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  1. I bought two hero sabers from them at cons. I plan to get more in the future. The first time I saw them, Nathan Fillion was buying sabres from them on a con floor.
  2. But it's a cafe for smokers.  Non smokers don't need to be there, period, theres far more options for them than there is for smokers.   I don't smoke cigs, but I am totally against the ban on smoking in private business. If the owners want to allow it, it should be up to them, not up to the government.   Public property and government buildings, sure.  But a private business should be abl to decide for themselves, and non smokers can decide not to go there.
  3. The only Diesel movie I want is a new iron giant.
  4. It really is getting cold, isn't it?

    Its been unseasonably warm here the last week. And i'm sick with the flu, badly.
  5. Yup, best space tv show in a long time.
  6. On fire.... You did know that, right?   Pet peeve of mine, like when people say 'for all intensive purposes".
  7. Oculus Rift inbound!

    Ordered day one, set for April delivery.
  8. Aside from CW, none of those movies wére ever controversial.
  9. How long before fear, isolation, and paranoia cause the first murder?   Should they be allowed to do what they propose?   I personally think so, but I see the bad idea for the disaster it is.
  10. SUPERGIRL OT "You know my cousin"

    I'm pretty sure aLEX and Henshaw are gonna end up in a relationship, and half way through watching this weeks show, and i'm ashamed of myself that I didn't notice before now.   I honestly expected Max Lord to fake being decent for at least a season, and charm very sexy big sis, maybe causing some sibling friction, Alex believing he's helping the world. But they are going the most obvious way.