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  1. Favorite cut scene in a game

    Ending of FFXIII and almost all of Max Payne 3. Love that game - one of my fav. this gen.
  2. Will we ever see a generation go so long again?

    I hope not. This gen has been going on far to long. I'm hoping for 2013 release of the next Xbox but wouldn't be surpised if its 2014.
  3. Microsoft announces Surface Tablets for Windows

    I'm not a huge fan of tablets - this one might be useful. Still - I'm left wondering why not just get a notebook or small laptop. At least they have a decent mobile OS working inside.

    I'm in - make it a PS4 launch title.....
  5. How does this look shite? It is one of the prettiest console games I've ever seen. I like the blurring effects and the depth. Yes - I also love the leaves in the foreground. I'm not that upset about the Wii U graphics - just the lack of quality games at this point. Other than Pikmin 3 I don't see any other title worth having. I hope Nintendo show something more in terms of games before the release. I want to see FX Zero, WaveRace, Zelda, Metroid and some new franchises.
  6. I'm just hoping the graphics look great - a step up from 360 and PS3 and great games. The MS and Sony press conferences just plain sucked yesterday. I hope Nintendo doesn't complete the hat trick. As for the whole graphics compare to 720 or PS4 - I could care less. Since we didn't see anything yesterday of the new consoles I'm not expecting to see them until the very end of 2013 or 2014. I'm done with this current generation of consoles. If the Wii U has an impressive showing today I'm picking one up at launch.
  7. New Gears of War Game Announced

    This was one of the few things from the conference yesterday that I cared about. The fact that it's not coming out until 2013 I wouldn't be surprised if it gets delayed for the 720 launch.
  8. I finsihed it last night and thought - WTF is that it!!!!! I was expecting something more considering how good the overall story was. However, I wasn't completely bummed by it like most. Last week I finsihed FF 13-2 - now that was the worst ending in videogame history!!!!!
  9. Nextbox will NOT have a disc drive

    Right now I think this is a load of BS. If its true MS is really taking a major gamble.......
  10. Does anyone here fear the next gen?

    Looking forward for next gen - I've been waiting for a few years now. This gen was far too long. If I do have a fear it is that both MS and Sony will come out will systems not as powerfull as I was hoping. I want a similar jump that we saw from the last gen. After seeing what some top PC gaming machines can do that is not an unrealistic expectation.
  11. It's a really good game, but just not the best for me. Comparing it to OoT is not really being that fair. As far as I'm concerned OoT is the Citizen Kane of gaming. I also loved Wind Waker a lot - the sailing and finding new islands just felt fresh to me. The graphic design was also something that still stands out in my mind till this day. I like SS around the same of TP. Both a really good games, just lacked that magical presence of both OoT and Wind Waker...
  12. Your Top 5 Games of 2011

    I'll go with Zelda this year. I also liked GOW3. I can't really put together a complete top five, because there really weren't five games that stood out for me this year. There is still a pile of games I have to get to that were released in the past few months - I just don't have the time and most will have to wait until 2012.
  13. I'm buying the Wii U if its controller can impress me enough. As for the comments about the Wii U not going to be able to hold up to the the next MS console - if rumors are true next MS console is not going to be that much of a jump up in graphics power. As for the PS4 - that is likely a ways off in the future.
  14. What Do You Think of Skyward Sword?

    Put in on late last night and spent a few hours with it. Graphically I was not overly impressed, but after a few hours it has begun to grow on me. The sword play is nice with Wii Motion Plus - it works very well. The one control issue I have is controling the FP camera with the Wiimote. It's all over the place. I had to use the lock feature while looking around. Also the flying controls are far from great. I would prefer using the analog stick on the numchuck to control flying rather than the Wiimote, which is all over the place. One issue I had was where link has to jump from the tower and land on the circle. This took me at least 15 tries tilting the Wiimote up and down. Finally I just left the Wiimote alone and Link landed in the circle. Others might not have this problem - I'm very rusty with the Wiimote MP since I haven't even touched the Wii in over 2 years. Again, I'm only a few hours in so my skills with the Wiimote might improve.