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  1. Farpoint a reasonable price but you're gonna want that controller that comes with it.
  2. Finished The Next Generation. Onto Deep Space 9

    Crusher sexes a ghost. Which frisky little kitten wrote this episode?
  3. Best PS4 Console exclusive?

    So PCs are defined by if it fits in your entertainment center? Then get a PC with a smaller case.
  4. Football Manager Touch 2018 out on Switch!

    You can watch the full 90 minute game if you want, unless you mean something else.
  5. I'm strongly considering getting Breakdown, Conker, Blinx and SSX3 right now. (I already have the discs but I like the convenience of not sticking them in)
  6. More GTX-1180 Rumours

    No thanks.
  7. Nvidia Store has GPUs at MSRP! Go! Go! Go!

    If you make it they will come.
  8. Best PS4 Console exclusive?

    Oh boy...
  9. Football Manager Touch 2018 out on Switch!

    15 years and hasn't won 1 playoff game.
  10. Football Manager Touch 2018 out on Switch!

    You can still play them. In fact I just looked at my copy for the OG Xbox the other day. Marvin Lewis was still coaching the Bengals. In any case as long as EA has the NFL license there most likely won't be a NFL game like this. Here's one I found on steam! http://store.steampowered.com/app/683600/Football_Mogul_18/
  11. Or out Zelda, Zelda. It can't be too hard.
  12. Best PS4 Console exclusive?

    Poll was not updated with Let it Die so it still sucks.