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  1. Star Wars or Star Trek?

    So it was only a county they haven't discovered?
  2. Bing Point Offer

    Yeah it was a hot deal!
  3. Malcolm Young Dead At 64

    My astonishment comes from the fact I thought they were older than 64.
  4. Malcolm Young Dead At 64

    Wow, and he was only 64?
  5. I think that's only if you download the videos.
  6. I don't remember any dragons, at least I didn't get far enough to see them. Also The Getaway was awesome. @Emblazon would agree.
  7. Would rather watch Purge's 10 hour video about patch notes (again )
  8. Justice League Reactions and Reviews

    You should have known better than listen to ED. He loved Daddy's Home 2 and hated Get Out.
  9. 36 Fragments of Midnight

    @AndrewDean84 should be all over this one. So many great games for the switch!
  10. Ps4 battlefront 2 pre order dlc giveaway

    9 hours, probably taken by some bot.