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  1. Agreed. GBA SP was their best design by a mile. I'd be content if they simply put that out again with an Oled screen, and keep the old school 8-16 bit games on it, with some graphical refreshes of course. The whole "console games on a handheld" has never really appealed to me frankly because those games are designed with a tv in mind, and there is always something lost in translation. The Switch fills that void nicely, for people who want that (99% of my Wii U/Switch time is done on the tv, with the exception of indies, and said 8-16 bit era games).
  2. tulip craze>>bitcoin>>Atari tokens Or not.
  3. What's been your favorite Enhanced game for the 1X?

    Seeing older titles like Ninja Gaiden Black, Gears 3, and Fallout 3 looking absolutely outstanding is what really gets me.
  4. Never played Bayonetta or Bayonetta 2

  5. Get rid of the two screens. Give us another perfect handheld in the same clamshell form of the GBA SP. No, the DS Lite wasn't it.
  6. Switch sales pass Wii U total in just 10 months.

    Lots of gamers missed out on a ton of excellent Wii U exclusives. Guess they still buy games based of marketing.
  7. Less than the blonde town pump of yours though.
  8. Never played Bayonetta or Bayonetta 2

    If you loved Ninja Gaiden, you'll love Bayonetta. Simple!
  9. You Know What Game is Begging for an Update/Reboot?

    Better controls, widescreen, and improved frame rate and graphics are great reasons for wanting a remake. This is not a difficult concept.