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  1. Regular Season Discussion Thread

    the dick stops here
  2. they already said it wont be any gameplay lol ill watch it for free on youtube
  3. 3rd world countries arent playing xbox, the people who play video games have consoles, they buy the games they want, the sales of Madden were 10 million last gen and first 1-2 years of current gen, so none of that is relevant, the game itself sucks and is constantly changed, FIFA is a simpler game with less need to make it more realistic, i doubt anyone is wishing for a more realistic header animation from FIFA 11 to FIFA 12, madden still hasnt created a realistic football experience when it comes to all the variables that can happen in a tackle in real life, they keep screwing it up each year by ditching progress and starting from scratch forsomething new
  4. NCAA never uses the same mechanics as Madden cause they're completely different teams, thats like saying because Treyarch has a game style that IW's COD will have it too, when clearly none of their games have been similar even after 3 releases each over the last 6 years and thats the same shit madden always says, revolutionizing the gameplay, super cool grafix and tackling, this year the offense is awesome, next year the defense can hit harder with a the durpstick, then they sign a stupid announcer who was fired from all NFL broadcasters last year cause he sucks and is annoying as fuck, the guy whos name is on the cover doesnt even work with the company any more, asking people to pay for online that sucked ass, unrealistic player ratings that dont even reflect their actual stats or production, just an FPS-style rating to make it ballanced...felix jones is too fast his rookie year, so were gonna make his carry rating lower, he never fumbled in real life, but in an FPS world thats called OVERPOWERD NO FARE GUIZ
  5. theres no thinking to be made, search FIFA. its gained in sales and been over 10 mil every year this gen and been over 11mil the last 2 including the recent game, so false madden and fpsers arent even the same genre so making that analogy is rediculous. thats like saying world at warcraft took sales from forza
  6. im willing to bet a large majority is cause of their shitty game coupled with charging people extra just to play their shitty game online, madden 12 was a joke http://www.vgchartz.com/gamedb/?name=madden+nfl+07&publisher=&platform=&genre=&minSales=0&results=200 http://www.vgchartz.com/gamedb/?name=madden+nfl+08&publisher=&platform=&genre=&minSales=0&results=200 http://www.vgchartz.com/gamedb/?name=madden+nfl+09&publisher=&platform=&genre=&minSales=0&results=200 http://www.vgchartz.com/gamedb/?name=madden+nfl+10&publisher=&platform=&genre=&minSales=0&results=200 *online pass introduced for future games (2010) http://www.vgchartz.com/gamedb/?name=madden+nfl+11&publisher=&platform=&genre=&minSales=0&results=200 http://www.vgchartz.com/gamedb/?name=madden+nfl+12&publisher=&platform=&genre=&minSales=0&results=200
  7. i love how Bosh lead the game with +/- and had the same exact statline than lebron without giving up 6 turnovers that lebron did, but hes just a 3rd wheel to even Wade when ppl talk about this game.
  8. What turned LeBron into a champion? Books.

    thats funny, i thought 3 players dodging the salary cap turned him into a champion
  9. its fun seeing them complain about all the issues and restrictions and getting hacked on Diablo 3(their great exclusive) over the weeks actually taht goes for every PC game since theres nobody who actually monitors and policies the games after they're released. 1920x1080p tho so its okay that u cant access your game cause of restrictions or lost all your stuff from a hacker cuz its still running at 60fps with fraps and max settings
  10. horde mode says hi, u can thank them for L4D since thats just a clone of COD's horde mode in WAW and every other game which has the same mode, as recent as Ghost Recon Future Soldier 4 years after Gears 2
  11. overtime pass interference call to hand the saints a superbowl apperance when replays show the ball was over his head and the reciever was diving and he wasnt even touched by the defender at anypoint in the route, let alone if is hand was on him touched and we could belive he just used judgement on how much touching was being made