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  1. Fake news tries to create an explosive news story.
  2. Switch Sells 1.5m in December in US, 3DS Sells 750K

    So what was your excuse with the Wii-U?
  3. Tomb Raider trailer

    Why can't they get original versions of songs for things like these?
  4. San Diego didn't make the cut!
  5. So....Street Figher 5 comes out today

    They improved the training mode to include frame data, which I thought was pretty cool. I think SFV has one of the best training modes.
  6. NFL Conference Championship 2018

    Gotta get Kai Forbath that superbowl ring!
  7. Finished The Next Generation. Onto Deep Space 9

    The gender neutral episode. How progressive. I finished Violations just last week and I would have remembered if Picard had hair. He didn't.
  8. PUBG on Xbox One X

    Some of my amazing driving skills