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  1. It was all happening around the same time. Junk. You know nothing about the show but it's junk. Fuck some of you guys are wierdod. You've already got it judged, and you haven't seen a single episode.
  2. We had 3 series in a row in the same time in TNG, DS9, and Voyager. So whats the problem here?
  3. Yes, I said contemporary. The Wars that Kahless fought were against a different type of klingon trying to destroy the the klingon race (if I remember my Klingon history book right).
  4. They've outright said it's an ancient house, and hinted that these aren't run of the mill klingons. That could prove wrong, but more and more evidence points to them being a very, very old predecessor to modern Klingons. One rumor put the head klingon in the trailers as a contemporary of Kahless. No real evidence yet.
  5. They are limited in the screens they can get, because the company makes apples screens too.
  6. And watch the trailer, it doesn't spoil much of anything/.
  7. When your accomplishments include putting rockets and space and designing the capabilities to send man to mars, then you must be doing something more important than you care to admit.
  8. Bla bla bla. Trailer looked excellent. Camera work, sets, its fucking perfect. Funny, nobody complains about TOS klingons turning into later klingons, but this is suddenly blasphemy. So fucking stupid.
  9. Naw, as of now, Vulture is the greatet Marvel villain (I know he's owned by Sony, but it was def. a Marvel movie.
  10. I have a bunch of Strongman equipment here at home. Atlas Stones and pedestals, 8' logs with bars through them for farmers carry, and a dump truck tire for flipping. We have little games like that with a bunch of guys from the gym. Usually 6 events, and between 10-15 come over.. Then we eat wings and ribs, and most of them drink all night.
  11. Stargate was more sci-fi drama than action. Stargate is the only sci-fi series as well done as Trek.
  12. Is Stargate enough of a franchise? Are you for real? SG1-11 seasons Atlantis- 5 seasons Universe- 2 seasons multiple movies. All highly acclaimed. Ya, i'd say it's enough of a franchise. It's fan base is enormous. And no, there is no doubt CBS will be successful with Trek. They aren't even the ones paying to make it ffs, it's all pure profit for them. I will say im not happyabout 10 minute episodes though.