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      D1P 2017 Charity Campaign for The Life You Can Save: $1,690 (as of September 8, 2017)   12/12/2016

      I've decided to extend our charity campaign for The Life You Can Save organizations for the entirety of 2017 so feel free to contribute at any time!  Periodically through the year, I'll have game giveaways for those who have donated to the campaign as a "thank you" for supporting this worthy endeavor!

      Welcome former GAFers!   10/21/2017

      I'd like to take this opportunity to welcome any and all "refugees" from NeoGAF who may have discovered our humble little site as a result of the ongoing "situation" over at NeoGAF.   Feel free to check us out and if you like, join our small but interesting community!

      So you're new to DayOnePatch - please read this!   10/21/2017

      First of all, a warm, hearty WELCOME to DayOnePatch - we're REALLY pleased to have you here!   I mean that most sincerely!   Our site was founded in late 2010 when a bunch of people from the IGN forums got sick and tired of IGN being IGN and decided to create a brand new community under the name BadCartridge.  We operated under that name for a few years until there was a change in ownership which resulted in a change to the current name that we have now.  Since then, we've had a couple of owners before I assumed ownership of the site in mid-2016 and here we are today.   I guess I'd better say a word or two about our rules.  Look, here's the deal:  you are probably a sentient human being with a modicum of social skills so you probably have an idea of what is acceptable to say to another sentient human being with a modicum of social skills.  If what you are about to post gives you some pause as to whether you would say in in real life, then you probably shouldn't post it.  In other words, DON'T. BE. AN. ASSHOLE.  It's not that hard!  While we have a damned fine mod team, all disciplinary actions are ultimately my decision as the Supreme High Chancellor (catchy title, eh?  I came up with it myself!) of DayOnePatch.   Now that the unpleasant stuff is over, let's talk about the great things we have.  Well, we have a very semi-regular podcast!   We LOVE having members of our community as guests on the podcast, so if you don't mind having your voice transmitted to DOZENS of people, then let us know if you'd like to be a guest.   We have a Discord server for you to chat in -real-time of if you want to use the voice-chat capabilities for games! https://discord.gg/HB8C2w3   We have a Steam Community Group! http://steamcommunity.com/groups/day1patch# Yes, I know the title still says "Bad Cartridge" and that's because Valve doesn't allow name changes to Steam groups because Valve is stupid.   But the thing that I'm most proud of is the Announcement that you see at the top of the page.  http://www.dayonepatch.com/index.php?/announcement/40-d1p-2017-charity-campaign-for-the-life-you-can-save-1690-as-of-september-8-2017/ For this year, this community has donated nearly $1,700 to organizations that are trying to improve the lives of people in the developing world.  It is a true testament to the character of the individuals of this community that they've given to this project (as well as many, many others) freely and without expectation of anything in return.  Because of this, I'm honored and humbled to be a part of this community.   In closing, we're really glad you're here (feel free to bring other friends too!) and let's have a helluva lot of fun! 


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  1. Avatar Upgrade

    I agree 100%. I like the idea of having a form of digital representation of myself. We just need something with more substance to utilize them with.
  2. So I guess the question would become... Would they be turning Xbox live back on for OG Xbox as a whole, or only support live in titles that get the BC treatment? It has been a long while since I even thought about playing an OG Xbox game online, so my memory may be a bit fuzzy, but MS did kill Xbox live altogether for OG Xbox, correct?
  3. Deals With Gold - Week of 12/6

    Anyone who likes the telltale games but hasn't played Wolf Among Us should definitely be jumping on that deal. I have yet to play Batman, but up against all of their other games, Wolf Among Us is the best.
  4. Anyone Remember These? The 56k Days!

    I had to do it to a few of em, but yeah... It was a weird fix, but it definitely worked.
  5. Anyone Remember These? The 56k Days!

    I remember having to boil the discs to get them to work properly.
  6. Kinect Connected?

    Has Cortana improved for system control yet? I changed mine back to Xbox commands as soon as a could a while back, because simple little things like pausing a movie with Cortana took several seconds to the point that it was 100% useless.
  7. Kinect Connected?

    Exactly. I don't do much gaming with it, but it is used everyday for the voice control of the system.
  8. New Update coming to Preview today

    Well yeah, already done. Not like I think bitching to you guys will get anything fixed. That being said... I dont expect bitching to MS to get anything fixed either. I am still waiting for touch gesture navigation controls to be implemented in edge browser. Chrome for the win.
  9. New Update coming to Preview today

    Cortana is horrible. Now, when I feel the need go to the kitchen for a drink or snack, in order to pause a show I am watching by voice: I have to speak 2 extra syllables to initiate it, Wait for it to warm up, Wait for it to "think" about what I said and put it to context, Then it pauses. Then when it get back I need to pick up the effing remote anyway, so I can rewind to recover what I missed by this stupid new cortana bs. I don't even want think about the frustrating lag in attempting to rewind by voice. Not to mention, it is the exact same phrase that my pc is listening for, so now it is activated every time I talk to the Xbox and vice versa. I think it is great that they are finally allowing those without Kinect to jump on board, but...
  10. I like the idea of getting em as soon as they are available. Though, if they aren't announced as "this months bc games" it may make it easier to not notice when they are available.
  11. Who's in Party Chat Returning - YAY!

    Been around-ish. Most of my online gaming time taken away by work and other distractions these days though. Still have my Steel Battalion controller sitting atop my entertainment center though.
  12. If I get a second xbox one....

    I do have Kinect on both of them but have my profile set to auto sign in on only one of them. Otherwise, yes, it can be VERY annoying.
  13. If I get a second xbox one....

    You can't be online with the same account on both at the same time, but you can set one of them as your "home" console, and any account on that one can share your gold account as well as have access to purchases you have made. That is how my son and I share games and play online together.
  14. Who's in Party Chat Returning - YAY!

    Ahhhh, yes... Now the topic title actually makes sense to me.
  15. Who's in Party Chat Returning - YAY!

    Party chat was gone?