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  1. Get your Ryse, get your Ryse here!

    eh - if you like old school brawlers like Final Fight, it'w worth the $15.
  2. Personally - I loved it. Had fun playing the main game by myself, had fun when friends jumped into my game, and joining with friends was very easy. Playing with friends in the Dark Zone was a blast, moreso hunting rogues than fighting CPU bad guys. I hope they do have content for more than a team of 4 like they're rumored, because no matter what we tried we couldn't get  6-8 of us on the same DZ server. I can understand why, but still   X1 version here, and def getting it.
  3. It would be XCom2 if it was on console, but sadly it's not   I'd have to say....ROCKET LEAGUE on Xbox 1
  4. Lego Star Wars The Force Awakens!

    If they add back in online co-op - yes. They haven't had that since the first one
  5. Conker Sequel/Prequel?   If you were underwhelmed by Conker’s next great adventure being included in Project Spark, you might want to pay close attention to some info members of NeoGAF dug up as it pertains to a possible prequel to the infamous Conker’s Bad Fur Day. According to some eagle-eyed NeoGAF users, Young Conker has been spotted on the Windows Store, specifically in the Games section of the store. The listing appears to be published by Microsoft, as well as another game called “Fragments” and an application called “HoloStudio.” One part of the listing that has us scratching our furry little noggins is the fact it’s rated T, when we know Conker’s Bad Fur Day was rated M, and rightfully so. Since the game is titled “Young Conker,” it could possibly be a prequel to Conker’s Bad Fur Day which has everyone’s favorite squirrel getting to the debaucherous state he was in his sequel. Shortly after discovering these pages, they were taken off of the Windows Store. Whenever a company scrambles to remove all existence of a product after it leaks, that’s usually a clear indication the Internet was on to something.
  6. Excited for: The Division Persona 5 Quantum Break Crackdown 3 Xcom 2 (waiting for a console version though) Cuphead Gears of War 4 Mighty No. 9
  7.   LOL - this sounds like our group. JP, Skillz, RC and me. You on Xbox?
  8. Is Rise of the Tomb Raider worth a buy?

    Game is GORGEOUS!!      
  9.   3am dude   No idea what happened in the Dark Zone when we first got there. Shooting at that team of 3 rogue agents at the drop zone...then we got marked as rogue and wiped out. Must've been some friendly agents being attacked there that I hit by accident. Live and learn   WFH today as well....SO difficult to not log in and check out the gear I got from the Dark Zone run last night
  10. Was hoping it'd be on X1 when they teased it. I'd buy that for a dollar....or 15
  11. Take my survey?

  12. Xbox Live Games With Gold For February 2016

      Probably the only one i'll download and never play...
  13.   LOL tough to beat a thread 2 years and growing, but what the hell!