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  1. ~*Official 2016 D1P Discord Bros/IDGAF Fantasy League*~

    PPR or bust
  2. 2016-2017 Premier League Thread

    Go Blue
  3.     I hear "man, you're always playing games." And my response always is: " well, you are always on your phone or watching some shitty tv show." This goes for family members and friends. Sorry I don't watch big brother or duck hunt dynasty.  
  4. 20 hours during the week easily and anywhere from 8-12 hours over the course of a weekend. Kids are grown and my fiancee doesn't bust my balls. It is my main hobby and it makes me happy.  
  5. ~*Official 2016 D1P Discord Bros/IDGAF Fantasy League*~

    I'd love to play IF the right person (not Brazil) was running it. 
  6. Choose your faction

    D1P,  BC can burn in a dumpster fire. 
  7. Madden league

        I'm fucking awful at Madden, possibly the worst player ever. 
  8. Madden league

    Whatever happened to that popular madden league that was on BC and D1P?
  9. @GuyWhoPostsThings you forgot the number one sports game FIFA 17 
  10. Destiny (xbone,ps4) FIFA 17 (PC) Forza (PC)    
  11. 4k Gaming is broken

    I been playing GTA V in 4k on high, Im very happy. 
  12. Titanfall 2 BETA this weekend

        i played a few rounds this morning and I'm not a fan. The draw distance is terrible and the shooting mechanics feel a bit off compared to TF1.