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  1. Wasnt even on Xbox today at all.
  2. Numbers like this always kind of baffle me. Regardless of the fact that Last Guardian is a bit more of a niche game, if there are 50+ million PS4's sold right now, that means less than 1% of PS4's owners bought the game at launch if those numbers are even close to being accurate. People say consoles are bought for exclusives, but Last Guardian has been a big named title it seems a lot of Playstation owner have been clamoring for, for a long time, hence the crazy reaction at E3 a few years ago when it was reintroduced. Yet when it finally releases, only .5% of owners buy it. This isn't a jab at Last Guardian, PS4, or anything like that. Its always surprised me how some of these big name exclusives don't sell higher quantities, given they are said to be such huge selling points for why people choose one console over another. It almost reinforces that last video that Bosman released about unreleased games being more valuable than released games. These titles carry so much weight as announced exclusives, then when they actually release, largely go unnoticed and forgotten. Just crazy to me.
  3. The argument was that CoD sales have been slipping year over year, which I'm still pretty sure is true. Being the best selling game, while selling far less of what you did the previous year is still not a thing Activision would be thrilled about. Also don't discount what the Remaster did to help sales.
  4. How'd The Last Guardian do overall, were they any sales figured released at all for it? I know it's a bit of a niche title, but one with a lot of anticipation due to the years of waiting.
  5. DZ 7-9 for all 1.6 players Both 1.6 and Last Stand have PvP and PvE content Say they essentially doubled size of the dark zone but not increasing player count. Reworked DZ 1-6 with more interiors/rooftops/underground as well Last Stand is dedicated PvP mode, 8v8 objective based modes. Has some PvE mixed in to collect in match currency to build fortifications, ect. Testing gear normalization. No gear score increase New incursion Alpha Bridge nerf incoming
  6. So, Nintendo, largely being known as the "kiddie" console, with games catering towards younger demographics, requires a smart phone to play online basically? Do they not see an issue with that logic. It has to be on top of regular functionality, or just when you bring it on the road since you'll need that 4g for online.
  7. Cool to see 3rd parties embrace this.
  8. A little sneak peak of the new guide I guess. Not sure if they are trying to eliminate that Home Screen, or just give everyone access right on the Guide.
  9. Yeah I enjoyed the original Titanfall quite a bit. It was $20.00 not too long ago on Xbox Live Gold deals, so most of the group picked it up then. Not sure if that's changed.
  10. Siege is fun cause the games are pretty quick, in comparison to BF which are 30+ minute matches. We've mainly been doing Terrorist Hunt to practice and get familiar with maps. I definitely enjoy it, there is more tactics and planning in it. It's a nice compliment to the all out huge warefare of BF1. I have Titanfall 2, quite a few in the group do, but for whatever reason most in the group just aren't too into it.
  11. Ya I get that for that specific game. I also don't really see that as a positive. The cool thing about motion controls was seeing your motion register in game. Motion controls doing weird gestures with no visual feedback just doesn't sound that appealing. Guess it's something you need to try first.
  12. This isn't going to appeal to casuals at all. The Wii thing was cool cause motion controls were new and everyone wanted to try it. This shit is just embarrassing. They said they want to be the thing people bring to parties and social gatherings. No group I know are going to try to huddle around a 6 inch screen to play this thing. I really don't get what they are going for.
  13. I still enjoy the Division, but the Dark Zone being essentially identical to how it was Launch Day, in terms of enemy placement and geography, it's just not exciting enough anymore for me after all the time I put in earlier. Supply Drops I still enjoy, and I do like that now the entire Dark Zone is even level, so you can farm the entire thing rather than just 5/6. If they add Central Park, or more random assignments/encounters/missions to the Dark Zone, I'd be more inclined to jump back in. But I can only do the same farming circles so many times. Add on top of that, that gear is so easy to get everywhere now, there is little or no reason to really have to go do the Dark Zone. When I jump on now, I'm looking for quick sessions of a few Lexington Runs, Underground, HVTs, not really looking for a longer Dark Zone run. I'm just more inclined right now to play newer games, and try to get some backlog cleared out, or play real multiplayer PvP focused games like BF1 or Siege.
  14. Well that first video of the purple gear, he also heavily edited it. He said he couldn't get his streaming to work when he went to make it, and therefore recorded offline then posted it. So if he wanted to, it wouldn't be that hard to shape his argument more by footage he wanted to show. He also showed in that initial video, that while he could win PvP just fine in plenty of cases, he also would get beat as well. So I do think its still somewhere in the middle of skill and gear, with the slight emphasis on gear. He claims he's an average skill player, but I highly doubt that, he's probably on the top of skill in this game for the amount of time he's put into it. Of course, a highly skilled player will beat a lesser skilled player with better gear, but as Skill Up showed in his video, knowing certain strategies that don't necessarily really require a lot of skill, just basic understanding of certain mechanics, will help you clean up plenty of more casual players. I haven't played in the Dark Zone consistently for a long time, so I don't know how much it's changed, but gear really ruled in the earlier versions, which is where I was coming from. Wreckless chest sentry gear with savage gloves, and I could consistently kill 4 v 1, basically just standing there headshotting with an smg. The few times I've played in the Dark Zone since the updates, I've had a few guys gank me, or try to gank me, and I've held my own, and I haven't spent a ton of time really focusing on my build. I am rocking Alpha Bridge though. http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/JPDunks4/video/25773422 Me and Squibs got jumped by these guys going fo a Supply Drop. We came back for revenge. I was hesitant because my build wasn't really shit at this point, but Squibs had been playing consistently through the year. http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/JPDunks4/video/25773389