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  1. No problem. Hopefully this can help as many people as we're helped prior.
  2. Bringing my Japan Travel Thread over to Day One from Neogaf. Below are some resources to help you plan your trip: Websites Japan Guide Wikitravel Booking Japan National Tourism Organization Trip Advisor Accommodations JAPANiCAN Rakuten Travel Hostel World Hostels AirBnB Airline Tickets There's tons of websites available for this, I would check as many websites as you can, as well as the specials on specific airliner websites. In general, the most expensive time to visit seems to be Dec and Jan close to New Years, April to May, and August. Try out some of these to compare prices: Bing Expedia Google Kayak Priceline FlightFox FlightFox is a tad different than the others. You basically pay a small fee and travel agents will compete with each other to find you the best price. Arrival Narita International Airport (NRT) will most likely be the airport you arrive in if you're going to Tokyo. There's a few ways to get to Tokyo from there: N'EX TOKYO Direct Ticket (One-way) - 50% Discount going from Narita to the Tokyo metropolitan area. Limousine Bus, Keisei Bus, Access Narita Bus - Pretty much all the same except various prices and destinations. The Access Narita Bus will take you to Tokyo or Ginza Station for just ¥1,000. Keisei Skyliner & Express - Their welcome set will also give you a 1 day pass for the subways. Taxi - Sure baller, go ahead. Currency Exchange Narita Exchange Rate Table - You won't need yen before you go to Japan. The airport generally gives a very decent exchange rate, just go to any of the banks there after you arrive. Transportation JR Rail - Most likely your main mode of transport, it's very easy to use and gets you around very quickly. Just purchase tickets and go into the station. Trains do NOT run 24 hours, the latest ones are usually around midnight and they start back up around 5:00AM so prepare accordingly. Suica Card - Can be purchased in from the ticket stations, or with the Suica & NEX deal from the airport. Streamlines everything by allowing you to just swipe your card at the entrance and exit (if you know which rails you need to take already). The amount deducted will be calculated automatically based on where you traveled. ¥500 deposit is required and you can add money from almost any ticket station. You can get your deposit back if you return the Suica Card. JR Pass - Available in either a 7, 14 or 21 day pass, this allows you to use any JR rail as much as you want for a number of days. Pretty much an amazing deal if you decide to travelanywhere outside of Tokyo. If you plan to stay within Tokyo, most likely it won't be worth the money. Tokyo Metro Subway - Works just like the JR Rail, might be needed to reach certain areas, e.g., Asakusa. Data B-Mobile Data Only Visitor Sim - A sim card that allows for data use only, both versions last for 14 days. Very useful for maps on your phone if you get lost or want to pull up your "My Places" of google maps. The sim MUST be purchased online and can either be picked up at the airport or delivered to your hotel. Japan-Wireless Global Advanced Comm GAF Picture Albums hwalker84 - 2013 BronsonLee - 2014 Part 1, 2014 Part 2 Damaged - 2014 Desmond - 2013 Fattony12000 - 2014 NEX-5N, 2014 iPhone 4S JRBechard - 2014 MikeHattsu - 2014 Part 1, 2014 Part 2 RapidCancel - 2012 - 2014 Saya - 2014 ThreePiMatt - 2014 itsinmyveins - 2013 openrob - Osaka and Hiroshiman/Miyajima Island, Kyoto, Tokyo, BONUS TRIP - Yokosuka Darksol - 2014 Fritz- 2014 hwalker84 - 2015 DCharlie - Collection of pictures from Arcades in Japan, Random Around Japan stuff from 2000 onwards rrvv - 2015 MikeHattsu - Spring 2015, Fall 2015 Zyzyxxz - 2015 JKTrix - 2015 Thriller - 2015 Laevateinn - 2015, TGS, Meguro Matsuri, Sunshine City, Pokemon Cafe, Ameyokocho and Sunshine City Aquarium, Penguin Bar, Nakano etc, Robot Resturant ThreePiMatt - 2015 Dandte - 2015 Zatoth - 2015/2016 Elhaym - 2015/2016 Stuart444 - Spring 2016 ThreePiMatt - 2016 MikeHattsu - 2016 BronsonLee - 2016 sechsterangriff - 2016 Stalk- 2016 Fireblend - 2016 Fritz- 2016 Part. I, 2016 Part. II Boy Wander - 2016 Jocchan - 2017 Hexxen-Panda - 2017 nhlducks35 - 2017 parasight - 2017 Credit goes to RapidCancel for the majority of this post
  3. My Japan Travel Thread needs archived I was able to grab the Learn Japanese thread at least.
  4. Well. Neogaf's collapse means i'm back in full.
  5. Damn people still hating all over neogaf. They're killing it imo.
  6. Black people don't tip

    So the black people you encounter don't tip and that means we all don't? SMDH
  7. xxxxxxxx

    I'd still do it again.
  8. Absolutely. My question is I haven't been here in a few weeks what the hell is going on with this theme??
  9. http://www.wnd.com/2007/04/41196/ In Kennesaw, Georgia it is mandatory to own a gun.
  10. Dead Island Sequel Announced!

    I enjoyed this game a lot. The gameplay idea was fantastic but story, graphics and polish where bad. To this day my friend still can't play this game.