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  1. Went in there for shits and giggles yesterday, and saw them hawking a Star Wars branded waffle maker. Digital distribution really hit them hard.
  2. The Expanse, a SyFy show that is not bad...weird.

    Son of a bitch, I hope I look that good when I'm 49, and I already look older than Amos on screen at 33.
  3. The Expanse, a SyFy show that is not bad...weird.

    I'm listening to the audio book now, and I notice that there are definitely a lot of changes that make for better cinema. I don't think the book is bad at all, but there are definitely a lot of little details that are relatively unfilmable. Spoilers up to S2 E3, roughly right after the Battle of Thoth Station. Not all of these are spoilers, but I'm putting them behind the tag anyway just to be safe.
  4. Wasn't trying to impress anybody. Just making the point that people who clawed their way from selling blood plasma for food money to living comfortably don't have too much sympathy for those unwilling to better themselves.
  5. Not a fan of this move, as I like Ford. I love my 2014 Fiesta. That being said, after I drive the doors off it I have 0% loyalty to a brand that doesn't offer what I want.
  6. Cry me some more rivers about the horrors of $150 rents, and 20 hour per week work requirements for food stamps. I worked 2 jobs in the food service industry for years so I could still be poor in a shitty studio before swallowing my pride and getting a real job. Not one time did I ever go on the dole, however.
  7. As a truck driver I can promise you that the DOT or any prominent company worth working for will never let me consume marijuana. Even when legal it still won't matter.
  8. Makes sense with Hurricane Irma last year, what with Florida handing Trump the election and all.
  9. Guitar Center Faces Imminent Bankruptcy After 59 Years In Business

    I always wanted to pick up a cheap bass guitar and Rocksmith 2014 for shits and giggles. Even at local pawn shops a bass is 200+, not something I'm willing to spend on a whim.
  10. R. Lee Ermey double-times to the eternal Parris Island

    Damnit, I loved that tough old sum'bitch.
  11. Being black in Starbucks is now a crime.

    Pretty much this. The cops don't get to decide who is in the wrong or right when a business owner calls them on a trespassing charge. The best outcome is for people to stop patronizing that particular Starbucks if they feel an injustice has been done.
  12. Unfortunately that sounds about right. You guys do realize, however, that your states have the same shit going on, and Florida is the only state that allows the media unfettered access to police reports, government documents, and anything else filed by those on the public payroll. We Floridians have pride in our willingness to hoist our dirty laundry on a flagpole while we run naked through a strip mall parking lot.
  13. The Expanse, a SyFy show that is not bad...weird.

    Fully caught up now. Hands down Chrisjen and Amos are my favorite characters, Amos reminds me of Jayne from Firefly if he were a bit more of a sociopath, and Chrisjen flat out doesn't give a fuck about anything beyond her goals. I'm absolutely amazed how well SciFi produced this show, and apparently made the choice to tell the story in the length it needed to be told. I understand that the first 2 seasons of the show tell the story of the 1st book. Approximately 17 1/4 hours of screen time dedicated to a 21 hour audio book; that is how you put a novel on-screen. This book series just jumped to the head of the line in my Audible list. I intend to start on it tomorrow after I finish what I'm listening to now.
  14. Are we being serious here? Is it news to anybody that a spokesperson for the legal entity based on 922r compliance for civilian-legal Russian-built Kalashnikovs would be a member of the most powerful organization that supports the ownership of their product? I'd be shocked if scary 'foreign nationals' from companies like CZ, H&K, FN, or any other foreign manufacturer weren't also lifers. And really, a non-US citizen needs to have an export liscense to carry a scope in his luggage? That doesn't trigger anybody else's bullshit alarm?