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  1. Yeah. I didn't grind as well -- unless you count picking up medicine flowers after major fights as grinding...
  2. 22GB for a demo? It's gonna take 3 hours to download. I guess I will play it tomorrow....
  3. iOS 11 is out today

    I just updated by iPhone 6s -- it doesn't feel much different. The quick icons you get from swiping from the bottom has been consolidated onto one screen... Am I missing something?
  4. I think Maria is a 5. It will hit the U.S. (in Puerto Rico). Scary stuff.
  5. They have a shot against the Chargers... They play the Rams and 49ers in back-to-back weeks later in the season...
  6. Last I saw in the mid-40s. Likely to continue to rise.
  7. Getting all the Blazing Suns will give you the three best weapons in the game. The Cauldrons are key -- as they allow you to take control of more powerful robots (helpful in many situations). If you don't like this content, just mainline the game then....
  8. Have you tried the Hunting Grounds, Cauldrons and Bandit Camps? I don't know how you would get to level 31 without them.
  9. Tim Cook is apparently the new Ken Kutaragi... Tim Cook calls $999 iPhone X a ‘value price’ in new interview In his first interview since Apple’s iPhone X event last week, today Tim Cook sat down with Good Morning America host Robin Roberts. The interview ranges from covering iOS 11 and ARKit, Cook’s latest thoughts on DACA, and why he thinks the iPhone X at $999 is a “value price.” Starting out the segment with Cook was conversation around ARKitand iOS 11. Cook mentioned some of the benefits of AR such as shopping and learning. He shared excitement around the idea that with AR, Apple is “…taking the complex and making it simple. We want everybody to be able to use AR.” He also added that “in one day we can make AR available for hundreds of millions of people.” Roberts asked about the security of Face ID with the iPhone X and if consumers should be concerned. Cook responded with: In response to Trump seeming open to compromising with Democrats in relation to DACA, Cook shared that he was encouraged that Congress may pass legislation to make DACA permanent. Next Roberts moved on to questions from viewers, the first question was whether Cook felt the $999 price tag was too high for most people. Cook responded with: Roberts brought up Apple’s most versus best philosophy, and Cook reiterated that Apple has always been about making the best, rather than selling the most. Cook also shared some reflection on the event last week, noting that “I could feel him [Jobs] there,” and that his DNA is still the DNA of Apple. Check out the full interview below:
  10. My brother is a huge Giants fan -- he is very sad.
  11. A good team will miss the playoffs in the AFC

    I agree with you, in that I believe Denver is a better team. Denvers only gimmies appear to be the Colts and the Jets, The Ravens get to play the Bungles twice, the Browns twice, the Colts and the Bears. Through 2 games the Ravens have only given up 10 points...
  12. I'm starting to think that Volta will be a beast

    I think you're right. With NAVI still a couple of years away, they don't really have an opportunity to respond in the short-term.
  13. A good team will miss the playoffs in the AFC

    I voted for the Broncos. I think the Steelers/Chiefs will be division winners. Ravens, given that they get to play the Browns/Bengals twice each will get 4 easy wins. Broncos and Raiders will be close -- but I think the below average quarterbacking for the Broncos will eventually doom them.
  14. The AFC seems to have too many good teams to make the playoffs. The AFC West (appears right now) to have 3 playoff calibre teams Chiefs, Raiders and Broncos. The AFC North seems to have 2 -- the Ravens and Steelers. Given that there are only 2 Wild Card spots, one (or more) of these teams will miss the playoffs -- who do you think that will be?
  15. Apparently, even the Lions defence can handle the Giants...