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  1. A Storm of Spoilers - Game of Thrones: Season 7

    Episode six, more thoughts:
  2. A Storm of Spoilers - Game of Thrones: Season 7

    To be fair,
  3. Great opportunity to put up new statues, too. Let's get some modern guys up there. How about McMaster on top of an M1A1 Abrams at 72 Easting?
  4. Also, some games like Diablo are awesome with isometric. It works well in some sub-genres.

    It's also possible that the engine tracks bullets across all ranges, and that some guy fired into the air and ended up killing someone accidentally.
  6. The voters moved from supporting one racist party (Democrats) to another (Republicans) when the former supported civil rights and the latter moved in to fill the void. I mean, the Nazis have the name socialist in their title, yet are the opposite. Does the name matter there, too? No, because names are just marketing. Policies are what matter. The Democrats were the racist party, then it switched.
  7. As a non-American, this line of revisionist history is really annoying. The Democrats of the 1800s are the Republicans of today. The two parties have switched bases a few times. If some kid down the street bought the name Enron for $10 would you be blaming him for what the company did 10 years before he was born? Parties shouldn't be held to account for anything over 10-20 years old since the leadership and membership changes so much. Blame the people of the time, not the name they gave themselves.
  8. Charlottesville and Its Ongoing Aftermath: The Thread

    I wouldn't approve of banning all racist displays, only ones that call for violence or killing of others. We can all agree to disagree on where the line stands on speech like this. Many different countries draw that line in different places, and all of them have basically the same level of freedom enjoyed by their citizens. Heck, there is a strong argument that citizens of China are freer than Americans in many important ways. I am not a fan of Chinese society at the moment, but living in Germany or France or Sweden would likely not be much different than living in the US for an average person (in terms of freedoms).
  9. Charlottesville and Its Ongoing Aftermath: The Thread

    I know you're a cunt and everything and that's your thing, but I am clearly not pro-eugenics or anti-free speech. There is no such thing as perfectly free speech, even the US has limitations (fire in a crowded theatre and all that).
  10. Charlottesville and Its Ongoing Aftermath: The Thread

    You're right, there is no guarantee. But then again, any government can just introduce hate speech laws against you at any time, they don't need existing ones. Hitler wasn't able to do the things he did because the previous government had put in place the tools, he crafted them himself. If the far-right gets into power in the US (I'm talking beyond Banon and Trump), then it doesn't matter if existing hate speech laws exist, they will make them. In the meantime, hate speech laws can be used to prevent the rise of such groups.
  11. What 4 spin-offs would you like for GoT?

    No they are generally quite good. But in this case I would expect something like the transition from True Detective 1 to True Detective 2. The first season was a pet project and was in the works for years, so all the kinks were ironed out. Season 2 was made in response to Season 1 being so popular, and wasn't as good. GoT is popular because the plot and writing of the books were so incredibly well thought-out and 'realistically' complex for a TV show. Expected a spin-off to even come close to that level of polish is not realistic. Spin-offs might be entertaining, especially if very small and limited to only a few characters, but I don't think they would be able to come close to the greatest fantasy political drama of the modern age.
  12. A Storm of Spoilers - Game of Thrones: Season 7

    What makes the Sansa/Arya drama very contrived is that they have theoretically been together for at least a week or two now (possibly months, if all the sub-plots are actually moving at the same pace). It seems that in the show, no one ever talks to anyone about what they've been doing since they last met. This type of drama is a classic trope. It's similar to when a character walks in on their husband kissing a woman, but what really happened was that the woman kissed the man and he was pulling away from it, but the wife came in at the exact wrong moment. The husband yells "wait!" but the wife storms out...and the husband just stands there and doesn't follow or explain. Then you have an entire plot about him trying to re-earn her trust, etc. Something like that will happen here, even though Sansa would have already likely told Arya about what she went through (if this wasn't a TV show). Same thing with Theon and Jon—Jon has been in Dragonstone for at least a week or two with Theon...but are we to believe they haven't traded important information? People in the show seem to be in the same place for weeks due to the time-hopping and teleporting going on in this season. It's why I prefer that they slow things down and allow the plot to build, like in seasons 2 and 3. The issue of course is that they'd need to invent a bunch of filler stuff which they don't want to do (the writers have made it clear they wanted to end the season after this one, but HBO made them do another), and it's really hard to come up with writing that makes sense with the complex interactions required by this large of a story and cast. It's why the books take so long to write (well, at least until WoW, which is because Martin got lazy and wanted to travel around to conventions...).
  13. As suspected, looting is not a popular feature of RPGs. I generally can't stand it. The best gear should be from random drops (even if it has to be very rare) rather than player-crafted. I don't mind enhancing weapons through crafting, I just hate all the time needed to grind up to the level where you can make better stuff than you can find. I want to explore and fight, not own a shop.