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  1. Plinkett's Kingdom of the Crystal Skull review (out now)

    I don't agree that any of it was nitpicking. I think what I particularly love about Plinkett's reviews is his emphasis on what is important to creating effective populist genre cinema. He continuously displays a sensitive and observant eye for nuances in characterization, plot consistency, special effects and marketing/concept. While he certainly turns his attention to the more fantastical elements of the films he reviews, his priorities always lie in the structural issues that are common to all storytelling. His favorable comments about the diner scene with Mutt and Indy were wonderfully observed for instance and show where his priorities lie with these reviews.
  2. Plinkett's Kingdom of the Crystal Skull review (out now)

    It has the same issues of structure as his two later Star Wars reviews. He goes on tangents that lose me an then goes back into cogent thoughtful points about the film's structure, approach and marketing. Still a real treat to watch. Love his stuff. And damn is he really going to do the Matrix sequels? They are dying for the Plinkett treatment! Some of the most disappointing sequels in memory.
  3. Whatever virtues it possesses are buried under the predictable structure and horrid dialogue for me. Never cared for it. That said, hospital procedurals are the only things I hate more than cop procedurals when it comes to prime time television.
  4. Angry feminazi is angry.

    You bend out of shape to explain your position and end sounding more sexist by the end of it. It's obvious you have no working understanding of feminism and yet feel comfortable making proclamations that justify your shitty behavior and opinions.
  5. ~*Official CEB Community Thread*~

    Congrats man! What's her name?
  6. Official Dark Knight Rises Trailer released

    Yup. Agreed. This looks great. Caine's delivery at the beginning is just killer. And what's with all the hate for Bane's voice (not in this thread but in the buzz I've been hearing on the net)? I think it's spot on. Tom Hardy was born to play a psychopathic terrorist.
  7. Christopher Hitchens Dead

    Comedy Death Ray is awesome!
  8. Christopher Hitchens Dead

    Spent many a nights just watching him on youtube tear into people.
  9. 'Jack the giant killer' trailer

    I like what I see. Really cool Duck Tales. How long you been in the business?
  10. If anything like what you describe actually existed in that trailer I'd actually want to see it! As it stands this just looks like Mike Myers warmed over.
  11. Please read before posting. Name and explain a moment in a film that is fleeting, even seemingly innocuous, but that to you resounds with meaning and helps cement your engagement in a character and/or story. This could be an actor or director's flourish, a visual motif, set design, a line of dialogue. I'd encourage anything that is incidental or not tied to the plot necessarily (though this is by no means a binding rule here). Really more about small moments that show the creators really cared about their story. For me it's a moment in Miyazaki's Ponyo where the young child protagonist and the little girl are (I believe) trying to set off in their boat. The boy is awkwardly attempting to light a candle. He gets a small spark going but notices just as quickly that the ember is beginning to die. Thinking it's going out he goes back into the box for another match but the minute he returns his attention to the candle he sees that the ember has regained strength and so discards the fresh match. What you need to understand is that this moment, fully and meticulously animated by the way, is going on completely incidentally as other things are going on in the scene. It's not pivotal or adds anything at all to the overall story. It's a purely visual little character moment showing a clumsy kid trying to do an "adult thing" like light a candle. Brilliant.
  12. My interest in Ghost Protocol hinges solely on my love of Brad Bird's past work. Nothing more, nothing less.
  13. New Brian K. Vaughn Series: "Saga"

    Yeah I'm in!