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  1. Help Support My New Stream!

    134 Live Viewers from last night! Was a fun time i must say. Even though they all joined right as I was in the final 10 players left, and I choked pretty big at the end.
  2. Quarry... Vietnam Era Set Drama on Cinemax

    Yeah. It wasn't because the show didn't do well, but because the internal politics of HBO and Cinemax. Sucks cause first season was really good.
  3. Help Support My New Stream!

    Going Live for an hour or so https://mixer.com/JPDunks4
  4. Help Support My New Stream!

    Not looking to get too serious about it now, just doing it as a hobby, as it's more fun to play while streaming and chatting, than just playing alone. Summer will just be tough cause I'm in and out a lot more, once fall and winter hit I'd prob be able to lock in a bit more of a solid schedule. I'm not looking to monetize this or anything, my day job is more than enough for me, just doing it for fun, but the more people that come in just makes it more fun for the streamer.
  5. Help Support My New Stream!

    No I can't really commit to a schedule, especially during summer. most likely though every night between 8/9pm est I'll be trying to get on.
  6. Help Support My New Stream!

    Way easier to network and get a following. Also there's no delay in the stream, so talking with chat is way better than on Twitch. You can actually carry on a relatively live conversation on Mixer.
  7. Help Support My New Stream!

    I invited you to party today and u ignored me.
  8. So I know we had that thread recently about Youtubers and streams, and how hard it is to get one going. I recently started streaming on Mixer, basically a week or so ago. I got a cam set up now, and just need to figure out some of the ins and outs of using stuff like Streamlabs and what not. I have slowly been building my stream, but obviously it's slow moving. I'm never going to be able to set up a real set schedule, and not looking to get big enough to ever monetize this. I just have found that a lot of games I found have gotten stale, like Overwatch and BF1, are surprisingly a lot more fun while streaming and you are just shooting the shit with people in chat. I generally work until early afternoon, and will typically try to get a stream going then, like 2pm, then possibly again at night around 8/9pm. Any follows and support would be greatly appreciated, and I hope some of you stop by and chat. Definitely makes streaming way more fun when people are actually in there talking. You will need a MS account or Mixer account to follow. https://mixer.com/JPDunks4 Thanks again!
  9. I switched to Insanity pretty early on, it was still kinda easy with the build I ha though.
  10. One other thing I'd suggest for people that want to start streaming, and are brand new, try Mixer. It's obviously no where near the behemoth Twitch is, but that helps smaller streamers. You have a much better chance of being noticed. If you go into other streamers channels and chat a bit, you'll get noticed, and most there are more than willing to help new up and comers get a little exposure as well. Another thing that seems like it's essentially a must, is a camera. If you dont have cam, theres much less chance people even click on your stream to start watching. So even if you have great narrative or banter, no one would even really know.
  11. Having gotten to know a couple up and coming streamers, or people that used to stream and were partnered, I can and have seen the drain this can be. So many nights they are just like, I just want to be able to relax and play a game with some friends, but they essentially have a commitment to have to get on and stream. If they miss too many days, the community can get restless and bitch and moan. As @Dodgerjust said, it can make something a lot of us do to relax and unwind, something that then becomes a burden and can be annoying. I've considered possibly getting into streaming, and even invested some money into equipment, but It'd always be as a little side hobby thing to do for fun, nothing to try to make it into a career.
  12. There were no NPCs or anything to interact with, just walked around a few different buildings. There was a soccer field with 2 goals that keep track of score though.
  13. TTK is slightly longer than the 1st game it feels like. I actually like the balance of this PvP way more than Destiny 1. I still think slightly bigger map with 6 v 6 would've been better, but the gameplay itself feels better. The PvE is rather easy, as was most of the normal strikes in Destiny 1. The only real challenging strikes were with the Nightfalls with modifiers. Some Weeklies could take some time, but they weren't difficult. I played through the Strike quite a few times now. It's okay, but nothing that stands out. I felt the first Earth Strike stood out more with the Walker section, the underground area where u have to wait for the ghost to unlock the door and fight the waves of fallen and hive. That was just way more intense and fun to me than any section in this strike. Especially since we didn't know the cheese spots to hide in during the beta. I'm looking forward to the launch, need something new to play, and since this is early Sept before all the other big games, it'll give me some good entertainment.
  14. It's been awhile since I played the original Destiny, so the visual upgrades are lost on me on a regular Xbox. Obviously I'd expect it to look much better when the X comes out. The Strike just very forgettable to me as a strike though. I'm trying to remember back, but every other Strike in Destiny 1 had a significant areas or moments that felt challenging and stood out as a key set piece. This Strike had nothing really. The rotating drills right at the end is the one part that stands out. Maybe when you fall down to that little circular area where all the dogs spawn, but both were rather short that neither really stand out as a significant moment. Boss battle was okay, rather simple and straightforward though. No real forced co-op puzzle or area that made you work as a team. Have the announced total number of strikes and what not yet that will be in the final game?
  15. I really dislike the idea of 4v4 too. Is it because of servers, or because they actually want to try to build a more E-Sporty, competitive type mode of the game, and feel 4 v 4 would be better for it, arena style. I said this right after the initial reveal, but it just fucks with all the fireteam totals. You have 3 player teams for the majority of the content. Then you have 6 player teams for Raids. So if you run with a normal 6 for raiding/split into 2 teams of 3 for Nightfalls/Strikes, if you want to play PvP, 2 are gonna be left out. It's just an odd decision. The multiplayer is still what I remember it as, but with 4 v 4 I guess it feels less erratic and BS like. Heavy's aren't as annoying to deal with, and specials charge way slower so they aren't that big of an issue either. The gameplay just feels very mundane because with 4 v 4 Control with 3 spots on the map, it just creates very limited gameplay scenarios. We'll have to see how the full game shakes out, but as is 4 v 4 just feels like the wrong move. As is, I can see myself playing multiplayer simply to collect loot or finish checklists, but not because it's actually enjoyable PvP.