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  1. No, I was using it to show how absurd your point of view is. Those assholes use that "if you don't like it, leave" argument all the time. Let me put it to you this way: Telling people to "leave" if they don't like a situation, is stupid (and I don't view you as stupid Apoc btw). A Union should be their to make sure workers are treated fairly when bargaining with a Company, and to get the best deal possible. Any Union should do so with workers acting fairly in return and providing the best performance they can for the company that is paying them, so they both succeed in the long run. Bad workers should be expunged from a Union, in the interest of the Union itself and the long term survival of the company they work for.
  2. That is a bad and incorrect way of looking at things. Instead of trying to make something better, just leave. White Supremacists must love you.
  3. Can somebody tell me how the following is: (If you reply in a few days after playing this and this thread goes to 4 or 5 pages, that is fine): -Single Player campaign, is it good, lots of cut scenes? Length on different difficulties? -Multiplayer -Length of multiplayer games -the "gunplay" (how your weapons shoot/feel, etc) -Is it slow or fast? -Size of maps? -Strategic or just a basic death match? -Any thoughts on comparing it to Battlefield 2 ? Thanks.
  4. He has made some statements I partially agree with and partially disagree with, but he seems to be acting like an ass about it... I have been in a Union for 18 years and it has it's pro's and con's but I wouldn't make too generalized a statement that covers all unions, as most are different from others. A certain percentage of lazy or useless people are obviously part of a union and the "we are all the same" mentality is bullshit of course (unless you are low IQ and actually believe that workers all perform the same), I hate that people who barely know anything are payed close to the wages of people who have far more responsibility and require far more knowledge in order to do their job and I have some other issues, but of course, that depends on the Union/Company. On the flip side, they enhance benefits, pay and working hours and work/life balance for the majority, though some people who are stellar will find the opposite, as they are held back, but I think Management will usually target those people and give them extras, as they should. Personally, I think Unions serve a purpose and if you are an average or below average employee, you will probably fit in fine with a Union. If you are above average, you will probably find the Union holds you back.
  5. Yes, probably your PSU. PSU's don't need to "fail dead", one of the rails can stop getting power, or enough power. Will show 12V but not have any amperage, or partial amperage. This is what I would do: Go somewhere where they will allow you to return the PSU if it is opened and buy it. Plug it into your system, carefully so you don't scratch it and don't worry about putting the cables in neatly, just get it working. Try the system out. If it works, finish installation of the PSU, if not, box it and take it back.
  6. Skyrim Switch Discussion

    Pretty impressive that this thing can play this game... old game now, but still a great game. Honestly, can't wait for the new TES game...
  7. I really wonder what the consensus on GAMEPLAY will be on this game in a week. I really liked Battlefield 2 and dumped about 150-200 hours into it (too lazy to look at my Origin account). I have no intention of purchasing this game, unless I find out the gameplay is really good and much better than Battlefront 1 was a couple years ago. The 4 hour campaign certainly isn't a reason to shell out $80-90 Canadian for it, but if hear great things (minus the negatives on the micro-transactions) on the actual gameplay, I might give it a shot.
  8. Switch is a hell of a little system. Wish it had more power (at least Xbox One quality), but I bet we will see a Switch 2 in a couple years.
  9. My view is that the future is going to be much higher tax burdens than we have now, on everybody, rich and poor. The last 20-30 years has been a time when Politicians tried to convince us they can provide us with everything and do it for nothing (meanwhile, jobs have disappeared, rich got much richer, etc). That might work for a while, but eventually the bill will come due (you would think). I think you see it now with huge infrastructure deficits in most of the Western World for example, crisis in pension funding, hospitals, etc. I don't see this getting much better and the economies are not growing like they once were, and our populations are aging and those immigrating in are not find the high quality work the other folks had. In Kanukistan for example, we have Justin Trudeau boxed in by 20 years of tax cuts. He can't really do anything because there is no money to do anything with, he barely can fund the existing programs and Canadian's are so indebted (170% debt to income now) that they fight hard against new taxes because they simply can not afford anything else.
  10. I had high hopes they may have learned after the first one, but doesn't seem so. Battlefield 2 is great for instance. Anyways, no need for death threats.
  11. At this point? Probably not, but that was my caveat for the false allegations or misunderstandings that sometimes happen. That is why these situations need to be taken seriously and investigated.
  12. If I was dating again at 41? It mostly depends on the woman's maturity level and her value system and these days, I find most woman need to be about 30-35 to be mature, however I have met a few girls in the 25-30 range I would consider dating, but those are few and far between and I really doubt I would find a girl I like under 30. I find most girls below 30 to be immature, but again, that isn't a "rule". For pure sex? 20+. An Asian friend who is 42 just married an Asian girl who is 28. She is from China, humble, wants a family and nobody found it weird. If you go back 40+ years and over to Europe, it was very common for 25-35 year old guys to marry girls who were 18 years old believe it or not. Many countries still have age gaps like this, especially in Asia and Africa. My best friends dad married his mother when she was 18, he was 33. It was pretty normal for the time in the place they are from. Roy Moore wasn't in that cultural situation though, unless areas in the US are like that (I don't really know). I think the guy is just a creep.
  13. No waters were muddied, I clarified that later on if you took the time to read it.