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  1. NPH performs "Smooth Criminal"

    By the way best, you’re always asking about getting girls. Girls love guys that can dance.
  2. NPH performs "Smooth Criminal"

    Looks like somebody is jealous they can't dance worth shit.
  3. https://motherboard.vice.com/en_us/article/9kng57/dogecoin-my-joke-cryptocurrency-hit-2-billion-jackson-palmer-opinion
  4. Every single crypto currency has skyrocketed. Just because you bought into two of them doesn’t make you some sort of guru.
  5. "Day trading" something as volatile as Bitcoin is going to end up as a disaster, you can't time relative tops and bottoms on a consistent basis. Most likely he was "making money" because of the meteoric rise, if he didn't get out, he probably is getting killed.
  6. NFL Divisional Round (2018)

    Don't we all...
  7. Awesome, The Continental is one of the coolest locales in recent cinema.
  8. In fact, some people call him the healthiest specimen ever seen.
  9. More like Stormy getting “stormy”.
  10. forgot how complex the Disgaea games could be.

    You mean Fire Emblem?
  11. You can pay to get slapped.

    How exactly did you stumble onto this? Looking for a little dominatrix action?
  12. I want to be shocked, appalled, and embarrassed by this but I just can’t anymore. It’s just par for the course.
  13. I don’t know about terrified, but it’s clear she absolutely despises Donald.
  14. NFL Divisional Round (2018)

    Falcons Pats Steelers Saints