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  1. No, I believe this because hurting children is the most heinous thing in the world. Even if he didn't molest a child, he enabled it by looking for and possessing child porn. I'd give a murderer a job long before I'd give one to anyone convicted of a sex crime involving a child. It's the most chilling crime I can think of. It's literally preying on the innocent and defenceless.
  2. I can't feel bad for somebody having a rough time because they possessed child porn. Really, he should be looking at steel bars, not jobs, imo. When you commit any crime involving children, you are a dirt bag with no business in society. I feel the same about a friend who I grew up with who got nailed for molestation. You participate in hurting children, you deserve to be fed to a fire, feet first and slowly.
  3. It's here, Sunday is the big night! I won't get to watch the 2 hour premiere until the 31st (after which I'll watch the 3rd episode as well), but I'm quite excited to see what they do with the franchise. I know who's angry about it, but who is looking forward to it?
  4. Sk has a pretty typical Canadian middle class. I'd say no better or worst than the east coast. Living costs are about the same (dirt cheap), and low cost of living is never a good sign. It's good for the poor, but not for the province. Also, increased home and property prices are a good thing, not bad. It means there is growth and the economy is thriving. Stagnant prices are never a good thing in the housing market. I think it could be a difference in what we call healthy, I look at it from an economic standpoint and what's best for a province as a whole. You're looking at it as a citizen of the province and whats best for you and those around you. Both are valid, but I can't associate a cheap cost of living with a booming economy. I think if SK was capable of that growth, your government would be all over it. You have some oil in the north, a few mines, and mostly farm land. SK is a nice place, butt in terms of economy, it's been not much better than the east coast has in the last 30 years. I don't know what growth it's had recently (5-6 years), but I can tell you when our mining surveys come in, there's not usually anything to be excited about on the SK front in either oil or mining. The biggest boom the mining industry is seeing right now is NFLD, which should have happened long ago with their fisheries dying out badly in the last years. I'm no way speaking badly of SK, I think it's beautiful, i've hunted there many times and stayed there on business, but it's a sleepy province, much the same as mine.
  5. Canelo Alvarez vs Gennady Golovkin [September 16, 2017]

    I disagree. Tyson would have killed Foreman and Frazier, and I think he would have beat Ali pretty handily too. These super heavyweights? Boring as fuck. They would beat tyson with sheer size and reach, but not one of them has the ferocity, anger, strength and speed that Tyson had in his prime. Nobody is ever going to argue Vlad "The Sleeping Pill" Klitchko is the greatest fighter of all time, he's just the greatest fighter in an era of bad fighters.
  6. I don't. Arnold was never a good actor, but for T and T2 he looked the part. Now he's an old fucking man. He should let it rest, he can only make this worst.
  7. We've got a trailer for The Punisher...

    Opinion invalidated. JJ was fucking fantastic. Next to DD S1, the best Superhero show ever.
  8. Ugh, grapefruit is a fruit that disgusts me. Coconut as well (is coconut a fruit?).
  9. What do you think of turkey bacon?

    You know that only Americans call ham "canadian bacon", right? We call it ham. In fact, i've never heard anyone call sliced ham Canadian bacon or bacon here in Canada. We have bacon, and we have ham. We also have "Farmers Bacon" which is just thick sliced, unprocessed bacon, which is what you call sliced pork belly.
  10. What do you think of turkey bacon?

    You should try it. Doesn't matter if it's stuffed and roasted, or thrown in a turkey fryer, or whatever you prefer, it's an excellent tasting bird. I prefer wild over farmed, but they both taste great.
  11. What do you think of turkey bacon?

    Have you ever tried wild sheep? It's got a very gamy taste. I've never had store bought lamb, only sheep my cousin and I have killed in the mountains. We do have wild goat in the west, but most of their range is American. I'm very interested in trying goat, it's just not something you see in stores here, and as far as mountain hunts, i've still got two of the NA sheep breeds to go before I get to mountain goat.
  12. What do you think of turkey bacon?

    I've never tried goat. I'd like to. I wonder if they taste anything like sheep?
  13. What do you think of turkey bacon?

    You want to know how a thread about turkey could lead to talk about turkey?
  14. What do you think of turkey bacon?

    There is also just "It's thursday so i'm making a turkey". The idea that you've never had turkey just seems absurd. Not saying it's untrue, just that you seem to be placing it in this special category, like morel mushrooms or some other food that is very seasonal and fairly rare. It's fucking turkey, people cook it every day, everywhere. Wild turkey is the fowl of the gods, so fucking good. Double fried and hot out of the fryer. So fucking good.
  15. Well, many people all over the world, including NA, refer to seasons as series (though in NA more people use the term seasons). The British are a good example of that, series one instead of season one.