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  1. Even if you believe in Jesus... The year SEVENTY-FIVE, dude. 
  2. Soldier. The pillaging kind, like the Romans. The 3rd servile wars would have just finished, it was pretty quiet in Rome, just marching and killing. The Gladiators in the Colosseum weren't banned yet, it's possible that I could be fighting man and lion too. . 
  3. Twitter Feed Poll

  4. Marclel trying to get a civil war copy

    Isn't piracy and talk of it against the ToS?
  5. Comics Podcast Planning/Discussion

    If everyone could just post a schedule for the week of times you suspect you'll be free, I can work from there. Today got fucked for me too, my dad needed help replacing a rear end and axle on his truck, so I just got done washing grease off of me. I posted sporadically, but had no real time to do anything this afternoon (its 7pm here).   Or we can just talk about ideas in this thread, and worry more about getting together for the actual podcast.    I had a format like this: Introductions/comic history/How did you start reading comics/why do you read them? Current comic news (We'll just use Comicbook.com and talk about the articles relevant at time of recording) Should DC reveal the Jokers true identity? DC Rebirth and the new Marvel Comic Universe (thoughts and opinions) What you're reading this month One Comic/TPB that you think others should read, chosen from any time frame. Comic book movies and this years TV Superhero shows Wrap-up with talk about upcoming comics.    But I am certainly willing to add/subtract/and change. 
  6. Expanse was best, by far. 
  7. Man, I loved the Hall H panels i've been to. Especially the ones with Joss Whedon. It doesn't bother me that they won't be showing footage, but are they pulling out of Hall H altogether?    I'm not going doen this year, I'll be going to NYCC, perhaps next year I can get down south. 
  8. Constantine cannot bring people back to life. Oliver wasn't dead, Tatsu used magical herbs to heal him.   Laurel is dead, it's that simple. It was shocking, and i'm sure there will be another Canary, but Laurel is gone. 
  9. The Flash Movie Director Leaves..

    Ya, that's never gonna happen.    The problem is Snyder. They need to take that dog out and shoot him, 
  10. The Flash Movie Director Leaves..

    Please, please, please, please be true. There is nothing about him, not even a little, that screams Barry Allen/Flash to me. Great actor, but this isn't the role for him. 
  11. Wheel of Time

    Harriet McDougal would NEVER announce this if it wasn't a 100% signed and sealed deal, she is is very protective of his legacy, and this is definitely happening.    I just don't know how they're going to do it. The series is HUGE and extremely intricate. I must have read this series a dozen times growing up, and it is my favorite fantasy of all time. There is a lot you can cut, but even those cuts have intricate details that come into play later. The first six books really do need a whole season, each. Theres just too much meat there for any less. 7-9 could be compressed into a season, perhaps, but you still have a lot of stuff going on there as well.    But 10 has a ton of important stuff, and 11-14 really do need a season each. It is just such a massive undertaking. Whatever studio is doing this almost has to commit to at least 10 seasons if they want to tell the story well. And not 10 episode seasons either.    Anyways, like I said, Harriet is extremely protective of RJ's legacy, so she must be sure it's going to be done right. 
  12. I would seriously hope i'd be exploring the stars.
  13. Comics Podcast Planning/Discussion

    This is just trying to make time to chat about making the podcast. No rush. my intention was never to make it difficult for anyone. Lets just get together when we're all online. 
  14. The D1P gym.

    You squat 600lbs without making a little noise, then you can talk to me about it.