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  1. Syndicate wasn't half bad, or maybe it's just me and Unity was soooo bad anything seems good after that.
  2. It's Time for a Highlander Game

    Why all the hate on HIghlander 3? I enjoyed that one
  3. That's exactly what it is...Major Nelson just posted it 3 hours ago. https://news.xbox.com/en-us/2018/01/25/fallout-4-free-weekend-for-xbox-live-gold/
  4. February 2018 Games with Gold

    The video for anyone that wants it.
  5. wonder if they'll offer a yearly subscription instead of the month to month stuff.
  6. Smite Tactics - Hand of the Gods

    Nah - no beta code necessary, though it might still be in beta. Maybe I'm just enjoying it because i'm undefeated....5-0 vs users so far. I'll update after my first loss or 2 and never touch it again
  7. Xbox PUBG 4 Million Players

    is 30k battle points a lot? I might get it this weekend then, lol
  8. Gave it a try last night as part of the Xbox Rewards FREEdom promotion....actually really enjoying it. More fun than Gwent after all the card changes they made. Anyone else play it?
  9. I hope some of the Lionhead crew find their way to the team developing the new Fable game. They deserve it
  10. New Aliens game

    Sounds like Aliens: Destiny hell, i'd buy it though!
  11. It's a blast man, i've been playing every night since release
  12. Nice...I wonder if the changes in in milestones for weapon and mod unlocks is retroactive.