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  1. January's PS+ games: Knack and Killzone!

      lol, I didn't catch it.  You done got me. 
  2. January's PS+ games: Knack and Killzone!

    Did you seriously just refer to Grim Fandango as garbage?     ...only renowned as one of the best adventure games of all time.  
  3. Indie sidescrolling action (melee) games?

    Axiom Verge, in particular, is excellent.  If you have to pick one, that's the one to pick.  I'd also add Shank and Shank 2.  Cave Story if you never played it.  Ori and the Blind Forest is phenomental. 
  4. Great post and Day of the Tentacle: Remastered!?!?!?!?  YES!!!
  5. Yes.  I don't equate "ruffling feathers" with "being a jackass".  Just open any history book, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of movements throughout history that were successful due to activism.  Everything from the Boston Tea Party to the Internet shutdown in protest of SOPA. (and many, many, many others both before and between those, and probably some since)
  6. Yes, there is a difference between supporting a cause and being an activist for one.  But no, being a "jackass" is not part of being an activist. 
  7. Considering pulling the trigger on a 980ti

    You rang? 
  8. Comcast defines what the Internet is

    That statement is straight-up retarded.  How do these companies end up with people in charge that know so very little about the services they offer?  It's bananas.  The funny part about this is it will ultimately bite them in the ass.  In their attempt to stifle competition and suck blood from their customers, they are going to cause a BIG spotlight to be shined upon the fact that they are basically a vertically-integrated monopoly of content distribution and creation.  And, on the bright side, this is going to drive companies like Google to push harder and harder to get their services into more markets.  Same with FIOS (though we need competition for them too) Hopefully some "small" guys emerge out of it too.
  9. Fair enough, but I leave open the possibility that there are activists that are not total jackasses.
  10. I think what you were trying to convey backfired on you here. 
  11. There are jackasses in every movement that take it too far. 
  12. Agree with it or not, there are perfectly sensible and legitimate arguments that people make for open carry rights.  Discussion not dismissal, my friend.  Wanting to "fake" a mass shooting is batshit insane no matter the cause. 
  13. This cracked me up.  Well played sir! (and I agree)
  14. Comcast defines what the Internet is

    So they are offering a service for "cord cutters" that is defined as something that still falls within the scope of the "cord" that said people were trying to cut in the first place.  lulz.
  15. Man, was the newest Superman movie bad.  Good example of how bad of a character he can be in the wrong hands.  All of these indestructible dumbasses fighting by throwing eachother through skyscrapers for a half hour, only to be ended by a basic neck break.  lol.   I know there are good renditions of Superman out there, but just as an archetype he's rather vapid and uninteresting.  It's always possible to polish a turd, but I'd rather watching something else polished than a turd.