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  1. Halo: MCC Community Thread

    Yeah, I finished up the DLC on Batman and saw you'd just posted a Halo screenshot so fired it up for a bit.
  2. Halo: MCC Community Thread

    I played a few games last night to knock some rust off. The few games I played were a blast.
  3. MS Gamescon Briefing Thread

    Did that show him carrying the flag in one hand with his gun ready in the other? Was that in Halo 4 multi?
  4. Halo: MCC Community Thread

    What time do you all usually play?
  5. Maybe it wasn't the Rams fans all those years. It's the hypnotic powers of Sam Bradford.
  6. Why did you leave them? Ugg love?
  7. I read that as you want to be the Redskins. Weren't you them when you first joined?
  8. So you could rage quit another league?
  9. I messaged his bitch ass on XBL a couple times when we were starting up the franchise and never heard back. Oh well.
  10. Xbox One 1 Year Giveaway

    Woo! Poster!
  11. @Checo24X how's about you come join every other member of the league in the GroupMe chat?
  12. The chat has moved to GroupMe. PM me your email address and I'll get you added. @Scotts