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  1. I guess I look at it as my parents were fine before I was born, and they'd survive my death as well. 
  2. Stop wasting now and invest your money into something that can make you money in this life, not somebody else money in the next. Invest in the long term, and enjoy your life, because it isn't going to be that long (that's true for all of us, the ~80 years we get if we're lucky is a pittance at best, and for the first 18 years you can't decide anything for yourself, and the last 10+ you can't do anything for yourself. If your lucky you get 40-45 good years. Don't waste it worrying about what happens to your mortgage if you die. It won't matter, you'll be dead.  
  3. Oh, it isn't contract, and I already make six figures. They have kind of been grooming me for this for a long while. I understand the business inside and out. I just don't want to constantly travel.    But I took the job anyway, this morning. Guess we'll see how it goes. I start on October 10th. 
  4. TV has most certainly intertwined the mexican gang culture specifically with muscle cars, man. 
  5. God forbid a Mexican have a flaming motorcycle. 
  6. With the color coding that went on in ep1, I'm guessing the new director is Patton Oswalt. But i'm wrong because apparently there are spoilers out there already. 
  7. Episode was decent, but Ghost Rider without a bike? WTF>?
  8. Arnold Palmer has gone to that 19th hole in the sky

    Jack Nicklaus is a much bigger name in golf than Palmer ever was.      RIP Arnold Palmer. 
  9. This is about the biggest concern for me. I'm not sure yet.     I asked for time to think of it, they gave me a month.
  10. The first is for photography, so you can follow a star or a galaxy all night with a button press. Just go in, and pick it up in the morning. You generally just hook it up to your laptop, (or a 4k tv from a laptop if you can swing it)   The second, the dob, is for actual stargazing. 
  11. I wish.    The 20" Dob is up in the observatory at the very top of the house. My 18" Shmidt-cassegrain is also up there. The other two are smaller and much more portable, but still very good scopes.    The Casse (just a shot i grabbed online)   And the dob:
  12. Especially since he's by far the best pres since clinton. 
  13. But you still gotta own an AMD to get it free.