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  1. Switch Sells 1.5m in December in US, 3DS Sells 750K

    Fastest selling hardware ever in Canada and Spain
  2. Hearthstone General Discussion Thread

    FRee card pack today
  3. If a person values a certain game at $30 and won’t buy it at a higher the price, the Publisher would still rather make 95% than 70%. I think 25% is a high enough margin that a Publisher would wait a few extra months to receive. Unless you provide a study that would show positive correlation between piracy and used games, I don’t see it working. I guess one way around would be if the service charged the standard 30% so the used sales matches the new sales cut for Publishers. Robot Cache would either forgo their cut or take a 5% transaction fee and the seller gets 25%.
  4. The best controller out there is getting an upgrade!

    Should have been bundled with the X
  5. It isn’t worth for the Publisher either. Why would they want to setup a used market when one does not exist and lose out on 25%? Makes no sense.
  6. I could see this potentially work with Nintendo since they are one of the only publishers that maintain their game’s value. Within 2-4 weeks of release, a game is $20-30 off depending on its sales. A few months after that, it’s even a bigger discount. Why would anyone be interested in used games on the PC?
  7. I honestly find it to be a bad game from what I played. -The game looks and runs poorly in handheld mode. -The map is a disaster to navigate. I spend more time finding the quest than I actually do completing it. -Quests are bland and do nothing to help build the world. I literally did a side quest about a couple running away to elope and ended up with me talking to the girls parents. Come on! -The story that I played through has some interesting pieces but it’s being overwhelmed with other parts that I find boring. -The characters especially Rex are unlikable. The only decent one is Poppi. -Fuck the cutscenes that show me not defeating a character that I defeated in game. I’ll exit the thread since speaking ill of this game will offend some. Enjoy.
  8. Hearthstone General Discussion Thread

    I am sure it will come to iOS eventually. The controls would work perfectly with touch.
  9. I am surprised how much you guys like this game. It’s by far the worst RPG I played this year.
  10. I have the $$$ to buy a Switch today but

    Skip Xenoblade 2. If you play then delete your games, you should be fine without a memory card. Some of Switches best games are download only like Steamworld Dig 2, Stardew Valley And Golf Story. if you plan on ever using it as a handheld, get a screen protector.
  11. Hearthstone General Discussion Thread

    For those who enjoyed the Dungeon mode in hearthstone, you should check out Slay the Spire.
  12. Slay the Spire - a Rouge Card Building Game

    First off, it is early access but it’s extremely polished. No bugs, crashes, glitches or anything else during my time playing. You start off with only one of three characters unlocked, a warrior looking fellow that has a buff where you heal 6 after each battle. You also start with a basic deck full of 1 mana attack and block spells. Each turn you have three mana to spend on the cards you draw. After spending all of your mana (if you choose to), the played and unplayed cards go into the discard pile. If you run out of cards to play, your discard cards go back to your stack to draw again. If you successfully defeat your enemy, you are given rewards such as gold, potions and a choice of cards to add to your deck. Similar to Darkest Dungeon, you can pick where to go next. Fight another monster? Maybe visit a merchant to spend your hard earned money. Or perhaps visit a campfire. All the while, you build your deck and collect relics (permanent boosts for the duration of your run) before the dungeon boss. There is more to the game but I think it is more enjoyable to experience them for yourself. The game is 15.99 on Steam. Definitely worth a buy. If you liked Darkest Dungeon and FTL, I recommend buying. There is always Steam Refund if you don’t.