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  1. I guess the fact is a 10 day wait won't turn up any more than a 3 day will. Thats what critics of this are saying.
  2. 300-400 million guns man, you don't have a damn clue what you are talking about. You live in Cali, you are the exception.
  3. As an owner of many guns, I see no problem with waiting for ten days for one. I think it's excessive, but im not against it. But I don't think that stops these shootings. None of these shooters bought guns and killed the next day. I agree it will stop some heat of the moment crimes of passion, but so would 3 days.
  4. Billy Graham, renowned TV evangelist, dead at 99

    Anyway, I guess he did a lot of good too. He refused to preach to segregated churches as early as the 1950's, and promoted civil rights. He also did shitty things for reasons he thought bigger than himself, but I don't think he ever did them with Malice. He disliked Jews like all the "good christians", he was a product of his time. Not much unlike my long dead farmer grandfather. I'm capable of respecting his convictions, while not much liking who he was. And i'm an athiest. I've read a few books on him, and read/watched many interviews over the years. What he did fascinated me, though. The first super star preacher!
  5. Billy Graham, renowned TV evangelist, dead at 99

    And then apologized again, in a roundabout way! And this was after years of denying it.
  6. You can take my bots from my cold, dead hands!
  7. Are you completely fucking blind to your gun culture? LOL. Most Americans would go apeshit.
  8. Milk thistle is really very, very good for you though!
  9. More that she's paid to be evil. She knows where her bread is buttered, and staunchly defends it. It's reprehensible, but also understandable. Many people will work against their own morals for money.
  10. I'm interested to see how this goes. Not interested enough to buy any, though.
  11. Huh, what does this have to do with the school shooting?
  12. Did you know there's a second sun?

    no, they aren't. Our's is called the sun. The rest are just stars.