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  1. Hey Biggie, remind me who brought the N word into this discussion. I don't recall it being you, but you're getting the brunt of the hostility. #snowflakelogic
  2. Tell everyone in Anacostia hi for me. But leave your wallet at home.
  3. One insignificant fact, so many tears. Can't wait til 2020.
  4. 2016 GOAT getting a sequel. STOKED. (but please don't fuck up the pvp again)
  5. Ditto. Bought I a couple months ago, but haven't dived in. Good to see a lot of old titles getting the enhanced magic. It's really night to day for several I own.
  6. If so, it'll be like five bucks off. The only reliable way to get Nintendo games at a solid discount is preorder via Prime.
  7. If you owned an original PS3, Sony may owe you $65 (OtherOS settlement)

    Got rid of my fatty years ago.
  8. Is Ultra SF2 basically a SNES port? Wouldn't mind grabbing it if so.
  9. Nintendo Download for March 15, 2018

    I'm still trying to decipher the black areas.
  10. Smash Bros. for Switch Announced

    Thanks for clarifying. Looks to be a great year for Switch, and hopefully Smash in new an improved, because Melee is still the pinnacle of the series, sadly.