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  1. Best coop game ever:
  2. Nintendo eShop purchases will finally be tied to Nintendo Accounts
  3. Nintendo is already repeating the Wii U's mistakes with Switch Maybe it’s just people like me, the cynical press, who want to only see the worst in absences like this, Nintendo’s unwillingness to be transparent about the realities of its products ... but I’m honestly having a hard time seeing anything else. The absence of clarity on myriad facets of the Nintendo Switch platform, and notably the online components, is overwhelming. It’s deafening. The awkward missteps taken in avoiding it have me legitimately worried about the company’s judgment. A robust online strategy was the one thing Nintendo had to come clean with to convince me it understood its current failure because this entire situation is familiar. We’ve been here before. And if Nintendo doesn’t have its platform figured out this time, it may find itself repeating a history it would rather forget.
  4. First official (almost) unboxing?
  5. You're probably right -- some media outlets are reporting that they've already received their units. It's also possible that a reviewer "lent" his unit to someone...
  6. I used to play a fair bit of them (15-20 years ago). If more of them had the production values of western games, I would. You give me a Wild Arms or a Suikoden that looks like Horizon:Zero Dawn or Mass Effect -- I'm all in.
  7. Quality is subjective. People like different types of games. Sales are indicative of what people actually play / want to play. I am glad that you love Radiant Historia -- it's great that there are games you love. However, for me, I have zero interest -- and there are (unfortunately, for Nintendo) more people with my opinion, rather than yours, in the west. I want to play Zelda. I want to play Mario Kart with my kids. My kids want to play Pokemon. We all want to play Mario. None of us have interest in most of the other games in that video.
  8. I didn't bother to answer -- because I know you're not stupid -- and I didn't believe it was a legitimate question. If you can't figure out the difference between Final Fantasy/Zelda/Pokemon (and maybe one or two other franchises) vs. almost everything else.... I can't help you. (Dragon Quest may be considered a Tier 1 franchise in Japan -- but it pretty much gets ignored everywhere else...)
  9. @Rev You're awesome! Thanks for running the contest. Watch Dogs 2 is next on my list of Steam games to get!
  10. Vancouver and Montreal are stellar -- although, given my wife is from Toronto -- there is at least one hot woman from there... But the highest average hotness has to be in Rio -- although there is significant surgical enhancement to achieve that.
  11. I can't imagine this is a leak at a retailer.... Nintendo would be morons to have shipped any units by now. This has to be somewhere at the factory or en route to (or at) their warehouse...
  12. What game are you playing that has achieved 20ms of input lag? Even at 144Hhz, a wired mouse, and a low lag monitor using no v-sync.... I haven't seen many tests much below 40-50 ms.... On a TV....
  13. One of these look interesting....