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  1. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - Season 3

    sure why not
  2. So Star Trek is out this week...

    that trailer gave a false impression of what the movie really was
  3. So Star Trek is out this week...

    I'll be seeing it in little over an hour
  4. Ubisoft on NX: What We Have Seen is Really Great

        IMO Nintendo has always been casual gamer/family friendly. I don't see that as a bad thing.
  5. ~~Rate the last movie you watched~~

      porpoise with a purpose 
  6. Black Sails Fans ATTENTION: Season 4 is the Last

    just recently watch the show, love it
  7. Some new Ghostbusters Footage

        Her review tells me what I needed to know. Her points were valid and the jokes she points out/comparing it to SNL tells me this is not likely a movie I would enjoy, shame 
  8. ~~Rate the last movie you watched~~

    Ex Machina must say I enjoyed this one quiet a bit
  9. sounds like he is bitter because he hasn't worked in forever  I've loved quite a few of his film but I don't think the guy has had a hit since the 2000s began.
  10.   I understand the reasoning behind it, it just doesn't feel real to me...and makes the bypassing of Chewie even more awkward.    The other thing that drives me crazy in the film is the inconsistency of lightsaber power. Finn should be dead. He got sliced up the back. A dedicated strike a human only kind of wounds him, but another swing slices an entire tree in half like a warm knife through butter. What's up with that? 
  11. Rewatched the movie yesterday and I have to say the reason that scene seems off isn't just that she bypasses Chewie, it's that she had never even met Rey until that scene. She'd been told about her, but she'd never met Rey and Rey hadn't met her. As far as Rey knew Leia was just some crazy old lady.
  12. How is there not a Pokemon Go thread?

        they updated the story, originally they were reporting it as fact not a scam
  13. How is there not a Pokemon Go thread?

    Pokemon Go to no longer be free. !2.99 a month!
  14. Crazy to get ND Collection before owning a PS4?

    the game has been 20 numerous times, no rush the deal will come around again