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  1. Congress will pass a law making all NDAs legally no matter how horrible they are. Oh, and that all NDAs are not reviewable by courts, only by private arbitration (chosen by the contract writer).
  2. I've heard it been pointed out that if the contract was made in NY that it violates anti-adultery laws there, and would therefore be invalid.
  3. Here is my entry, and anecdote: My gf's best friend decided she needed to "cleanse" herself of "toxins." To do this, she decided to listen to Beyonce Knowles and do a 3-day lemon-water cleanse. Effectively, she could only drink lemon-water for 3 days straight. And I don't mean water with a squeeze of lemon. I mean like a 50/50 mix. She convinced my gf to do it with her (this is before we started dating), and my gf did out of solidarity. Anyway, they both started having intense diarrhea within 6 hours, and my gf gave up since she didn't really care about it. Her friend continued for the next 24 hours, and continued to just pump everything out her ass the whole time. It was a really dumb idea and I still laugh at them for it.
  4. Tell her to wrap cabbage around her mid-section. Ukrainians and Russians love to wrap cabbage around stuff to heal it.
  5. I thought he was fired because he was unfair to Clinton? Trump can't help but contradict himself.
  6. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/03/16/us/trumps-stormy-daniels-lawsuit.html He is taking a risk here, but the second quote explains why. In federal court, there is a greater chance they can get this arbitrated in private, while in California state court there is a greater chance of this being public, including any proof that she has.
  7. So the moral of the story is, in Florida you can report cracks in bridges and kids with guns, and the authorities will ignore the fuck out of you.
  8. Leaked Peak Into Amazon Prime Video Interal Metrics

    I have to say, this is a really poor metric at determining a show's worth. Yes, you want shows that draw new people in. But just having people watch the show matters as well. Keeping your existing users happy is actually more important than drawing in new ones.