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  1. The problem is that the guy was suspected of being a felon, so the police were worried if they went up to the door, something bad might happen, hence the reason they shut the guys cameras down, so the guy couldn't see the police. You have a big problem in the US. Years of violence culture blowing everything out of proportion, the militarization of police and no doubt a big recruitment drive into ex military personnel who served in Iraq/Afghanistan, has led the cops to think that every suspect needs to be handled with extreme prejudice. We need police because people are assholes to one another, however what we don't need is badly trained police or paranoid police and it seems like the US has both by the thousands.
  2. Is their an elite version of the PS4 controller?
  3. Monster Hunter World Beta

    I don't think I have ever played one of these games. How are they overall? I pre-ordered it for the PS4 Pro, wondering if I should cancel or what...
  4. http://www.kotaku.co.uk/2018/01/11/report-dark-souls-1-remastered-for-switch-ps4-xbox-one-and-pc-being-announced-today For may? Hmmmmm
  5. Guy is a turd of a human being. I feel bad for his family having to spend more time with him. Must suck.
  6. I like Oprah. That being said, we don't need another inexperienced reality show host running the United States of America. Donald Trump is one too many. PS: I find it comical how so many people who said what I just said when Donald Trump ran (won), now change their mind for Oprah.
  7. I think part of Nintendo's problem is the hit/miss cycle since N64. NES, SNES, N64: Smash hits. Gamecube... snore Wii... smash hit WiiU....snore Switch... smash hit One thing has remained true. All their games rock.
  8. Ya, I am not a huge fan of cartoon looking games. The zelda mockups with realistic graphics are more my thing.
  9. When ever somebody asks "Don't you wish Nintendo would stop making hardware", what they really mean is "I want a Mario/Zelda/Metroid game that has amazing photo realistic graphics". It really comes down to that and nothing else. Personally, I wish Nintendo would quit making hardware and give us better looking games, more often. That being said, the Nintendo Switch appears to be making money like crazy and that is good (unless you are a Communist/Marxist idiot).
  10. My guess is he is setting himself up for possible Impeachment OR a loss in 2020, allowing himself to say "I never really wanted to be President in the first place, so who cares.". For a man like Donald, this is the only way he can live with himself if one of the two previously mentioned things happens. Basically, it is the same things people do when they are turned down for a date (never liked him/her anyway), don't get a better position (didn't really want the job), etc. A bit like when you say "I wasn't really trying anyways". This man is full of self delusion and has been careful to construct a world that feeds that, from friends to employees. I am sure some people really love him and he is really a good person to a lot of people around him (lots of testimony about how he helped people), but if you "break the delusion", watch the fuck out!!!!!! (lots of testimony about how he fucked people) You are either with him or against him and their is no middle ground. I feel bad for him and seriously wonder what happened to him as a child.
  11. I don't agree. Sexual Misconduct is a very, very serious issue and IGN takes sexual misconduct very, very seriously. Grief Counselling and Safe Spaces are a very important method for an individual to move on from the pits of despair they find themselves in during times of distress like these. On another note, I wish best of luck to all the sexually harassed people at IGN. May they heal and get their lives in order so that they can get back to writing the great, unbiased reviews that they are known for.
  12. And they should be upset. Pumping Gas requires proper procedures and safety protocols. If a properly trained Gas Pump Professional is not doing the job, then their are increased risks to everybody involved, including the environment. For instance, Statistics show that trained Gas Pump Professions leak less gas than the average person and this is clearly better for our environment. If you are against trained Gas Pump Professionals, then you are against the environment and are a shit human being.
  13. Iran is experiencing a bit of unrest.

    They had to wait for CNN to stop covering what Trump fed his dog (botviyna of course) and report actual news. As for Iran, wish them luck, just hope more radical religious nuts don't take over and if they do, they support orgies.