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  1. Make Emoji's Great Again

    The Eagle-face one is pretty good
  2. FFXIV PS4 Discussion Thread

    Food only gives +3% exp still. Hoping to see an EXP booster food or something in the future, but probably won't be the case.   I think you can max out at like +250% exp bonus. Food + FC buffs + Rested exp.   Leveling roullete would be the place to go if you are a tank class though, you get instant non-stop dungeons doing that one plus money and exp rewards.
  3. Battlefield 1: multiplayer details

      I would love to know more about this. Nothing is more fun then rolling around in a vehical with your teamates all having dedicated jobs. Driver, gunner, main gun... spotter or reloader? Might suck to be the reloader, but yeah teamwork!
  4. I got no code for this, I was really hoping I would. @Wild's impressions have me very worried, and I don't like being worried!
  5. Robots are people too! I would be happy to ASSist!
  6. Fear Effect Sedna

    Ooo I could go for this. Its funny, I was clearing out my ps1 and ps2 games from my closet and into storage, and pulled a few games on the side to maybe play. Fear Effect was one. 
  7. Lost it at "Playing Batcave Music" and then when he put 20:00 instead of 2:00 on the microwave. Yup, I'm there
  8.   They should have ended it with the gunshot, not with the extra line "You'll be alright". Really make the world scream for the next week lol. It was really annoying how they did that though, kinda a subtle breaking of the 4th wall since you know they did that to poke at the "Kill ____, we riot!" idea
  9. I like this! I hope the puzzles don't get too worn out too soon, lots of potential mind-grinding here!
  10. Fermats last Theorem solved

    Solved back in 1994? That's a damn long time ago now