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  1. Monster Hunter World

    If I buy I'll go X. The built in LFG is top notch.
  2. I don't think thats what he meant but that sucks for people who dropped 60 bucks on it
  3. I'll bite. What's wrong with a wrestling game? What are the serious problems one could develop from playing a wrasslin game?
  4. My fwb

    Just don't give her any money @highlevelgamer
  5. My fwb

  6. My fwb

    Is that when she lived in the Ukraine ? Also, I'm throwing a challenge flag. I believe Lee is an alt.
  7. My fwb

  8. Where do you like to be 'creative'?

    I do my best work on the toilet.
  9. PUBG on Xbox One X

    I will look into which drive it’s on. I am playing on the X. Thanks for the tip
  10. PUBG on Xbox One X

    The game still runs like utter shit. I tried it the other night again.
  11. I'm sure if they made more off of PC sales than console sales they would probably go PC first. Economics.
  12. Looking for an RPG for the X1X.

    Fortnite BR has great RPG mechanics
  13. Your Best and Worst movies of 2017

    Best- Logan Worst-Star Wars
  14. Recommend me a must have X1X game

    It's hilarious how unoptimized Ubi games are for PC. I gave up on GR for PC. If I have an itch I'll buy it for xbx
  15. Its probably best to hold it in. Let her go first so your poop cycles are no longer synced.