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  1. I leave for Slovakia today and won’t be back until my birthday on the 30th. Here is hoping that nothing gets spoiled before I play it.
  2. Hearthstone General Discussion Thread

    Shudderwock is an issue because it’s fucking awful watching 15 mins of animations each turn. HS really needed a yogg on steroids
  3. Best PS4 Console exclusive?

    Bloodborne is the best. Until Dawn is my favorite.
  4. Awful news. There was a period there where he thought he was in the clear so this must be a terrible blow to him and his family. I wish him the best.
  5. Football Manager Touch 2018 out on Switch!

    That’s what I want. I will look it up on how to do it. Thanks
  6. Football Manager Touch 2018 out on Switch!

    This is my first time playing a FM game and I barely scratched the surface last night, but I really enjoyed the amount of customization it offers you. With any strategy game, I won’t really be able to judge it until I take a deep dive. My 8 hour flight tomorrow will be the perfect opportunity. My minor gripe so far is that I kinda wished I could see the game play out more on screen. I think it would be easier to know how the strategy is working by watching it.
  7. My guess is another Ubisoft game will have it this year. My bet is Division 2.
  8. Football Manager Touch 2018 out on Switch!

    I just booted it up for the first time last night and tried my hand with the unbeaten challenge using the NY Redbulls and lost my first game 2-3. We were down two early because I tried to pressure Portland by playing a 4-2-3-1 with zero defensive midfielders. Once I made an adjustment to the midfield, we got two back. Unfortunately, all of the high press exhausted the team which caused the defense to get sloppy and foul a player in the box. Portland put the PK away and we lost. I give myself a C- for my debut. -Greedy lineup +Great halftime adjustments -Slow to make subs -Lost the game to a bad PK
  9. More GTX-1180 Rumours

    One day, I will buy a new gpu. One day.
  10. No wonder the boards are dying, all the active users are actually dying.
  11. Nothing is shown in the trailer that justifies a sequel. Instead of releasing a new game that less people will buy, the Devs should continue to support its first game with free updates and supplement costs with small dlc that gives you cosmetics, exclusive dunks, etc like Rocket League.