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  1. Really? Wow. That seems ridiculous. Nationalism isn't something that should be enforceable.
  2. Okay, I just watched the trailer. The game is waaaaaaaaaaaay to contrasty. Tone down the bloom, glare, and contrast, Dice!
  3. I'm pretty sure most workplaces can't make you stand and listen to the national anthem.
  4. BF3 was the last great BF game, though it was still not as good as BF2 or BF: Desert Combat. BF1 let me down, so I hope this one fixes a few things. Honestly, I don't mind paying for appearance stuff, I just really want all of the maps to be free and available to everyone so the community stays whole. Is that what they are doing?
  5. My point is that corruption was already normalized, and not punished. It doesn't matter that both parties didn't take part (and let's be clear, both parties have always had corrupt presidents...with the exception of Jimmy Carter, maybe), the public already viewed it as expected.
  6. The article is pretty dumb, mainly because of how corrupt Reagan's administration was, which was only 4 years before Clinton.
  7. Will the Russians finally get their deserved attention for carrying the allies in WWII? Nah, it'll be about a small band of American soldiers single-handedly winning WWII again.
  8. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/05/19/us/politics/trump-jr-saudi-uae-nader-prince-zamel.html Interestingly, the meeting involved both Israelis and Saudis, both trying to help Trump win.
  9. 9 dead in Texas high school shooting, suspect in custody

    It does make a lot of sense, especially for non-violence related issues (keep out parents trying to kidnap, and just keep track of entries a lot easier). I mean, nothing is going to stop a really violent person who is determined to get in and has plans...but it's the same reason that airplanes have seatbelts or cyclists wear helmets: It isn't going to stop the catastrophes, but it will stop smaller stuff that could have been much worse.
  10. One reason that Ford is in trouble is that 29 PC candidates paid money to get access to a stolen identity list, and pay people to vote illegally using these identities in their primaries: https://www.thestar.com/news/queenspark/2018/05/18/doug-ford-facing-more-questions-about-controversies-within-his-party.html Oops.
  11. Some good news: As the governing Liberals collapse (they may only win 1-2 seats), the left-wing NDP are taking their place, and have shot up in the polls. If the trend continues, instead of vote splitting the left of centre, the NDP might actually have a chance at beating Doug Ford: Basically, people in Ontario hate the current premier for being corrupt and horrible, but also most people don't like Doug Ford since he's a total creep. Enter the NDP, who are much more neutral, public-perception-wise, and have a leader with positive polls.] Now, the PCs are still likely going to win, but at least there is a hope of a non-drug-dealer premier now.
  12. Too bad the Queen shafted Obama and prevented him from going (to save face with Trump).
  13. Deadpool 2: Official "Suck on This, MCU!" Thread

    Here are my thoughts: Really good movie, I would say on par with the first. It was slightly less funny, but mainly because the original was so fresh and unexpected, I think. However (and this is a BIG thing in its favour), DP2 had a MUCH better storyline. I would argue that it had one of the best comic movie storylines yet. I find it crazy how Deadpool is able to portray the X-Men universe better than what, 6 or 7 other movies have? Cable's casting was amazing, and Josh Brolin really knocked it out of the park. The surprise villain (heavily foreshadowed, as DP likes to mention near the beginning) was also awesome. And speaking of villains... Overall I'd say it's roughly equal to DP1, and tied (with DP1) as the best X-Men movie. Definitely worth seeing. Loved the post-credits scenes. For anyone wondering how long to stay, there are only two scenes, not five (as listed online). There's one short scene followed a bit later by four that are all continuous. After the "loose ends" scenes you can leave.