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  1. The Walking Dead Season 7 Discussion Thread

    I liked it as well. The show has regained some momentum after last season. This season wasn't perfect by any means but for the most part good. I'm curious to see where things go now? Civil war, Whisperer's, Both, a time jump etc....
  2. PlayStation 5 rumors are back

    2019 it is. No way 2018. While I do think the xbox x has pushed sony a little, most likely spec wise not time wise.
  3. you know what Steven...shut up.

    Love me some Temple of Doom!!!! BABAHAHAHAHAAH
  4. The Walking Dead Season 7 Discussion Thread

    Thread is dead. I'm still hanging on. Thought the last 2 episodes were an improvement. 3 left?
  5. New Ready Player One Trailer

    I don’t get the ton of hate it’s getting on Twitter. People salty over it’s use of retro and current pop culture. It’s the entire fucking point. Jesus. Don’t read it and don’t watch it if you don’t like what it’s going for.
  6. I'm finally at the endgame of HZD (final save). I agree with most of the above, the gameplay is very good. Fighting the robots is a blast, sneaking up on them and turning them to an ally is also fun. Sitting back and watching them fight one another is fantastic. What I will say is that the story really doesn't do much until 3/4 of the way in. It plods along, then it seems to be nonstop. I think I put 30 hours into it until it really got rolling along. There is a ton of lore to the game as well, a ton of tapes, notes etc to find and read. Probably too much. But i'll admit they do add significance to the story, especially the recordings. I still hold the Witcher 3 in higher regard, the quests are better and the story is just pure fun, but HZD has better gameplay. If they could merge the HZD gameplay with the Witcher's story design and quest design, it would be pure perfection.
  7. man this thread just brought back some feels. Loved both of those games! Need a remaster quick! HA
  8. New Ready Player One Trailer

    Wow, I really enjoyed the Book. Some drastic changes, But probably needed. Looks like they are going for more of a Action shoot em up than the books Mystery Thriller Action style. And looks like the pop culture references lead up to current day. Did I see master chief and Overwatch references? Either way day one ready player one.
  9. I have that belief as well, Bannon was singularly focused on his own agenda, Don't think he had time or patience for any hanky panky with the ruskies. But if he did know, I wonder......
  10. At this point, the show is good enough that I wouldn't even care if they pulled a star wars and retcon'ed half of the classic trek cannon.
  11. Any chance Bannon just throws everyone under the bus, He obviously thought he could manipulate trump. To a certain degree he did and then of course, like everyone who works or is friends with trump, including women, the 6-12 month expiration date runs out and trump tosses them aside.
  12. HAHAHA. Bad subject of an analogy by me......