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  1. 5 shot in MD. shooter has not been captured.

    If we're all done with our circle-jerk here, this crime was committed with a .380. A .380 is considered by most to be the bare minimum when it comes to a legitimate self-defense ammo. It's often chosen by women who cannot handle the recoil of a full 9mm. Interestingly enough most modern pistols chambered in .380 have a magazine capacity of 7 or less, as the only reason most people buy them are for ultimate concealability. Keep on with the fiction of this country being over-run with scurry black 'salt rifles.
  2. Is there somebody in this mess named Bajor, or is this a Star Trek reference?
  3. Doesn't the fuel just use liquid oxygen and hydrogen? Once a level of safety is established the overhead should be dirt cheap compared to the airline industry.
  4. Trump vs Goodell...

    To be fair there's nothing out of the ordinary with modern Germans not respecting themselves.
  5. When Feinstein isn't liberal enough you might need to take a look in the mirror and ask a few questions. It would be like saying Jesse Helms wasn't socially conservative enough.
  6. The return of the Duke controller!

    A Duke with modern shoulder buttons would be an instant buy for me. I loved the Duke on my OG XBOX, but the shoulder buttons are much better than 6 buttons on the face of the controller.
  7. It's not that it isn't evidence, it just isn't strong enough to criminally convict somebody on its own. Edit - I didn't read the article, and I don't know if there is any other evidence of this claim. I'm just saying that an allegation of rape alone isn't enough to throw a person in prison.
  8. The recent Thrawn book was excellent. It made Thrawn an obvious genious without making him utterly omnicient like the past books did. Having a character who is that good, yet still able to fail here and there is much more effective than "this villain cannot lose until we have to kill him off".
  9. The Orville: Official trailer

    I actually find McFarlane's awkwardness funny in the context of the show, but this show is deffinitely held on the backs of the supporting characters. In episode 5 watching the fallout of Issac's 'practical joke' almost killed me.
  10. I wouldn't be surprised when insurance companies start charging a premium to employers for plans without birth control. Maternity and child care cost WAY more than the price of birth control, and it's only logical that people who's insurance doesn't cover it will statistically have more children. Wouldn't it be ironic if the profit margins of insurance companies makes this whole issue moot.
  11. This is like when Christie took a chopper to his kids sports game, it was either that or have the pilot take the chopper up for zero reason some other day.
  12. Without being dragged into the whole 'she was asking for it given what she was wearing' debate; if you voluntarily wear a Bluetooth-enabled vibrating ass plug without encryption, you're fucking asking for it.
  13. Mass shooting at country music fest in Las Vegas

    If you view a gun as some sort of magical talisman that will either create or solve all your problems, then perhaps. I was raised to use firearms as tools, nothing more, nothing less.
  14. Mass shooting at country music fest in Las Vegas

    Firearm manufacturers are legally prohibited from selling to anybody but liscensed FFL holders. FFL holders who are even marginally suspected of not following the law get sting operations performed on them by the ATF. No gun shop owner would risk their entire livelihood to make a single sale. It you want proof go try and buy a gun while reeking of weed or acting twitchy. What New York tried to do was allow civil suits against gun manufacturers for the illegal actions of criminals using their products, which is as stupid as suing Ford because a drug runner used a Ford pickup to commit their crimes. If the gun blows up in your hand then you potentially have a case, but the firearms worked as advertised.