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  1. If you want to play that game then let's go all the way: this isn't a moral issue at all so you can't be morally wrong. They're fucking video games that are 1MB in size and 30 years old... Not a child stuck in the train tracks to reach a burning building. Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  2. Yeah. People confuse legality with morality. They are different things!
  3. F-Zero and 2D Castlevania
  4. Wrong. This is a ridiculous, absolute position to take. Pirating games that are unavailable and are 30 years old is fine. Or games that you owned but now NIntendo wants you to pay money for over and over and over again on new platforms... F that. This is dumb to even continue discussing. There have been zip files of every NES game around since the mid-90s. Don't be one of these fake uptight people. Without piracy, almost all of these famed franchises would have been forgotten and lost.
  5. They went with "Pro" precisely because it doesn't differentiate itself from the PS4. They want to make it clear that the PS4 ecosystem is still one ecosystem and that there is no breakage here.
  6. Hmmm, I never realized that. Well, they definitely make devices that can do it so I guess that is your worst case scenario. They are devices that extract the audio stream and offer it via optical or digital coax, but still pass the audio through to the hdmi destination as well.
  7. You missed my point... Use the optical out on your receiver... Sent from my XT1575 using Tapatalk
  8. They are incredible games if you are into upgrading gear and taking on big, difficult fights. Just be aware that they are basically endless and will suck the life out of you if you get addicted I put 80+ hours into MH4 on my 3DS and I barely scratched the surface. That said, I'm pretty excited if this is true. I'd love to play one of these games on a proper console! I played MHTri on Wii back in the day but, you know, the Wii was a piece of shit. I had a dildo dangling off of my controller and jaggies everywhere.
  9. It's a big waste for them to include optical audio any more. The market for people who care enough about audio to use optical for surround headphones but don't own a receiver has gotta be laughably small. If you are an audiophile, buy a fucking receiver!
  10. Not a bad deal if you don't own Lords of the Fallen. It's better than it gets credit for. It's a slightly clunkier Dark Souls but with admirable environments, RPG-elements and battles nonetheless.
  11. There's literally no down side to anyone given that the existing hardware remains relevant. The PC comparison is simply not valid, on any level; this does not make consoles any more like PC than they were before. PCs are far more expensive and you replace components, not entire machines. Also, the 2-3 year upgrade cycle of PC is a falsehood. That's only the product of someone who wants to be on the cutting edge and/or is a tech addict. A decent gaming PC from 5+ years ago can play ANY game that exists today still with no problem. The reality is people are tech addicts so they shit on stuff like this because they feel like if they can't have it, nobody should. When, in fact, they can be perfectly happy with what they already own. Nobody forces you to upgrade. There is no obsolescence at play here. If you don't think you can afford it, then there's good news: it's not needed to continue your gaming hobby.
  12. It's tough on console because the accuracy and reaction time (due to controller limitations) is far less balanced again the auto-targeting of turrets versus PC players. That said, he's not that bad generally... until you get a team that understands that they should center their entire defense around protecting his turret. Then you have problems. Get a good Reinhart shielding a turret with a Reaper or Soldier nearby to handle flankers and it starts getting annoying. I'm usually that Reinhardt, so I know
  13. How did OtherOS work? Was it some sort of VM? I'm assuming it wasn't a proper dual boot.
  14. Yes, it is absolutely a shitty thing for them to do. But "shitty" isn't the basis for a lawsuit. Basically what happened is some lawyers got a sniff of some earnings potential and convinced a bunch of people it was in their interest. The result is years of hearings, tons of money for lawyers, practically none of plaintiffs, and a Sony that will never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, try to experiment with something like that again. I personally lambasted Sony for removing the functionality, it was a ridiculous thing to do... But suing them over it? C'mon man... I'm just happy they tried.