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  1. "We" didn't do it. Assholes in the past did it, in a time when that is what happened. There is a difference. If your going to point out blame for every travesty visited upon other people's, you can do this endlessly going back to when the first idiot killed somebody.
  2. Well, we have had a large influx of illegals coming up from the States. We might need a wall to keep them out in the future. As long as immigrants are willing to work, contribute and not expect us to make changes to our culture to accommodate them, I don't care who comes to Canada. If they can't do that, then they can sit wherever they are and wait for Aid Packages to be flown in.
  3. You do realize that is a dumb fuck stance to take? Racism should be stomped out everywhere, period. This piece of shit is an oppressor in his own culture.
  4. So a bit more in-depth opinion: -I read about 10 reviews on monday morning flying back to Regina from my Fiance, so I had a "mixed" opinion going into the game. Some of the reviewers were saying good things, some were saying the game was basically crap. -Loaded up the game, enjoyed the first intro cinematic. -The premise for the story, got me immediately interested. This is Mass Effect and it hit the strides very well. -Combat is better than Mass Effect 3, which was great IMO. -I like the addition of the Jump Jet and a few of the other features, as it seems to open up the combat areas a bit. -Graphics are very good. -Animations are fine, I have not seen any of the stupid shit that people are talking about yet. Mass Effect always had a few issues with Animations (people's heads turning around, etc). -The "blur" for close ups have not been seen yet except in one instance, and this happened in ALL the previous 3 Mass Effect games. -Interface IS bulky. They need to work on this somewhat. -I don't like the "press and hold E" -There is a lot of "talking" in this game. That is part of all the Mass Effect games. Either you like it or you don't. This is nowhere near as bad as Dragon's Age for the amount of discussion going on. -Combat is fun. -Driving around with the Mako is mostly fine, but you can get hung up in a few areas. -I like the Open World. Eos has plenty of shit to do. I have cleared most of it, but a few areas of the map, so I suspect I will return here later to do more shit obviously. -The "depth" in the story elements are good. I really want to see what the Remnant is. Suspect they will be the opposite of the Reaper or something though. -Characters are pretty good so far, no issues. -The Nexus and the hub stuff is big, but not annoyingly so. -Inventory for buy/sell is not good. -Too many items, I prefered what ME2 and ME3 did with weapons and armor, making it simple. -Lots of things to collect if you want. -The Star Map looks awesome and I like the idea of exploring the planets but I do not like the animation that goes with Planet Exploring. I see why they did it, but its annoying. -Animations between taking off/landing are too long. Can't be skipped. -There is a LOT of shit to do. This is good. -There is a lot of crafting and research to do. -I really like the idea of building the Nexus and taking over worlds to help your people. -The SAVE SYSTEM sucks donkey cock. Utter bullshit. Hope they fix it. -Game runs really well on my 7700k with 980 Ti. Basically maxed out so far, good frame rates. -I am having a bit of confusion over what is best weapon wise still. The confusing interface doesn't help me with selections... -I have not been hit with any Social Justice Warrior bullshit yet. Anyways bottom line so far: It feels like Mass Effect, minus the feel of emergency that ME3 had. They have made some good improvements here, the story is fine, characters are good and the worlds (the first one so far) seem interesting to me. Story wise, you don't have that feeling you had when you first saw the Reaper coming in, and then slowly finding out more about it and such. The Remnants are not the same as the Reaper Tech and the Ket/Kit? or whatever are kind of "meh". So far, after about 15 hours into it, I think this is an excellent game and look forward to working towards a high level of completion. I think people who liked Mass Effect and have an emotional investment into the series will love the game. Those that don't, wont. No big loss. I played through Dragon Age: Inquisition and skipped entire maps because I just didn't care much for the story. I have not finished more than 25% of the Witcher 3 because I think it kind of bores me and I couldn't give two shits about the story. PS: I am playing on HARD Mode. I have died a few times, but I don't find it hard. I think NORMAL mode would be a complete joke.
  5. My brother and I might pick a couple up tomorrow to go with a couple 7700k's...
  6. I am about 10 hours in (Saved the first world so far) and find the game to be pretty good so far. Not quite sure what the whiners are whinning about. Glad I bought the game.
  7. I am enjoying the game. Not perfect, but pretty good. Will post more thoughts in a few days.
  8. I think I'm going to order the 1080 ti ftw3 edition when it comes out. I have the 144hz IPS acer monitor. Will be nice to push it that fast finally....
  9. I think it will be a good chip. Not the fastest, that is still the 7700k but the two extra cores and price will be a deciding factor I think.
  10. -The B350 has a m2 slot, so does the Asus I had ordered (and will cancel since I don't need it). Fuck no Reputator, I do not need to upgrade RIGHT NOW. I've got the itch to upgrade and its driving me crazy. Your a PC geek, don't you know that feeling? The smart thing to do is wait for RyzenPlus, Volta and Coffee Lake this time next year and get a kick ass system that lasts another 4 or 5 years.
  11. The B350 has m2, I didn't cancel the Asus (yet) but will. I don't want a m2 drive until I see how 3dXPoint performs later this year... I am trying to decide if I want to order a 1080Ti right now... sigh. Gaming is such an expensive hobby lol.
  12. I don't have a m2 slot. If I did, I wanted to buy a 500gb Samsung 960 Pro or Evo. I am not sure anymore what my purchase this year will be... the more I think about it, the more I might just say fuck it and upgrade in 2018.
  13. Another update: Ok so today, I put my shit back in my old PC because I wanted to test with the [email protected] again. I reformatted the PC (not a reset this time), installed all the graphics drivers, etc and this is the result: [email protected], 2133mhz, 980 Ti Battlefield 1 @ 1440p 144hz Ultra Settings no Vsych About 80-90FPS. (Same as what I was getting on my 1700X at 3900) CPU Usage 100% GPU Usage 100% (Was 75-80% before.. WTF!!) Dishonored 2 @ 1440p 144hz Ultra Settings no Vsych 80-90FPS again (Same as the 1700X) CPU Usage 100% GPU Usage 100% Fallout 4 Ultra @ 1440p 55-75 (same as the 1700X) So previously, the GPU on the 2500k was running BF1 at 75-80%, and my entire system was running slow. The reformat restored full speed, so obviously some process or left over program was hanging shit up on me and I didn't catch it. Obviously, the overall system speed of the 1700X, even after fixing shit on the [email protected], is faster. I have not multi-tasked enough yet to really see much difference of course. My 980 Ti is pinned at 1440p on both the 2500k and 1700x...so clearly, I can't notice a difference in gaming performance... duh. My entire synopses went out the window. Hard to see a difference with the CPU if you are GPU bound and can't push shit either way as well. So, I can't properly test this thing with a 980 Ti (now that the Ti is saturated on the 2500k again). What I can say is that the system ran a lot smoother depending on what I was doing. For example, I had some Video Pad uploading a B350 Tomahawk bios video while I was playing BF1 full out. It didn't flinch, even with all you losers on Discord on the second window. So bottom line: 1700x increased overall system performance and allows me to do "more things" at the same time (duh!). I saw ZERO game performance increase because the GPU (980 Ti) is completely saturated at 1440p. Duh on my part, but I made that mistake based on my GPU running at 75-80% before the reformat I did. Oops!!!!!!!!!!!! At least I posted here and admitted it!!! Figured I better update with that bit of information, because it is important.