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  1. This is such a bad idea that I cannot even begin to describe it.
  2. While I agree that kids under 13 shouldn't have smartphones, I draw the line at telling people how to raise their kids, let alone trying to force people how to raise their kids.
  3. I've said it before that MS had some dumb ideas going into this gen, but they've turned the ship around these past few years. I guess it takes getting your ass kicked, but MS is utilizing this extraordinary idea of selling people what they want to buy.
  4. Arrogant Sony and Underdog Microsoft all over again.
  5. If they can sell them all the more power to them. I could not ever justify spending that much money on something so frivolous though.
  6. I'm sure I would have thought it was cool as hell when I was 14. Now at 32 I just see the sequel to a game I love trying too hard to be edgy and 2-cool-4-skool.
  7. Were the constant F-bombs really necessary?
  8. I need this inside me.
  9. I have a feeling that this game can never live up to the hype surrounding it.
  10. The only way roundabouts are mildly less retarded are when more than 2 roads intersect at a single intersection. If it's a tight enough 2 lane roundabout the only safe way for a truck to navigate it is with the cab in the outer lane, the trailer halfway in the inner lane, and a middle finger stuck out the window.
  11. As a trucker, I would like to suggest that you go to hell.
  12. True, I don't really know how the theater industry works in terms of scheduling. It seems from the news report that no male employees were scheduled that night for the entire establishment. If the number of hours were evenly distributed to part timers based on previous weeks, and full timers got their 40 then there would be zero issue from the employee side. The legality of customer discrimination is left to applicable State and Federal law. Given my experience in retail and food service anything that even remotely smells of discrimination should immediately set off butt-puckering red flags in the mind of any operations manager.
  13. Whoopsie, wrong thread.
  14. While I don't see how this lawyer had standing, any male employee has an open-and-shut case for a discrimination lawsuit.
  15. Yep, admitting that you're discriminating against your employees on basis of gender will get you pretty fucked.