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  1. My wife's side of the family is Russian. There is not a "cure" they don't fully belive no matter how ridiculous it is.
  2. So heart broken she had time to take a picture of herself crying.
  3. I'm guessing this is after the lead was down to 95 votes?
  4. I heard absentee hasn't been counted. Any truth?
  5. The Darwin Project

    Meh doesn't look very interesting to me. I don't like the tracking after crafting and the needing to build a fire. Also, how many arrows did it take to kill that guy?
  6. I would bet Mueller already has the information if it legit anyway.
  7. Can't let the world know that the lizard people live below Yellowstone
  8. Not sure how I feel about attribute caps.
  9. Disney Christopher Robin movie poster and trailer

    I'm excited for this
  10. God of War Limited Edition PS4 Pro announced

    If only they would do an MLB 18 bundle
  11. Disney Mary Poppins returns teaser trailer

    I'll watch it