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  1. I had to buy xcom 4 or whatever its called.

      I feel like Snipers should be high accuracy, 1-2 shot before reloading, and the base damage should increased by 1 point. Or have some kind of increased accuracy during overwatch or something. Snipers should be stationary long distance pure kill-this-target classes.   Although in the previous XCOM, my sniper classes about 3/4 through the game were just that. Only did a few missions so far last night.
  2. O I C WAT U D1D THER   ... still playing XCOM 2
  3. XCOM 2   I mean D1P server stuff....   ....I mean XCOM 2
  4. XCOM 2 Preload is Live

    Started playing last night, I see the ambush isn't as I thought it was. Figured it was an entire free turn for your guys when you first ambush, but it is only for the opening shot from 1 soldier. Set up everyone in overwatch before opening up an ambush is the best you can do, although I still see how it can be annoying. Spork is right though, without the enemy moving after the action starts, you could take so many out on a single turn.   My sniper has been dominating more than I think she should be though. My heavy gunner dude is missing on almost every shot they do however . Sword killing aliens is pretty fun, but most of the time leaves you so heavily exposed unless it is a lone alien or end of a group kill. Works pretty well with a Ranger who remains concealed too after the reveal from the perk you could do.
  5. XCOM 2 Preload is Live

      You can set up 1st turn ambushes now though can't you? Get your team into position before initiating the battle and then they will be alerted when the shooting starts?
  6. I had to buy xcom 4 or whatever its called.

      Dora the Whora!
  7. XCOM 2 Preload is Live

      I have yet to play, but from what I understand they give you an infinite amount of turns from the start, and it is only when you are noticed by the aliens that they start taking their turns attacking you.
  8. Crane collapsed in NYC today early morning. Caught on camera from a high-rise window. 1 person died      
  9. Vic, Dell has your new monitor ready

  10. Make sure you clean your computer regularly

    Dunk the whole case in Hydrogen Peroxide. Kills errythang!
  11. Nintendo President Outlines His Strategy

    One of the most common things I see from people who worked at Nintendo was that they love the culture, but the "management" (referring to the decision makers in many areas) are seemingly stuck in older ways of thinking and/or not interested in newer ideas coming from younger and newer employees. All the answers do not lay there, but it is very refreshing to see the top acknowledge this. They are such a fantastic company to study
  12. I want this to be great. I need this to be great. SAC is one of the best anime series ever put together. Cyberpunk at it's finest as far as I am concerned!   One of my favorite moments with the Major in the series