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  1. No delay for me. Games work great. I really love these things, they're perfect for what I wanted. Great Christmas gift
  2. I bought mine pretty much exclusively for walking the dog and going to the gym. For both of those use cases a wire is a massive PITA. I'm sure i'll appreciate them more in the summer, too, when I go for runs and leave my phone behind (music on my watch).
  3. Seen a tweet and ordered mine before the shipping times slipped by a month. Here next Friday.
  4. So, so much better. To me, reddit and Narwhal are the same at this point. It just does everything, with a very simple but feature rich UI while taking full advantage of the platform (splitview, pip on iPad, 3D touch on iPhone). Alien Blue was my previous reddit app.
  5. Loved it.
  6. Same TV as me. It's so, so good. I can't imagine me upgrading until either something happens too it or 4k HDR in a substantially larger size is way cheaper.
  7. Likewise, lol. There's some good stuff in 10.2 by the looks. Saved camera settings, star ratings, new wallpapers, performance improvements + new kernal, modem firmware. The OS remembers which notification panel you were on, so you can always slide down to widgets, etc.
  8. They're back! They've been added to iOs 10.2, believe it or not.
  9. The short term is filled with dongles so that the long term won't have to be. It'll be great when literally everything is connected with USB-C. Hopefully Apple switches Lightning out for USB-C. I could see them completely dropping the connector before that happens, though.
  10. It's everything, in a USB-C connector.
  11. Yea, Touch Bar seems awesome but I spend most of my time docked so it wouldn't get much use unless I'm mobile.
  12. https://www.dropbox.com/s/03x2i9gmquf3rk0/Photo%202016-09-25%2C%204%2014%2032%20PM.jpg Pic I took of my friend's dog. I don't know how to embed it properly from dropbox, and it's too large to upload... so whatever. It's pretty impressive for a beta, IMO.
  13. I definitely would have preferred a "stemless" design like the Bragi, but yea the battery/connection issues are a big red flag and the ones I'd want are actually more expensive. I'm really hoping the AirPods turn out to be great. If not I'll probably just keep my LG Tone until something better comes along.
  14. I had PSVR for one glorious day. Got like 9 hours in, alot of RIGS, alot of demos, and all of VR Worlds. I found it incredible. Unfortunately some damage to my car and a no-refund EBGames policy meant selling it for a $100 loss the next day. Thankfully PSN refunded RIGS for me. I was shocked at how consuming it was. I didn't experience any motion sickness, and I really got caught up in what I was doing. I probably had the most fun in the car section of the London Heist, but RIGS was just overall a great time. I did have an issue where everything would slowly drop down and to the left over time, and if left unchecked would get incredibly disorienting and foolish looking. All in all, I can't wait to get it back. I'm thinking when I can afford it again after RE7 comes out.
  15. Sure, but in the context of what Jason said it implies that they removed the headphone jack and your only option is to buy these new Apple-only headphones. There's nothing stopping any other vendor from doing something similar to the W1 for power/connectivity. It's just the iCloud instant-sync that's exclusively Apple. I find it odd to complain about proprietary tech in that way as opposed to something like replacing a port with something proprietary. Shrug.