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  1. What's your console/handheld Mount Rushmore?

    SNES Ps1 Ps2 Xbox360
  2. GWG for August

  3. I ended up playing Destiny for the Iron Lagger gear and started a new play through of Watchdogs. 
  4. XB1 vs XB1 S vs Scorpio

        Congrats on the purchase! I got the p55 last month. The picture is awesome. You're going to need a sound bar, the TV sound sucks. I bought vizio's 2016 smart cast 5.1 surround
  5. I've accepted the fact that I'm going to die a virgin

    @highlevelgamer do you have high standards? I know a 38 year old virgin  who hasn't gotten laid because he wants a model.  Bro, just fuck a fatty or hire a whore. 
  6. XB1 vs XB1 S vs Scorpio

        I have the p series, that is excellent news
  7. XB1 vs XB1 S vs Scorpio

    500 gig s on preorder. Hoping Vizio patches in HDR10 soon and I also hope the Blu-ray UHD is nice 
  8. Congrats on moving onto next ge....I mean current gen! I actually just started playing Watchdogs today since I never finished it when it first came out. So much fun.
  9. Xbox One S August 2

      I preordered my 50 gig right after e3. I'm really hoping for August release 
  10. I'm going to check this out soon as I'm done Narcos. Maybe its in 4K, 1080p looks like garbage to me now. 
  11. Never seen Steam down like this...

  12. I'm a ps4wiiuxbonepc owner so nope. 
  13. Firefight Update is Live (Halo 5 Free for a Week)

        I'm hooking my One back up today. I would be down to play
  14. Dead or Alive 5 Last Round