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  1. I thought the art and models in Fable Legends were quite nice, I just wasn't interested in the MP only gameplay. If they can use those resources in this new game it could give them a nice head start.
  2. My Hero Academia is worth your time

    I really enjoy it. Hulu has Simulcasts of it too, I watched the second season that way as it came out.
  3. Amazon Anime Strike Dicontinued

    They've killed it and folded everything into regular Prime video now. Anyone who wasn't willing to pay a second subscription beyond Prime (like me) can now watch everything they have.
  4. What Anime Are You Watching?

    Supposedly GT gets a lot better as it goes. I think it course corrected some and became more like Z. Also SS4 looks so much better than the different colored hair they are going with in Super. I just watched Devilman Crybaby and am not really a fan of what it ended up being. I'm also watching Re:Creators now that Amazon has folded all of it's Anime Strike stuff into regular Prime video.
  5. Netflix's Devilman: Crybaby

    I really hated the art style at first, but I got used to it. Otherwise umm... major story spoilers. Now that I think about it, the team up show with Devilman and Cyborg 9 was cool and fun, but both of the individual series they made afterwards were downers.
  6. Free Blade Runner game on Steam

    I love Blade Runner and this looks very cool.
  7. Humble Software Bundle - Worth it for Vegas Pro 14?

    I just jumped on this, since I need a new video editor. I won't be able to try it out tonight though, because their installer download speeds are garbage. I haven't seen something download this slow in over 10 years, I am going to have to leave it downloading overnight. Unfortunately this deal isn't for the Steam version, so I seem to be stuck with dial up speed.
  8. Nice, I missed the last one. $40 for me!
  9. I don't recall any stuttering, but I played it from the internal HDD and it's been a while.
  10. What is your favorite apple?

    Braeburn, I like the light sweet tart taste.
  11. This is so weird, the engine obviously works well on multiple cores, that's what it has to do on the Xbox.
  12. Ah, OK. They're still just enormous easy to hit targets though, and kind of dumb looking.
  13. How is their economy building all this crap? The First order occupies a small section of the galaxy, while the Empire occupied almost all of it. Also, they just make bigger easier to hit targets.