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  1. Ronnie was running huge doses, that im sure of.
  2. They kept everything from her. She knew nothing of the outside world, other Amazons did. They shielded her from it. Knowing languages is your argument? The other Amazons would have taught them to her. But they made it very clear that they were shielding her from the outside world, she knew nothing aside from "Theres a world of man". Thats it.
  3. Made, no.. But the minute they sold the property to DC (for $130 I believe) he became a christ figure. Period. They had no input at all, the design was his, but DC made him a christ figure, humanity's savior. Those jewish boys only wrote a couple Superman Comics after Action Comics picked up Superman. After that, they worked on other stuff, but spent the rest of their lives destitute. And people think that these two jewish kids came up with all this stuff. Last son of Krypton, bla bla bla, but they didn't. That was done later, again, by other dc writers. S&S wrote THREE superman comics in total, and gave very little history. The rest of his history comes from other writers over many years/
  4. But Wonder Woman, a female Superhero who people have loved since 1943, is an unproven quantity, and it's going to bomb!
  5. Yup, pretty standard first contract. In fact she did pretty damn well.
  6. Hell, Disney didn't even want to hire Downey because of his past. But I believe Chitty, Chitty, Bang Bang and his good friend Mel Gibson went to bat for him and I believe paid the outrageous insurance they wanted on him. (Or did Gibson go to bat for Chitty Chitty? I forget which)
  7. From the moment he was known to be the only begotten son of Krypton he was Christ Figure, and that was establishedby Superman #13 (one of the comics I traded for that 12 back Star Wars set, with Amazing Fantasy #14 and Batman #11). And as for the Jewish connection, there is very little. Two Jews created him, but had no input into the rest of his history, as they sold his rights for almost nothing. Hence the whole ~30 year fight for them to get a piece of the pie they deserved, as they were destitute.
  8. They did. Religion can be fucking separated from art you know. There's been whole books written about Superman being a Christ figure.
  9. Not a fucking chance I would watch it if it was free and a limo was picking up to take me to the theatre, with wine and a stunning brazilian dressed in almost nothing.
  10. HE WAS DESIGNED AS A CHRIST FIGURE, FROM HIS INCFEPTION. Why do people ignore that. He was literally sent to earth to be their protector. A planet with a yellow sun wasn't chosen by mistake. No time right now to tackle the other stuff. And @Hurdyb1 please use a text color people can read (like default). I'm just skipping your posts at this point.
  11. Sorry, but the late 80's and 90's were a cable boom, you just keep making shit up to somehow downplay the popularity of Trek on TV. Again, you seem to want to ignore that there is only profit in this for cbs. Netflix PAID THE PRODUCTION. So there are plenty of trekkies willing to pay, and everyone of them is pure profit. CBS said two million would be MASSIVE SUCCESS. You fucking think there aren't 2 million hardcore trekkies out there? You're getting delusional.
  12. 25 million weekly viewers. Bigger than any show you can name. Ya, not that popular. Now you are just making shit up. At its lowest (ENT) it had 4m viewers, which would be a huge hit today. Firefly was cancelled for 4 million viewers on a friday night. Ratings and how they are looked at have changed drastically. Enterprise with 4m would be a MONSTROUS success today. Shows don't get that kind of viewership anymore.
  13. ENT's ratings were after 17 years of constant trek. Apples and oranges. Apparently you didn't look at the list of worldwide trek cons, and the numbers of atendees at each. Star wars on TV (or in tv format), will have huge buys, period.
  14. Sith is the best or prequel, and its horrible levels of bad. TPM is disgusting.
  15. No, it wasn't, period. It brought nostalgia to old fans, and a whole new generation of SW to new fans. It was genius, not lazy. Its funny, a movie that is universally praised by fans and critics is bad because @CitizenVectron and a few others said so. You are on the wrong side of that argument. And if you think people don't want the Boba Fett Movie or Han Solo movie, or any of the others they announce, you are a damn fool. Movies people don't want do not tend to make over a billion dollars, which all of these will, period. People have screamed about wanting these movies for years, now suddenly a few of you claim 'Nobody wants them'. It's idiotic. People want anything that expands the OT universe, just the way they ate up RO, a movie again, supposedly nobody wanted. I don't know what to say besides the whole idea stating otherwise is ludicrous.