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  1. Got my hotel. Going to wait on the badges. They are always available at the event.
  2. What is your penis GIRTH?

    No idea. Same width as an iPhone 4
  3. Should I play call of duty this year

    Watch the giant bomb quick look and decide. To me it looks terrible.
  4. Post your pic!

    They don’t really sound good or look like robot ears this way lol...they actually fit nicely though
  5. "Gigantic" Developer Motiga Shuts Down

    Damn they had a huge booth at PAX a couple years ago.
  6. Have you ever stolen something as a kid?

    I used to steal condoms and batteries from my first job when I was 15. That's about it I think.
  7. Let's talk Halloween! What are your plans?

    I was a dead head so I could wear my regular clothes to work. Then i went home and played Mario Odyssey while watching natural disaster documentaries.
  8. I'm a man

    Don't sell yourself short. You're a forehead.
  9. We'll be back!

    Shower me with your hunger.
  10. Still one more Mario Odessey Contest

    Wow I'm glad bjomesphat got it and I'm also glad I don't have to spend money on diapers.
  11. Zelda BOTW Rabbids Vs Mario Haven't played it but I know Mario Odyssey will be on there.
  12. You still have to water the crops the first day they are planted even with the sprinklers so it's worth upgrading.