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  1. COD: IW worth $37?

    If it doesn't come with MW then absolutely not. The multiplayer is absymal however the campaign is quite fun, just not at that price. 
  2. ~*D1Pmas 2K16 Official Thread*~

    My top three:   St. Jude's  doctors without borders my wedding fund (relatively new charity)
  3. A new D1Pshit approaches

    Congrats on the sex 
  4. What Games Are You Playing This Weekend?

    Witcher 3 or Dishonored 
  5. ~*Official 2016 D1P Discord Bros/IDGAF Fantasy League*~

        Still there. I know nothing of the other discords you speak of though 
  6. Hey guys, remember me?

      Bad cold keeping me down, new house is great, and gearing up for the holidays! 
  7. Hey guys, remember me?

      @Nokra gets girlfriend and forgets about the boards.    Congrats on the sex though 
  8. Do you go back and play your older consoles?

    Absolutely not. 
  9. Stand by for Titanfall 2 reviews

    I have a 60 dollar origin card burning a hole in my pocket so I may buy it 
  10. Lets talk Cheesecake Fatory

    Quality cheesecake but the place is always a zoo 
  11. Civilization VI Giveaway

  12. New GPU time.

    Enjoy the upgrade Scape!
  13. Battlefield 1 - Official Thread!

    I'll be on more as we get closer to the weekend. Played a few rounds through my trial pass last night. I'm loving the tanks 
  14. Battlefield 1 - Official Thread!

    Going xbone I think to run with @madmankevin, @JPSoccer4, @SeVeN CDN, @skillzdadirecta and the rest of you I ran around in the Division with.