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  1. Yeah the Squad AI seems to be terrible, the only time they seem to be effective is when you actually manually select, Fire. Otherwise they sit around and do nothing. So while I assume you actually did command them to Fire, try doing that more often, it might help some. Or get in a vechile and tell them to open fire, they seem much more lethal in a vehicle, Found one of these too, could tear through everything. http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/JPDunks4/video/27493108
  2. Games pretty much at the point in blitz where I would just quit if it's 2 Banished leaders. It's just not fun with how unbalanced they are for the mode.
  3. So with the Open Beta, I tried fiddling with the hud. Shutting off the mini map is basically a no go because then the GPS function basically disappears, and finding your way around the windy mountainous roads is nearly impossible. What I found really improved the gameplay for me though was shutting off the Markers on the hud. If you spot enemies, they still show up as red dots on the mini-map, but no longer do you basically have a permanent wall hack on to see exactly where everyone is at all times after. Playing with a squad of 3, this really forces the communication to call our locations and makes the firefights much more intense as you have to have your head on a swivel. Also, it made distinguishing enemies from civilians tougher too, which adds tot he intensity. I'd recommend everyone try it. The closed beta was far too easy with the markers on, and yesterday was a nice challenge where you had to work as a squad, and really plan on attacking properly or you'd get overrun pretty easily.
  4. Fuck that guy, I get flustered facing him cause I've faced so few of them one v one I still struggle with how to counter him. I also had no clue the hug healed him? That hug seems pretty easy to connect on. He's definitely intimidating to face 1 on 1.
  5. Yeah, I was wondering if its just how the xbox interacts with that specific TV or if it's happening with many TV models.
  6. Does this happen only with that TV. Was thinking of upgrading tvs this fall before Scorpio, but I may have to hold off.
  7. Got my first post match message, after winning 3 brawls in a row against the same 2 guys.
  8. Here's a few good back and forth intense games I've had. http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/JPDunks4/video/27389105 I thought for sure we lost this match at the 4:34 mark in the game, when they wiped me at B and C, and were only 20 points away from winning. http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/JPDunks4/video/27389314 The sniper is such a great unit to just sneakily contest points. Pretty much won us that match. This didn't feel quite as close, but we were getting killed early and pulled it around during the second half of the match. http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/JPDunks4/video/27389491 During the beta it seemed like a lot of people quit if they got down early, but it's really not that difficult to completely swing the battle one way or the other with a few well placed moves. The key is to make sure you are contesting points somehow to stop them from getting points while youre trying to rebuild. And I recorded this one because I didn't lose a single unit somehow. http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/JPDunks4/video/27389003
  9. I am currently 26/41 in Blitz games. Not too bad considering I'm at the mercy of my teammates. I enjoy the mode most when it's all UNSC, as I feel they are pretty well balanced to have great back and forth games depending on cards used. The Banished leaders depending on who you play, can be fun, or completely broken. You can cycle through your cards for 5 energy, and just keep cycling to Locusts/Blood Fueled Locusts/Hunters. That pretty much is untouchable in the current balancing. Locusts and decimate you from afar, and when you need to come in close enough to kill them, the Hunters tear up anything up close. I played 2 guys that both did this, I'm assuming they were buddies, and I honestly don't think there is a legit counter. Snipers are too slow to take down Hunters quickly enough, and Cyclops or Scorpions, which can eat up Locusts, just get torn to shreds by the hunters. If they don't balance that out quickly, I can see Blitz mode devolving into seeing only that. The team we played had liike 6 locusts and 4 hunters each on every point pretty early into the match because Locusts are only 40/60, and Hunters I believe are fairly cheap as well. They need to make Cycling cost more each time you cycle, or put a cool down timer on cycling. That's what allows that to happen, and it completely breaks the balance of the game as it currently stands unless there is a legit counter I can't think of.
  10. There's issues on all platforms due to the P2P nature if the game. If people quit mismatch it can cause disconnects and other issues.
  11. I know, fucking with him.
  12. Pretty sure it only has single player story mode @Mercury33
  13. Open beta starts tomorrow, and that Short Film is on Amazon Instant Video. I checked it out, and while it's nothing spectacular, it sets up a nice intro to the game. It's about half hour, and prob worthy of a watch if you're into the game and want to know what leads to the Ghosts insertion.
  14. I've exclusively played multiplayer, primarily Blitz mode. I've been enjoying it quite a bit. The biggest issue I have is you're pretty much at the mercy of your teammate, as if you end up with a shitty teammate, it's nearly impossible to overcome a 2 v 1 situation. I've done 3 v 3 a lot as well, but same issue. 3 v 2 is doable, but tough. I am disappointed only one map for Blitz, seems inexcusable. But they said other games that they were influenced by only have one map. Hopefully they add more, as I'm not a huge fan of that map as is.