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  1. Oh he'll yeah. Been waiting for more funko pops. They have released different corset of the first wave but I missed out on those as they sell quick on blizzards store. But I have been wanting more characters. The D.VA and the Reinhart looks sweet!
  2. Yeah I understand that. I guess I'm just in a rut with the game and I really hope they bring out some better cards than this latest expansion.
  3. So far the SP has been fun. I'm going through it on Co op on the legendary difficulty with my friend and man you really have to coordinate. Trying to get used to the units before we do online skirmishes. My only gripe with it so far are the graphics don't look that great especially when only running at 30fps. But I can over look that as the game is still loads of fun to play like the first.
  4. You can read my post my post again and that's not what I said. If you took it that way then I apologize but what I meant to say was that him getting backlash for what he did he won't get sympathy from me like his post video intended because it sounds like he knew what he was doing and did it anyway. I just also didn't happen to find the humor in it like he planned which is just my opinion and doesn't change the fact that what he did was dumb.
  5. I never said he did anything wrong. What he did was dumb. There are better ways to call out to fiver.com's absurdity. He just did it the dumbest way possible. Plenty of ways he could have gone about it. Heck he could have made a blog post to go along with his video explaining his motives but he didn't. Which makes it seem like he did it for shock value and hits more than trying to make a statement. He keeps saying refering to it as joke and people not getting his humor, not a social experiment.
  6. When you are a social figure especially one of the biggest in the world you better make sure that offer color joke is worth it because you will offend a lot of people. He has become a public figure. Hollywood celebrities have been through this type of scrutinizaction and I don't see how he's any different. Public figures are always gonna get put under a microscope so they should definitely be aware that what they do or say will get picked apart. As far as do I believe that its what should happen would depend on a case by case basis. He did something dumb with that "death to all jews" joke he should have been aware that it would catch negative attention. I mean that's a really really dumb thing to do. Like seriously. I don't think anyone would think they can get away with that regardless of their social rankings. He definitely deserves to be called out for it.
  7. He gets no sympathy from me about the backlash regardless if it's funny or not. What he did was dumb. Whether I find it funny or not does not excuse his actions. That's not what I said. Talk about taking words out of contexts.
  8. I don't play wild. Just standard. Yeah ill get dust but now i have to find a card to replace it in my standard deck.
  9. As far as moving some standard cards into "hall of fame" I'm not sure how I feel about. It can be a good thing if they bring out better cards or a bad thing as they want us to buy more cards aso most of the cards they mentioned are in some of my decks. I like the rank floors because currently in this meta that is mostly made up of all aggro I can move up 2 or 3 ranks in a couple of hours but lose 4-5 in an hour. I also like thos card changes but personally think shaman needs more. I only play this game while I'm at work now becausee I don't find it as fun as it use to be. This is probably my least favorite meta.
  10. I don't care for his videos or him being a gamer. As far as the videos he did and saying they were just a prank especially when they aren't even funny he gets no sympathy from me. I hate shock humor especially youtube videos like vitality. They should all be held accountable for what they do and not hide behind the "it was just a joke" shield.
  11. Ha ha yeah. I'm going to be buying two of the red ones next weekend. Then the Ocean Shadow and the Winter Forces. There have been 4 new controllers since the new year! I took a pick of my collection and it makes me look like a crazy person.
  12. I have both the dongle and blue tooth enabled controllers and they both work fine. I have even connected my Bluetooth controllers to my phone to play minecraft in VR and works great.
  13. Oh that should be good! I was able to catch the first hour of Smackdown yesterday but didn't get to see what happened with Bray, Cena and Styles. Raw is in LA but I'd rather watch Smackdown. I really want to watch Kevin Owens wrestle but Smackdown just has much more going on for me. Glad I am able to go with my family. My brother will also be taking my nephews but they got skybox tickets and won't be as close as me and my cousins but I'm sure they are still gonna have a blast.
  14. I think he means 205 Live. I figured that's what he was talkin about.
  15. I can't wait! I have always wanted to go to one of the shows as a kid but my mom wouldn't have been able to afford to take me and my siblings. I would love to get ring side seats but some of those can go for thousands of dollars. Which makes me think of that WWE clown dude who goes to all the shows and always get ring side seats. I read in an interview where they asked him what he does in order to afford those seats but he said he is just a regular guy who looks for deals. I call lies because no "regular" guy can travel across the country and afford the tickets. Now he's dating Noelle Foley