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  1. Since we got the same tv if you hit ok on the remote it will bring up the info also if you havent done it yet set the hdmi input to 2.0 so you can use HDR.
  2. November Games with Gold

    Hmmm I wounded if the question mark is going to end up being an OG Xbox game.
  3. 55" 4K TV, HDR, Roku, $400.00

    Cool got it for the one x mostly as I'm happy with my Sony W900A.
  4. 55" 4K TV, HDR, Roku, $400.00

    Bought biased on your recommendation and the birthday month 10% OFF. Will be setting it up in the next couple of days.
  5. Very cool of you to do this. I already got the collectors edition preordered good luck to all.
  6. Night Trap Trailer

    Dana Plato OD'd what's weird is that Todd Bridges is the one still alive out of the original 3 kids on Different Strokes.
  7. I think that's only for pre-orders from the Ubisoft store.
  8. So who is getting Resident Evil 7

    Looking forward to playing this in VR after the demo.
  9. 29.99 on Amazon for Prime members
  10. Nope been a huge Robotech fan for 30+ years
  11. damn it you made me post I enjoy lurking in the shadows like Jason
  12. Alan Wake and the DLC's for it are included with Quantum Break the codes to download them will be included in the box of physical copies
  13. Pre-Mania RAW

    My out there prediction for the match is CM Punk returns to help Shane win.
  14. Don't post much but always lurking would love win a copy as my wealth id currently shorter than a midget on his knees
  15. Take my survey?

    Never heard of an hermaphrodite?