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  1. The best creative work is done within limitations, not without them. They are free to focus on what they are making rather than what they could be making if only they did extra X... I don't think you can take them away from well known, well limited hardware and still get the same quality.
  2. PS+: NA got screwed

    Rocket League has my most played time.
  3. I'm glad I work so close to Nintendo World. No supply issues there (though you do have to wait for them to tweet out when they are selling them).
  4. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Review Roundup

    After many more hours of play, I've come to the conclusion that this is the biggest sleeper hit in a long, long time. The game is fun, challenging, beautiful, funny and it has so much content it's bordering on absurd. I'd say it's a must-own for Switch owners. I like the way they tweaked the strategy formula just enough to make it far more enjoyable, and yet little to no strategy was sacrificed. Big fan.
  5. That's good to know. I'm doing a remodel in my family room and plan on getting a 55" OLED for the room. It's not my primary gaming room, but I can't wait to see it!
  6. If you care about display lag, then the TCL Roku TVs are where it's at. They have 15ms of lag even in 4k HDR gaming. Rtings rates them well, and Roku is still the best overall experience for online streaming. For mid range I'd say the Sony 900E. For best of the best I would go for the LG B6, B7 or C6, C7 -- any of them, whatever you get for less. They all have the same picture quality. Use http://www.rtings.com/tv for reviews... by far the most comprehensive and honest.
  7. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Review Roundup

    The things you are complaining about are silly to me, but whatever floats your boat.
  8. What 20-25 games should be on the N64 Classic?

    I find your lack of Blast Corps disturbing! It can replace Turok as the Turok games don't even remotely hold up today. I would also bump Rogue Squadron up to the main list and maybe take out Pokemon Snap or 1080 Snowboarding. Otherwise, I concur with what you have here
  9. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Review Roundup

    I don't mind that there is little RNG. I just adjust my playstyle accordingly, and I tend to prefer being in control of what happens. I couldn't care less about a story explaining what is going on. I'm not 3 years old lol. I'm enjoying World 1, don't feel like it's too long or that I'm unlocking things too slow. That's a personal thing though, so not discounting how you feel about it. It's a family-friendly game, so the kills are virtual and come with an accompanying sound. I don't even notice it.
  10. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Review Roundup

    I decided to buy this game on a whim and I'm really glad I did so far. I'm not even a huge strategy game fan (I usually get frustrated), but this game just makes it all so enjoyable. It has depth yet doesn't feel complicated or overwhelming. I think it's a solid and unique addition to the Switch library.
  11. 1 - I was worried about no D-pad but so far that has not proven to be an issue. I just got through Shovel Knight and forgot that I wasn't using a real D-pad, and Puyo Puyo/Tetris is great as well. Just don't think it's a real problem in practice. And the Pro controller is phenomenal. (I find that I can play faster with the non-dpad than with the Pro dpad though). 2 - No Virtual Console is probably because they want to sell the "Classic" systems. I'm sick of rebuying games anyway, so I'm happy to emulate them with a $35 RPi. 3 - If I want to "feel" online, I use my PS4 or PC. I like having a console that feels like it's nothing more than a game system and that I can play on my own. 4 - I don't care about this at all 5 - I think the system should have had more storage space, but micro SD cards aren't exactly expensive --- 1 - I bring my Switch with me every day on my 1.5 hour commute to/from NYC. I have beaten Zelda, Mario Kart, Shovel Knight and played countless hours of other stuff all while on the go. It's the best portable system to-date IMO. I keep it in the official carry case (which is awesome btw) and carry it in a backpack. 2 - These games aren't on my radar so can't comment. --- All in all, I like the Switch a lot more than I had expected I would. The mobile to console "switch" works out great, I love playing it both ways. I find myself playing it as a portable even at home. I really don't have any complaints about the system to be honest. It does exactly what it was supposed to do and does it better IMO. It exceeded my expectations.
  12. Dock or not to Dock, that is the question

    I'm sure someone will
  13. The Switch is underpowered

    It's funny that you guys are pondering whether their HYBRID system will get a DEDICATED version of either handheld or console... Bruh, it's the Switch. Would you ask an attractive bi female to choose a side? Nah, you let her roam free and be the beast she was always meant to be.
  14. Dock or not to Dock, that is the question

    Yeah, same with me. The protector came with the official case though so I threw it on. It was easy and isn't noticeable.
  15. The Switch is underpowered

    I seriously doubt they would... The Switch gives them plenty of headroom to make the games that they need to make. It seems that Nintendo focuses on what they need, not on an infinite horizon of possibilities. Not coincidentally, their game development abilities are far above and beyond 99% of devs out there. I'd maybe only put Blizzard in the same category. I truly believe that a large part of that is that they work *within* well known limits and focus on creativity, rather than working on pushing the envelope with less room for creativity and polish. This is a phenomenon that is true almost entirely across the board... Which is why the best artists often come from meager means, and workers of all walks of life suddenly get stuff done when there is a limit on their time-table. Being forced to be resourceful and introspective cannot be understated.