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  1. A world where Donald Trump is a real presidential candidate and Drs sell death for TV ratings. We truly are in Idiocracy Sent from my XT1575 using Tapatalk
  2. Dark Souls 3 (PC/PS4/X1) Discussion Thread

      It looks like he is using the shield
  3. Dark Souls 3 (PC/PS4/X1) Discussion Thread

      I disagree that DS3 is easier, I don't think it is at all.  I just think people have gotten better at the games and the gameplay has become much more intuitive. 
  4. Dark Souls 3 (PC/PS4/X1) Discussion Thread

      DS3 is far more accessible than prior entries.  The blacksmith straight-up tells you how upgrading works, and it's straight-forward and easy.  And you can change infusions on weapons without penalty.  In prior games there were really esoteric things like having to have a specific level on a weapon else you miss out on upgrade paths, and there was no real way to know unless you read wikis.  If you read the help menu/descriptions on screens/items, it very clearly explains what things do now.  That was never the case before.  They did a good job with DS3 balancing a little more accessibility while staying true to its roots.
  5.   I wasn't asking!  I don't want to know. 
  6.   I have a dark gem (as well as the coal to use it) but I have no clue who either of those bosses are!  I am yet to decide which weapon to use it on, but I need to decide now because it's easily my best available upgrade.   Maybe it dropped from a Dark Wraithe? 
  7.   That Deep Axe is a Battle Axe with the Deep infusion.  Issue or not, at 15 END I get a whole extra swing out of the Brigand Axe than the Battle Axe and they do the same damage!  Well, when they are equally upgraded.  Obviously the Deep infusion is a huge advantage early on until you can do your own.  The Brigand Axe is a relatively common drop later on, I believe in Road of Sacrifices?    EDIT: It's not a drop, you find it next to where you fight the NPC wielding the Butcher Knife
  8.   He's not as bad as he seems, you just have to stay calm and focus on dodging - 1 or 2 hits max - then wait to dodge another attack... rinse, repeat.  Dodge INTO him, not away from him.    Also, if you can manage it, you can shoot those ballistas at him and take off a huge chunk of health.  It's hard to do solo though.  Also, he's able to be parried but I wouldn't recommend it
  9.   Pro-Tip: Try using the Brigand Axe instead of the Battle Axe.  The Brigand Axe does the same damage as the Battle Axe, but only consumes the stamina of the Hand Axe.  I just discovered that with some testing in Firelink!
  10.   Honestly, I just think I am burned out on DS2.  I played the stock game soooooooo much.  I learned to love it but it never had the same feel as any other DS/BB game, so it's hard for me to go back and play at this point given that I have BB and DS3 at my disposal. 
  11.   You guys really exaggerate my hate for that piece of shit
  12.   Are you referring to DS3?  I traditionally always took my end to 40 right away in Dark Souls but, like Bloodborne, DS3 did a good job of not making that a requirement for everyone.  I have been rocking 15 END the whole game now, and I think I am probably a bit over halfway through, if not more.  I still feel no need to bump it up.  It seems to be a stat much more important for shield users now, which is the way it should be.  I am sure I will bump it to 20-25 by the end though.  Even as a pyro, it is helpful when casting spells. 
  13.   I still haven't played SotFS either because I didn't find the changes to the early areas fun, particularly Heide's Tower of Flame.  I heard the placement gets better later, but that just seemed stupid and I already beat the game like 6x previously so I just couldn't keep my interest up. 
  14.   I don't know, I think we should all continue to speculate on speculation and argue about it