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  1. PS4 Lead over XB1 Continues to Grow

      This is true.  And then Sony dropped the ultimate sleeper: Demon's Souls.  Game over MS!!!
  2. Favorite Nintendo game by year: 2006

    Wow, that was a pretty loaded year.  I liked a lot of those games, but I'm honestly inclined to give the nod to Excite Truck.  That was one of the very few games that really made use of the new control mechanism and it was just an amazing game overall.  Fun to play, difficult to master, plenty of trophies to try to obtain, etc.    Twilight Princess was very good, but it was also just another Zelda game.  It was the last 3D Zelda game that I played.  I just drew tired of the formula by the end of that one. 
  3. What music player do you guys use?

    If I play my local library (which is rare), I use Sonos. 
  4.   Hah.  I actually noticed it and thought you were misusing it.  I'm not familiar with those other cards.  I know the GTX 970 had the memory issue, but otherwise it was (is) a pretty revolutionary card. 
  5.   Radeon 9700pro should be at the top of that list.
  6. Favorite Sony game by year: 2003

    I didn't play a single game on that list, sounds like a terrible year.  I wasn't really a fan of the PS2 much.
  7. PS4K and frame rate

      It's because graphics fidelity comes through in images while framerate doesn't. 
  8. Doom Impressions Thread (PC/X1/PS4)

      Doom 3 looks plasticky by today's standards, but in its day, it was soooo far advanced.  That game gets a bad rep that it doesn't deserve.  It was very ahead of its time in terms of visuals and sound, still one of the scariest (and best) games I've played with surround sound.   It did get long in the tooth, but there were many hours where it was just fantastic.
  9. PS4 Lead over XB1 Continues to Grow

      I can totally see that.  I thought the voice controls were pretty cool.    But then you realize you are running some gorilla of a box with a giant power brick, tons of heat, fan blowing, all to... stream videos that a $25 Roku Stick or Chromecast can do with zero heat, noise and practically no power consumption.    That's why the device is weird.  It doesn't know what it wants to be, and very few people have any need to run something that monstrous just to watch video.
  10. PS4K and frame rate

      Consoles don't hold themselves to that same standard.  In the end, the mass-public doesn't give a shit about 60fps, so they get a much bigger return on investment by offering better graphics at lower framerates.   That sucks for those of us that actually care about gameplay, but that's the reality.  Nintendo is the only one that seems to really get it. 
  11. PS4 Lead over XB1 Continues to Grow

      Yeah.  I know that I write over-the-top ridiculous about the Xbox One at times.  But to be a little more serious, it truly just has the problem of not being a fully through-out console.  It just doesn't feel right.  The PS4, on the other hand, just feels right the moment you get it.  It feels like a gaming console should.  It is just a great piece of hardware and a great platform overall, and they are doing a very good job of supporting the indy community and bringing in solid "games" like Bloodborne, etc.  The Xbox One just feels very confused about what it wants to be, and, as a result, the entire platform -- from hardware to software -- suffers.  I make jokes about the Xbox One reminding me of an 80s VCR, but seriously it really does just feel like some slapped together hunk of junk.    Now, that said, I recognize MS as being revolutionary with the Xbox 360, in particular -- and I hope that in the future they get their head screwed on a little straighter again and become competitive.  But, right now, with Nintendo still off on an island of their own, the PS4 is free to just completely dominate.
  12. Favorite Nintendo game by year: 1996

    Wow, Mario RPG and Mario 64 -- tough choice.  But, clearly, it's Mario 64 (though I clicked on RPG before I saw 64 in there )
  13.   I know you like to think it's because people are Sony fans, but it's not.  The real reason is because the Xbox One is objectively one of the worst consoles to ever come out.  It only "succeeds" because there are no alternatives, and the market is big enough to sustain two consoles even if one is bad.  If there was a third competitor in the same space as MS and Sony, the XB1 would probably go the way of the 3DO.    Not that the headline you point out is even really disparaging, considering it's quite clear they are making a Windows platform.