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  1. This list is for Nintendo published games only? For Wii-U it's missing a few: Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge Wonderful 101 (few days out of window) Wii Fit U Wii is missing: Mario Strikers Charged Metroid Prime 3 (few days out of window) Too lazy to look back at 3DS... Xenoblade 2 / Fire Emblem: Warriors -- don't have release dates/ shouldn't be on the list...
  2. Would like to finish the Titanfall 2 campaign....
  3. If they don't want to track the controller -- don't do motion controls. Waggle sucks.
  4. If motion controls = what is capable with VR and Oculus touch -- then I'm all in. If motion controls = waggle -- then I'm not.
  5. I think you have missed my point. 3DS sales peaked in its second year on the market (2012) -- It did REALLY well in 2011/2012/2013 -- and has been declining since. That is NOT how video game hardware ususally sells and is not indicative of a healthy market in video games.
  6. It wasn't just a 2016 thing (3DS down 30%).... 2015 down 19%, 2014 down 8%... They are selling about half the number of 3DS games in Japan in 2016 that they sold in 2013.... Sun & Moon was the only bright spot in Japan in 2016. Yokai Watch 3 sold about half of what Yokai Watch 2 sold. (And yes, I have no idea what Yokai Watch is -- but the Japanese used to buy it a lot)
  7. What does selling well mean? Over 1 million? If so, I think there were two games that sold more than a million copies in Japan last year -- In 2013 there were probably 7 over a million -- with two over 3 million.
  8. A successor to 3DS -- Vita didn't sell particularly well in Japan. And to be honest, 3DS hardware sales were 75% lower in 2016 than they were in 2013 (in Japan). Hardware sales in Japan have been on a steady decline since 2013 -- and there is no guarantee that will stop. They could be an all-mobile market within a few years (particularly if Switch doesn't catch fire), as all hardware is selling at VERY minimal levels.
  9. If any of those Japanese developed games sell more than a handful of copies outside of Japan -- which they mostly don't -- they can put them on PS4 or PC. Switch would only be great for them if they have an install base that is significantly bigger than Wii-U.
  10. PS4/Xbox One Launch titles included: NBA 2K14 FIFA 14 Battlefield 4 Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag Call of Duty: Ghosts Forza 5
  11. The 3DS flopped at launch - it wasn't until 4 months after launch, when they reduced the price from $250 to $170 that sales took off. So, I agree that if they quickly lower the price by $80-$100 then it will sell a lot more.
  12. The ones that came in my MS Play & Charge kits are ~9 feet long
  13. I just feel this console ends up in no-man's land.... It will appeal to the Nintendo faithful -- but. based on Wii-U sales -- there are only about 10 million of those. It's too expensive to be a handheld for kids (DS was ubiquitous among young kids in its time) It's too expensive and doesn't have the "hit/unique game/experience" to replicate Wii's mainstream success. It's not powerful enough, and doesn't have enough software to be anyone's "go-to" console. (If leaked specs are to be believed it is 70% as powerful as an Xbox S, 55% as powerful as a PS4, and 25% as powerful as a PS4 pro) I don't know enough about Japan to guess whether it will hit there. But in the west -- it will be a great console for those who want to play Nintendo games and Japanese RPGs. I am guessing <15 million lifetime sales. That said, if they had come out with a $199 console (even if it was less powerful) and had Mario Kart and Pokémon coming out in 2017 -- I probably would have bought one for the kids. (And so that I could play Zelda).
  14. Yes. And I do use them for buying MS games/DLC. At the current rate -- you need about 29,000 points to get 1-year of live -- that same amount would get me just under $30 of MS store credit. I am averaging ~10,000 + MS points a month -- and all I am doing is spending 3 minutes a day "doing searches" on my phone/web browser and using edge on my home PC. I use about 30,000 on Xbox Live, and about 90,000 to buy $90 (or more) of Xbox points -- usually during a sale... (If you're doing "real" searches, you're doing it wrong.)