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  1. Oh man I'm sorry. I forgot you changed your name and I just put @ and then started typing out irreverent and that's the first thing that popped up and selected it.
  2. On this special episode of the D1Pcast, @SFLUFAN, @Mr.Vic20 and I decided we try something different. With the recent release of the Nintendo Switch we wanted to have people from the boards call in and tell us about their experiences with the Switch. What they like and don't like and whether they have hulk hand or presidential hands when using their joycons. We also have a special guest @EvolvingNeanderthala.k.a Major who stops by and tell us about his website http://www.straightupgaypodcast.com/ He tells about why he started his website and his podcast The Straight Up Gay Podcast. We discuss about why started his podcast and a bit about LGBT characters in video games. You might also find out his deep secret that involves someone on these boards! So listen in and join us on crazy that is Switch talk! Thanks to everyone that called in to make this episode possible! @Rodimus @Zaku3(Sorry about that it being your break time!) @Anzo @SeVeN CDN @Rev
  3. I wouldn't put Miracle Rogue over Dragon Priest. Lately I have been like 1/10 against Miracle Rogue as Dragon Priest. As soon as Auctioneer comes out and I don't get rid of it as soon as it lands on the board it's an uphill battle that unless I get something to remove it but they usually draw a back up. Paladin I'm 50/50 as I really hate Anfin Can Happen
  4. So just wondering before the new meta kicks in, how do you rank the current classes in the meta? For me I think Miracle Rogue right now is pretty unbeatable. At least for me as a Priest. How has it been for you guys? Rogue Shaman Warrior Druid Warlock Paladin Priest Hunter Mage
  5. Naw, I'm going through ME1 and the way they introduce characters and story development it takes it's time. You don't even become a Spectre until a good 2-3 hours into the game depending if you decided to explore the citadel and converse with the other races. ME2 did a great job at introducing new characters and growing with them with through their loyalty missions. Grunt, Zaeed and Thane were some of my favorite missions.
  6. It was down for me and I couldn't log into my account properly or launch any games. But after an hour or two it was back up and running.
  7. Thanks! I have been trying to get into the beta since I first heard about it becoming it's own game. I loved playing Gwent in the Witcher 3. Went all around collecting all the cards. I just finished the tutorial and built a deck and I must say this game is amazingly polished. They definitely took a good look at what makes Hearthstone so appealing. I was very disappointed how Magic the Gathering lacked personality and charm compared to Hearthstone and it seems Gwent learned from that. With this and Un'Goro coming out I'm gonna spend some serious money on card games lol. When building my first deck I'm starting with the Skellige deck as I loved that part of the game in the Witcher 3. I think I mostly played Scoia'tael previously in the Witcher 3. I can see myself playing multiple decks in this game.
  8. Doesn't surprise me it's coming from spring breakers
  9. Reminder call in show recording start today! @SFLUFAN What's the estimated time they should be ready to Skype in? 8pm est?
  10. I have DJ'd a couple times down at Gas Lamp and everyone in the clubs out there are usually in their late 30's early 40's trying to keep up with their 20 year old girlfriends. It's quite a sight to see
  11. I came in to say that most men from San Diego are just douche bags but I can see that this joke isn't warranted anymore.
  12. If you were to start now Witcher 3 will still be your summer game That game is pretty beefy. I am dissapointed from what I have read and seen. But I will eventually get this game. Like others have said after playing other RPGs that have been great, was really hoping ME:A would have been right up there with them.
  13. He's ruining his sons future before he even makes it to the pros