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  1. Are people really gonna whip out their Switches after a rousing game of basketball and play some NBA Jam? I have a huge problem with this portable being portable used outside of the house. The Vita is I think the absolute limit on how big I would have wanted a portable to be, and it and the 3DS are both single all-in-one units with no assembly required.   I love the concept, was waiting to see what Nintendo was doing, but it feels like the WiiU was, only they merged the console and the tablet piece. My tablet has not moved from it's dock since day 1   I also noticed a very big FPS problem in their portable Zelda at 0:40. All concept I'm sure, but why purposely show like, 20 FPS gameplay right after silky smooth 60 FPS?   Would love to see some battery information too, since this is the entire system you take with you if you use portable mode.
  2. The Repugnant Conclusion

    I was mentioned in a topic by Legend, so I thought I was about to find something really interesting! I kinda did, but I also saw it was @Boyle5150's work about my fictional girlfriend calling to me again .     Anyway, I've heard about this argument once before from my sister when she was in college. I understand the idea it's trying to communicate, but it's way too mathematical for the purposes of moral judgments and solutions. This idea of concluding which world is better is only valid in Civilization games where happiness is based off of a singular thing. You can use this same method of calculation and conclude that simply removing the unhappy people from the world would make it better. Of course I say that without defining the word "better" because how can you do that?
  3. Well hi thar

      Jelly beyond words. Hnnnnnnnnnng. Not my color, but not my car either! I demand to hear your thoughts on it after you get some driving in!
  4.   I'm hovering around   Boyle's Relationship Science is a best seller!   Edit: Why I get an email from last week mention
  5. How is there not a Pokemon Go thread?

      I'm pissed about the maps being taken out entierly. I've been keeping my own Pokemon GO google map tracker updated as I go to new places. I was hoping I could just reference the mini-maps on where a pokemon was caught so I don't need to mark everything as I go   Still no Vulpix sightings, I want my Ninetales so bad! Did get a Hitmonchan from a 10k egg though, so s'ok
  6. Nooooooooooooooo!    
  7. Pokemon Sun/Moon - News and Updates

    $1 favorite pokemon of all time is Ninetales, and to see it finally get some special treatment in anyway is making me all giddy inside! 2nd favorite pokemon is Sandslash, so the trailer just basically overwhelmed me to see them both highlighted.   I am excite, although a little upset about what this Z-Attack "once per battle use" could be all about. What got me was they showed it being used on a level 15 pokemon. I hope this is something you need to work on to unlock, and not just handed out as a "Hey, blow up the world with your level 10 Ratata!"
  8. How is there not a Pokemon Go thread?

    For real? Damn. I was hoping that bad pixelation was just how the picture turned out when uploaded and posted . That page I found it on fooled me too. I feel violated!
  9. How is there not a Pokemon Go thread?

    Sorry triple post, but separate news. Was posted about 2 days ago on the Pokemon GO facebook page. Future updates?