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  1. Guys, you are basically openly spoiling things here. @SFLUFAN or @Kal-El814 can you clean it up? On a different note, the RT audience score continues to drop. Currently it's at 56%, below The Phantom Menace. HOWEVER, Cinemascore gives it an A. They actually poll people outside the theatre after they have seen it. So the online tanking of user scores is almost entirely due to salty fans. As someone on ResetEta said, "Only a fanboy deals in absolutes."
  2. People are acting like brats now because they didn't get the super-fan version of what they wanted (Luke battling the Yuuzhan Vong alongside Jaina and Jacen Solo, etc, or whatever), but in a decade or two I think TLJ is going to be considered to be one of the best SW films. It's going to take the franchise in a new direction, to be sure (unless JJ manages to ruin the chance that Johnson has given him, of course).
  3. Over/under on Kushner going down tomorrow?

    I'm not seeing this anywhere.
  4. It's like Johnson just told fans "Fuck you and what you want, this is what Star Wars needs." So far the only things people have really been complaining about are the plot developments and sometimes about the humour and how the middle stretches a bit. But I think their disappointment in how they thought the story should go is clouding how good the movie actually is.
  5. UPS offers Canadian couple $33 refund....

    Yeah, that agreement would not be binding. You can't inherit debt. I wonder, though, why was this transfer not done electronically? Sounds like a combination of ignorant customers and sloppy teller work. I would actually be suing the bank itself for recommending this method of sending the money, as well as providing false advice that there were ways to deal with a loss, it if occurred.
  6. I mean, pardoning Flynn would only strengthen Mueller's hand. Flynn could no longer refuse to testify, even with details that would incriminate himself. I don't think it even matters any more, Mueller probably already has what he needs from Flynn.
  7. Yes! And he was always ohioguy-level clueless about things.
  8. Rumor: Battlefield 2K18 will be "Bad Company 3"

    I doubt they'll even put in choppers, what with their current "spawn at the edge of the map" vehicle bullshit. I'd think that they would make the helicopters auto-balance and auto-hover, which would be bullshit and OP.
  9. Who was the guy who always used to bump year-old threads because he only showed up here that often? He was from Germany, if I remember correctly.
  10. Interesting. I've heard quite a few people complain about the "Marvel" humour, but personally I don't mind that sort of thing! I mean, as long as it doesn't turn the whole film into a comedy, obviously.
  11. Well, it's quite different if you go to reddit, resetEra, etc. Many of the fans are hating on the movie because of apparent plot choices they disagree with. However, it looks like the movie is brilliantly executed, so it's really just a case of head canon getting in the way of enjoyment. One section of fans was mad in 2015 for TFA being too safe, and another section is mad in 2017 that it's not safe enough.
  12. Eventually Disney will be too big. But it will also probably control 1/3 of the continental United States by then, so it won't matter.
  13. 2016: "Please clap." 2017: "Please sing."