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  1. I think we are on the same page.
  2. Aren't you a paramedic or something like that? I swear you've told us stories about kids getting shot all the time in your town.
  3. I'm speaking strictly of smuggling/trafficking of marijuana into the country. Legal importation is fine I guess, I'd just like to see people being able to buy weed that is not at all connected with organized crime. And if you're buying on the street, there's a chance you're funding a cartel, or at least a gang.
  4. How many kids are dying because of the drug war in Baltimore every year?
  5. 100% agreed. I think the federal government should still be able to enforce trafficking at the border though. Legalization of marijuana at the federal level, and having dozens of states enact similar policies would go a long way to hitting the cartels harder than anything else.
  6. No VC at launch was a bit disappointing, however, I'm not surprised at all that downloaded games would be locked to a single system. Do other consoles let you play a game on multiple systems with a single purchase?
  7. That's why you just buy the normal game doe.
  8. Thankfully, I've never had to take Oxycontin. Almost every story I've ever heard about them is they are horrible from an addiction standpoint.
  9. It's ironic though. When the statue of Liberty was built, anti-Chinese fervor was so high Congress enacted a law banning anymore Chinese from immigrating. Europeans? You're cool though.
  10. How many illegals (and Americans!) do you figure will die in the ensuing round up?
  11. Jason, you clearly are BIGGEST limp wristed liberal on this board! I bet you even wear one of those dip-shitty dress coats with elbow patches. FUCK
  12. ...Like when deporting 11 million bad hombres??
  13. And the only free press shall be actual printing presses. Gtfo of here with your fancy electronic media. Edit: I hope everyone realizes I'm not arguing in favor of this stupid memo.
  14. I guess what I'm saying is, if there had to be a specific act that granted citizenship to Indians, there ought to be a specific act that either grants (or denies) citizenship to children born of foreign nationals.