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  1. The instore credit applies to full price only or item on sale, you can't outright buy something with it for example, like a gift card. There are some stupid issues with it. It bought it twice ($500 for TV) and won't buy it again. I just forget what pissed me off about it.
  2. This is why I support small government. It makes people like trump, and the future idiots we will see as a result of trump, less a factor. Maybe the neolibtards will get on board that factor in the future.
  3. Less than 0.3% The entire issue is idiotic. Penis means male, Vagina means female, it should be left there but confused idiots want to justify their own confusion by pushing this on the broader population, which doesn't care or find the made up issue to be Applicable. To me, if you want to be a guy playing with dolls, then be a guy playing with dolls and shut the fuck up about it. Nobody cares, nobody has to approve it, etc. I won't be teaching gender neutral garbage to my kids. They will be raised as men or women that treat others with equality and respect. If they prove to be in the 0.3% that resist this treatment, then I will course correct at that point on the child to deal with him or her as is, and accept them as they are. The rest is utter crap, confusing kids that shouldn't be confused.
  4. I think the three biggest areas of being "exceptional " were an unused landmass, lack of direct military threats to divert resources and a lot of freedom from beurocrats and government messes that holds other countries back which lead to a lot of advancement. The first two are essentially an accident based on geography, and the later based on the fact as a new nation, it wouldn't have had the time to build up the governmental mess other countries have,though the country is clearly going down hill with neoliberal Authoritarian policies attacking the very roots of the social fabric. The future will probably be one of specific groups having powers over others they shouldn't have, large poor population, lots of government mistakes, major gains in Authoritarianism and the problems that brings, civil strife, increased tribalism, etc, etc. You can see the foundation for it now. Ultimately, there will be fracturing or a civil war in 40-60 years when most of us are dead and the newer generations no longer identify with any common reason to be an "American" any more, colliding with those who do.
  5. If your playing Mario Kart with some friends, those little steering wheels (about $20) are kind of cool for using with a group especially if you have big hands.
  6. @CitizenVectron I've got the 27" XZB270HU from Acer, it is expensive but it rocks. (1440p, GSynch, 144hz, 10bit). You can even come over and look at it if you want since I only live down the street from where you work on Gordon Road. Its paired to a 7700k and 1080Ti.
  7. I call bullshit on this. He can't owe anything anymore. I guarantee he has already written an executive order paying off his debts with tax payer dollars by now.
  8. Looking at these games so far: Destiny Metro Farcry 5 The new Mario Maybe new Metroid Assassin's Creed 29 Dishonored Wolfenstein Mordor
  9. Trump is a malaka. I bet Putin is laughing his ass off at the state of American affairs.
  10. I thought it was ok. It was no where near as funny as the first or second one though, but still an "OK" movie. No idea who to blame it on, but I think they spent too much time worrying about what people were going to think, instead of just making a funny movie.
  11. What if it was done to cause general chaos in the United States no matter who won, making the government even more useless, fermenting dissent and helping to escalate the political system to further polar opposites on the spectrum, for the longer term? Obviously, mission accomplished if that is the case and we know that political parties in the US are going to more and more extreme sides on both the left and right, which leads to more and more political paralysis. Donald Trump's election will only force the left to ant it up even more in 2020, and an exact reaction from the other side 4 years later because Trump will clearly lose in 2020. It seems both parties have taken leave of their senses and any idea of how to compromise or rule from the center. Or, what if this is not done by the Russian's, but a "deep state" within Government that is coming up with doctored information to dump somebody they do not like and this becomes the norm for future years? Obviously, this is "far out there" as far as concepts go, but could happen. Or, the information is 100% legit, but Government clamps down even more on itself and do more to eliminate transparency and become even more Authoritarian as a result. I don't like what is happening in your Government. It bodes ill for American's and the planet in general.
  12. My future wife bought me a Switch and Zelda for an early birthday present on the weekend. Before I really had much chance to use it, we stopped at EB and I picked up the Nintendo Controller, Mario Kart 8 and a spare case for it. Initial Thoughts: -Cool little system. -Fairly light. -The screen is much better than I expected it to be, despite the fact it is only 720p, you barely notice that fact. -I don't really care much for the analog offset between left and right hand, as I prefer PS4 style vs Xbox/Nintendo style. I noticed that the official WiiU controller was symmetrical, but it seems like they dropped that for switch. Anyways, this is personal preference so whatever. -The controller holder thing worked ok, but I found it a bit flimsy. -The official controller is MUCH better, can't really complain about anything except the price ($89 Canadian) and what I mentioned above with the analog controls, but that is personal preference. -The Dock idea is nice and exactly what some of us were predicting was going to happen years ago. I played some Zelda on the switch (got the first 4 shrines and the Hang Glider) and enjoyed playing it both in portable mode and docked mode. I need to say that the graphics are much better than I was expecting. On my fiance's 42" LCD, they looked great. I mean, it isn't Doom or BF1 or Uncharted, but it is still very well done. The little about the game I played was fun as well, controlled well, etc. It was nice to move from playing in portable mode to playing on the TV. We tried Mario Kart 8 as well and had a lot of fun. Her nieces and nephews also played it for a couple hours in 3 person mode and had a lot of fun. Graphics are good, etc. I think I need to get another controller for when we go to greece this summer, so 4 people can play it on our big screen there. Overall, it is a nice system. Being a graphics whore, I wish it was a bit more powerful, but not going to complain too much. Hopefully this system gets a lot of support in the future.
  13. Rare might be an over estimate, but it happens often. Too often. I see it daily.
  14. You don't hang around people enough then. People rarely go against the crowd. but but but hazing is part of growing up! meh, more idiots who follow the bandwagon and don't have any respect for other human beings. Oh well. Judge will figure out the facts hopefully and prosecute based on that. This is a waste of life, a waste of the people going to jail, etc, etc. Just fucking stupid period.
  15. OMG! This is fucking terrible!