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  1. lol, I was thinking it was a gremlins remake as well
  2. just finished watching the video, can't argue with anything he said...especially the peripheral prices
  3. Snes was definitely about nintnedo games, but it was widely embraced by other developers, you could be a non-nintendo fan and still get a ton of enjoyment out of it, that can't really be said about every system since then
  4. there really hasn't been a nintendo console that was mostly about nintendo games since the snes
  5. Amc sent me a free ticket for this one
  6. While I agree with MUCH of what he complains about, I've come to accept that some movies you just need to check your brain at the door and enjoy.
  7. eventually when I can snag it on sale
  8. hardly a secret, just didn't see which particular game was actually important to the topic
  9. one of the call of duty games
  10. wow ... another port of an old game which I am sure they will be charging 50-60 for... Nintendo does realize that many games owned other systems, right?
  11. a game, box looked like it had been run over ...the game box, not the package it was shipped in
  12. they'll look for any opportunity to grab some cash. Of course I realize they are a business, but they are a crappy one IMO
  13. of course, but just needed to restate what a horrid company GS is