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  1. What are you reading right now?

    Finally finished up Girl with all the Gifts
  2. Hope Solo suspended six months, has contract terminated by U.S. Soccer

      no doubt, hell with the NFL she'd have gotten some kind of endorsement deal out making such a statement 
  3. Russia is releasing a superhero movie

    The movie ends with the bear character screaming Martha!
  4. KUBO AND THE TWO STRINGS is awesome and you should watch it.

    may try and see it this week
  5. yes, they should be able to help you ... operative word being SHOULD. The people at my local office are clueless. Quite frankly I am surprised they manage to dress themselves. 
  6. Jared Leto reportedly felt "sort of tricked" into doing Suicide Squad

      I won't be surprised if that's the plot for the next movie
  7. Arrival Trailer - How First Contact Will Be Fucked

    I'll definitely be seeing this one in the theaters 
  8. Jared Leto reportedly felt "sort of tricked" into doing Suicide Squad

      Sure, it's all a matter of scale. Batman has always been about protecting Gotham, Joker is screwing with Gotham so Bats has to deal with him. Is he same threat level as Doomsday? No, but you just make it a more personal story. Or if you are the idiots running the DCU you just run around yelling Martha!!!!! every 30 seconds. Obviously with the JLA you'll need mega villains but that doesn't mean we can't have more intimate stories. If they Marvel ends up doing a Black Widow stand alone the villain will likely not be anywhere near the power level of the bad guys we've seen before. it'll just be how they tell the story. 
  9. Gawker is officially done

    Whatcha gonna do when Hulkamania runs wild on you? If you are Gawker apparently you get run out of business!
  10. Custom animal crossing new leaf cover art.

    nice job!
  11. Hulu Gets on The Marvel Train with "Runaways"

    I want Big Screen Moon Knight!
  12. Do you believe in God?

      I think that's where faith must play a part. As for not being content with how the world works, I don't see it that way. I just don't think there are some things we don't/can't understand. May never be able to. So many times science claims to have the answers only to come back later and say no, we were wrong but now we are right ... until the next time we realize we were wrong. Everyone was all in on the big bang theory and now they say nope, we had that wrong. Definitely not saying we don't continue to question, to search for knowledge. I know wasn't the point of the question, but I've never understood people who don't believe science and religion (faith, call it what you will) can coexist. 
  13. What are you reading right now?

    Let's see, I've recently finished: The Atlantis Gene, Neon Spark, Chains of Command, am now up to date on the Bill the Vampire series (anyone reading it may want to skip Shining Fury). The Atopia Chronicles, Mother's Day Out, Moving Day, and the first 3 books in the 20-sided Sorceress series. I think that covers the last couple of weeks or so. 
  14. Jared Leto reportedly felt "sort of tricked" into doing Suicide Squad

    yep, they tricked him with that paycheck. How dare those bastards!!!