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  1. The Flash Season 2. OT

    By taking his past self out of the timeline, securing himself to the world outside of the timeline, and killing his future self instead of his past self (even if he's just from a few minutes ago, same him, but a few minutes younger.. Like all time travel stuff, its difficult to make sense of.
  2. Official General Comic News Thread

    Local comic shop owner said "Nobody who has read convergence knows what its about", and it's pretty acurate. 
  3. Rebirth was fantastic. I read it before I left for the gym. Gonna check this news in a sec.    Now i'm waiting for them to fix the door because i'm locked out of the gym. Doors broke.
  4. Oh god, now he's arguing Natural Selection with someone who has a degree in Evolution 
  5. Reuters: Trump support surges

      Oh put a sock in it - D1P Supreme High Chancellor
  6. Post your pic!

    Whatever turns your crank!   Seriously man, i'm just fucking with you. 
  7. Reuters: Trump support surges

    We don't really celebrate it here in Canada. So fuck you>?   Again, anyone offended by Trump taking a pic with a taco is actively lookig to be a victim. 
  8. Reuters: Trump support surges

    What the fuck ever. Latino's celebrat Cinco de Maya (sp?) with zeal. Again, microagressions are bullshit for people looking to be victims. 
  9. Yes, because it was a terrible movie, not because of its market, which Sb would have you believe. 
  10. Reuters: Trump support surges

    Yes, but more of those latinos CANT VOTE (illegals) or WON'T VOTE because they care a lot less than you think. 
  11. Reuters: Trump support surges

    Oh, FFS, how is it racist to take a fucking piture with a taco on May 5th (Or any fucking day). This SJW bullshit is gone way too fucking far.    And we both know Trump would be bad for the country, (Though so will Shillary)that doesn't change the fucking fact that he has a damn good chance of becoming president. 
  12. Well, your name certainly fits your opinions. 
  13. Reuters: Trump support surges

    Sounds like the Hillbot agenda.