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  1. Just played through this one over the last couple of days. Wow, this game was damn fun. The switching between on foot and mech was well done and the platforming was spectacular for a shooter...heck it was spectacular for a platformer, not to mention the craziness of the temporal level. Just wish it had been longer. Definitely a game I will end up playing through again.
  2. Cobie Smulders makes it a 8
  3. Love the convenience of kindle (and of course am a bit biased as that's how I release my books), especially not having to carry the weight of multiple books when I travel, but there is definitely something about holding an actual physical book, turning real pages...and even the smell of a book (yes I'm a nerd..but it's true) recently finished Tourists of the Apocalypse and must say it was quite the wild ride
  4. I think it's an issue between amazon and Disney and they don't sell the physical disney flicks until they are actually available
  5. don't agree, Serenity was good, but didn't quite match the series for me, but basically what I was saying is that without the original cast I can't see the show having the same magic
  6. can't imagine they'd ever be able to recreate the magic of the original
  7. definitely my favorite ST series
  8. body count in this flick is INSANE
  9. which means we'll see it expand around Christmas '18
  10. need to figure out when I'll be taking my nephews
  11. another stupid decision
  12. Tom Zarek
  13. sure would have been