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  1. Nintendo Labo - coming 4/20

    What the fuck is this shit? I saw the video and thought it was a joke But i guess its a real thing. The safe thing i could say is this definitely isnt for me. But to be honest kid me wouldn't want it either
  2. The best controller out there is getting an upgrade!

    What makes the Scuff paddles better? The layout on the Scuff dont seem very egronomical to me compared to the Elite but i havent used a scufd controller to get a feel for them. I can have a finger on all the paddles on the Elite at all times. The Scuffs look like i have to reach to get the center ones.
  3. FFS why are people this dumb?

    I have no sympathy for this stupidity. Back in my day we pushed each other off shopping carts for fun. But this, this is just dumb.
  4. The best controller out there is getting an upgrade!

    I have those Nykon charge stations and they are awesome. Put the rechargeable battery, placed on stand to charge via USB. Simple. Swappable batteries > built in none removable.
  5. Yeah thats what i meant If it took up the same volume it would weigh more.
  6. Declaration of New California!

    Again i dont think a majority of the counties even agreed to join "New California". Most people that live in San Bernardino and Riverside county work in LA county. San Bernardino county is fucked up financially that it would be stupid of them to seperate from California proper.
  7. Yes muscle weighs more than fat but there aint no way he is 239 lbs. Like @Hurdyb1 im 225 lbs at 5'10 but definitely not muscle. Trump has 5" on me and a way fatter ass and stomach and is only 13lbs more than me? I call BS.
  8. Declaration of New California!

    Ha i noticed that they put San Berardino county into new California. Wouldnt it be up to each individual county to decide if they want in or not. I for one would rather stay in current California. I just see a bunch of old people who want to split California for their own gain along with a good chunk of the population.
  9. X1X Enhanced Games

    Just started palying with the 4k update holy crap does this game look good
  10. X1X Enhanced Games

    Been waiting for Horizon 3 update. Wish there was a 60fps setting of somesort but only played this game at 30fps. Its looking amazing none the less.
  11. Well hi thar

    Yup. My Mustang registration was $480 when I first got it. It's around $200+ now.
  12. Man I didn't know the 1060 in my Razer was worth $450+. People are going gaga over all this crypto currency stuff.
  13. Do you give panhandlers money?

    No. I used to but at some point it became too much. Everywhere you go here in CA there is someone asking for money at a freeway on ramp/off ramp, stop light, gas station or super market. There are other ways to help the needy and giving them cash directly isn't one of them.