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  1. Maybe he's an avid user of Bing? There search algorithm for porn is top notch I guess.
  2. Not retired, but honorably discharged. Does this affect me?
  3. Meh. The building owners (which includes local governments) should be paying for these upgrades, not the national government. That being said, her promise was about as stupid as something Trump would say.
  4. It would be great to hear the actual audio!
  5. Trump to sign executive orders on health care

    Sounds like a great way of avoiding the estate tax when he dies.
  6. Mass shooting at country music fest in Las Vegas

    He got fat implants? Is that like the opposite of liposuction?
  7. Mass shooting at country music fest in Las Vegas

    It looks like he gained at least 30 pounds since the October 10th picture of his award dinner.
  8. Listening to Hannity on my way home tonight, that's exactly what this is. It's a deflection.