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  1. I grabbed it on sale back in November. Walmart had it for $39.99. Hard copy. Still haven't opened it yet. Backlog. And it was for my Son.
  2. I consider myself I huge star wars nut. I'm 40 and just love this shit. I don't passionately hate the prequel's but I agree they are the red headed step child of the franchise. I went for the my second viewing yesterday and it was even better the second go around. (and this is from someone who has a high end HT setup at home with 5 subwoofers, OLED TV, Atmos surround sound etc), so the theater experience even in imax is a let down. But I loved this movie, visually its a masterpiece. Sound wise, hard to tell at the theater but I'll know for sure in a few months. So that's the technically aspect mini review.
  3. Having seen the movie 2 times, the Crait map is just spectacular. As is Galactic Assault.
  4. Just finished my first viewing. I loved it, but I can see how this is going to be a divisive film. Didn't play it safe, huge balls on Johnson for pulling this off. I don't get why someone would hate on it. It's a well made, well acted, with a solid plot and several surprises. One wouldn't have to have even seen previous films to enjoy it. It's going to be tough for JJ to follow up this one. Not because of his skill but because it's almost an empty slate for the 3rd film in a Trilogy. Unless they stretch this for a 4th and we don't know it yet. More thoughts later.
  5. Fun MP, having a blast with it. Shame they really fucked up with the micro transaction bullshit. Obviously they based the progression system off of it. Making up for it now by giving away lootboxes but probably too little too late. Can't help but have a bad taste still while playing it. But the maps are good and the perks are fun.
  6. I grabbed it when it was on sale for $40.00. Game is fun. But it's obvious they wanted to whore out the progression system as it makes no sense and is terrible in its current state. The MP is fun, shooting feels good and it's fun bringing the in the hero's. But the card system is just terrible. Takes you out of it. Why they couldn't just copy COD's Progression system and rename it then tack on Overwatch's loot crates is beyond me. I play all of these games and never spend a dime on loot boxes period. Earn them or don't even use them. So they get nothing more out of me. SP is uninspired but sure is pretty.
  7. You're probably right, but I can't for the life of me think how the story progresses from the 1st. I just don't see it. Unless JC really takes a sharp turn and does a 180 on it. Story was just bland. Nice to look at and the characters were just OK. Now if we take those AVATARS and turn it into a full fledged Terminator, meets aliens, meets star wars etc, I'm all in. But I just still don't see where this story goes.
  8. and nobody cares.....I still can't believe they are making 3 more of these. Unless it turns into a true Aliens sequel, and a good one, nobody is going to give a shit. IMO
  9. Speaking of, Any good apps to recommend for keeping track of Gaming Backlogs? Would be nice if the app plays nice on PC and and Ipad.
  10. It's already been fixed. Update is out.
  11. 4K TV Recommendations? Or talk me out of it?

    I just went for broke and bought a 65 inch LG C7 OLED. This after my Sammy Plasma 65 inch suddenly went down for the count after only 3 yrs. Previous to that, I had a 50 inch Pioneer Kuro that lasted about 7 yrs. Haven't had a ton of luck lately. But My God, the PQ and IQ of the OLED is incredible. You can find pretty good deals on some shady sites for the the LG but I couldn't bring myself to risk it. I went with Best Buy. Anything bought between Nov and Xmas gets a return pass until mid January. Plus that should cover any crazy price drops. I'll just threaten to return it if they don't match etc. I'll then buy the Extend Warranty through Costco for 90 bucks.
  12. The Walking Dead Season 7 Discussion Thread

    Makes sense. I thought I saw one. Then I didn't......