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  1. I quit 5 years ago in February. It just got gross to me and I was always sick. Plus it made hiking a lot more difficult. I do have a few cigarettes a month when I drink but that's it. I ran a lot while I was quitting because it wasn't something I couldn't do while I was smoking. Now I'm a lazy slob.
  2. When I lived in Eugene we got like 2 inches and missed classes for 2 days. 2 feet wouldn't even do that here.
  3. Actually sounds like you're doing pretty [email protected] I'm about the same with no romantic prospects, promotions, or long term vacations. I am going to twenty one pilots tonight so atleast I can let my inner 15 year old girl out.
  4. Do they sell those swings on amazon?
  5. Now we need to give @Nokra presents so he comes back. And @best3444
  6. I gave up on mission 16 but i didn't really find anything else before that compelling either. I'll have to try it again one day.
  7. Sounds like a whiney Yankees fan wrote that.
  8. I can't believe the show has been on this long but i thought the entire last season and this episode were top notch. I hope they can keep it up.
  9. I didn't mind the combat in the base game but it seems more "exciting" in the expansions. I'm not really sure why, maybe because it's harder?
  10. Does it have a lot of content? I saw a bunch of DLC and lost interest.
  11. We got about 19 inches of snow total this weekend...I went to a concert Friday night and still haven't made it home yet lol
  12. How do I get in Discord now? I apparently wasn't cool enough and was removed.