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  1. Miltary gets paid on the first and fifteenth of the month. If Congress can pass a spending bill in the next 10 days, no military personnel should see an interruption of their pay.
  2. Donald had a knot in his thigh and Ivanka was just helping him massage it out.
  3. My diet consists mostly of fat, and very little carbohydrates. At my physical last week, my blood pressure was 103/65 and a heart rate of 50. Yes, I'm only 37, but I don't really exercise. So I have that going for me. I suppose.
  4. This whole I/I'd fiasco wouldn't even be an issue if the white house didn't pitch a fit. Now the story has blown up. If the White House was smart they simply would have issued a press release that the president meant he would have a relationship with Kim, not that he currently does.
  5. If it's a software based system, there is absolutely no reason not to include a "are you sure" notice to the operator and a follow on "are you really sure you want to send out this missile warning" message. I've dealt with systems that don't confirm whether you want to perform a critical action (like shut down a piece of critical infrastructure). This is a huge design flaw and can lead to unwanted results.
  6. If we go down the route of true driverless cars, they shouldn't "feel" or look like cars - at least on the inside. Maybe set it up so passengers face each other, or allow more movement so people can move between seats as they see fit. But this concept car will just give people the heebie jeebies because there is clearly a place for a steering wheel and pedals, but they aren't there.
  7. CNN is giddy that they get to say "shithole" every 30 seconds. Haven't watched MSNBC or Fox to see how often the anchors are saying the word.
  8. President Trump is a commander in chief who fuels himself with a steady stream of Diet Cokes, scoops of vanilla ice cream and slabs of red meat. He gets as little as five hours of sleep a night. He is not known to exercise more than the brief strolls beyond his cart on the golf course.
  9. Anyone think there is enough votes for congress to censure the President? It wouldn't require that many R's to flip for such a vote. It's symbolic, but it's something. PLUS it would get Trump so riled up he might just blow his top!
  10. Right. I just wanted a true American patriot to answer. Not (((Jason))).
  11. Why is the US military allowing an enlisted member (no matter how high ranking) to make statements like this? It's inappropriate. Leave the public statements to the flag officers. Senior enlisted should focus on their own enlisted members, using internal and non public communications.
  12. Tbf, cnn spent more time talking about this "meeting" than they talked about the release of the fusion gps testimony transcript release.