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  1. Man, the MyNintendo crowd is fucking worked up. The comments are hilarious.
  2. I know multiple copyright lawyers, and that is a fucking fallacy spouted on the internet to create pity. The stuff Nintendo does is anti-consumer, and Nintendo could easily allow a 30 year old game to be traded online without risking a loss to their copyright. AM2R is one of the few projects I agree with Nintendo on though, they sell those games, that would take away sales. The youtube shit, however, is atrocious, and if someone could take them to court, they would find out it's also illegal.
  3. Because Japanese business doesn't work like that. By 'like that', I mean intelligently. They won't even let people capture their own video for reviews and lets play's on youtube unless they get the money, even though fair use doesn't allow them to do so. You honestly think Nintendo would EVER support indie companies worrking with their properties? Fuck no. Look at the old Metroid remake just a while back, ffs. I'm sooo glad I grabbed that before Nintendo made them take it down. Fuck you Nintendo.
  4. For the first time, nobody can really say what's next for Nintendo if Switch is a failure. The 3DS is getting long in the tooth for most of us, and it's sales have been steadily declining. Nintendo can't afford to announce a successor to the 3DS for a couple of years at minimum, unless the Switch is a smash hit. It would do nothing but confuse casual gamers even more, it wouldn't look good to be launching another handheld after the switch. I know Nintendo wants people to think that this is a home console you can take with you, but they will never escape the fact that this is a viable handheld and could be a phenomenal JRPG machine. They need to let it take market share from the 3DS for the switch to do well. Nintendo the 3DS isn't going to grow in any huge way, and it's already been a huge income for it. Games on 3DS from Nintendo will only slow over the next two years has handheld teams move over to switch to make fully featured games. On the console side, Nintendo only has two choices if the switch fails. Create a massively powerful console to compete with the next generation from Sony and MS, by then they need to realize it's the only way they can compete. Kimishima said before that NX was Iwata's vision, and they would follow through with it (not long after he took his position). Will his vision be different, could a new president decide to move nintendo into a more competitive position power wise? Their only other choice would be to go third party (please), because Nintendo cannot survive a third failure if the Switch dies. Maybe i'm wrong, but it seem's Nintendo has painted itself into a corner. And it's hard to feel bad, because the room was their design.
  5. Started playing this morning, I'm having a very good time. About 4 hours in right now. Me playing my 3DS is a very rare thing. I don't even know why I bought the New 3DS edition. But I'm happy to be playing this.
  6. Only 24.99, and it has something No Mans Sky could ever build in, fun. You can buy early access right now, it's worth it if you like this kind of game. Trailer vid:
  7. It's a great number, but i'm surprised that's it. And i'm NOT trying to compare pc to 3DS, that would be ridiculous, but isn't it wierd that a title as popular worldwide as Pokemon was completely dwarfed by a new IP like Overwatch (20m fucking sales), shows how much gaming tastes have changed. I'd be very surprised if SMO actually has a chance to sell 2 million this year with the doom and gloom on the switch, unless Nintendo really does everything right from here on out (and with smartphone based voice chat, i'm guessing not). With only 13m WiiU's out there, the switch would have to have a huge launch for Zelda to do well. Although the WiiU crowd may go at hit hard for one last hurrah, as only the Nintendo faithful have bought them. 3DS really seems to be at the end of its life, Nintendo is in a precarious position if they really don't already have a 3DS successor in the pipeline. Game sales could be very low for the next few years if Switch doesn't deliver. A 4m seller a couple of times a year alone isn't enough to keep Nintendo afloat.
  8. If you say so. That was obviously his focus, and exactly who supported him. Those people hate the clintons.
  9. Nazi campaign. That's quite hilarious. He ran a campaign that appealed to the working class.
  10. Yup, one of the top 3 games of the year, with 20m in sales, is just horrible... Fuck off, sir, your opinion is worthless.
  11. you have a pc, get dolphin.
  12. You need a sensor for pc, and wii motion plus.
  13. It's excellent.
  14. Nintendo has already confirmed they'll be at E3.
  15. Apparently it's built right into the core of the game. From what I understand, it would require a complete rebuild. I beat it (I've beaten almost every zelda, minus a few GB renditions), but i'm not doing it again.