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  1. Sea of Thieves - March 20, 2018

    This game is going to do naughty things to my free time.
  2. Think of how lucky that German Shepherd is that he got shipped to the one Asian country that wouldn't put him on the menu.
  3. A young Luke Skywalker movie?

    Either young Palpatine being trained as a Sith, or one of Palpatine's misadventures after becoming Emporer. I'd be down for either.
  4. A young Luke Skywalker movie?

    The only OT character I want a solo film on is Palpatine.
  5. I'm not arguing that the machine gun registry should be opened up, I'm arguing that if we can't trust a young adult with gun ownership we shouldn't be trusting them with the whole host of rights and responsibilities that comes with turning 18.
  6. "Only allowed to have it when they say you're allowed to" sounds like a perfect benchmark when it comes to American's constitutional rights.
  7. 18 year olds are now old enough to get issued an M60, but are not old enough to purchase a Ruger 10/22. Sounds legit.
  8. Congressional candidate films herself committing felony during political stunt.
  9. I suppose this bill will encourage more Floridians to get their concealed carry permit. The current 3 day waiting period for handguns is little more than a pain in the ass for those those who don't have an immediate need, such as women fearful of domestic violence. Putting a waiting period on long guns will push a lot of people over the edge towards paying Florida their damn money.
  10. Tips for a first time REmake playthrough?

    There is not enough oil to burn every zombie corpse, be strategic about when you use it.
  11. Xbox Game Pass

    Damned phone autocorrect.
  12. Xbox Game Pass

    I killed my Hulu subscription when Game Pass launched since I had not fired up Hulu in 6 months. So many games that I have had mild interest in for a while, but could never justify pulling the trigger on. Now Sea of Thieves is going to have its way with my free time starting on the 205th.
  13. If the Vietnam one was the Vietnam War II from Blood Dragon's opening I would cream my pants.
  14. Any hype for Kingdom Come: Deliverance?

    No bugs yet, but I have had more than one crash which wiped out 1+ hour of progress.