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  1. It's kind of nice to see the gang's still all here and still talking about the same crap. Love it.
  2. Mass Effect Retrospective

    Definitely going to dig into these videos since I've put Andromeda on indefinite hold until it's completely patched up, although the latest patch has made the conversation animations much better. Also being able to skip the space travel animations is a huge plus.
  3. Finished Quantum Break a few weeks ago on Xbox One. Loved everything about it except for the craptacular end boss fight. Solid game 8/10. Also very happy to find D1P is still rocking. It's been far too long since i've last been around.
  4. So who is on board the VR train?

    That's my biggest worry as well. The guys at Tested.com were just ball parking the Vive stuff and were hitting around $700-$800us for headset, 2 lighthouse modules and controllers. They also talked about how Oculus and HTC/Valve could take significant loses in order to position the devices as software platforms rather than making money on hardware. I can see Oculus doing that because of Facebook backing but HTC is in the business of making money on Hardware so unless Valve is going to heavily subsidize the cost it could get pricey real quick. Non of this is even factoring in the actual PC power cost that both devices will most certainly need to function properly.
  5. Valve to offer HTC Vive Developer Edition for free...

    It's actually re-VIVE on the dev kits. The "re" is very small so most people either haven't noticed it or are just going with VIVE.
  6. So who is on board the VR train?

    Now that I've played around with my DK2 for a few days I'm a true believer. Just gobsmacked with some of the demos. I can see the potential. I'm very much looking forward to CV1 or Vive whichever comes first. Had a few bouts of minor motion sickness with some demos but nothing really that bad that I had to stop. Elite is just exhilarating in the DK2, my god. I need to go out and get a USB extension in order to use my HOTAS but my initial impression was having a giant shit eating grin the whole time.
  7. So who is on board the VR train?

    Waiting on my DK2 order and Saitek X52 for Elite.....so yup I'm on board.
  8. I really like the Golf Club, have it on PC and X1 but haven't played in months. Have they added real multiplayer with friends yet? @IgotGAME I'm down with Rory Golf 2015, can't wait. Frostbite looks great.
  9. Just means I buy very few games day one on consoles now. No big deal. Certainly will never buy anything digitally at those prices and impulse purchases won't be happening any more.
  10. Help buy a nice kid a ps4 ITT

    Hey that exchange rate was crazy. Stupid Canada. )p
  11. Help buy a nice kid a ps4 ITT

    I've got quite a few freebies over the years here and wanted to help another user out. I read every day don't know why I stopped posting but you guys make me smile! Good job D1P!
  12. Help buy a nice kid a ps4 ITT

    Yup. Didn't see the email option for friends because i'm blind. Enjoy Cup. @stepee i'm going to assume that NativeMotif.com is where is was supposed to go. I sure hope so.
  13. Help buy a nice kid a ps4 ITT

    IS there a way for me to make an actual donation on paypal or do I have to use the "pay for goods and services" (on full site) Seems my only option is the goods and services but that will require Stepee to pay a fee to access the funds. Edit: nevermind. All sent.
  14. Help buy a nice kid a ps4 ITT

    I have no idea who Cup is and I haven't posted in a while but i've got $40 to pitch in because I haven't done anything nice in a while. Enjoy.
  15. What '16 Sports Titles are You Buying Next Year?

    I miss NHL but I had to speak with my wallet regarding the pos 15 version. If EASHL returns I'll buy 16, if not I guess I'll be done with EA sport titles altogether.