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  1. All maps are free. You can use in game currency to buy new characters and skins. Or buy season pass to unlock characters without grind.
  2. Rate my haul for the day

  3. Why is no one following the Rainbow Six Seige model?!?! It obviously makes Ubi money and is top 10 in steam for the most part
  4. It definitely looks better on the X than it did on my S. The black color was really washed and the bloom was set too high.
  5. headset solution for Xbox one

    I just use the one ear bud that has the inline mic and let the other hang .
  6. 39 and the youngest I would date is 27 if I wasn't married.
  7. I was playing through ea access. I believe in total there are five-six heroes locked plus whatever ones they give us down the road.
  8. If you want to play as Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader, they cost 60,000 in-game credits to unlock each, while other heroes are either unlocked at launch or cost less. One Reddit user crunched the numbers in a spreadsheet, with an estimated 40 hours to unlock just one 60k hero.
  9. I really have no issue with loot crates. My issue is with grinding 40 hours to unlock a single hero. FUCK THAT.
  10. As much as I'm loving the game in the ea access trial I can't in good faith give them my money. Locking heroes behind grind/paywalls when you pay 60 bucks for the game already is ridiculous.
  11. Xbox Game Gifting

    Manage your own matchmaking agency with the guidance of your fabulous boss, drag queen diva KittyPowers Game of the year? Quite possibly.