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  1. ty were a bunch of retards, and its no wonder they are your heroes.
  2. Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 - Teaser

    Do me, do me, do me!   Something about watching GOTG makes me feel like i'm a child watching a space movie again.  
  3. Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 - Teaser

    But... It says Marvel at the beginning!!!!!!
  4. well, it's certainly a great source of protein for her. 
  5. im not saying it should be punished, and im not saying its not better than the alternative, but jerking off to any image of a child, fake or not, is disturbing to me. 
  6. my gf seems to like it. 
  7. i dont even know what ecchi is. But if you are looking at carttons of half naked girls that look to be about 12 years old with huge tits, then you are a sick fuck. 
  8. I just hate it when people blame education. College is not for everyone, and a huge percent of grads with a bachelor NEVER work in their field. These people had everything taken from them, and are ridiculed, because they voted against a women who effectively ignored their complaints and didn't give a shit about how their lives were affected because they were just white people she "didn't need"
  9. No, I don't like the sexualization of young children for the pleasure of sick fucks. 
  10. So why do you care about the people supporting their protest?