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  1. EA Vault - Rory McIlroy PGA Tour

    i paid 12 for it and still felt ripped off
  2. Forza 6: Apex "open beta" coming May 5th

  3. Damn that is terrible....
  4.   Nevermind , got one!
  5.     S my D, I only paid 30 for battleborn.     Anyway, been playing Overwatch since I got home and God damn is this game fun! In my short time my go to characters are Pharah, Bastion and Mercy. Thanks to @Chris I'm on ps4 but I'm absolutely leaning PC. I think I'll watch and see where the D1P community goes. 
  6. NEW Gaming PC: Windows 10 / 7 ?

    Bite the pillow and accept Windows 10 
  7. Is this where I beg for a code?    Looking for any system 
  8. Battleborn - Am I the only one?

    I grabbed it but I probably won't be on much until the weekend

    Only if its in a blunt or papers. 
  10. OMG dude bros!    How much will they rape us for the other 10 MW maps? 
  11. Home Surveillance cameras

  12. My transition timeline!

    Welcome back!!!