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  1. Not quite accurate.... Xbox didn't switch anything around -- it was already entrenched in NA before then Sega Saturn NA Launched 1995 (Select was the A or C button -- the bottom or the right button. Cancel was the "B" button -- the middle button in the bottom row) PSX/PS2/PS3/PS4 NA -- Select was the "X" button (bottom button) -- Since 1995... Xbox ---Select is the "A" button on the bottom Steam Controller -- Select is the "A" button on the bottom Every mouse I have ever used since the mid-80s-- Left button to select Every GUI (AmigaDos, Windows, iOS) -- "OK" is on the left, "Cancel" is on the right Nintendo is different from EVERYTHING I have ever used...
  2. Nintendo didn't release a controller in NA with four buttons in a diamond shape on it until 1991. Being first <> setting a standard. Bottom face button on a diamond being used for "confirm" is now the standard in NA/Europe for all non-Nintendo platforms (including PC, Xbox and Playstation.)
  3. Heads up! Bing Rewards has $5 Xbox gift cards for 3,500 points!

    Microsoft Rewards have MS Store Cards as a "Hot Deal" -- $10 for 7,000 points While they are supposedly available until 3/15 -- last time the deal was "pulled" early...
  4. "O" has been confirm in Japan for Playstation since launch. "X" has been confirm in Europe/NA on Playstation since launch... The problem is Nintendo isn't localizing for the present NA/Europe standard...
  5. Bluepoint Games is Working on Another Classic Remake

    Well, the IP would all still be owned by Sony.... I don't think they are "developed" by anyone anymore.... Psygnosis was probably my favourite publisher on the Amiga, so a lot of their older IP holds a special place in my heart...
  6. PSN flash sale through 2/19

    It is merely mediocre. For $10, its worth it.
  7. What are You Playing This Weekend?

    Assassin's Creed: Origins -- I killed 4 elephants last night (actually 5, one battle had 2), and finished a bunch of tombs... I think that I only have 6-7 more hours to go...
  8. So under that analogy, I guess Obama is Harvey Dent....
  9. The original exclusive license was signed (or, announced at least) in May of 2013. It wouldn't surprise me if it was a 5-year deal, which would be why there are rumours of a renegotiation. Even if they sign with a new publisher, we're unlikely to see games before Xmas 2021.... On the next generation of consoles...
  10. Publishing odds, IMHO, is not enough for minors. A 12-year old is not mature enough to make "gambling" decisions. There is a reason that a 12-year old cannot enter a casino -- and for this same reason, I think that we should ensure they are protected from predatory "loot boxes". I am sure a psychologist would be able to tell us what an "appropriate" way of determining what predatory vs. non-predatory loot boxes are. As an adult, I AM able to make those decisions, and generally avoid games that feature the kind of loot boxes featured in games like Battle Front 2.
  11. Steam's Lunar New Year sale started today

    It's on now -- website is down for me.
  12. Bluepoint Games is Working on Another Classic Remake

    Colony Wars would be great...