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  1. I'm trying to get a full group together on the 100 at 4pm EST on ps4 if anyone wants in let me know
  2. Seriously Folks WTF

    The Last Guardian people must never leave the house 
  3. You people see this Chinese commercial

    What do you mean by "you people"?
  4. ~*D1P Memorial Weekend Game Giveaway*~

    I recently won DOOM so please disqualify me. Thanks and have a great holiday Wade!
  5. Leaving the PS4 in a suspend game/sleep mode

    User Actions   Follow Shuhei YoshidaVerified [email protected] @dtothe @SatNavScholesy standby is fine, recommend to keep it always as
  6. Leaving the PS4 in a suspend game/sleep mode

    You're good to go. I'm all digital and this is one of my favorite options. Most of today's gadgets have a stand by mode. It seems to take forever to boot up when its not in stand by. 
  7. TMNT: Mutants in Manhattan

    Is this a feature in Overwatch?
  8. Overwatch platform

        I HATE kb/m, I'll never ever get used to it. With that said, feels like a shooter. Feels like it was made for consoles. Blizzard did a nice job. 
  9. This game is SO HARD. I can't get past the start screen!
  10. Overwatch platform

    I'm still undecided 
  11. Are you guys going to be playing Overwatch?

  12. Overwatch platform

    I'm in the process of packing/moving and still haven't pre-ordered Overwatch. I played the beta on ps4 and PC and saw very small differences. What is everyone doing?
  13. Had a Zebra, lost a pony. Story of my life.

    I'm super pumped for Overwatch and appreciate your generosity but I just won DOOM from our Supreme Leader. Thanks and goodd luck to all!