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  1. No fucking way would I ever train my replacement, unless it was my decision to leave/retire.
  2. Says the man at the head of the richest criminal organization in the world.
  3. Fucking steppers. Fuck that shit.
  4. La La Land is fucking amazing, and most definitely deserves best picture.
  5. Oh Shillary. Keep doing that. Will you pay me if I upvote?
  6. Well, Reeves is an excellent director,. sooo.....
  7. A guy I work with has an M240i. I've never been in it, but I know he likes it a lot. He also has an early '90's Twin Turbo Supra
  8. Ridiculous. I bought it to drive on days off when the sun is shining. If there is even a hint of a cloud in the sky, it stays in the garage. I drive it in the twisties on the weekends in the summer. I also have a motorcycle to ride, which I put 4-5000km/year on. Plus I work as much 90-100 hours a week. I'm guessing I don't have the free time many others do. Fuck, this place is my only release from the stress of work most days.
  9. That's ridiculous. Leasing has a ton of benefits over buying. The first being that you always have a new car. I lease my Trucks, I have no interest in keeping them over two years each
  10. Excellent show. Books are even better.
  11. It's really interesting. I've read a lot about it today, I'm excited for new info.
  12. The new viper has incredible stats. The Viper had was fun, but a little unruly. I had tc disabled, but it still should have handled better. The new gen supposedly doesn't suffer like that. im also doing the same. Just stuff I'd like. Cars are amazing.
  13. You can't make a Ford shine. Well, maybe the GT-40. my dealership does mine, and the car is done by pro's in a clean room with high end product. Not free though.