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  1. I had no idea we were getting a sequel! I really enjoyed the first one, and the online was different at the time too.
  2. Leave a rose for GameTrailers.

    I got upset about this last night. I was in the middle of playing XCOM and got a message and just couldn't keep playing. I was hoping it was a joke, but reality set in and here is the next day. I can't say I regularly visited them, but they had a great bunch of people and thought their reviews were well done. I remember GameTrailers when they were just a homepage with an alphabetical iisting of new game trailers! I don't think there was a better place to find almost any trailer at that speed yet. I actually don't know if that was the same GameTrailers as was here, but I felt good knowing they were they   I'm sure we will see some of their personalities pop up somewhere soon .
  3. This could be a tremendous move for Amazon, and I am really interested to see the first games that are birthed form this.   Currently it is in Beta, and for PC and Consoles with VR and Mobile coming later.
  4.   I got the impression that the entire crust of the earth was being folded on itself, like a City Taco!
  5. The random shit we seem to do to each other just never ends    
  6. Whoa, has this always existed?

      We rescheduled the update   Vic's fault! I swear!
  7. XCOM 2: Review and Discussion Thread

    So... something really useful. Recruit and have plenty of soldiers on hand. You will thank me on a later mission that you are pretty much thrown into.     I do believe there are other factors that go into this than a simple dice roll. Everyone seem to have these high chance to hit misses way too often for it to be a simple probability. I seem to notice my soldiers are hitting more as they level up, and my hacking almost never fails on the harder options. Too much unknowns to say for sure, but there is def some background factors going on.
  8. This is SO awesome. I can't believe how into it I got    
  9. Whoa, has this always existed?

    New feature that came with the last update. Probably should have made a thread introducing everyone to all the new stuffs, but was busy being yelled at for quad-posts   D1P Best Site
  10. Can we turn this into an Amy Jo Johnson thread?    
  11. This web comic

      Was thinking about movies
  12. This web comic

    I remember this one, have not scene it in a while! It does an oddly-terrific job taking you on a crazy roller coaster of a ride. Someone should turn it into a movie. A type of wierd science-=-fiction horror that will freak you the hell out
  13. Fuuuuu, I can see deleted and double posts, and I had a nice star wars spoiler in there