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  1. Well hi thar

    Awesome, very pleased for him. Sadly, I'm far too harried by real life for arguing on the internet any more! But had a quick peek around and glad to see nothing's really changed around here
  2. Well hi thar

    So.... I haven't posted here for like 3 years, but I just came back to ask...: is the German Lopez at vox (http://www.vox.com/a...rs/german-lopez) the same dude as the GLopez who used to post here? If so, that's pretty great!
  3. Obama sells out another ally

    The barracks bombing, 1983. Bin Laden often referred to the subsequent US withdrawal as a sign of weakness.
  4. Obama sells out another ally

    Don't forget Reagan cutting-and-running from Lebanon.
  5. Exactly. I think this is what us Brits find most irritating about the American right - self-deprecation is indispensable in British culture and it is entirely absent from US conservatives. The closest they come is doing a humblebrag or faux-modesty. Liberals are better at straightforward self-deprecation. Too many on the American right can't joke about their many hilarious mistakes and shortcomings, because they're too self-important.
  6. I've long said I think Romney will win a close election. If anything, the polling marginally goes against that view, so this would be a strange time to panic.
  7. Oh wow, what a shock. He complimented him on his family. What a genuine sentiment from an opposing politician, never seen that before. Obama also called Romney "a family man and a loving father", two titles "more important than any political one". This is standard political horseshit and if you really thought it's a genuine compliment, you're incredibly naive. Romney hates Obama and barely tries to hide it. Watch them again. Most of Obama's speech making fun of himself or neutral things. Most of Romney's was attacking Obama. Here's a list of their main jokes. Try to look at it objectively. Obama: Clint Eastwood's chair [not really attacking Romney] Importance of swing states [neutral] NY traffic [neutral] Cuomo's political ambitions [neutral] His awful performance in the first debate (nice long nap, didn't focus in on first debate) [attacking himself] Chris Matthews disappointment with Obama's first debate [attacking himself] First debate being worse than forgetting anniversary gift [attacking himself] Bloomberg's supersize drinks ban [neutral] Romney is rich (shopping for stores) [soft attack on Romney] Mocking his own "didn't build that" mistake [attacking himself] Joe Biden's weirdness [attacking his running mate] People liking Michelle more than Barack [attacking himself] Ryan's marathon lie [attacking Ryan] Unemployment rate being lowest it's been since he's been in office [boosting himself] Honey Boo Boo endorsing him [neutral] His own politically embarrassing middle name [neutral] How many debates there have been [neutral] Getting Bin Laden [boosting himself] Romney's gaffes overseas [only real attack on Romney] Prepare for final debate like he did for the first one - to make Axelrod sweat [attacking himself] So one real attack on Romney, a soft one (oh no, he's rich!) and one on Ryan. Totally dominated by mocking himself for fairly important things. Romney: I'm rich (wear white tie at home) [soft attack on himself] Joe Biden's weirdness [attack on Biden] Obama not agreeing with Catholics [attack on Obama] His and Cuomo's similar governing experience [attack on himself?] Final months of Obama's term [neutral] Obama is a socialist (so much to redistribute) [attack on Obama] Obama's failure (better off now than four weeks ago) [attack on Obama] I don't drink [very soft attack on himself] Obama's "you didn't build that" mistake [attack on Obama] I don't drink (again) [very soft attack on himself] His attack on Big Bird [very soft attack on himself?] Obama's responsibility for $16 trillion debt [attack on Obama] Obama leaning on and relying on Bill Clinton, as opposed to his wife [attack on Obama] Joe Biden's weirdness (again) [attack on Biden] The media's bias against him by not reporting his plan for the country [woe-is-me victim card] Obama's leading from behind comment and media's bias against Romney (again) [attack on Obama and woe-is-me victim card] Media's bias against him (again) - Obama dines with Catholics, Romney dining with rich people [woe-is-me victim card] Obama blaming Bush for everything [attack on Obama] Obamacare mandates against the church [attack on Obama] He ended with heavy hints that he's more on the side of Catholics than Obama is Dominated by serious attacks on Obama. Not one attack on himself for serious mistakes or issues. I'm not saying it wasn't funny, just that it's revealing that Obama is very happy to make jokes at his own expense and about his own serious mistakes ("you didn't build that" and the first debate) but Romney isn't. Obama could have tore into Romney too, on his tax returns, 47% comments, cayman islands etc. But he didn't. I found Romney's speech really classless.
  8. Obama's was mostly self-deprecating, making fun of his real mis-steps and mistakes. Romney's was mainly jokes predicated on attacking Obama with a few jokes thrown in about how rich he was. I thought that was quite revealing.
  9. I have long favoured Romney because the economy is weak and vulnerable to all manner of shocks. That's not Obama's fault - I think he's been great on the economy, but it is the inevitable aftermath of a decade long, debt-fuelled asset bubble bursting. Polling can and does change and the margin is slight. I agree if the election were today, Obama would win it. But I think Europe will deteriorate before the election, which will probably see job losses pick up just at the worst time for Obama. Combine that with Romney's larger war-chest and the GOP's attitude of "whatever works" when it comes to winning elections and I think it'll be tight. The real weakness for Romney is taxes - his own and the fact that the GOP just can't get it into their heads that talking about tax cuts for the super-rich at a time of historically low tax take while also insisting middle-class benefits are unaffordable strikes most reasonable people as fucking insane. It'll be close.
  10. Believe it or not, many seniors have children and grandchildren they care about. They will look at their own situation and wonder how their kids and grandkids will get on without social security or medicare. They will remember the stories from their own grandparents of old age before the New Deal. Then they will look at the dickhead who is telling them there's no choice but to cut the entitlements which keep middle-class people's head above water in retirement and notice that he's nevertheless proposing tax cuts which mainly benefit the super-rich at a time of historically miniscule tax take. There's a reason even tea party numbskulls protest with signs that say "keep government out of my medicare". I still think Romney will win, but I don't think Ryan is a game-changer.
  11. The UK didn't lose money, the private security firm did. They lose some fees and also have to pay for the replacements.
  12. Mitt Romney: Keynesian

    No, it means that he thinks the fiscal multiplier is more than 1, something that most of the right-wing voodoo economists would think heretical. Ask the WSJ and they would say the crowding-in from the confidence fairy would more than offset the collapse in govt consumption.
  13. ...Or they realised it's a non-story unless you're a nut.
  14. The underwriters won't take a loss here. The deal had a greenshoe, which basically means the banks are not exposed to losses if they have to intervene to support the price. The underwriters only bore risk if they didn't find enough buyers for the amount of stock they agreed to sell for facebook, not exactly a likely scenario. Anyway, read more about greenshoe here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greenshoe