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  1. How is there not a Pokemon Go thread?

    For real? Damn. I was hoping that bad pixelation was just how the picture turned out when uploaded and posted . That page I found it on fooled me too. I feel violated!
  2. How is there not a Pokemon Go thread?

    Sorry triple post, but separate news. Was posted about 2 days ago on the Pokemon GO facebook page. Future updates?    
  3. How is there not a Pokemon Go thread?

    Got some new information from some data mining that was done here:     So using super effective moves against a pokemon actually charges your special meter faster based on the formula (1 HP damage = 0.5 meter fill). I would like to know how the meter bars are dividied up, as 0.5 is not as meaningful if we don't know how big the guage actually is. But knowing it fills faster is good enough to help make a better decision from sending out your 500cp effective hitter vs a 400cp super effective hitter, as an example.   lol 5 million exp needed for 39 to 40. At least you will never stop getting exp    
  4. How is there not a Pokemon Go thread?

          Welcome to D1P!  
  5. The Magnificent Seven: Trailer #2

    In all the way!
  6. Blair Witch 2016

    The 1st film is a crazy memory for me and a friend of mine. 4th grade kids watching that and sleeping all night with the dog locked in the room with us after   I'm compelled to see this to simply know what happened. That shot of the guy standing in the corner, son of a... my hair shot up remembering that
  7. That's fantastic, what a find! I would love to know what is on that disk. What makes it even more amazing is it wasn't thought to exist. Makes you wonder what else we don't know exists that is sitting in someone's closet
  8. Data saver and D1P

      F that guy!
  9. How is there not a Pokemon Go thread?

    Gathered a few funny Pokemon GO images . All SFW, but one has a woman's legs up in her doctor's office... so possible NSFW. Hilarious none the less      
  10. How is there not a Pokemon Go thread?

      Do waaaant
  11. How is there not a Pokemon Go thread?

      I can confirm ponds as long as they appear on the map, seem to work just fine too for some water types. I've got a few Polywag's by my town park's pond, and my sister says she found a Horsea by some other water near her work (same town). Although I also saw a Charmander near a pond but he never actually showed up to catch   I'm making my own google map file and noting pokestops, gyms, and just started a layer with known Pokemon locations (where I can self verify or through a friend/family). I have to say, I'm enjoying feeling like a cartographer of sorts by doing this. It looks really awesome already . Once I get a few more towns dotted up and locations gone to, maybe I'll release it to the masses to edit if they want. I have not started anything in NYC yet because that's going to be a monster of a project and I'm about an hour away as it is. But I'm working on Westchester County and Connecticut now. Going to venture into Danbury again and then Stamford to get some plots marked.   Out of curioisity, what is everyone's trainer level now? In addition to a pokemon's CP thresholds, I'm pretty sure you are not going to have the ability to FIND all the pokemon at level 5. I'm guessing some are locked out from you or have an extremely low percent chance of being seen by you if they are around. I have duo'd with my sister a lot and we keep running into the same exact pokemon when we do, except yesterday I ran into a 120CP Eevee at level 9 trainer, and she wasn't getting it to pop up as a level 8. Could be server or other glitches, but it got me thinking the trainer levels could def effect the pokemon you find. I didn't see Pidgeottos before, and now I see them on my tracker more often than I would have thought.
  12. How is there not a Pokemon Go thread?

      Ha, indeed it is!
  13. How is there not a Pokemon Go thread?

    So I reported this as a bug, but has anyone else experienced the map location of a pokemon being caught or hatched being completly blank? Even my guys who had maps before don't now. I recently downloaded a region of google maps for offline use, so I wonder if that is connected?   Pic of what I see on all my pokemon now:    
  14. Two Dudes Literally Walk Off A Cliff...

    So this needs to be added to the list of "The Random Stupidity of Humanity." I'm thinking we can put this right above "Korean kid dies from starvation while playing too much Starcraft" and below "Guy runs car into train because GPS told him too".