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  1. Anyone Play Conan: Exiles?

    Sounds like @skillzdadirecta type of game.
  2. What's your 360 collection look like?

    So many 360 games, probably >500 digital and box...embarrassed to say 25% probably still not opened, lol. And 98% of them stuffed in boxes in the upstairs closet.
  3. Well...just because it's announced at E3 for sure doesn't mean it's coming out this year.....or next.
  4. My most anticipated game of the year! Announcement trailer Pre-Order trailer 20 Minute gameplay trailer, most recent build - 42 dinosaur roster Announcement: Pre-Order trailer: 20 Minute Gemeplay: You know you want it!!
  5. My love for Halo has definitely dwindled, but there are so many more good FPS's than when this series hit...that and it went downhill after Bungie left. Reach was the last great Halo game IMO I still enjoy it, but not nearly with as much vigor as I used to.
  6. May Games with Gold

    Really enjoyed SMB, so excited for Super Mega Baseball 2 Own MGSV on disc, but will be nice not to have it digitally
  7. I don't remember, were we able to bring our OXB saves to 360? For some reason I thought you could, but I'm prolly mixing up my PS with my XBox