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  1. Yep - it's Mass Effect! Had my pre-order in as soon as it was possible...might order a second copy - just because...
  2. Yeah, I know. I just pushed to 30 so I could hang with you guys and never finished it
  3. This was a pleasant surprise to come back to. YAY!!
  4. Work has been crazy, but slowing down. I'm up for getting back into this - still need to beat the last level in the campaign
  5. @skillzdadirecta I appreciate the beta invite - been busy with new job...was in Seattle for a week and been working crazy hours ever since. Starting to slow down though and looking to pre-order my copy of this already I'm leaning deluxe over gold because not sure about the season pass after The Division.
  6. Man...with ME Andromeda and GR:Wildlands both hitting, I have to pass on this one. Bought the original and only made it about 1/3 through and never touched again, so tough to justify paying full price.
  7. http://news.xbox.com/2017/01/10/legacy-favorites-return-gears-4/ Legacy Favorites Return to Gears of War 4 with Series 2 Cards and New Maps It’s a brand-new year, and we’re ringing it in with a new series of content and updates for Gears of War 4! This month introduces a huge 280 new Cards to collect, two of the most popular maps in franchise history, and hotly requested community features that further improve the Gears of War 4 online experience.
  8. Meh...Big Rock Band week...and an All-Tropico 360 week. Xbox One Deals CONTENT TITLE CONTENT TYPE DISCOUNT NOTES Binaries Xbox One Game 50% DWG Castles Xbox One Game 25% DWG Earthlock: Festival of Magic Xbox One Game 33% DWG Fortified Xbox One Game 50% DWG Ginger: Beyond the Crystal Xbox One Game 25% DWG Just Sing Xbox One Game 50% DWG Mantis Burn Racing Xbox One Game 33% DWG Rock Band 4 Rivals Bundle* Xbox One Game 30% Spotlight Rock Band 4 – American Idiot (Album)* Add-On 30% Spotlight Rock Band 4 – Blink-182 Pack 02* Add-On 30% Spotlight Rock Band 4 – Going Country Pack 05* Add-On 30% Spotlight Rock Band 4 – Linkin Park Pack 01* Add-On 30% Spotlight Rock Band 4 – Lynyrd Skynyrd Pack 01* Add-On 30% Spotlight Rock Band 4 – Off The Charts 02* Add-On 30% Spotlight Rock Band 4 – P!nk Pack 01* Add-On 30% Spotlight Rock Band 4 – Queen Pack 01* Add-On 30% Spotlight Rock Band 4 – The Black Crowes Pack 01* Add-On 30% Spotlight Rock Band 4 – U2 Essentials 01* Add-On 30% Spotlight Saints Row IV: Re-Elected Xbox One Game 75% DWG Tower of Guns Xbox One Game 50% DWG Xbox 360 Deals CONTENT TITLE CONTENT TYPE DISCOUNT NOTES Tropico 3 Games On Demand 80% DWG Tropico 4 Games On Demand 75% DWG Tropico 4 Modern Times Add-On 75% DWG Tropico 5 Games On Demand 70% DWG Tropico 5 Epic Meltdown Add-On 50% DWG Tropico 5 Espionage Add-On 50% DWG Tropico 5 Hostile Takeover Add-On 50% DWG Tropico 5 Paradise Lost Add-On 50% DWG Tropico 5 Waterborne Add-On 50% DWG
  9. The Division dataminers reveal new Central Park Dark Zone, PvP content http://www.egmnow.com/articles/news/the-division-dataminers-reveal-new-central-park-dark-zone-pvp-content/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+egmnow%2Fmheh+(EGMNOW) New York City’s iconic Central Park could be added to Tom Clancy’s The Division‘s PvP Dark Zone arena in a future update. Data miners recently discovered that this expansion could be coming to the game’s Dark Zone based on subtitles found in the game’s code following the implementation of the recent 1.5 update. “Agent, we’ve started pushing further into the Dark Zone. We’re unlocking the gates that lead north towards Central Park. I need you to get up there to do a little recon. Let me know what you see, and stay safe. It’s not exactly friendly territory.” Some details on the potential update were also divulged through additional dialogue leaks. The information hints at a new NPC support character that will offer special Dark Zone missions involving securing tactical terminals dropped around the zone. It is possible these terminals could involve the rumored and highly anticipated PvP mode where players face off in a competitive multiplayer instance, perhaps using the terminals as capture points. Additional details on the data mine can be found in a Reddit post by user iamunk0wn. Massive has yet to comment on the information, so nothing is confirmed. Such a significant update shouldn’t be expected for some time, as the game recently experienced the wildly successful Survival DLC that introduced a whole new way to play. Developer Massive Entertainment recently announced that it was calling together an “Elite Task Force” of gamers this month to determine how best to proceed with the experience, so perhaps this unconfirmed content is on the agenda.
  10. http://kotaku.com/resident-evil-7-usb-doll-finger-looks-like-a-burnt-peni-1790868346?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+kotaku%2Ffull+(Kotaku) If you’re going to make a finger-shaped souvenir for a horror video game, you’ve really got to sell the body part—a well-defined nail area, proper coloration and the like. The more you obscure a fake finger prop with unnecessary details, the more it looks like a horrifying dick. The key to one of the biggest mysteries in the Resident Evil 7 demo, the dummy finger item’s in-game model already looked a lot like a slightly mangled penis with a few choice lacerations. Image via Twinfinite. But images of the USB souvenir handed out as a promotional item for Japan’s Biohazard Ambassador program events (and included in the $180 GameStop-exclusive collector’s edition) recently posted on Twitter (via Daniel Feit) really drive the point home, so to speak. It looks like a burnt hot dog that’s been left out in the rain overnight after a weekend barbecue. Should the end-user make proper use of the collectible’s joints, it takes on a much more finger-like appearance. There we go. No one is going to mistake that for a flash-fried dick sticking out of your computer. Resident Evil 7 launches on January 24 worldwide.
  11. No season pass and EA Access early access confirmed They did say there may be DLC though. http://www.dualshockers.com/2017/01/07/mass-effect-andromeda-no-season-pass-ea-access-members-will-get-play-early/
  12. Haven't heard much from Crackdown, and that's nearly 6 months late already....hope it doesn't meet the same fate.
  13. The next season, 10 I believe, was supposed to be the first for Xbox and have PC cross play.