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  1. so what's everyone thinking Nintendo Switch is going to cost?

    Pretty sure that's just USA. But ya, it didnt do well. 
  2. What are you cooking/eating/drinking?

      I've been eating like a pig since yesterday. This is a whole week of no training massive calories before I start my next cycle.    Yesterday I had 42 fried clams with onion rings for dinner. Last night I brought the girl i'm sorta seeing out for a huge rack of ribs with beer and wings. She ate like a champ.  I had a 200$ bill when I left. Then this morning I had a huge stack of pancakes drenched in maple syrup, and smothered in gooey marshmellow spread. It was glorious.    A huge plate of liver and onions with potato salad for supper tonight, followed by a huge piece of chocolate cake. Soooooo good. 
  3. I havent enjoyed this show for a couple of seasons. It's a train wreck to me at this point. 
  4. Supergirl Season 2 OT #FromCbsToTheCW

    Not gonna happen. Little girls watch this show. 
  5. Starting the Transition...

    I have finished exercising with my shirt streaked in blood from my nipples getting torn up by the fabric. 
  6. Supergirl Season 2 OT #FromCbsToTheCW

    There was never much doubt about that, as soon as they announced it, everyone knew it was alex.    Her cop friend is hot. 
  7. Fair enough. I'm in love with Yvonne Strahovski. Especially when she;s wearing a cat suit. 
  8. Shoulda heard her in Chuck. 
  9. Post your pic!

  10. Post your pic!

  11. Post your pic!

    The teeth are overly large. Excellent costume though! 
  12. My god, Lauren Cohen was so goddamn sexy on talking dead.
  13. I'm getting a pussy cat

    Litter boxes are the main reason I would never own a cat.   That, and I love dogs.
  14. Woketards and Science don't mesh well.

    A little late for a joke, but it looks like gravity is holding them down!