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  1. I do find it humorous though that you now have a powerful PC, and all I ever see on the little Steam popup is your playing Farm Simulator all the time.
  2. Ya they should have added some new areas, but with as much support that they've given tgis game over the years its kind of hard to complain.
  3. I enjoyed the beta, but the final game just didn't seem to be anything more than the beta really. I still plan to put more time into it and finish it. I wish they'd just invest a little more and make it a AAA Quality PUBG game.
  4. How could we know know about it when @Lucian04posted a new salt post every 30 minutes the first month it was out.
  5. I'm just curious, does PSVR sales go into PS4 hardware numbers these days? I know the PS4 Pro does, but wasn't sure if they'd count PSVR in there. I'm sure it's not selling a ton of units, but was generally wondering how it's accounted for.
  6. I know, just giving you shit. Doesn't Sony technically own the Spidey IP in general for all media. It's a great IP to own.
  7. Phil basically said it'll be a lot tougher to get games on OG Backwards Compat because licensing issues and other speed bumps. I never gave a shit about OG Xbox so I have no idea what kind of library they had, so I have no idea what I'd want to be released.
  8. I read your posts. You claim to have contacted them while also trying to explain away their decisions. It's okay to sometimes, even as the boards Sony fanboy, to clearly state they are being dumb and making a stupid decision. I promise your PS4 won't just cease to work by saying something negative about them.
  9. About the response I expected when there is no logical answer.
  10. I'm fairly certain every single person commenting on this knows exactly why Sony is doing what they are doing, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that. Knowing exactly why they are doing it, is still easily viewed as being arrogant. They are making decisions that they think benefit them as a company, while doing nothing to benefit their actual customers. They are making decisions that "MAY" benefit them as a company, while actively limiting the options and possible advantages to gamers on their console. Please name one advantage you as a PS4 gamer gets by this decision? Is this good for you as a PS4 gamer? Do you feel their decision is making playing on their console a better experience? If you can answer yes to those questions, then I'd love to hear the rational. This isn't about Minecraft, it's about the philosophy going forward. If everyone else is always on board going forward with crossplay between Microsoft, Nintendo, and PC, and Sony is constantly the odd man out, citing their largest install base and having to protect their own corporate interests over whats good for their gamers, that's being arrogant. They were viewed as the "Consumer Friendly" company to start this gen, while MS was viewed as "Anti Consumer". That narrative is very quickly changing. Also I've seen it said, bu I'm not sure if it's true, that Microsoft will be updating the "Better for Everyone" version of Minecraft going forward with free updates since it'll largely be server based. Does that mean Sony's decision will now cause PS4 Minecraft gamers to not get the latest and greatest updates, and how will that play into their decision. Bringing up Microsoft's stance last gen is kind of a moot point, as they have had a complete replacement and direction of leadership. It's impossible to say, Phil Spencer would have rejected cross play last gen, especially when ever single thing he's done this gen has been very consumer friendly. My guess is if he was truly that obsessed about his console userbase, we probably wouldn't see Xbox exclusives all going to PC.
  11. I hadnt watched the video since the initial reveal,i just remembered the mini map with a ton of markers on it while flying around. Rewatching it definitely werent as many on screen as i thought i remembered.
  12. From the footage we had seen on Shadow of War, with the player flying around on a Nazgul blowing fire above a fortress with what looks like hundreds of AI around, I'd be impressed if it actually hits 4k Native. If it does, and has that much shit going on at once, and Assassins Creed can't it'll be curious to see what exactly Assassins Creed has going on that is so demanding. On Xbox One S's dashboard you can rewatch the Xbox Briefing in 4k, or watch a bunch of trailers in 4k. I know it might not be 100% representative of all games, but if they get them close it's still damn beautiful to see. I'm not really that big a resolution guy, as I play more for the social fun of games, more so than their technical achievements, but it still will be nice to see the visual bumps the games will get. BF1 was a huge game for me this past year, and it blew me away how good it looked on XB1. If that is what it looks like at 720p, I can only imagine what its going to look like at 4k, or however high they get it.
  13. Digital Refunds are rolling out on Xbox. Hopefully Sony follows suit. I refunded Friday 13th in 2 minutes myself after it didnt work. Was nice to get that feeling of Fuck You for releasing this broken mess. Sonys external support I think is limited to 1 external. Good start, but I currently have 3 plugged into my Xbox.
  14. Phil said no Brute Force I think.