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  1.   It's tough on console because the accuracy and reaction time (due to controller limitations) is far less balanced again the auto-targeting of turrets versus PC players.  That said, he's not that bad generally... until you get a team that understands that they should center their entire defense around protecting his turret.  Then you have problems.  Get a good Reinhart shielding a turret with a Reaper or Soldier nearby to handle flankers and it starts getting annoying.  I'm usually that Reinhardt, so I know
  2. I just got done playing and nada
  3. How did OtherOS work?  Was it some sort of VM?  I'm assuming it wasn't a proper dual boot. 
  4. Yes, it is absolutely a shitty thing for them to do.  But "shitty" isn't the basis for a lawsuit.   Basically what happened is some lawyers got a sniff of some earnings potential and convinced a bunch of people it was in their interest.  The result is years of hearings, tons of money for lawyers, practically none of plaintiffs, and a Sony that will never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, try to experiment with something like that again.    I personally lambasted Sony for removing the functionality, it was a ridiculous thing to do... But suing them over it?  C'mon man...  I'm just happy they tried. 
  5.   The touchpad on the PS4 controller is entirely useless, but yes you're absolutely right that it doesn't matter because they didn't build the system around that one feature.  
  6.   Well whatever, it's your preference I'm not going to argue about it.  Just weird that someone who claims to love objective-based games apparently dislikes the two best objective-based games ever made   I agree that TF2 was a PITA sometimes, but we had an IGN server back in the day that we all played on.  That was fun times, though it wasn't competitive play.   Also, maybe "objective-based" is a bad way to describe these games, because technically something like CTF or CS are objective-based too, but they aren't really valid comparisons.  Class-based might be a better way to describe them to indicate that they are focused around synergistic gameplay between characters of varying abilities and limitations.
  7.   I was on a team (a fairly good one) that decided to stack Torbs last night, and the other team said fuck it and stacked Zaryas... It was a good match, but they were able to pull it out in the end.  With the right adjustments, anything can be beaten.    I really don't think talking about Halo CTF is of any value, even a competitive game like Counterstrike isn't really of any value.  The only game that really compares is TF/TF2, and I'm assuming you either never played those or were similarly frustrated by them?  It honestly just sounds like you were on a team that was a lot better than the others... Sometimes you gotta leave a game and find another one to find a team that's better matched.  Competitive mode will resolve a lot of those issues (after a few weeks).
  8.   What does "better than 2-1..." mean?  I hope to god you aren't referring to a kill ratio...  It's a team-based tactical game, not deathmatch!   You will enjoy it more if you let go of that and start thinking strategically.  For example, if you see people stacking Torbs, getting a couple Zaryas or a Mercy + Winston combo in the mix can really disrupt them.  If you just keep doing the same thing over and over again and expect different results, well, that's insanity .  Think of the game intellectually, not so much based on reflex.   Also, while a character like Torb can be "easy", it's incredibly naive to say it takes no talent to be good at him.  And, for what it's worth, a "great" Torb is usually made great by a team that cares to protect his turret for him.  I've seen stacked Torb teams dominate and I've seen the same stacked Torb team get creamated -- it's all about how the opposing team adapts.
  9. I find it hard to believe that anyone's claim that they bought a PS3 for Linux is valid.  It's just a bunch of whiney bitches that saw an opportunity for a lawsuit.  Well, good job, you made a bunch of parasitic lawyers rich and you'll barely get anything.  And in the process, you've definitely thwarted Sony's desire to ever do something experimental like this again.  Good job!
  10. Tried PSVR at Bestbuy

      I feel like it's fairly obvious looking at the subpixels... 
  11. Tried PSVR at Bestbuy

      https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Screen-door_effect   I'm not super well versed on it beyond the end result, so I would say to check other resources for that info   A quick googling of the term revealed all sorts of information about it.
  12. Tried PSVR at Bestbuy

      Oh, the 3 images on each row are just different "cuts" of the pixel.  (Going from left to right) The first one is the full pixel activated.  The second one is the same pixel with equally spaced black columns.  The third one is the same pixel with equally spaced black rows.    I actually found a little explanation here of that very image (last section of page): http://www.nouvoyance.com/technology.html   The advantage of pentile displays, as I understand it, is they are capable of getting brighter and (I think) use less power. The disadvantage is that visual quality can sometimes suffer, most notably in the form of the SDE. 
  13.   I had someone do that once, I finished that match and then quit and found a new group.  It was on a domination map too.  Fuck that.  They should add vote to kick into the game for people like that. 
  14. Tried PSVR at Bestbuy

      The blur is probably the result of a poorer quality image, not the display itself.  Or, more specifically, an attempt at masking a poorer quality image with something like excessive AA or some sort of filter?