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  1. Holiday HitMan

    Holiday Hitman sounds like a great title for a book.
  2. Burnout Paradise Remastered Rated For Nintendo Switch

    IMO that title goes to PGR2
  3. What are you reading right now?

    Jacob T. Marley ...wow! Very cool book. It's A Christmas Carol from Marley's point of view.
  4. New Jumanji actually ....good??? is that possible?

    first one is a classic
  5. https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/jumanji_welcome_to_the_jungle only 35 reviews so far, but it is currently sitting at 86%
  6. Okami Giveaway Contest!

    You can only button mash your way through some of the dialogue, others you have no choice. The one thing you can get to end quickly is the animal feedings. Just tap the pad a couple of times to skip those. Not sure why they made those little scene so long.
  7. Picked up Nioh today....damn do I stink at it.

    Not sure how hard it'll be really, only fought it once, got sidetracked, but wasn't expecting the size of it. Took me by surprise.
  8. I just grab the entire box and consider it my plate
  9. Okami Giveaway Contest!

    well I waited a whole day before picking it up, lol. Forgot that it takes a little bit to get into the actual game, but once you do love the when you rejuvenate the land.
  10. Switch sells 10 million units WW in 9 months

    Well my sister and I do tend to spoil them Nice to hear that most of them are multiplayer, didn't realize that.
  11. Okami Giveaway Contest!

    I have no doubt when I see it in the store I'll be picking it up yet again. I just love the art style of this game so much. Those of you that have never played are in for a treat.
  12. Switch sells 10 million units WW in 9 months

    no clue what they'll fire up first. They are getting Arms, Mario Odyssey, and Mario Rabbids from me, and my sister is getting them Splatoon 2 and Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Am sure they will both want to play so they'll likely fire up the two player games first, and I'm honestly not sure which of those besides Arms has multiplayer.
  13. Switch sells 10 million units WW in 9 months

    I haven't. but then I haven't tried any Switch games yet. I will though. It's one of the games I bought for my nephews.