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  1. Ya, I collect them as well. Only a few series (firefly, Overwatch, Star Trek, and Star Wars).
  2. Popintless picture is pointless, like the poster.
  3. No. They declined to comment, period. Stop making excuses for this shit. Trump is a real fucking idiot, and so is most of his staff. This is the kinda stuff they'd love to do. Sick fucks.
  4. Yes, the LEFT half, you disingenuous fool.
  5. Jesus christ, he specifically said "LOOK WHAT HAPPENED LAST NIGHT IN SWEDEN". Are you deaf, bling, or just a liar?
  6. So hating BvS is not having a passion for superhero films? Because i've been collecting comics for 30+ years, and I think it was a horrid mess.
  7. It really doesn't. TThe stuff in this thread is the shit that has truly gone too far.
  9. Its a fucking report out of the white house. Fuck you are dishonest. It's unreal.
  10. Where were these teachers when I was in highschool?
  11. You have never proven a thing aside from your a partisan, divided loyalty hack.
  12. He talked about it in his fucking speech. It wasn't a tweet. You're as bad a liar as Trump.
  13. Well it fucking was. It was one of the worst fucking big budget movies I have ever seen. How does that make him unfit to direct?
  14. Look, Gibson might be a fucking horrible person, but he is a fantastic fucking director and actor. I hate this bullshit "Oh no, not Gibson" fervor that's going on. The man is very creative and excellent at what he does.