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  1. I'm so at a loss right now as to what to think. This is just too much!
  2. Nice to see there is some good ol fashion human humor they have
  3. Oh geeze, that's horrible. 1 dead
  4. 100 million versions of unlocking Luigi in Mario 64. From ridiculous things like catching the rabbit in the basement after doing a number of things, to trying to get behind the waterfall to fight the hammer brothers in a secret cave where Luigi was held. Hours if investigations! I remember the new stuff in R/B but does anyone remember Yoshi supposedly under the truck? I thought that was real for so long. Secret levels with Knuckles in Sonic 2 which I found out years later to be unfinished zones from Sonic 3 and S&K that were left in early stages in Sonic 2. Lara Croft nude code so famous too. I remember Bill Clinton in NBA jam, later found out it was real! Life changing Ocarina of Time and more so Majora's Mask had so many urban legend theories around different things, they were the precursor to what we call Creepy Pasta stuff. Along with the whole Lavender Town stuff! Still freaks me out and has legit pieces to the insanity.
  5. Just the box.... I am away but someone told me a package came for me. I wouldn't be too upset about the box but NO GAME? I am good with this stuff but did anyone think this couldn't possibly have no game?
  6. Trailer itself: When that music started at 3:35... my heart started going crazy
  7. The Official Thread for PixelPipes!

    Awesome! Congrats on this and thanks for the exclusive I think I do!
  8. Duck Tales reboot teaser

    I want to play the game again now
  9. I'm going to need to get an Xbox One Edit: Oh wait, PC too? Maybe not!
  10. Damn, was really hoping to see Infiltrator in action. I guess there was no squad-combat shown either. Looks like Mass Effect though, that's about all I got from that, and I can't say that's a bad thing. I'm really not sure what to think about this "be any class at any time" idea I'm seeing talked about. I thought a core piece of Mass Effect's combat was based around utilizing your squad mates' strengths in conjunction with your own. I'm guessing you can't change mid-combat though, perhaps only when out of combat situations? I'm the same, I've been calling for a stand-alone expanded multiplayer-only game of ME3's multiplayer since it came out. It was some of the most fun and intense experiences I had in any multiplayer game ever.
  11. @Xbob42 made an edit to one and it was fabulous
  12. Better late then never! My bad!
  13. So many feels, good stuff putting this together this year . I am unable to donate this time, but I hope D1P can bring the love to someone in need again! I absolutely love the receipt responses at the top: "Hi DayOnePatch Supreme High Chancellor, thank you for giving..."
  14. New Wonder Woman trailer..

    I was so worried about her being "smaller" than I the Wonder Woman I was expecting but she is killing the part so good, I'm so excited for this movie. I saw Batman vs. Superman just for the Wonder Woman parts. The fight scenes with her and the way she moves look like they carry so much weight and power, it's making me freak haha! Yeah a little bit actually. It sounded familiar and couldn't place it, good call. Not as much guitar though, but close
  15. Are people really gonna whip out their Switches after a rousing game of basketball and play some NBA Jam? I have a huge problem with this portable being portable used outside of the house. The Vita is I think the absolute limit on how big I would have wanted a portable to be, and it and the 3DS are both single all-in-one units with no assembly required. I love the concept, was waiting to see what Nintendo was doing, but it feels like the WiiU was, only they merged the console and the tablet piece. My tablet has not moved from it's dock since day 1 I also noticed a very big FPS problem in their portable Zelda at 0:40. All concept I'm sure, but why purposely show like, 20 FPS gameplay right after silky smooth 60 FPS? Would love to see some battery information too, since this is the entire system you take with you if you use portable mode.