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  1. I recommend Dying Light out of the three. I don't care for zombie games that much but I really enjoyed the game. The naming convention is weird, basically it went DL -> DL Enhanced Edition (free upgrade) -> DL:F EE (GOTY edition). It's a metrovania game that is highly regarded.
  2. I am just annoyed that Nintendo will continue to make exclusive 3DS games that would be a great game on the Switch as well. Ever Oasis just released and I would love to play it on the Switch.
  3. T3 4.5/5 The 2DS XL is what the 3DS line should have always been — there’s no gimmicks here, just a combination of great hardware and software + Simple but elegant design + Incredibly reasonable price + Awesome catalogue of games -The screen struggles to stay in place -Ridiculously small stylus -C stick isn't a serviceable analogue Pocket Gamer 9/10 The New Nintendo 2DS XL is the finest 3DS design yet. It's equally as comfortable as the 3DS XL, though several improvements - like the card flap and lip - make it arguably even more so. Most impressively, it includes all of the hardware enhancements already seen in the other 'New' models but at a fraction of the price. If you wanted to increase your library but not pay a premium, this is an excellent choice for you. The 2DS XL might be aimed at kids, but I'd argue that it's simply for everyone - and much better than any design that came before it. Trusted Reviews 4/5 Don’t care much for the slightly gimmicky 3D effect of the Nintendo 3DS? Then buy the New Nintendo 2DS XL. Even for its at-times puzzling design choices, it’s still a massive step up from the unwieldy Nintendo 2DS and contains all of the other upgrades that have come to the various 3DS systems over the years. The bigger screens by themselves make for a much more enjoyable experience, coupled with a more sensible form factor and typical Nintendo build quality. […] The New Nintendo 2DS XL is the best-value Nintendo 3DS system family console to buy for everyone but the most ardent 3D fans. Eurogamer The top screen stacks up nicely against other 3DS products: it's colourful and punchy. But of course, we've since been spoilt by the Switch's six-inch IPS panel, meaning there's a sense of regression going back to the 2DS XL. For one, viewing angles aren't great, there's ghosting on grey-to-grey transitions, and it just lacks the sheer brightness of Switch's display. In fact it looks positively dull if you take it outside, even on max brightness. For perspective, we measured a peak brightness level of 147 nits on the 2DS XL, compared to 368 nits on Switch. It makes a big difference, but as long as you're not out in blazing sunlight, there's still plenty of contrast and punch to the screen in most gaming conditions. Our review unit seems to have a TN panel, but besides restrictive viewing angles, it's still a very strong-looking display. [...] From our perspective, we'd still opt for the New 3DS XL as the unit of choice - the front-facing speakers are preferable, and from time to time, it's interesting to see how titles use its 3D features. But there's no real deal-breaker for the New 2DS XL. As a way to complement the more expensive Switch, this is a respectable way to enjoy the 3DS' massive library of excellent software. Techadvisor 4.5/5 One of the other major design changes is that the game cartridge and microSD card slots are now both tucked under a flap on the front edge, meaning there's no longer a risk of popping your games out by accident. [...] Despite some initial scepticism about the colour, I'm actually a big fan of the white model I've been using. The glossy orange band around the lid stands out nicely, while the face buttons are just muted enough to not offend the eye. Finally, it's worth noting the slightly textured stripes across the lid. These aren't just an aesthetic choice - they also make the case much more grippy, so the 2DS XL is ideal for younger gamers with slippy fingers - or the clumsy among us. Basically: TN Screens No battery life improvement Dumb speaker placement Top screen still wobbles but hey it's cheaper!
  4. Which is the correct answer.
  5. Enjoyed it when playing XCOM2
  6. The PC market used to be an afterthought to publishers so the deals were nuts. You could buy a publishers whole catalog on Steam for $50. Add on top of that community games or votes, it was fun checking in each day and see what got discounted even if I wasn't buying anything. It was an event worth discussing. Steam sales are no longer thread worthy.
  7. Today a lot of new information about the SteamVR "Knuckles" controller came to light. For those not following the matter, these are new VR controllers being designed by Valve which are now being provided to external developers in prototype form.Their main features over the existing controllers are: Designed to clasp on your hand, which means you can naturally grab and release objects without dropping your controller More ergonomic shape with easier to reach face buttons As now clear, full analog 4-digit "curl" trackingusing capacitive sensors "Knuckles Quick Start" guideKnuckles Cap Sense OverviewImages from these articles follow.Input mapping: Putting on the controllers: Finger tracking calibration:
  8. Remember when Steam Sales used to be fun?
  9. It was on sale last year for $300 around the holidays. I didn't buy it because "Scorpio will launch at $400 and Sony will have a great bundle at $300". RIP
  10. Got my copy yesterday. Will hopefully play some tonight.
  11. Right. I'm so close to the end of Persona 5 but it is hard to bring myself to start up the game. After clocking 80+ hrs, I'm ready to move on.
  12. I hope credit comes soon. I want to use it on MGS V. It's on sale for $10
  13. Who really wants to play a game for 10 years? Not me
  14. So basically Kratos Creed Kratos Leap Kratos to the Future Kratos: Judgement Day
  15. It's cute that Reggie believes he is part of the decision making.