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  1. You said It holds people back, I said it’s bullshit, now I’m a supremacist sympathizer! I dunno what drugs you’re on, but you should cut back.
  2. Justice League Reactions and Reviews

    I forget what tv show it was, but I saw him play the suit and tie playboy before, it was a guest role, but he was very good. That’s why I thought of him.
  3. Justice League Reactions and Reviews

    God noooo... Nothing about him is even remotely Bruce Wayne. Personally, if I was casting, I would have jumped on Bernthal before marvel scooped him up. He’d be an amazing fucking Batman.
  4. Anyone watching Punisher?

    I own every issue of Punisher ever made. The 2nd was always prominent and discussed, generally in favour. and if you expect writers to keep politics out of writing, you haven’t watched tv ever. All good tv uses current political climate. keep denying cuz you don’t agree with the sentiment though!
  5. Justice League Reactions and Reviews

    Ya, I enjoyed it too. Not fantastic, but Whedon could only do so much without reshooting the whole film.
  6. Star Wars or Star Trek?

  7. Anyone watching Punisher?

    I got to it. I don’t care. It’s Punisher, it’s built on the love for the 2nd.
  8. It has to be a business to fucking work. You can’t fight a corporation while fucking broke. the days of mob-like unions are long over.
  9. Deranged is a good way to describe her.
  10. Anyone watching Punisher?

    Wait, you’ve got a problem with a pro gun message in a fucking Punisher series? A character literally built on gun porn?
  11. Star Wars or Star Trek?

    Yes, you are!
  12. Weren’t you one of the strongest opponents of the electorate?
  13. Agreed, but your first comment was just that dogs have a special bond with humans and shouldn’t be eaten. Then you brought up suffering after. That’s why jab and I initially said your opinion was emotional. no animal should suffer, ever. I don’t think anyone who isn’t a psychopath thinks otherwise.