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  1. Lets talk Cheesecake Fatory

    Quality cheesecake but the place is always a zoo 
  2. Civilization VI Giveaway

  3. New GPU time.

    Enjoy the upgrade Scape!
  4. I'll be on more as we get closer to the weekend. Played a few rounds through my trial pass last night. I'm loving the tanks 
  5. Going xbone I think to run with @madmankevin, @JPSoccer4, @SeVeN CDN, @skillzdadirecta and the rest of you I ran around in the Division with. 
  6. Shadow Warrior 2 Reviews are dropping

    I'll be playing with my Wang tomorrow night. 
  7. Gears 4 on my brothers xbox one since I bought it on PC?

    This. I game share with someone and we just set each other's consoles as primaries. We platforms together 
  8. Battlelog

  9. I wonder if i'll pour a 1000 hours into this one. Me and @madmankevin cant wait!
  10. Destiny Discussion - Year 3

      Lvl up with Eris Morn. She gave me a 365 artifact last night. 
  11. I apparently had a seizure last night.

    Congrats on the sex.      Consult a physician. 
  12. Destiny Discussion - Year 3

        I do on Xbone. It may be my favorite thing about the game even though im not very good.