth one with a couple of stealths mod results in just being able to walk up to robots without them seeing you even if they are facing you. Nothing like walking up to whatever you want to override without worry.
  12. I am. But like damn near all games that I know I intend to get I pretty much avoid anything that might spoil things.
  13. So what you are really trying to say is "Just another day in D.C. under the Trump administration."
  14. Yep, I fully expect the GOP to gain seats in the midterms. But we could see some of those seats they do have now get primary'd.