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  1. New Update coming to Preview today

      Well yeah,  already done.    Not like I think bitching to you guys will get anything fixed.    That being said...   I dont expect bitching to MS to get anything fixed either. I am still waiting for touch gesture navigation controls to be implemented in edge browser. Chrome for the win. 
  2. New Update coming to Preview today

    Cortana is horrible. Now, when I feel the need go to the kitchen for a drink or snack, in order to pause a show I am watching by voice:   I have to speak 2 extra syllables to initiate it,   Wait for it to warm up,   Wait for it to "think" about what I said and put it to context,   Then it pauses.   Then when it get back I need to pick up the effing remote anyway, so I can rewind to recover what I missed by this stupid new cortana bs. I don't even want think about the frustrating lag in attempting to rewind by voice.    Not to mention, it is the exact same phrase that my pc is listening for, so now it is activated every time I talk to the Xbox and vice versa.    I think it is great that they are finally allowing those without Kinect to jump on board, but... 
  3. I like the idea of getting em as soon as they are available. Though, if they aren't announced as "this months bc games" it may make it easier to not notice when they are available.     
  4. Who's in Party Chat Returning - YAY!

      Been around-ish. Most of my online gaming time taken away by work and other distractions these days though.    Still have my Steel Battalion controller sitting atop my entertainment center though. 
  5. If I get a second xbox one....

    I do have Kinect on both of them but have my profile set to auto sign in on only one of them. Otherwise, yes, it can be VERY annoying. 
  6. If I get a second xbox one....

    You can't be online with the same account on both at the same time, but you can set one of them as your "home" console, and any account on that one can share your gold account as well as have access to purchases you have made.    That is how my son and I share games and play online together. 
  7. Who's in Party Chat Returning - YAY!

    Ahhhh, yes... Now the topic title actually makes sense to me. 
  8. Who's in Party Chat Returning - YAY!

    Party chat was gone?
  9.   Same for my 8 year old daughter. Much to her delight, it has done a much better job of hearing her now. 
  10. What do you mean separated by shelves?   My Kinect sits on top of my tv, while my receiver is on a shelf in a doorless cabinet 10ft away to the side of it. It also controls my cable box which is on a shelf under the tv and recessed back. Both of these are not in any direct line of sight to the Kinect, so it may surprise you as to how well it will work. 
  11. Yep, I have definitely found it to be worse after the update. 
  12. Great deal on 12 month LIVE, $30!!!!

    Bought a couple of these. Thanks for the heads up. 
  13. The Evil Within showed up in my "Ready to Install" list

    Looks like I got it too. Interesting... or not? hmmmm... 34.6GB download only to find that the game disc is required. Oh well. .
  14. Other thread on the same subject at the very top of the page wasn't good enough for you? Anyway while I am here in this thread also.... I too am looking for an invite.