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  1. Dock or not to Dock, that is the question

    I'm sure someone will
  2. The Switch is underpowered

    It's funny that you guys are pondering whether their HYBRID system will get a DEDICATED version of either handheld or console... Bruh, it's the Switch. Would you ask an attractive bi female to choose a side? Nah, you let her roam free and be the beast she was always meant to be.
  3. Dock or not to Dock, that is the question

    Yeah, same with me. The protector came with the official case though so I threw it on. It was easy and isn't noticeable.
  4. The Switch is underpowered

    I seriously doubt they would... The Switch gives them plenty of headroom to make the games that they need to make. It seems that Nintendo focuses on what they need, not on an infinite horizon of possibilities. Not coincidentally, their game development abilities are far above and beyond 99% of devs out there. I'd maybe only put Blizzard in the same category. I truly believe that a large part of that is that they work *within* well known limits and focus on creativity, rather than working on pushing the envelope with less room for creativity and polish. This is a phenomenon that is true almost entirely across the board... Which is why the best artists often come from meager means, and workers of all walks of life suddenly get stuff done when there is a limit on their time-table. Being forced to be resourceful and introspective cannot be understated.
  5. The Switch is underpowered

    "Under powered" has never been a big deal. It has always been the case that the best game is the best game regardless of graphics. What, in the past, *was* a problem was when Nintendo refused to adhere to modern standards i.e., the way the Wii was SD when newer consoles were all HD. The *power* wasn't the issue, the lack of proper compatibility with modern standards was. That issue is gone now (HD to UHD is not the same issue that SD to HD was), so we're back to just needing good games.
  6. WSJ: Nintendo to Double Production of Switch Console

    But Zelda bro
  7. Dock or not to Dock, that is the question

    I'd recommend throwing on a screen protector so you don't have to worry about it at all.
  8. Melting SD Cards. Due to Faulty SD Cards

    This man knows what's up
  9. My one complaint about the SWITCH

    Yeah this is disappointing. For home you can just get ones that work with your receiver though. Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  10. Dock or not to Dock, that is the question

    You got me with that one
  11. Dock or not to Dock, that is the question

    I really commend you for trying
  12. Dock or not to Dock, that is the question

    To answer your question seriously, there's zero reason to worry. The docking process is super simple and it's very easy to place without scratching anything assuming you are above the age of 12. This is absolutely a problem for kids since they will just toss it around, but for an adult you just place it nicely in place and don't worry. The official screen protector was easy to put on and was cheap though, so it can't hurt to do that. Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  13. Dock or not to Dock, that is the question

    I was playing "Switch Toss" where a friend and I took turns to see who could dock the Switch from 10' away first. It scratched my screen FLAWED PRODUCT. SAD!!!
  14. Dock or not to Dock, that is the question

    Maybe people are a bunch of whiners that find any reason to complain. Not the OP, but the people that put the idea in his head. Yo bro, I threw a knife at my DS4 controller and it got scratched. Might want to put armor on it!!! Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  15. Dock or not to Dock, that is the question

    How is this even a discussion? Do you guys just enjoy worrying about things? Use the dock and stop being a whiner lol.