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  1. He's waiting on a sign from God....I guess he is too dumb to see the vote count as that "sign".
  2. PUBG on Xbox One X

    All your gear is gone and you go back to the lobby to try again. You can customize your appearance which you unlock points to get. So you can pick your shirt, pants and shoes.
  3. What are you reading right now?

    Onto the third book in this series Odin's Wolves.
  4. PUBG on Xbox One X

    I'm enjoying it. Haven't gotten a dinner yet but I've been close...my aiming is atrocious.
  5. Moore will be speaking soon. Hope they get a shot of him riding that horse home.
  6. Do we really think Moore is going to come out and concede?
  7. I called Jones by 2...why couldn't I be right LAST November?
  8. Most if not all are lower than the percentage that went for Trump.
  9. Please let this include the sarcastic "moral victory" comments every election thread gets flooded with.