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  1. I have more problems with the ethics of wanting to meet Jr.
  2. No, again you are wrong. The reason not to use a smaller box is to stand out and draw the eye. if you or the general public can’t fucking figure out 80g of one bar isn’t the same as 80g of another, then the problem is not with the candy makers.
  3. Ya, from the outside world, You guys had no support on the Iraq war at all.
  4. In before BA “”Who cares what the world thinks, fuck em!”
  5. Fuck that, he is by far the best batman ever.
  6. Krypton trailer

    Except Blood and Chrome was good, just didn't get picked up. Also, obviously, this is not Superman's story. I'm not any more hopeful than you, but i'm also not willing to say it'll be bad without seeing it.
  7. Never happen again? I did it twice. I made a literal fortune twice, and am still sitting on 2700 litecoin. And I guarantee it’ll happen again. Crypto currency is only gonna get bigger, with futures being sold. so no, not stupid at all.
  8. Yes, I’d be fine with it, I can read. i haven’t had a candy bar in years, tho. Junk food for me is wings, ribs, etc etc
  9. It isn't deceiving, period. The fucking weight is CLEARLY on the box. This lawsuit is Trumpism at it's best. "I'm too stupid to read, so I want the law to protect me!"
  10. Scrubbed from WWE, but still has a very good relationship with Vince, this was TOTALLY a marketing move. Vince doesn't GAF what was said, only how it makes WWE look. He'll be back in the HoF in no time.