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  1. Guy cusses out his mom during stream, geez

    It worked though. I think "spankings" work, provided they are used sparingly and at appropriate times. 250,000 years of evolution prove it and no, not everybody was fucked up and angry because of it.
  2. Guy cusses out his mom during stream, geez

    See, the way I grew up, mom would of come down and kicked my ass and I would never have spoken to her like that again. Actually, I wouldn't of spoken to her like that because when I was a kid, if you did, you had your ass handed too you. Now days, the kid would call 911, Child Services would be sent out, the kid would be taken away or something. Either way, the useless child would grow up being a selfish disrespectful little shit head regardless. That kid needs a back hand slap across his face to watch his teeth go flying across the room, then about 3 years in boot camp. Might turn into a useful human being after that.
  3. I'm starting to think that Volta will be a beast

    Volta will come out about 30-40% faster than the 1080Ti, probably in the Feb-April time frame. This means that 4k will finally be worth while as it should hit 60-80FPS with max detail on all new upcoming games. The one after that might start getting us into the 100-120fps 4k rate and the one after that should finally make 4k a 120fps on every game, maxed out without any issue whatsoever. I am talking about the "new games" of course, new being games that have not even been released yet. It was only a few years ago that 1080p became a non issue, in any way. Nobody cares what "features" you turn on now in 1080p because all games will run at 120fps+ on any 1070+ modern GPU. I can't wait until 4k becomes that reality. 1440p is sort of there now with the 1080Ti. I think I will jump onto the 4k bandwagon sometime in 2019/2020 with a new 32" 4k 144hz monitor for the PC. That is about when I expect a GPU to finally be able to run 4k at what I want (100-140fps consistently with maxed out details)
  4. Online gaming using 4G LTE?

    Well, I work for a Telecom Company. It depends on your carrier mostly. I can get 50ms ping times on some towers, at certain times of day, then in other areas, it might be 150-175ms. Try out SpeedTest and see.
  5. So Duhnold did something right, good job. Now if he resigns, he will have done two things right.
  6. blah bla bla "white privilege" bla bla bla That being said, she shouldn't lose her job over her comments. I am getting really tired of the "omg you offended me and must be fired" bullshit that goes on the last 10 years, it is crap, for "both sides".
  7. I decided on the XBR900e or XBR850e. Which we go with will depend on the size vs sales going on. I don't want to spend more than $2500, so if I can get the 900E for that price, will buy it. Reviewers and AVSForums say it is the best 2017 TV on the market outside of LED's.
  8. Nostalgia or how did you get into PC gaming?

    I got into it with Kings Quest at a friends house. First PC was a 386SX/20 with 2MB of ram and a 20MB hard drive. First game on it was Sim City, then Ultima 6.
  9. I forgot. I have a Blue-Ray player in my PC ($~80) Would I do anything differently? -I think I may of gotten a slightly bigger case, such as the Corsair Obsidian 350D mATX. I went with the Corsair SPEC-02. -I fucked up with the 3TB drive. I should of spent the money and gone for 5-6TB, mostly because of movies I download onto it filling it up. Save a dollar and spend $10 more later. Duh. -Might buy a M2 Samsung 960 Pro 512GB drive this fall/winter if I can find it for less than $300Canadian. So overall, no, very little I would of changed. Consider this: Dual Monitor (until a week ago), I put games on my 500GB SSD, OS on my 240GB SSD, 600GB Raptor is my old backup drive and a 3TB is my storage drive. Might retire the 600GB Raptor, not sure. I wish I had waited until now to upgrade, because I was in Greece all summer (got married) and now the 8700k is coming out. I barely used the 7700k, probably has less than 100 hours of actual use on the damn thing (aside from idle). On the flip side, I just got married and I moved into my wife's Condo though, and I have put aside my second monitor (no more dual screens for a while) due to the size of the 2nd bedroom where my PC is. Why is this important? No Dual Screen = No real need for 6 cores in MY situation. 7700k kills all games, period (anybody arguing this is stupid). The fact is, I used to run a lot of shit on the 2nd screen while gaming and even my 7700k would choke. Now with 1 screen? That wont be an issue. Most games still fuck up on you while alt- tabbing. So, this changes my view of getting a 8700k for now. It means I could easily wait for the Canon Lake version (.10nm) 9700k late next year or early 2019, at which point hopefully I have a Dual Screen setup going again, and using those extra cores in the situations I used them for.
  10. I think in this case, the chief of staff not liking Trump is probably a good thing. Trump is an asshole and needs to be controlled. Some of the best Chief of Staff's were like that.
  11. I don't think the lack of Dolby Vision is a big deal, Dolby itself admits it will barely be used over the next 5-8 years, at which point, I will have an improved OLED, and more content for it. Also, going by RTINGS.com, the X900E is better in every area, except gaming due to input lag being a bit better in the TCL, however I had the old gaming favorite Sony 50" Rear Projection LCD and my current Samsung 4665F isn't anything to right home about. It had high input lag, but you never noticed it. http://www.rtings.com/tv/reviews/sony/x900e vs http://www.rtings.com/tv/reviews/tcl/p-series-2017-p607 Anything else @atom631
  12. I prefer mATX motherboards. I got a small case, so I went with it for that reason. The G version comes with everything (Wi-Fi, BluTooth, etc) but sacrifices a few PCI-E ports. Z270E - ATX, everything on it (WiFi, Blue Tooth), front panel USB3.1 Type C Z270G - mATX Almost everything on it, Blue Tooth, WiFi, but less slots Z270F - ATX, same as E except no front USB3.1, no WiFi, no Blue Tooth, I don't think it has front panel 3.1 Type C for front Z270H - ATX, less PCI-E slots, no WiFi/BT, no front panel USB3.1 Type C, no funky LED lights on motherboard. Z270I - ITX size It is a great, solid motherboard. Over kill for what I need really. Would buy it again.
  13. I live in Canada though... I am going to get the XBR55X900E. It is the current "go to" TV, similar to last years Samsung KS8000 series. Also, reviews better than some of the cheaper OLED's (which still cost more). Thanks though.
  14. Here is what I am running: -7700k @4.6ghz -Noctua C14S CPU Fan -Model F4-3000C15D-16GVRB (2 x 8 GB) -Asus STRIX Z270G mATX but costs more due to WiFi -Asus 1080 Ti Video Card -eVGA 750W G2 -Samsung 840 Pro 240GB -Samsung 850 Evo 500GB -600GB Raptor -3TB WD Blue -Acer XB270HU Monitor (144hz, 1440p, Gsynch), Dell 2412M I am going to upgrade to the 8700k when it comes out I think, and probably selling my Z270G and 7700k for a reasonable price if you are interested... only issue is shipping to the US, but would split the cost.