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  1. Hitman Holiday Mission AND Episode 1 FREE

    Awesome. I'll check it out tomorrow. I appreciate the heads up.
  2. I guess it may take years to learn how to cope with it better. It's coming up on 7 months since he passed and it only gets worse. Also, it's not just a brother, it's an identical twin brother so my heart litterally feels broken in half. I appreciate your post.
  3. Ps Pro worth it for 1080?

    Mine is as quiet as a mouse.
  4. Horizon Zero Dawn reviews are coming in

    That's one aspect in the game I liked a lot.
  5. I like this view point. Unfortunately, I'm in a depression again LARGELY because of missing my twin brother with our birthday coming up. I'm currently at work thinking how I should kill myself again. Not good. I guess I'll always feel extreme heartbreak everyday until I leave this planet. Therapy and meds only do so much. You can't fix a broken heart like this one.
  6. What are You Playing This Weekend?

    On XBOX One X? Notice improvements? Solid game for sure.
  7. Boobies and babies

    I offered her my seed. She politely declined.
  8. YouTube app finally gets updated for 4k 60!

    YouTube was awesome yesterday for me. The 4k videos I watched were extremely impressive.
  9. I should have said I agreed with everything I could hear. I had a difficult time understanding what he was saying on occasion. Overall, fantastic man with such a clear logical stance.
  10. I agreed with almost everything he said in the vid.
  11. Very good to read. Thank you.
  12. Please post impressions.
  13. Short vid of me playing HS bball

    Here's the other clip. Another big game that we won. It's me again making the big shot lol. Beerham is seen in the stands near the end with both hands in his pockets. You guy's would need to know what he looks like obviously. @Tofurkey