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  1. I'll be interested to see what games it will have. I loved the original wave race
  2. Crackdown 3

    Loved the original, thought the second was missing something, looking forward to trying out the 3rd
  3. What's your 360 collection look like?

    I have 4 or 5 banker boxes full of games, I don't have enough shelf space for all my current gen games never mind older stuff/
  4. What are you reading right now?

    been on a King kick, after finishing Pet Sematary, I re-read Under The Dome, then re-read 11-22-63, and am now re-reading Duma Key...and am eagerly anticipating the release of The Outsider this coming week.
  5. Best Buy Dropping GCU

    yep just going to enjoy it while it lasts...must like moviepass
  6. Best Buy Dropping GCU

    fall of 19 I bellieve
  7. Best Buy Dropping GCU

    dang, I definitely have taken advantage of the program and will probably end up buying less games when my subscription expires.
  8. Deadpool 2: Official "Suck on This, MCU!" Thread

    Definitely fun, though I thought they overdid/tried too hard with all the references
  9. Grand Theft Auto V sells ~95 million

    only one I managed to finish too
  10. Avengers: Infinity War - ***OFFICIAL SPOILER THREAD***

    there's a lot of movies where no one dies you know
  11. How much to you think Infinity War will take in this weekend?

    200+ opening in china, now at 1.6 billion worldwide. Between marvel and star wars Disney owns the box office. 2.9 billion from BP and IW alone and Solo opening in two weeks...insane!
  12. New Switch owner, what should I get?

    Agree, great screen protector. heck I had an air bubble when I applied to both mine as well as my nephews, but the thing is magic, overnight the freaking air bubbles disappeared.
  13. Trailer for dumb new Predator movie

    because the kid was playing with the remote